Webheads in Action Online Convergence - Planning under way for May 2007

Webheads in Action announces its next WiAOC Online Convergence Scheduled for May, 2007. Check http://wiaoc.org or http://www.wiaoc.org for latest information.

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WIAOC this time i will not miss it

I'll be looking forward to actively help with the WIAOC conference. May appears to be a good month for me this year. In 2005 I was totally busy with maganement of the Nordiske Stemme (Nordic Voice) online conference which was running the same week, so I was just present as a guest only. Now I'll have to search for a good theme for a presentation, or perhaps rather look for a team to work with. I'll keep an eye on the development here.

I'll keep an eye on it too

Hey, Vance! I'm now a new comer here. I'll wait for your good news.

Tutor/Mentor Conference connecting to WIAOC

It is great to see that the WIAOC will be in May. I will put this on the eConference schedule for the Tutor/Mentor Connection and encourage people who are in the T/MC network to join in the WIAOC event. At the same time, I hope some within WIAOC will organize on-line workshops around concepts of capacity building and organization of place baced programs where volunteers with IT and Webhead experience connect with kids and help them learn to learn from all of the ideas shared in forums like this. The T/MC conference web site is http://www.tutormentorconference.org Dan Bassill Tutor/Mentor Connection