Webheadcast#2 - Webcast Academy Open House

The Webheads continue moving in to their new space and are the first guests at the Webcast Academy Open House
Download mp3 (1:05:28, 29.9MB)


This week'sDrupal tour screen shot video (recorded using Camtasia)

Chat Transcript Below

08:28:44 derli1212: Hi, Jeff and Srosemana. Good evening. Is the "Webcast Academy" open hourse?
08:43:45 dave: hi jeff
08:44:49 dave: and sue
08:45:23 dave: what's goin' on here?
08:53:32 dave: *evil*
09:02:52 Sus_in_Denmark: so here we are!
09:02:52 sergeiG: moving from Tappedin
09:03:01 Sus_in_Denmark: This is a new venture
09:03:24 Sus_in_Denmark: sounds VERY academic to me, cool name
09:03:34 sergeiG: I like it
09:03:42 sergeiG: Hello Rita!
09:03:53 RitaZ: hi, Srgei and all
09:03:57 Sus_in_Denmark: I had not even seen the new webheads blog page before - I'm far behind
09:04:25 RitaZ: its impossible to be constantly up to date, Sus!
09:04:48 Sus_in_Denmark: any listening tips -where do I go toget streamed audio?
09:04:48 RitaZ: :abraza a Dennis
09:05:02 Sus_in_Denmark: without leaving this very chat
09:05:04 RitaZ: a min, Sus
09:05:06 sergeiG: Jeff> arethere any set dates or days to pop in?
09:05:17 DennisOliver: Y abrazo a ti tambien, Rita!
09:06:07 Sus_in_Denmark: I've been away for too long!
09:06:08 DennisOliver: Hi, Sergei! :)
09:06:26 derli1212: Hi. everybody! Have a good day!
09:06:28 RitaZ: http://webcastacademy.net/.
09:06:30 sergeiG: Hello there!
09:06:38 ElizabethH-S: Hi folks
09:06:41 DennisOliver: Hi, Elizabeth! Hugs!
09:06:42 dave: hi nice chat room
09:06:53 sergeiG: Hi , Elizabeth!
09:06:55 ElizabethH-S: Hugs to you DennisO!
09:06:56 DennisOliver: Good to "see" you again, Sergei!
09:07:00 RitaZ: Vance is taling with Jeff
09:07:05 DennisOliver: <smiles>
09:07:06 RitaZ: talking
09:07:16 ElizabethH-S: Hi Rita!
09:07:26 RitaZ: hi, eliz! great to CU!
09:07:31 ElizabethH-S: Custodian=Folsom Prison
09:07:38 ElizabethH-S: Hey, Sus
09:07:41 DennisOliver: I agree, Elizabeth!
09:07:42 Sus_in_Denmark: custodian sounds bad
09:08:12 DennisOliver: Maybe something more like "facilitator"?
09:08:18 RitaZ: http://webcastacademy.net/ go this link and click on an audio icon for voice
09:08:19 ElizabethH-S: How about janitor? (he-he)
09:08:29 dave: i like janitor
09:08:32 DennisOliver: Luvit, Elizabeth!
09:08:32 ElizabethH-S: I am listening to the voice while chatting here.
09:08:49 ElizabethH-S: Hearing Vance and Jeff, I believe
09:09:27 ElizabethH-S: Selecting my color
09:09:43 dave: color selection can be very important
09:09:48 Nina: I am back. I went to make some breakfast!
09:09:56 dave: mmm... breakfast
09:10:01 ElizabethH-S: I think I don't have Skype, so maybe someone could give me the phone #?
09:10:16 ElizabethH-S: Skype would not work well on wireless, I suspect.
09:10:29 dave: i'm on wireless
09:10:32 sergeiG: It was long long ago..., Nina
09:10:48 dave: depends on the integrity of your wireless
09:11:01 ElizabethH-S: (I'm pirating my wireless,Dave, so it's not very good...)
09:11:06 ElizabethH-S: Lo bars
09:11:10 Nina: I was wondering why we don't use the WIA chatroom instead of WB
09:11:15 Sus_in_Denmark: could someone tell me why I would want to learn Drupal+
09:11:23 DennisOliver: Jeff: Thanks again for you help yesterday.
