Interview with Thomas Robb at TESOL2006

Interview with Thomas Robb at TESOL2006
March 17, 2006

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15:25:04 buthaina: wow, this is interesting.
15:25:32 Valentina24: Have i missed everything- i've only just been able to log on
15:26:36 JeffLebow: You've missed several presentations - an interview with Tom Robb is coming up
15:26:48 JeffLebow: Past presentations will be posted online soon
15:27:13 Valentina24: shame - but I hope to be able listen later :-)
15:27:22 Valentina24: Who is speaking now? Dave?
15:27:36 JeffLebow: This is an interview with Tom from 1999
15:27:50 JeffLebow:
15:28:00 JeffLebow: media links don't currently work - will be fixing that soon
15:28:30 Valentina24: Thanks Jeff!
15:29:12 buthaina: Jeff, if you've started this method of webcasting since that time why people like me have learned about you recntly?
15:29:25 JeffLebow: Good question!
15:29:33 JeffLebow: Where have you been all my life?
15:29:39 buthaina: his it becuae you were in korea
15:29:41 Valentina24: Yes, I was wondering about that ...since 1999?
15:30:03 buthaina: yes, exactly
15:30:44 buthaina: do you think the situation was different in terms of using IT
15:32:22 JeffLebow: More oldies but goodies
15:32:42 buthaina: perfect here in kuwait
15:32:50 buthaina: hear yu loud and clear
15:33:45 buthaina: I see you Christine
15:33:55 buthaina: I see, Tom too
15:34:30 buthaina: Christine, can you see us..
15:35:59 buthaina: heheheh
15:36:20 buthaina: yes, saw that once and ws confused, before we met in person, tom
15:36:25 buthaina: no, just kidding
15:40:10 tomrobb: Christine speaking: No, Buth, we can't see you...
15:40:44 buthaina: No, but you're answering me..ha
15:41:02 buthaina: you mean, Christine cannot see me..ok
15:42:15 ruthv: Hi Everyone! I've been listening but only just able to get in!
15:42:21 JeffLebow:
15:42:31 buthaina: Hi, Ruth..:)
15:42:47 buthaina: thanks, Jeff
15:43:01 ruthv: Hi Buth!
15:43:09 JeffLebow:
15:43:21 susangaer: ok now I am here
15:43:21 ruthv: Hi Susan! No seen you for AGES!
15:43:26 ruthv: How are you?
15:43:29 buthaina: hehehe..
15:43:35 susangaer: likewise ruth
15:43:40 susangaer: how are you doing
15:43:54 ruthv: I'm fine. Retired and enjoying life
15:43:59 susangaer: :-)
15:44:05 ruthv: Are u still at the same school?
15:44:12 buthaina: Me too, Christine, trying to evolve but failed, maybe next year, i'll be a Mac-er
15:44:35 buthaina: it's an excellent site, Tom. Tnaks..
15:44:39 buthaina: Thanks
15:45:26 cbauerramazani: How does one copy and paste a URL on a MAC?????
15:46:15 buthaina: Any Mac user here in this chat room
15:46:33 cbauerramazani: Hi Ruth. It's Ruth Vilmi, right?
15:46:59 buthaina: Yes, the Ruth Vilmi
15:47:01 buthaina: :)
15:47:18 ruthv: Yes, Christine! Hi! I've noticed that you've been VERY active now:-))
15:47:37 ruthv: I was on 2 EVO courses
15:47:46 buthaina: Tom are you going to continue your work using Moodle
15:48:48 buthaina: or Wiki or both
15:49:22 buthaina: Tom cannot see our chat here, Jeff!
15:49:32 Valentina24: this is the student list link
15:49:40 JeffLebow: I don't think so
15:50:08 buthaina: How can we ask questions, please?
15:50:20 buthaina: Can Chrsitine see us?
15:50:22 susangaer: buth I am a mac user but not using one right now.
15:50:34 cbauerramazani: Tom can see your chat.
15:51:03 cbauerramazani: I'm managing the chat and was trying to copy and paste URLs he mentioned, but as we found out, I'm MAC-challenged!
