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Second Life Chat Transcript - Sunday 19th November 2006

This is the chat transcript (abridged) linked to: Virtualy Presenting in Second Life
[4:39] Dudeney Ge is Online [4:42] You: wow, what an entrance Gavin [4:42] Dudeney Ge: Bad connection [4:42] Giovanna Lurra is Online [4:43] You: how are things? [4:43] Dudeney Ge: I'm just really making sure everything is ok for you [4:43] You: yes, thanks - just set up the slides in the seminar room [4:43] Dudeney Ge: I saw [4:43] You: and tested out the chat feeder too [4:43] Dudeney Ge: How's the project coming on? [4:43] You: well, I presented them some ideas yesterday in Madrid [4:44] Dudeney Ge: Grand [4:44] You: now have to put together a more serious proposal [4:44] Dudeney Ge: Good- is Dafne doing the second thing? [4:44] You: I took them on a tour of edunation too [4:44] Dudeney Ge: Did they like it? [4:44] You: yes, she said she was, but I haven't heard from her since her initial email [4:44] Dudeney Ge: Right [4:44] Dudeney Ge: FIngers crossed then [4:45] Dudeney Ge: Will you say hello to all the Webheads for me - and apologise for our not being here [4:45] You: of course I will [4:45] Dudeney Ge: But we're in the UK and haven't really got the access or anything [4:45] You: I understand [4:46] Dudeney Ge: Can you take some photos for me? [4:46] Dudeney Ge: I'd like to add them to our webpage [4:46] You: yes - I'll do that [4:46] You: I'll upload them to my flickr account - feel free to use them [4:46] Dudeney Ge: You've tested the ventrilo server? [4:47] Dudeney Ge: You know you can record the audio locally on your computer? [4:47] Dudeney Ge: Might be worth doing [4:47] You: yes, I know - I recorded that text to voice presentation last week to try that out [4:47] Dudeney Ge: I wouldn't mind hearing it later [4:47] You: good idea too - I hadn't thought of it [4:47] Dudeney Ge: Anyway, I've got a lunch meeting [4:48] Dudeney Ge: So I'll have to leave you to it [4:48] You: ok, gavin thanks for your help [4:48] Dudeney Ge: Good luck - and let me know how it goes, ok? [4:48] You: I will [4:48] You: all the best [4:48] Dudeney Ge: ok - I'm offf [4:48] Dudeney Ge is Offline [4:51] Blizzard Oates is Online [4:54] Osnacantab Nesterov is Online [4:58] Blizzard Oates is Offline [4:59] Busy Link is Online [5:02] Susan Khalifa: Hi Moira, I'm Susan Marandi [5:02] Busy Link: His Susan [5:02] Susan Khalifa: I'm totally confused since it's my first time in here [5:02] You: HI SUSAN AND MOIRA - I'M UPSTAIRS [5:02] Susan Khalifa: Where should I go for the meeting [5:03] Busy Link: I haven't been here for a long time and am just as confused ;-) [5:03] Susan Khalifa: Oh hi Graham [5:03] Susan Khalifa: :-) [5:03] Busy Link: Gavin says we should meet in the beachhut [5:03] susan Williams: hi getting lost [5:03] Susan Khalifa: Hi Chris! :-) [5:03] You: HI [5:04] Susan Khalifa: Graham, where do I go next? [5:04] susan Williams: hello all [5:04] Chris Eggplant: Hiya [5:04] You have offered friendship to Chris Eggplant [5:04] Susan Khalifa: Hi Susan [5:04] Busy Link: Ah, Graham [5:04] Chris Eggplant is Online [5:04] You have offered friendship to susan Williams [5:04] susan Williams is Online [5:04] You: hi everyone [5:04] Susan Khalifa: Hi [5:04] Chris Eggplant: susan - have you got the audio on [5:04] susan Williams: yes [5:04] Chris Eggplant: great song! [5:04] You: can you all hear the song? [5:04] susan Williams: not bad at all [5:04] Susan Khalifa: Unfortunately, the speaker has been sent for repairs! :-( [5:05] You: good [5:05] Susan Khalifa: And I forgot my headphone [5:05] Busy Link: I love Eggplant from Readin! [5:05] Susan Khalifa: I'm at work [5:05] You: if you go upstairs you'll see the cd - you can all take a copy if you like [5:05] susan Williams: great [5:05] Chris Eggplant: fab! [5:05] Susan Khalifa: How do you get upstairs? [5:06] You: that's it susan [5:06] You: up there [5:06] Susan Khalifa: Okay, thanks [5:06] You: mind you don't trip [5:06] Busy Link: I did [5:06] Susan Khalifa: How do I mind not to trip? ;-) [5:06] SL Language Learning IceBreaker: susan Williams: What do you think of the potential for language learning in Second Life? [5:06] susan Williams: i think it has a lot [5:07] You: I think you should be able to fly in busy [5:07] susan Williams: however could be interesting to mix with skype [5:07] susan Williams: so learners can practice talking "face to face£" [5:07] susan Williams: is that your area? [5:07] You: can one of you try clicking on the Dido cd, to see if it works for you? [5:07] Clare Foss is Online [5:08] Busy Link is Offline [5:08] You: it's a way of doing localised audio [5:08] You: any luck? [5:08] susan Williams: not yret [5:08] You: I'm not sure if it's just me who can get it to start [5:08] Susan Khalifa: I don't know what's supposed to happen! [5:08] You: ok, then it is just me who can start it [5:09] You: when I click it the song starts [5:09] David Delling: I'm in the hut but don't see anyone... [5:09] You: the closer you get to the cd, the louder it is [5:09] Chris Eggplant: hiya david - we are upstairs [5:09] David Delling: ok see the stairs now... hey not sure if I'm decently clothed here.... [5:10] Chris Eggplant: I think the avatars are fascinating. Just like real life they can be fun or scary! [5:10] Busy Link is Online [5:10] Clare Foss: Hi everyone [5:10] susan Williams: hello [5:10] Chris Eggplant: hiya [5:10] Susan Khalifa: Graham, how do you get where you want to go if you just know the numbers? [5:10] You: I love your avatar chris [5:10] Susan Khalifa: Hi all [5:11] You: susan, you can open up the map and put in the coordinates [5:11] David Delling: Don't mean to be rude b ut am I dressed? [5:11] Susan Khalifa: Like EduNation (70,49,23). [5:11] Chris Eggplant: Mmm worrying isnt it - so many 'beautiful' people - so I throught small, fat and green! [5:11] You: then you can teleport there [5:11] Susan Khalifa: I put in the coordinates but nothing happened [5:11] You: hi clare [5:11] Susan Khalifa: The 'teleport' button wasn't active [5:11] susan Williams: so do you find it put others off talking to you chris? [5:11] Susan Khalifa: Hi David, Claire [5:11] Chris Eggplant: I think so! [5:12] Clare Foss: Hi Susan! [5:12] Susan Khalifa: Chris, is that Chris Jones? [5:12] Chris Eggplant: but I do find it amusing [5:12] susan Williams: hi there clare? [5:12] You: some people have said that - you get different reactions depending on your avatar [5:12] susan Williams: were you talking to me or other susan? [5:12] Susan Khalifa: :-) [5:12] Chris Eggplant: ah - so the game is 'see how many susan's you can get into one room' then shout SUSAN! [5:12] You: hi david [5:12] Busy Link: How can I switch off the music and vance's interview? [5:12] David Delling: HI Baldric, Hi all. [5:13] susan Williams: all right Ill be Susan K [5:13] Webhead Link: where is everyone [5:13] Susan Khalifa: Chris, are you Chris Jones? [5:13] Busy Link: ah, peace at last - got it [5:13] You: do you see the 'music control' option? [5:13] David Delling: Are we going by our SL names? [5:13] Chris Eggplant: No, Chris Swaine. Recently joined [5:13] Susan Khalifa: Susan, I'm Susan Marandi. :-) [5:13] You: turn that off to stop the interview [5:13] susan Williams: AND iM SUSAN kOZICKI [5:13] Susan Khalifa: Oh, nice to meet you. :-) [5:13] susan Williams: sl NAME sUSAN wILLIAMS [5:13] susan Williams: oops sorry caps on [5:14] susan Williams: nice to meet you too [5:14] Susan Khalifa: Nice to meet you too, Susan. Susan's are always nice! ;-) [5:14] Chris Eggplant: good to meet you! This is my first 'real' mix with others in SL. [5:14] susan Williams: where are you located? [5:14] You: does anyone want to try out the ventrilo audio? [5:14] Susan Khalifa: Same here [5:14] Busy Link: yes [5:14] David Delling: Baldric: I do! [5:14] Chris Eggplant: which part of the world you from Susan [5:14] Susan Khalifa: