Vance Stevens hosts a post-EVO MultiMOOC streamed Hangout wrap-up


Sun, Feb 17, 2013 - 1300 GMT - EVO MultiMOOC HANGOUT and stream

Time 1300 GMT; time where you are:



This Sunday Vance Stevens hosts a live online session to discuss what was learned in the recent EVO MultiMOOC session, as described in these two blog posts:



Click on the play button to hear the Hangout recording



  • When joining the hangout, switch OFF the stream.  Otherwise you'll get two sound inputs, one delayed slightly. So listen to only one at a time.
  • Also, when in a Hangout please wear a headset to avoid sending speaker sound back into your mic and creating and echo crescendo.


Please chat with us Feb 17 in this synchronous chat space

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If you wish to enter the Hangout you can request assistance in the text chat here

and we'll pull together to get you in.


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