15:51:12 cbauerramazani: :/
15:52:18 buthaina: What do you think of the Wikibooks concept, Tom?
15:54:29 buthaina: Yes, students here in Kuait prefer that too, tom.
15:54:59 buthaina: Kuait=Kuwait
15:55:07 Valentina24: exactly -here in Italy they print out all digital texts!
15:55:27 Valentina24: and bind them into books!
15:55:43 buthaina: yes, these wikitext is idea for them, i think
15:55:45 susangaer: Is that legal?
15:56:14 buthaina: in some places i think, it is Susan,
15:56:14 Valentina24: (Legal? Not much of a concept here in the south)
15:56:33 buthaina: but not here in kuwait..
15:58:10 susangaer: :D
15:58:13 Valentina24: yes
15:58:38 Christine: Me, too!!!!
15:58:46 buthaina: yes, and Valentina was in more than one EVO'06, Christine
15:58:47 Christine: Self-taught, and showing it sometimes...
15:59:00 Christine: That's great, Valentina.
15:59:17 Christine: Please ask more questions, if you have any.
15:59:39 Valentina24: Technology is changing so fast...
15:59:51 Valentina24: bu the governemnet policies are n't.
16:00:15 Valentina24: So teachers have to invest itme and money to train
16:00:26 Valentina24: and only the enthusiast do!
16:00:26 buthaina: yes, Valentina, i agree, same situation everywhere, I guess
16:00:49 buthaina: but getting better..
16:01:10 Valentina24: a little and the technogloy helps joint efforts and shring :-=
16:01:25 buthaina: Valentina did a great project fro her classes using
16:01:27 Valentina24: sorry, sharing and playing
16:01:49 buthaina: yes, Valentina
16:02:02 susangaer: Yes I am interested in odeo. There was a link to that on TESLCAL about using odeo
16:02:41 buthaina: Any link, Susan, pls.
16:02:53 susangaer: ok just a sec
16:02:57 buthaina: thanks
16:03:22 buthaina: it's midnight here in kuwait
16:03:33 buthaina: and 3 minutes.
16:03:36 buthaina: :)
16:04:30 buthaina: Yes, how it is different than when it was done earlier in 1999, from Korea?
16:04:33 buthaina: oops
16:04:38 buthaina: yes, no soudn]
16:04:40 buthaina: here
16:04:45 Valentina24: pity
16:04:55 buthaina: yeah
16:05:22 buthaina: wanted to see ask about the difference between how webcasting was perceved then and now
16:05:41 buthaina: Oh, I see
16:05:42 buthaina: ok
16:06:12 Valentina24: sounds like the dark ages in retrospect but it is only 7 years ago!
16:06:31 Valentina24: so much is making it so faster and so much more accessible
16:06:44 buthaina: Ok; thanks, Jeff
16:07:02 Chris_Fry_Barcelona: There is a lot in the media about the origami project for ultra mobile computing and Sony have a new paperback size reader. Do you think these will help make electronic reading more practical and more popular? There is already a company making electronic readers for EFL. Do you think the big publishers might follow suit?
16:07:26 buthaina: Amazing how technology develops..was slow earlier but very fast lately
16:08:52 Valentina24: LOL
16:09:09 buthaina: Wb, Tom, Christine
16:14:22 buthaina: Thanks, Tom
16:14:26 Chris_Fry_Barcelona: Thank you, Tom :D :D
16:14:39 Valentina24: Thank you!
16:14:50 Valentina24: Links to the iatefl envents are
16:15:02 Valentina24: Thanks to anyone.
16:15:04 buthaina: Thank you, for bringing Tampa to Kuwait or Taking us to Tampa, christine, Jeff
16:15:20 buthaina: and all people invloved in making this happen
16:15:23 buthaina: Byeeeeeeeeee
16:15:32 Chris_Fry_Barcelona: Bye
16:15:34 EthanInPA: bye :-)
16:15:44 Valentina24: ciao!

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