Graham, unfortunately I don't have speakers [5:14] Susan Khalifa: I'm from Iran [5:14] Susan Khalifa: The speakers were sent for repair!! [5:14] Clare Foss: yes I would love to [5:14] Susan Khalifa: But wait, maybe I can borrow a colleagues! [5:14] Susan Khalifa: BRB [5:15] Webhead Link: i'm in the hut and in range of this chat but don't see anyone [5:15] Chris Eggplant: Hey - fab! I'm UK - this is why I love the web etc, breaks down all geographical barriers [5:15] Babette Hanson: Hi Susan--where are you--I don't see your Avatar? [5:15] susan Williams: Im in Leicester UK [5:15] susan Williams: Hoi Babette [5:15] Chris Eggplant: where you from David [5:15] Susan Khalifa: Hi Elizabeth [5:15] susan Williams: are u loooking for susan Khali? [5:15] You: we're upstairs mister link [5:15] Susan Khalifa: Babette, that is [5:16] susan Williams: sorry wrong spelling [5:16] susan Williams: Im susan williams [5:16] Susan Khalifa: Who's looking for me? [5:16] Susan Khalifa: I'm Susan Khalifa, alias Susan Marandi [5:16] Susan Khalifa: :-) [5:16] Corwin Carillon is Offline [5:16] susan Williams: where's everyone else from [5:17] Babette Hanson: Someone is coming up the stairs, I think [5:17] David Delling: I'm from California. Dave Winet in RL. [5:17] Clare Foss: I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina [5:17] Susan Khalifa: Hi Dave! [5:17] David Delling: HI Susan :) [5:17] Clare Foss: Is Gavin around? [5:18] Babette Hanson: Dave--that is truly a unique skin layer [5:18] David Delling: To paraphrase the saying, "Nice to finally meet you in second life" [5:18] Webhead Link: hi [5:18] You: Gavin apologieses - he can't make it today [5:18] Webhead Link: where are the others [5:18] Webhead Link: upstairs? [5:18] David Delling: Babette - am I even wearing anything? All I see is yellow and a green head.... [5:18] Busy Link: Is that you Vance? [5:18] Webhead Link: yea [5:18] Busy Link: Hmm, I can't get up the stairs except when I fly [5:19] Babette Hanson: You have a nice top hat, Dave [5:19] Clare Foss: ok, I have opened ventrilo and heard someone speak but I'm not sure how it was [5:19] Susan Khalifa: Top hat? [5:19] David Delling: Baldric, can I have the coordinates for Ventrilo? [5:19] You: I'm in ventrilo too - clare is there and nobody else [5:19] Webhead Link: oh it's you moira [5:19] You: sure David [5:19] Busy Link: yep [5:20] Babette Hanson: I think I tried Ventrilo, but is it Windoz only? [5:20] Susan Khalifa: I don't have my speakers; am I missing anything? I feel deaf [5:20] susan Williams: chris do you know what to do? [5:20] Babette Hanson: Hi Webhead Link--who are you? [5:20] Susan Khalifa: That's Vance, right? [5:20] Chris Eggplant: Not yet - saw yesterday that 'Ventrilo' is an audio download prog?? [5:21] Chris Eggplant: is that right anybody? [5:21] Babette Hanson: Must be Vance--looks like Vance [5:21] Chris Eggplant: sorry - newbies! [5:21] Webhead Link: yep vance here [5:21] Babette Hanson: Chris--I think it is [5:21] Susan Khalifa: What Chris? [5:21] Webhead Link: how do we get ventrillo? [5:21] Babette Hanson: Oooh--how do you put arms up? [5:21] Babette Hanson: And who is Busy Link [5:22] Susan Khalifa: That's Moira [5:22] Babette Hanson: And why do I keep jumping up? [5:22] You: [5:22] You: but it's not working for me [5:22] Webhead Link: you can rt clk on ppl and see their profles [5:22] Susan Khalifa: Thanks for the tip, Vance [5:22] You: I thought you were just excited, babette [5:23] Babette Hanson: Hi Moira Busy [5:23] Busy Link: Hi Babette [5:23] Webhead Link: how can I offer claire a teleport [5:23] You: the game in the middle is an 'ice breaker' [5:24] SL Language Learning IceBreaker: Chris Eggplant: What kind of person would want to learn a language in SL? [5:24] SL Language Learning IceBreaker: susan Williams: What do you think of the potential for language learning in Second Life? [5:24] You: you load questions in beforehand and they come out in a random order [5:24] You: not