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Automatic chat log from 'Notetaker' tool in Second Life

Here's an example of the automatic chat log that was emailed to me from Second Life by the tool 'Notetaker'
Although it's similar to part of the other chat log I posted, there are some differences (that's becuase I moved away to another part of the room and missed some of the conversation)
Obviously, a tool such as this also would have a value for recording conversations to monitor any activity in spaces in a possible teenage site, as well as automaticng the process of recording chat transcripts (otherwise you have to copy and paste them yourself)
Object-Name: notetaker 2.0.1 Region: EduNation (259840, 283392) Local-Position: (101, 245, 31)
Susan Khalifa: Sorry Chris Meno Rich: stream no own Babette Hanson: Meno? Meno Rich: channel Bute Sodwind: hi webheads, nice to meet you - I've heard you're a interesting bunch Babette Hanson: Point down more susan Pafiki Paravane: I am still learning this program. This is the first time I'm visiting here. Ruairi Glenelg: it is very hard to follow chat. it is like a confused conversation with a lot of people Chris Eggplant: myself and susan williams are on skype as well. Seems to work ok. Meno Rich: now on I mean Susan Khalifa: Looks like sitting is an art I have yet to master! lol Pafiki Paravane: You mean you can multitask and be on skype while you do this. You are very talented!!!! Babette Hanson: Yes Ruairi--it's like a cocktail party, but you can hear everyone Meno Rich: Channel 1 or 2 Chris Eggplant: susan kh. If you move your cursor over a seat and then right click and select 'sit down', it will work just find Babette Hanson: Meno--that's a good idea Susan Khalifa: Ah, at last! Webhead Link: cool Babette Hanson: But when I open other apps there tend to be freezes Chris Eggplant: you can also sit down from far away. if you look at the other side of the room Chris Eggplant: and do the same, you will transport over and sit theire Susan Khalifa: I didn't know that, chris Pafiki Paravane: Is there a book we are supposed to sign? I don't know how to do that. Susan Khalifa: Thanks for telling me Pafiki Paravane: What was that? Did someone take a picture? Pafiki Paravane: It sounded like someone took a picture. Baldric Commons: I took a picture Susan Khalifa: Graham, could you explain some of the possibilites, please? Baldric Commons: sure, susan Baldric Commons: what would you like to know? Susan Khalifa: Plus some not involving the broken speaker! ;-) Webhead Link: I'm listening now, cool Pafiki Paravane: Chris Eggplant, who are you in real life? Susan Khalifa: I'm still stuck with navigation Susan Khalifa: But whatever you explain is fine with me; I'm a total newbie Chris Eggplant: Pafiki - in my profile. I work for an organisation called Becta [] Chris Eggplant: which is looking at how ICT can support teaching and learning Chris Eggplant: I work as a policy advisor Chris Eggplant: you? Susan Khalifa: How do I look to my left or right, for example? Susan Khalifa: Can I carry on a one-to-one chat ? Chris Eggplant: susan kh, use your mouse and move to the right of you avatar and hold for a second. Your head will move Susan Khalifa: Or anything else you might want to explain Pafiki Paravane: I like your creative avatar. I am a teacher in San Diego and I joined the Webheads awhile ago. Susan Khalifa: Okay, let me try it, Chrs Baldric Commons: susan, if you hold down the key you can change your camera view Meno Rich: Susan Khalifa: I'm experimenting, thanks
Object-Name: notetaker 2.0.1 Region: EduNation (259840, 283392) Local-Position: (101, 245, 31)
Baldric Commons: interesting to see we are out of range of the other chat here Webhead Link: so is ventilo not working well then? Chris Eggplant: ah right. so you just click on this susan Williams: chris eggplant and i are skyping now Baldric Commons: I can't get it to work Meno Rich has indicated consent to be recorded. Ruairi Glenelg has indicated consent to be recorded. Webhead Link: WERE you able to down'oad it at all? Baldric Commons: seems like ventrilo is working now Babette Hanson: It's NfM Babette Hanson: Not for Mac Busy Link: was that you Graham? David Delling: I can't log in to Ventrilo I'm afraid... still trying though. Baldric Commons: yes it was Babette Hanson: Susan--there is a button near the text window Webhead Link: click on Stand UP Susan Baldric Commons: a shame - it's not possible for mac users? Webhead Link: what was the link again? susan Williams: baldric dont seem to be able to get recorder to work Babette Hanson: Webhead Link: thanks