09:11:34 ElizabethH-S: jaw--Just another wiki?--
09:11:47 sergeiG: Good question, Sus!
09:11:54 ElizabethH-S: Yeah--WMP now seems less cross-platform.
09:12:10 Nina: What kind of things would we learn in Drupal training?
09:12:21 Sus_in_Denmark: should I create another new account when I've already got one over at the new webheads site
09:12:34 ElizabethH-S: I've just done a presentation at CATESOL, and am really jived on vlogs.
09:12:38 dave: no need unless you're going to join
09:12:44 dave: the academy
09:12:46 ElizabethH-S: Can we put little videos in Drupal?
09:13:14 ElizabethH-S: Pusan (Korea?)
09:13:23 dave: yes
09:13:31 dave: both jeff and I used to live in Busan
09:13:40 dave: http://pusanweb.com
09:13:42 ElizabethH-S: You guys are my gen?
09:14:02 ElizabethH-S: Could link to with an active picture, maybe
09:14:23 Sus_in_Denmark: Drupal is a programming language, or what?
09:14:39 Jeff_Lebow: Drupal is a content management system
09:14:50 Nina: What's the webcastacademy? How is it different from the webheads site?
09:14:51 Jeff_Lebow: Like a more advanced wordpress
09:15:06 DennisOliver: Just got a webcastacademy account, Jeff.
09:15:12 Jeff_Lebow: Nina have you read http://www.webcastacademy.net/about_1.1
09:15:39 Nina: Not yet, Jeff.
09:15:39 Jeff_Lebow: Webheads site is for, by, and about Webheads.
09:15:49 Jeff_Lebow: It should answer some of your questions
09:16:12 Nina: I've joined webheadsinaction.org and visited several times this week for short periods
09:16:42 Nina: Did you ever think that webshead in action could be construed as webheads' inaction? hehe
09:17:40 Sus_in_Denmark: thanks for a clear explanation
09:17:46 DennisOliver: Funny! LOL :D
09:18:28 Jeff_Lebow: Elizabeth, were you able to view this week's screencapture video? http://webheadsinaction.org/files/webheads2/index.htm
09:19:01 Nina: Sometimes text has more possibilities than voice :-)
09:19:19 dave: true
09:19:33 dave: just different kinds of text really...
09:19:58 DennisOliver: Back in a few minutes.
09:22:49 Sus_in_Denmark: I would like to skype in now - where do I connect?
09:22:54 ElizabethH-S: I had just started to see it Jeff when this even started--seemed to be OK except for my slow connection.
09:22:56 dave: worldbridges
09:23:01 dave: skype to - worldbridges
09:23:08 Nina: I was thinking of investigating moodle to use as a course management tool next semester. WebCT, which we have now, is not so intuitive.
09:23:11 ElizabethH-S: Is there a phone number?
09:23:14 buthaina: hello all
09:23:22 Nina: Hi, Buth.
09:23:25 dave: no phone number set up today
09:23:43 dave: Moodle is definetely more intuitive than webct
09:23:50 global_vibrants: we need to go offline for few minutes
09:23:52 global_vibrants: brb
09:23:53 buthaina: I was at work, this is why I'm late
09:24:02 buthaina: Nina, hi..:)
09:24:17 sergeiG: Hi, Buthaina!
09:24:51 buthaina: Hi Sergei, long time no see.
09:24:59 Nina: I feel kind of scattered already.
09:25:01 DennisOliver: Buthaina!
09:25:04 DennisOliver: Marhaba!
09:25:11 buthaina: Hear you clearly here in Kuwait, Sus
09:25:25 buthaina: Marhabtain, ahlan, Dennis
09:25:43 DennisOliver: Shukran!
09:25:51 buthaina: I love you, Sus..and miss ya a lot
09:25:52 RitaZ: can hear you well, dear Sus!
09:26:15 DennisOliver: Buthaina: Jeff was our hero!
09:26:31 dave: he's not your hero anymore?
09:26:40 buthaina: Yes, definitley, Jeff is the mqan, as always, the savior :)
09:26:52 buthaina: mqan=man
09:26:53 Nina: Yes, that describes me: traditional educational structure.