many questions loaded at the moment though [5:24] Webhead Link: ok, here's a question [5:24] Kati Voss is Online [5:24] Clare Foss: who wants to offer me a teleport? Vance? But I was here before [5:25] Webhead Link: how can I offer claire a teleport [5:25] You: I just offered clare a tp [5:25] You: you can do it by searching for her [5:25] Webhead Link: no, claire tamale needs a teleport [5:25] Susan Khalifa: I'm still stuck with more basic questions, such as how to go somewhere and why people look like they're playing the piano [5:25] You: or by looking at her profile (from the friends list) [5:25] David Delling: Baldric: I need a hostname apparently... [5:25] Clare Foss: Is there another Clare trying to come to the room? [5:25] Webhead Link: we're typing at the keyboard [5:25] susan Williams: Imy anser to icebreaker question I would think someone who may want to learn a language in 2nd life may be someone who is lacking in confidence in real life re language [5:25] Susan Khalifa: Oh, I see; thanks Vance [5:26] Babette Hanson: Baldric--how do you stretch? [5:26] Webhead Link: i figured out the teleport [5:26] Claire Tamale: coool! [5:26] You: there are animations you can play [5:26] Babette Hanson: Ooh Claire--nice outfit! [5:26] Webhead Link: friends / offer teleoport [5:26] Babette Hanson: nice [5:27] Claire Tamale: i didn't make the outfit -- it was there [5:27] Babette Hanson accepted your inventory offer. [5:27] Babette Hanson: Thank you Baldric--how do I activate? [5:27] Webhead Link: i kind of like my teeshirt [5:28] You: if you double click on an animation it'll play [5:28] Babette Hanson: I think it is perfect, Vance [5:28] Busy Link: I love the stick tongue out [5:28] SL Language Learning IceBreaker: Claire Tamale: What do you think of the potential for language learning in Second Life? [5:28] Susan Khalifa: Vance, you said you can see people's profiles by right clicking, but I can't find any extra info on any of you when I right click [5:28] Webhead Link: rt clk on a person, and select profile [5:28] Susan Khalifa: Graham, how do you do that? [5:28] Claire Tamale: i think there is potential for language lerarning, but i have to learn how to use it first [5:28] You: that's an animation, susan [5:28] You: i'll send you it [5:28] You: if you double click on an animation it'll play [5:28] Babette Hanson: I think it is perfect, Vance [5:28] Busy Link: I love the stick tongue out [5:28] SL Language Learning IceBreaker: Claire Tamale: What do you think of the potential for language learning in Second Life? [5:28] Susan Khalifa: Vance, you said you can see people's profiles by right clicking, but I can't find any extra info on any of you when I right click [5:28] Webhead Link: rt clk on a person, and select profile [5:28] Susan Khalifa: Graham, how do you do that? [5:28] Claire Tamale: i think there is potential for language lerarning, but i have to learn how to use it first [5:28] You: that's an animation, susan [5:28] You: i'll send you it [5:29] Susan Khalifa: Nice [5:29] SL Language Learning IceBreaker: Claire Tamale: What kind of person would want to learn a language in SL? [5:29] Claire Tamale: an imaginative person [5:29] Babette Hanson: Once you send it, how do you use it, Baldric? [5:29] Susan Khalifa accepted your inventory offer. [5:29] Babette Hanson: Hi Ruairi [5:30] Babette Hanson: Foxdenuk--you made it inside [5:30] Ruairi Glenelg: hallo Babette [5:30] Foxdenuk Moorhen: Im exhauseted! [5:30] Babette Hanson: So Baldric--how do you use the animation. [5:30] Busy Link: what is kmb?? [5:30] Webhead Link: an experimental open minded self starting fun loving person? [5:30] Ruairi Glenelg: IS that guy from Osnabruck around here somewhere [5:30] You: you find it in your inventroy and double click on it - that's the easiest way [5:30] Ruairi Glenelg: He invited me [5:30] Osnacantab Nesterov is Offline [5:30] Susan Khalifa: :-) [5:30] Susan Khalifa: Me too [5:31] Meno Rich is Online [5:31] Babette