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Thursday,  May 17, 2007

Raw Media
Venue Archive

Worldbridges Pre-Convergence Red Carpet Coverage  

Friday,  May 18, 2007

Raw Media Venue Archive

Leigh Blackall 
Keynote address

A cyber faculty lounge for educators to dicuss what they're working on, questions they have, and challenges they're encountering


Jeong-Bae Son, Vance Stevens, Andrew Lian, Debra Hoven, Klaus-Dieter Rossade, Siew Ming Thang
Computer-mediated communication: CONNECTing in a multiliterate flat world  (90 mins)

Glenda McPherson and Malcolm Jolly
Using Second Life for competency outcomes in vocational education (90 mins)

Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer
Digital Gaming & Language Learners: From Space Invaders to Second Life (90 mins)

 Vance Stevens, Nelba Quintana, Rita Zeinstejer, and Sasha Sirk
Writingmatrix: CONNECTing students with blogs, tags, and social networking

  Paul Scott and Catherine Chapman
Contact us: Interactivity and BBC Learning English
  (90 mins)
Spacecast - Building Bridges Between Youth (30 mins)

 Michael Coghlan and Elderbob Brannan (15:30)
"..."(an unconference)

 Celine Godet
Using Moodle and Spip in the EFL classroom: The example of the "Intercomstudents" project

Nina Liakos An open-source online gradebook 

 Dafne Gonzalez and Arnold Muhren
Seven innovative dimensions of e-learning

Keynote conversation with Susanne Nyrop

 Rubena St.Louis
Can a blended reading course work? Feedback from participants
   Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #1

 Elderbob Brannan
wrapup of UnConference Session #1

Saturday, May 19, 2007
GMT Venue Presentation

Barbara Ganley
Border Crossings and Contact Zones: Transformative Learning with Social Software across (Traditional) Educational Settings
followed by
KathyShields & Lisa Durff
continue the conversation, keynote, postshowand more

Mona Younes
Using ARCS model to motivate adult Arab learners in an online setting: IOL as a case study

 Tom Leverett
How blogging is changing the academic ecosystem

Perry Christensen
iPods: Shuffling the way we teach

 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #2

 Michael Coghlan
wrapup of UnConference Session #2

 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #3

 Elderbob Brannan
wrapup of UnConference Session #3

 Peter Travis
Podcasting Skype interviews with advanced learners of English

George Siemens Keynote address
Connections and Conversations: What happens to content?

Moira Hunter
The AEIOU of Real-Time Language Learning - Attract, Engage, Involve Online Users

DafneGozalez and Teresa Almeida d'Eça
Professional development through collaboration in wikis

 Andrew Pinchon
Seamless Web 2.0 collaboration tools for business and non-profit education professionals

Moira Hunter and Geoff Kaye
DiscoverE - A 'test drive' in a synchronous classroom: Hands on workshop (90 mins)
Teemu Leinonen
Keynote address

Robin Good
Keynote address

Anne Fox
Using podcasts in the EFL classroom
  (90 mins)
 Sedat Akayoglu
Collaborative writing through PBWikis
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Trends in Digital Media 2007
May 20, 2007
GMT Venue Presentation
Karen Garcia
Tagging and broadcasting with feeds: The use of RSS feeds beyond aggregates and syndication
 Sara Rofofsky Markus
What does it really mean? Cultural differences in Asynchronous Communication
 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #4

 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #4

Elaine Hoter, Asmaa Ganayim and Miri Shonfeld
Building bridges between cultures in conflict

Heike Philp
The LANCELOT Project

GavinDudeney and Nicky Hockly
Get a MUVE On - Education in Second Life

Stephen Downes Keynote address
Personal Learning the Web 2.0 Way

 Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow
 Educationbridges Town Hall - updates & plans for assorted Educationbriges and EdTechTalk projects

Konrad Glogowski and Christopher Sessums
Personal Learning Environments - Exploring Professional Development in a Networked World
(90 mins)
 Webcast Academy Open House
Beyond the technology - Exploring application & developmentpossibilities for this collaborative learning community

Vance Stevens
hosts UnConference Session

 Sharon Peters
Conversation with Noble Kelly who is president of Teachers Without Borders Canada

Barbara Dieu and Patricia Glogowski
Open and Participatory Webpublishing
  (90 mins)
Carla Arena, Erika Cruvinel, and Ronaldo Lima
Blogging with Students: Ideas to Enhance Communication

In convergence with AALDP -American Association of Literacy Professional Developers
Panel discussion wrap-up of recent EVO sessions

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