Nathan Beyerlein interviews moderators of EVO Minecraft MOOC for TEFLexpress

Sunday February 28, 2016 - 1400 UTC / GMT

What was this about? 


EVO Minecraft MOOC is an EVO session just ending its second run as a growing community of practice at


Nathan Beyerlein is the Vietnam-based blog editor for and he asked to interview the co-moderators of #evomc16 for an upcoming blog post.


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While watching, you can interact with participants in the HoA in the real-time chat below

Here is the part of the chat relevent to just this event, pasted below

9 days ago
9 days ago
Here :)
9 days ago
hello, hello
9 days ago
9 days ago
are you all still here?
8 days ago
Still here : )
8 days ago
I had to reauthorize chatwing
ok, I will close this HoA and try using Firefox
rose is here?, marijana?
8 days ago
anotehr option is Bb Collaborate
8 days ago
Whatever is easiest.
8 days ago
Hi, guys!
8 days ago
HI I am here
but I have problems in enterinh BbC
you know that, I could try enter via my other tablet, but cannot promise anything
8 days ago
ok, another option would be blab for just 4 people
I'll see if I can start one
8 days ago
ok, have neve ruse blab
Can I leave some notes for Nathan on GoogleDocs,as I cannot stay no longer, I am sorry
8 days ago
That's fine. Thanks for your time.
I'll be updating the questions after the talk.
8 days ago
for me it's okay
I answered most of the questions already
I mean okay to just type on the doc our answers. That's what I meant. btw Nathan, great questions. Thank you.
8 days ago
come to this space, we can record here
8 days ago
shall we leave G+hangout now
8 days ago
Can I use your questions in the future? Theya re really helpful for my future projects.
8 days ago
8 days ago
rose and I can talk there, yeah you can leave hangout, but why not pop by blab and check it out
it's interesting
8 days ago
and it will work, it has 4 seats, I'm there at the moment, come before someone else drops in
or let me know if there is a problem with blab
8 days ago
Just waiting for it to load.
8 days ago
marijana is here
8 days ago
am I there?
Thanks, Nathan. :)
I can hear you Vance
8 days ago
Just authorizing it through Twitter...
8 days ago
are you coming, rose and marijana are talking here at blab
8 days ago
we see you trying
8 days ago
do you want to ask questions here?
you can hear us, right?
8 days ago
I'll be back later. :)
8 days ago
are you still with us nathan?
8 days ago
We started out in HoA, I joined from another computer to try and screenshare a Minecraft window from there but maybe because it's a DOS window it didn't share, so I exited the HoA from there
MISTAKE! I was the host so even though I was still in the HoA on my other computer, my action terminated the HoA
We tried to start a new HoA but we could none of us hear anything there
So, in Learning2gether we learn about new tools, and we'd recently learned about Blab, so we regrouped there. Check it out:
8 days ago

How this worked at show time

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