Baldric Commons: susan, if you click it it turns it on Babette Hanson: My right and left arrow keys are now reversed, mmm--why? Baldric Commons: but you don't see anything - it will, however, email me the transcript susan Williams: baldric when you have turne it on does it mean that only you are emailed the transcript susan Williams: and it can only be used by 1 person at a time Baldric Commons: I'm chatting with moira Baldric Commons: on venttrilo Kati Voss: Hi Guys Babette Hanson: Not so good for LLs, as they would each need a trasncript--so you have to put it in a wiki or something Meno Rich: How might we get server info for Ventrilo? Babette Hanson: Hi Kati--who are you in 1st life? Kati Voss: Katalin Csoma Webhead Link: hey there Meno Baldric Commons: hi meno Busy Link: Graham and I are speaking on Ventrilo Meno Rich: Hello all Webhead Link: maybe Meno can run a ventrilo stream we can all listen to Meno Rich: ventrilo server info? Meno Rich: if meno can get in Pafiki Paravane: Hello everyone. Babette Hanson: Oh Susan--there you are--first time to see you! Babette Hanson: Come sit by me. Chris Eggplant: I see Parfiki and Susan Williams both shop in the same fashion shops! Webhead Link: Hi Candy, I mean, Pafiki Baldric Commons: have a look at the book on the table too Babette Hanson: Hi Susan Susan Khalifa: Hi Elizabeth! :-) Susan Khalifa: Looks like I'm sitting in the wrong place :D Babette Hanson: You can get down Pafiki Paravane: Hi Vance. Susan Khalifa: I'm stuck up here!! lol Babette Hanson: I love your shirt--how did you make it 2-color? Susan Khalifa: Thanks; I changed the fabric Babette Hanson: Take one step and then sit down Pafiki Paravane: I tried to change my blouse but I couldn't get anything I liked. :-) Babette Hanson: Pafiki--who are you in Life1? Susan Khalifa: Here I am perched up on the top again! Ruairi Glenelg: is the a way to talk in audio in SL Pafiki Paravane: I am Candace (Pauchnick Pafiki Paravane: Candy Ruairi Glenelg: like skype
Object-Name: notetaker 2.0.1 Region: EduNation (259840, 283392) Local-Position: (101, 245, 31)
Webhead Link: rt clk on a person, and select profile Claire Tamale: i think there is potential for language lerarning, but i have to learn how to use it first Baldric Commons: that's an animation, susan Baldric Commons: i'll send you it SL Language Learning IceBreaker: Claire Tamale: What kind of person would want to learn a language in SL? Claire Tamale: an imaginative person Babette Hanson: Once you send it, how do you use it, Baldric? Babette Hanson: Hi Ruairi Babette Hanson: Foxdenuk--you made it inside Ruairi Glenelg: hallo Babette Babette Hanson: So Baldric--how do you use the animation. Busy Link: what is kmb?? Webhead Link: an experimental open minded self starting fun loving person? Ruairi Glenelg: IS that guy from Osnabruck around here somewhere Baldric Commons: you find it in your inventroy and double click on it - that's the easiest way Ruairi Glenelg: He invited me Babette Hanson: So many people with no profile? Webhead Link: maybe it takes a moment for the profile to load in Babette Hanson: Baldric has collapsed after all the dancing Multi Gadget v1.49.3 by Timeless Prototype Chris Eggplant: ok, so I can see loads of conversations - is there a transcript to capture learner comments [assuming you were using with learners? Baldric Commons: trying it out now clare, but no luck so far Babette Hanson: Ruari--who are you in 1st life? Chris Eggplant: this is too chaotic for my learners Ruairi Glenelg: I am an English teacher based in D?sseldoef Ruairi Glenelg: a member of ELTA-RHINE Baldric Commons: if you look at the 'history' window, chris, you can capture this Babette Hanson: Chris--it's like the first time in any text chat, but with no names. Chris Eggplant: where history window? Baldric Commons: and there are also chat recorders Baldric Commons: bottom left hand corner of the interface Babette Hanson: Just to the left of the chat window, Chris Baldric Commons: we have a chat recorder on the wall by the poster Chris Eggplant: ok, so can history window be exported to say, word [thinking of assessment capturing]. Chris Eggplant: chat recorder - ok. Baldric Commons: you can copy and paste from the history window Chris Eggplant: and can audio files be exported Babette Hanson: How aout when Ventrilo finally works? I guess you could use a desktop recorder? susan Williams: how does the chart recorder work baldric Baldric Commons: the chat recorder is better - it emails you the transcript Baldric Commons: but you have to click on it to turn it on Chris Eggplant: where is voice recorde baldric? Baldric Commons: yes, babette - you can capture audio to your pc susan Williams has indicated consent to be recorded. Baldric Commons: not a voice recorder, but a chat recorder - I'll go over there and show you susan Williams: thanks baldric Meno Rich: speaking of audio, any audio happening now? If not, any interst in a skypecast? Babette Hanson: Oh, yes, there is one by the coffe clache
