Etienne Wenger Keynote conversation with Susanne Nyrop

Presenter (s): 

Etienne Wenger

Etienne Wenger Keynote conversation with Susanne Nyrop

Communities of Practice in an Interconnected World:

New Geographies of Knowledge and Identity

After an introduction of our conversation topic, Etienne and Susanne will invite online participants  in the chat room, to join the Skype conference, and take part in the dialog. We will have some slides to share as a starter, and for later reference. A link to these will be provided just in time before our session.


In the age of web 2.0  online communities are no longer limited to one shared system with a hierachic and linear structure, that could emulate a more traditional sense of place. Webheads in Action is an example of such an online community of learners who developed shared practices over time, by means of these freely available online tools for knowledge building and sharing.

Our question is, how would community members develop a sense of belonging, of boundaries and of their own identity?

(to be continued)