09:27:07 dave: then moodle is a good solution
09:27:14 buthaina: Hi, Doug
09:27:14 DennisOliver: Definitely, Buthaina!
09:27:17 dave: i've brought several schools to moodle...
09:27:28 dave: the transition from webct is fairly painless
09:27:32 Nina: What would be a good platform for an international book discussion?
09:27:37 dave: mmm...
09:27:40 buthaina: Congrats Sus, they are lucky that you're training them..
09:27:45 DennisOliver: Nina: A blog.
09:27:45 dave: do you mean... novel books
09:27:49 Nina: I'd love to start up an online book group.
09:27:50 dave: ?
09:27:54 dave: ah...
09:28:03 Nina: Something synchronous, perhaps?
09:28:05 DennisOliver: I agree, Buthaina.
09:28:08 RitaZ: a wiki, then, Nina?
09:28:13 dave: elgg?
09:28:17 dave: synchronous
09:28:18 Nina: novels, nonfiction--whatever
09:28:20 dave: live webcast
09:28:29 DennisOliver: Definitely: live webcast.
09:28:40 Nina: oh dear. I don't feel ready for that.
09:28:40 buthaina: dave, what do you think of SafariU
09:28:49 dave: i know somewhere where you can use webcasting
09:29:01 buthaina: and of course everyone here, what do you think guys of SafariU?
09:29:02 dave: we looked into them a few months ago
09:29:19 buthaina: https://www.safariu.com/index.do
09:29:22 Nina: Also, a webcast might be intimidating for some particpants if their oral English is not very good.
09:29:43 Nina: Are you suggesting Safari for the book discussion or soemthing else?
09:29:45 dave: yes, but livewebcasting comes with textchat
09:29:51 dave: just like we're doing now
09:30:14 dave: buth - those guys have asked to come on the show
09:30:21 Nina: So what would be the possibilities for webcasting? And is there a cost involved?
09:30:33 dave: http://webcastacademy.com
09:30:35 dave: :)
09:30:47 ElizabethH-S: sorry I am totally locked out--need a phone number to call in.
09:31:04 Nina: It seems to require a bit more time than I can commit right now. Maybe I should file that away for the future.
09:31:29 Nina: Dave, I think it's .net
09:31:36 ElizabethH-S: I am totally locked up after trying to use Skype--boo-hoo
09:31:43 dave: http://worldbridges.net
09:31:52 dave: true nina.
09:31:56 Nina: Elizabeth, maybe you should log out and start all over again.
09:32:53 RitaZ: wb, Dennis ;-)
09:33:03 DennisOliver: Did you ever get the phone number, Elizabeth?
09:33:13 Nina: When you "turn off the webcast" to skype in, what is the most efficient way to do that to be able to get back ASAP?
09:33:23 dave: hit pause
09:33:38 Nina: on Real Player?
09:33:42 dave: yes
09:33:59 Nina: Will it resume where I paused it?
09:34:11 buthaina: dave, I am logged in through Webcast Academy..
09:34:14 dave: no... i think it will advance to where it is now
09:34:17 dave: yes
09:34:22 ElizabethH-S: OK-- the Web chat is working again. I am downloading Skype on my pc now.
09:34:32 ElizabethH-S: Jeff--a phone number??
09:34:47 dave: no phone number today
09:34:50 dave: sorry
09:34:53 ElizabethH-S: Jeff--help phone number??
09:35:08 ElizabethH-S: OK--I'll try to Skype in on the pc.'
09:35:13 Jeff_Lebow: 1-603-574-4923
09:35:23 dave: oh
09:35:25 dave: right
09:35:27 dave: that number
09:35:30 dave: sorry
09:36:15 Nina: Sis?
09:36:22 DennisOliver: Hi again, Sus/Sis.
09:36:26 dave: mus be sus's sister
09:36:32 Nina: or alter ego
09:36:33 Sis_in_Denmark: my twin!
09:36:38 dave: ah.
09:36:42 Nina: evil twin?
09:36:47 DennisOliver: "Sister Sus's sitting on some sisal."
09:36:47 buthaina: What's the diference between Drupal and Wordpress?