Baldric Commons: I'm in ventrilo too - clare is there and nobody else Webhead Link: oh it's you moira Baldric Commons: sure David Busy Link: yep Babette Hanson: I think I tried Ventrilo, but is it Windoz only? susan Williams: chris do you know what to do? Babette Hanson: Hi Webhead Link--who are you? Chris Eggplant: Not yet - saw yesterday that 'Ventrilo' is an audio download prog?? Chris Eggplant: is that right anybody? Babette Hanson: Must be Vance--looks like Vance Chris Eggplant: sorry - newbies! Webhead Link: yep vance here Babette Hanson: Chris--I think it is Webhead Link: how do we get ventrillo? Babette Hanson: Oooh--how do you put arms up? Babette Hanson: And who is Busy Link Babette Hanson: And why do I keep jumping up? Baldric Commons: Baldric Commons: but it's not working for me Webhead Link: you can rt clk on ppl and see their profles Baldric Commons: I thought you were just excited, babette Babette Hanson: Hi Moira Busy Busy Link: Hi Babette Webhead Link: how can I offer claire a teleport Baldric Commons: the game in the middle is an 'ice breaker' SL Language Learning IceBreaker: Chris Eggplant: What kind of person would want to learn a language in SL? SL Language Learning IceBreaker: susan Williams: What do you think of the potential for language learning in Second Life? Baldric Commons: you load questions in beforehand and they come out in a random order Baldric Commons: not many questions loaded at the moment though Webhead Link: ok, here's a question Clare Foss: who wants to offer me a teleport? Vance? But I was here before Webhead Link: how can I offer claire a teleport Baldric Commons: I just offered clare a tp Baldric Commons: you can do it by searching for her Webhead Link: no, claire tamale needs a teleport Baldric Commons: or by looking at her profile (from the friends list) David Delling: Baldric: I need a hostname apparently... Clare Foss: Is there another Clare trying to come to the room? Webhead Link: we're typing at the keyboard susan Williams: Imy anser to icebreaker question I would think someone who may want to learn a language in 2nd life may be someone who is lacking in confidence in real life re language Babette Hanson: Baldric--how do you stretch? Webhead Link: i figured out the teleport Claire Tamale: coool! Baldric Commons: there are animations you can play Babette Hanson: Ooh Claire--nic outfit! Webhead Link: friends / offer teleoport Babette Hanson: nice Claire Tamale: i didn't make the outfit -- it was there Babette Hanson: Thank you Baldric--how do I activate? Webhead Link: i kind of like my teeshirt Baldric Commons: if you double click on an animation it'll play Babette Hanson: I think it is perfect, Vance Busy Link: I love the stick tongue out
Object-Name: notetaker 2.0.1 Region: EduNation (259840, 283392) Local-Position: (101, 245, 31)
Baldric Commons: susan, you can open up the map and put in the coordinates David Delling: Don't mean to be rude b ut am I dressed? Chris Eggplant: Mmm worrying isnt it - so many 'beautiful' people - so I throught small, fat and green! Baldric Commons: then you can teleport there Baldric Commons: hi clare susan Williams: so do you find it put others off talking to you chris? Chris Eggplant: I think so! Clare Foss: Hi Susan! Chris Eggplant: but I do find it amusing susan Williams: hi there clare? Baldric Commons: some people have said that - you get different reactions depending on your avatar susan Williams: were you talking to me or other susan? Chris Eggplant: ah - so the game is 'see how many susan's you can get into one room' then shout SUSAN! Baldric Commons: hi david David Delling: HI Baldric, Hi all. susan Williams: all right Ill be Susan K Baldric Commons: do you see the 'music control' option? David Delling: Are we going by our SL names? Chris Eggplant: No, Chris Swaine. Recently joined Baldric Commons: turn that off to stop the interview susan Williams: AND iM SUSAN kOZICKI susan Williams: sl NAME sUSAN wILLIAMS susan Williams: oops sorry caps on susan Williams: nice to meet you too Chris Eggplant: good to meet you! This is my first 'real' mix with others in SL. susan Williams: where are you located? Baldric Commons: does anyone want to try out the ventrilo audio? David Delling: Baldric: I