EVO Video Discussion with Jennifer & Dave

EVO 2010 Video Session
Week#1, Webcast #1
January 11/12, 2010
A live, interactive video webcast with Jennifer Lebedev of JenniferESL and  Dave Sconda of  Englishmeeting.com
as part of the EVO 2010 Video Session

Chat Log Below

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william vegazoGood Evening From Lima PerĂº

18:52william vegazohow are you doing my friends?

18:53Jeff Leboware you able to hear us and see us William?

18:53william vegazoyes I can

18:54william vegazohere is 20:55 pm

19:01Davehello from los angeles!

19:03BrankaHello from Branka

19:04AnneHi from new jersey.

19:04JenniferHi there in Jersey!

19:05Daveyou're in new jersey jennifer?


william vegazohey how ar you doing?

19:09c.c.Hi Everyone, hello from Cora

19:10BrankaHi Cora

19:10c.c.Hi, Branka

19:10Shelley JHi:)

19:14JesseLoverLaLaxDhey peoplez

19:16Shelley JWe've had some parent teacher conferences using skype when parents were out of town/ out of country on business.

19:16jefflebowShelley, Did you use video feature or audio only in your parent teacher conferences?

19:16Shelley Jboth

19:17BrankaThat's exciting.

19:17Shelley JI helped teachers set up Skype and we Skype from one classroom to the next so they could practice.


19:18Shelley JAlso, one teacher has his two daughters visiting Vietnam right now, and I said "Are you doing Skype?" We set it up and the grandparents are amazed.

19:19BrankaIt's always nice to have grandparents involved, too.



19:29c.c.Welcome, Aleexaa


19:43Davethank you!


19:47Daveany suggestions from the chat room --- to connect with your audience?

19:47william vegazoof course throught a video we can send a regard or the tasks to ours students

19:48william vegazoto creat a wiki and send the task with the orientations of the assigments

19:48Brazilian 2.3buena noches

19:50BrankaWelcome to our chat Brazilian 2.3

19:50Brazilian 2.3tank you

19:50Brazilian 2.3branka

19:50Brazilian 2.3is womam ?

19:51john from englandhello ppl

19:51c.c.Welcom, John

19:51BrankaThese are facinating aspects of what you both, do, Jennifer and Dave.

19:51john from englandhi

19:52Brankawelcome to our esl video chat john from england

19:53william vegazoI agree with you Jennifer19:58william vegazothey never imagine that happen so soon the piracy


20:21Jeff LebowSkype 'worldbridges' to join

20:21Davethanks for attending!

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