09:36:51 Sis_in_Denmark: no no. a good twin!
09:36:57 dave: i thought that sus was the evil one
09:37:02 Nina: that's a relief
09:37:26 DennisOliver: Thanks for that, Jeff!
09:37:31 Nina: Why can't I remember the word Drupal?
09:37:34 ElizabethH-S: ah, at last
09:37:43 dave: drupal drupal drupal drupal
09:37:46 Sis_in_Denmark: good to listen to Elizabeth's voice
09:37:55 DennisOliver: Yes, definitely Sus/Sis.
09:37:55 Nina: It keeps popping into my mind as something else. Durple? Drupla?
09:38:03 Sis_in_Denmark: drupal sounds like wall paint!
09:38:06 dave: drupal drupal drupal drupal
09:38:14 Nina: maybe that's why...wall paint
09:38:22 sroseman: Mac solution for what>>>>
09:38:27 DennisOliver: Festoon
09:38:29 Sis_in_Denmark: Dripless paint!
09:38:33 ElizabethH-S: that address again?
09:38:34 dave: drupal
09:38:35 Nina: drupless paint
09:38:36 sroseman: Droople?
09:38:44 Nina: door pull?
09:38:46 Jeff_Lebow: http://festooninc.com
09:39:41 DennisOliver: Teresa! Abrais!
09:39:45 DennisOliver: Abraos!
09:39:57 Nina: Bom dia Tere!
09:39:59 teresadeca: hi everyone! it's great to be with you after a long absence :-)
09:40:03 DennisOliver: e beijinhos tambem!
09:40:05 Nina: Where have you been??
09:40:08 RitaZ: welcome, dear Tere!
09:40:28 teresadeca: beijinhos to everyone!
09:40:35 dave: goodbye nice people
09:40:41 teresadeca: i've been taking it easy and cutting down on work
09:40:44 RitaZ: bye, Dave
09:40:48 dave: must go work on stuff
09:40:48 buthaina: hi, Tere
09:40:52 DennisOliver: Good decision, Teresa.
09:40:52 sergeiG: Bye, dave
09:41:03 DennisOliver: Take care, Dave.
09:41:13 Nina: We all have to cut back sometimes. You worked SO hard on BaW
09:41:29 DennisOliver: Hear, hear, Nina! I agree 1000%!
09:41:30 teresadeca: it's nice to hear jeff :)
09:42:14 ElizabethH-S: good for you, Tere
09:42:33 Sis_in_Denmark: I'd like to get training for sure (just that I am not sure how often I can participate)
09:42:49 Sis_in_Denmark: :hugs dear Tere
09:43:01 RitaZ: thats exactly what you need for some time, Tere
09:43:53 DennisOliver: Definitely, Rita. Heavy commitment is good, but it leads to OVERcommitment . . . which leads to burnout, no?
09:44:07 RitaZ: true, Dennis :-(
09:44:30 DennisOliver: For sure--and I know THAT scenario very well!
09:44:40 teresadeca: me too, dennis
09:44:52 DennisOliver: I'm sure you do, Teresa.
09:45:10 dave: come on LEE
09:45:33 DennisOliver: By the way, Teresa, one of your ex-students, Carla Arena de Aquinho, is doing some incredible things--the direct result of mentoring from you and Dafne.
09:46:23 DennisOliver: Elizabeth: Do you have any interest in developing a course on "relaxed conversation"?
09:46:30 teresadeca: yes, she is, but she was already very active before BaW. i guess she even more dynamic now
09:46:39 DennisOliver: Definitely, Teresa.
09:46:57 DennisOliver: The work she does on the Casa Thomas Jefferson website is fantastic!
09:47:12 ZuZ_in_denmark: this chat is teasing me today
09:47:20 DennisOliver: What was that last one, Jeff? NiceCast?
09:47:21 teresadeca: absolutely, dennis
09:47:23 Nina: I was trying to log in to the webcastacademy but can't do it. It doesn't recognize my email addresses.
09:47:36 Jeff_Lebow: All progs here - http://www.webcastacademy.net/Apprentice_Webcast_Kit
09:47:46 DennisOliver: Thanks, Jeff.