do! Chris Eggplant: which part of the world you from Susan Clare Foss: yes I would love to Webhead Link: i'm in the hut and in range of this chat but don't see anyone Chris Eggplant: Hey - fab! I'm UK - this is why I love the web etc, breaks down all geographical barriers Babette Hanson: Hi Susan--where are you--I don't see your Avatar? susan Williams: Im in Leicester UK susan Williams: Hoi Babette Chris Eggplant: where you from David susan Williams: are u loooking for susan Khali? Baldric Commons: we're upstairs mister link susan Williams: sorry wrong spelling susan Williams: Im susan williams susan Williams: where's everyone else from Babette Hanson: Someone is coming up the stairs, I think David Delling: I'm from California. Dave Winet in RL. Clare Foss: I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina David Delling: HI Susan :) Clare Foss: Is Gavin around? Babette Hanson: Dave--that is truly a unique skin layer David Delling: To paraphrase the saying, "Nice to finally meet you in second life" Webhead Link: hi Baldric Commons: Gavin apologieses - he can't make it today Webhead Link: where are the others Webhead Link: upstairs? David Delling: Babette - am I even wearing anything? All I see is yellow and a green head.... Busy Link: Is that you Vance? Webhead Link: yea Busy Link: Hmm, I can't get up the stairs except when I fly Babette Hanson: You have a nice top hat, Dave Clare Foss: ok, I have opened ventrilo and heard someone speak but I'm not sure how it was David Delling: Baldric, can I have the coordinates for Ventrilo?
Baldric Commons: HI SUSAN AND MOIRA - I'M UPSTAIRS Chris Eggplant: susan - have you got the audio on susan Williams: yes Chris Eggplant: great song! susan Williams: not bad at all Busy Link: I love Eggplant from Readin! susan Williams: great Chris Eggplant: fab! Baldric Commons: that's it susan Baldric Commons: up there Susan Khalifa: Okay, thanks Baldric Commons: mind you don't trip Busy Link: I did Susan Khalifa: How do I mind not to trip? ;-) SL Language Learning IceBreaker: susan Williams: What do you think of the potential for language learning in Second Life? susan Williams: i think it has a lot Baldric Commons: I think you should be able to fly in busy susan Williams: however could be interesting to mix with skype susan Williams: so learners can practice talking "face to face?" susan Williams: is that your area? Baldric Commons: can one of you try clicking on the Dido cd, to see if it works for you? Baldric Commons: it's a way of doing localised audio Baldric Commons: any luck? susan Williams: not yret Baldric Commons: I'm not sure if it's just me who can get it to start Susan Khalifa: I don't know what's supposed to happen! Chris Eggplant has indicated consent to be recorded. Baldric Commons: ok, then it is just me who can start it Baldric Commons: when I click it the song starts David Delling: I'm in the hut but don't see anyone... Baldric Commons: the closer you get to the cd, the louder it is Chris Eggplant: hiya david - we are upstairs David Delling: ok see the stairs now... hey not sure if I'm decently clothed here.... Chris Eggplant: I think the avatars are fascinating. Just like real life they can be fun or scary! Clare Foss: Hi everyone susan Williams: hello Chris Eggplant: hiya Baldric Commons: I love your avatar chris
Object-Name: notetaker 2.0.1 Region: EduNation (259840, 283392) Local-Position: (101, 245, 31)
Dalgety Antfarm: So will you manage to come along to the Webheads meeting tomorrow? I've listened to a few of them before through Worldbridges' podcasts. A good bunch, not at all geeky! Dalgety Antfarm: Seamill, near Largs. Famous hotel. Dalgety Antfarm: Hydro? Dalgety Antfarm: I'm a weegie myself! Dalgety Antfarm: Glasgow, or Scotland? Dalgety Antfarm: Plenty of FE and HE. Or do you fancy schools? Dalgety Antfarm: Am I right in saying that in FE you are coming across more pupils who have not been taught in mainstream ie because of behaviour, problems at home, and having to make adjustments? Dalgety Antfarm: There will always be plenty work of that sort in Scotland, then Dalgety Antfarm: I'm going to have a wee look around the hut, and then find somewhere to rest for the evening Dalgety Antfarm: New Talent - I haven't heard much about that lately Dalgety Antfarm: Do you know about the guided tour of the island, aboard a magic seat, or whatever Dalgety Antfarm: Yeah, New Talent, I remember Jack trailblazing it a while back Dalgety Antfarm: If you go to the main building, you should find it. It gives you a bird's eye overview of each facility

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