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Buthaina's Presentation at TESOL 2006

Buthaina Al-Othman's TESOL Presentation
Easy Technologies to Teach and Learn EFL/ESL Across Different Cultures
March 16, 2006 An academic presentation by Buthaina Al-Othman (online handout here) for TESOL2006 about the use of skype, webcasting, and other synchronous internet tools in language learning.  Buthains is joined by Barbara Sawhill, Professor Ali, and Vance Stevens as recent projects are discussed.
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Chris Jones - "What's Up" an ESL Magazine Online

Chris Jones Presentation at TESOL-2006
"What's Up" an ESL Magazine Online 
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" What's Up?" is an ESL magazine online, and it publishes writing of ESL students at Arizona Western College. It is an ongoing project where any ESL student may have one of his/her writings from an ESL class published online. It encourages students to write and to recognize the value of their writing. The session will show the magazine and provide a handout about the format for making such a magazine.

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