09:48:31 sergeiG: how to get to Casa Thomas Jefferson website?
09:48:35 RitaZ: now I need to leave, guys, need to spend some Sunday morn time with hubby..., have a great week!
09:49:01 teresadeca: see you later, rita! enjoy your day! hugs to both
09:49:01 Sis_in_Denmark: apprenctice sounds better
09:49:18 DennisOliver: Take care, Rita. Ojala que tu tengas una semana fantastica!
09:49:27 Sis_in_Denmark: hehe, agree
09:49:27 dave: ok. this time i'm really leaving
09:49:32 dave: bye everyone
09:49:35 Sis_in_Denmark: bye Dave
09:49:37 buthaina: bye, dave
09:49:39 DennisOliver: Bye, Dave.
09:49:43 RitaZ: bye, Dave
09:50:15 DennisOliver: The sound is a bit better now, Elizabeth--the timbre is different.
09:51:18 DougSymington: enter chat comments here and press enter
09:51:48 Sis_in_Denmark: Hi Doug - welcome to the chat
09:52:16 Sis_in_Denmark: film noir webcast!
09:52:32 sroseman: is Nicecast a free download?
09:52:48 sroseman: as well as the other two downloads
09:53:56 Sis_in_Denmark: I think digital video recorders are getting into hands of many more people lately
09:54:04 DougSymington: thanks and hello to all--love to hear talk of video
09:54:33 DennisOliver: Do you have a website for your video-for-teachers project, Elizabeth, or a Yahoo group, or something?
09:55:50 Sis_in_Denmark: does youn Zachary have a Drupal page ?
09:56:14 sroseman: yes, getting the younger set in is a good idea
09:56:50 DennisOliver: Definitely, SR!
09:56:50 sroseman: GMT is what time Eastern,, please
09:56:59 Sis_in_Denmark: global vibrant if a fine name - wondering who they are and what they're up to
09:57:11 Nina: EST is GMT -5, so we are now GMT -4, I think.
09:57:30 DennisOliver: SR: See this link:
09:57:31 DennisOliver: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
09:57:35 sroseman: ok thanks..can't get these times straight
09:57:58 sroseman: thanks Dennis..too lazy to look at timand date.com
09:58:01 Sis_in_Denmark: with all these many channels, will there also be just ordinary listeners?
09:58:09 sergeiG: Does anybody know of any tools to edit .avi files?
09:58:29 Nina: I signed up at webcastacademy but I am ind of ambivalent--nervous about being able to do it
09:58:34 Nina: both time-wise and skill-wise
09:58:36 DennisOliver: It's very useful, SR. It's the only way I can keep GMT and times in zones other than mine straight!
09:59:08 DougSymington: sergei--you can use Camtasia and WinMediaEncoder, do you want to stream the avi files?
09:59:34 Nina: I am so new to audio, I can't even think of video yet.
10:00:09 Jeff_Lebow: http://www.webcastacademy.net/Apprentice_Webcast_Kit
10:00:17 teresadeca: bye all. nice to be back. going for a walk
10:00:27 Nina: Enjoy, Tere
10:00:27 sergeiG: I want to edit my video clips I took with my digital camera
10:00:38 DennisOliver: Take care, Teresa! Ate mais ver!
10:00:58 DennisOliver: ZuZ: the evil triplet?
10:01:04 sroseman: before I download is there a fee for these
10:01:17 ZuZ_in_denmark: Sorry for jumping in and out, but each time I need my borwser for something, I lose my Java chat
10:01:18 DennisOliver: Jeff: Thanks again for the help yesterday.
10:01:23 Lee: I am really looking forward to getting going
10:01:31 Lee: Thanks for having me on skype
10:01:49 ZuZ_in_denmark: webheads 2.0 rules!
10:03:02 Lee: intern works
10:03:40 DennisOliver: How about "syntern"?
10:04:04 Sus_in_Denmark: that's a very synthetic name dennis
10:04:13 DennisOliver: just playing with words . . . .
10:04:22 DennisOliver: Take care, everyone.
10:04:26 DennisOliver: This was terrific!
10:04:41 DennisOliver: Have to go.
10:04:43 DennisOliver: Best to all!