Hanson: So many people with no profile? [5:31] Webhead Link: maybe it takes a moment for the profile to load in [5:32] Babette Hanson: Baldric has collapsed after all the dancing [5:32] Susan Khalifa: lol [5:32] Clare Foss: Does anybody know how Ventrilo works [5:32] Multi Gadget v1.49.3 by Timeless Prototype [5:32] Chris Eggplant: ok, so I can see loads of conversations - is there a transcript to capture learner comments [assuming you were using with learners? [5:32] You: trying it out now clare, but no luck so far [5:32] Babette Hanson: Ruari--who are you in 1st life? [5:32] Susan Khalifa: Good question, Chris [5:32] Clare Foss: ok, let's seee [5:32] Chris Eggplant: this is too chaotic for my learners [5:33] Ruairi Glenelg: I am an English teacher based in Düsseldoef [5:33] Susan Khalifa: And me! ;-) [5:33] Ruairi Glenelg: a member of ELTA-RHINE [5:33] You: if you look at the 'history' window, chris, you can capture this [5:33] Babette Hanson: Chris--it's like the first time in any text chat, but with no names. [5:33] Chris Eggplant: where history window? [5:33] You: and there are also chat recorders [5:33] You: bottom left hand corner of the interface [5:33] Babette Hanson: Just to the left of the chat window, Chris [5:33] You: we have a chat recorder on the wall by the poster [5:33] Chris Eggplant: ok, so can history window be exported to say, word [thinking of assessment capturing]. [5:34] Chris Eggplant: chat recorder - ok. [5:34] You: you can copy and paste from the history window [5:34] Chris Eggplant: and can audio files be exported [5:34] Babette Hanson: How aout when Ventrilo finally works? I guess you could use a desktop recorder? [5:34] susan Williams: how does the chart recorder work baldric [5:34] You: the chat recorder is better - it emails you the transcript [5:34] Clare Foss: yes, you can do that, you have to make sure that you've copied everything [5:34] You: but you have to click on it to turn it on [5:35] Chris Eggplant: where is voice recorde baldric? [5:35] You: yes, babette - you can capture audio to your pc [5:35] Susan Khalifa: Before or after chatting, Graham? [5:35] You: not a voice recorder, but a chat recorder - I'll go over there and show you [5:35] susan Williams: thanks baldric [5:35] Meno Rich: speaking of audio, any audio happening now? If not, any interst in a skypecast? [5:35] Babette Hanson: Oh, yes, there is one by the coffe clache [5:35] You: interesting to see we are out of range of the other chat here [5:36] Webhead Link: so is ventilo not working well then? [5:36] Chris Eggplant: ah right. so you just click on this [5:36] susan Williams: chris eggplant and i are skyping now [5:36] You: I can't get it to work [5:36] Kati Voss is Offline [5:36] Webhead Link: WERE you able to down'oad it at all? [5:36] You: seems like ventrilo is working now [5:36] Babette Hanson: It's NfM [5:36] Susan Khalifa: Help! I've forgotten how to stand up! :-) [5:36] Babette Hanson: Not for Mac [5:36] Busy Link: was that you Graham? [5:36] David Delling: I can't log in to Ventrilo I'm afraid... still trying though. [5:37] You: yes it was [5:37] Babette Hanson: Susan--there is a button near the text window [5:37] Webhead Link: click on Stand UP Susan [5:37] You: a shame - it's not possible for mac users? [5:37] Webhead Link: what was the link again? [5:37] Clare Foss: I could hear you this time Baldric [5:37] Susan Khalifa: Where is 'stand up'? [5:37] susan Williams: baldric dont seem to be able to get recorder to work [5:37] Babette Hanson: [5:37] Kati Voss is Online [5:37] Webhead Link: thanks [5:38] You: susan, if you click it it turns it on [5:38] Foxdenuk Moorhen is Online [5:38] Babette Hanson: My right and left arrow keys are now reversed, mmm--why? [5:38] You: but you don't see anything - it will, however, email me the transcript [5:38] susan Williams: baldric when you have turne it on does it mean that only you are emailed the transcript [5:38] Susan Khalifa: Thanks, Graham [5:39] susan Williams: and it can only be used by 1 person at a time [5:39] You: I'm chatting with moira [5:39] You: on venttrilo [5:39] Kati Voss: Hi Guys [5:39] Susan Khalifa: Hi Kati! [5:39] Babette Hanson: Not so good for LLs, as they would each need a trasncript--so you have to put it in a wiki or something [5:39] Meno Rich: How might we get server info for Ventrilo? [5:39] Babette Hanson: Hi Kati--who are you in 1st life? [5:40] Kati Voss: Katalin Csoma [5:40] Webhead Link: hey there Meno [5:40] You: hi meno [5:40] Busy Link: Graham and I are speaking on Ventrilo [5:40] Meno Rich: Hello all [5:40] Susan Khalifa: Hi! [5:40] Webhead Link: maybe Meno can run a ventrilo stream we can all listen to [5:40] Meno Rich: ventrilo server info? [5:40] Meno Rich: if meno can get in [5:40] Pafiki Paravane: Hello everyone. [5:41] Babette Hanson: Oh Susan--there you are--first time to see you! [5:41] IM: Meno Rich: thanks [5:41] Babette Hanson: Come sit by me. [5:41] Chris Eggplant: I see Parfiki and Susan Williams both shop in the same fashion shops! [5:41] Webhead Link: Hi Candy, I mean, Pafiki [5:41] You: have a look at the book on the table too [5:42] Babette Hanson: Hi Susan [5:42] Susan Khalifa: Hi Elizabeth! :-) [5:42] Susan Khalifa: Looks like I'm sitting in the wrong place :D [5:42] Babette Hanson: You can get down [5:42] Pafiki Paravane: Hi Vance. [5:42] Susan Khalifa: I'm stuck up here!! lol [5:42] Babette Hanson: I love your shirt--how did you make it 2-color? [5:43] Susan Khalifa: Thanks; I changed the fabric [5:43] Babette Hanson: Take one step and then sit down [5:43] Pafiki Paravane: I tried to change my blouse but I couldn't get anything I liked. :-) [5:43] Babette Hanson: Pafiki--who are you in Life1? [5:43] Susan Khalifa: Here I am perched up on the top again! [5:44] Ruairi Glenelg: is the a way to talk in audio in SL [5:44] Pafiki Paravane: I am Candace (Pauchnick [5:44] Pafiki Paravane: Candy [5:44] Ruairi Glenelg: like skype [5:44] Susan Khalifa: Sorry Chris [5:44] Meno Rich: stream no own [5:44] Babette Hanson: Meno? [5:44] Meno Rich: channel [5:44] Bute Sodwind: hi webheads, nice to meet you - I've heard you're a interesting bunch [5:44] Babette Hanson: Point down more susan [5:44] Pafiki Paravane: I am still learning this program. This is the first time I'm visiting here. [5:44] Ruairi Glenelg: it is very hard to follow chat. it is like a confused conversation with a lot of people [5:44] Chris Eggplant: myself and susan williams are on skype as well. Seems to work ok. [5:44] Meno Rich: now on I mean [5:45] Susan Khalifa: Looks like sitting is an art I have yet to master! lol [5:45] Pafiki Paravane: You mean you can multitask and be on skype while you do this. You are very talented!!!! [5:45] Babette Hanson: Yes Ruairi--it's like a cocktail party, but you can hear everyone [5:45] Meno Rich: Channel 1 or 2 [5:45] Chris Eggplant: susan kh. If you move your cursor over a seat and then right click and select 'sit down', it will work just find [5:45] Babette Hanson: Meno--that's a good idea [5:45] Susan Khalifa: Ah, at last! [5:45] Webhead Link: cool [5:46] Babette Hanson: But when I open other apps there tend to be freezes [5:46] Chris Eggplant: you can also sit down from far away. if you look at the other side of the room [5:46] Chris Eggplant: and do the same, you will transport over and sit theire [5:46] Susan Khalifa: I didn't know that, chris [5:46] Pafiki Paravane: Is there a book we are supposed to sign? I don't know how to do that. [5:46] Susan Khalifa: Thanks for telling me [5:46] Pafiki Paravane: What was that? Did someone take a picture? [5:46] Pafiki Paravane: It sounded like someone took a picture. [5:47] You: I took a picture [5:47] Susan Khalifa: Graham, could you explain some of the possibilites, please? [5:47] You: sure, susan [5:47] You: what would you like to know? [5:47] Susan Khalifa: Plus some not involving the broken speaker! ;-) [5:47] Webhead Link: I'm listening now, cool [5:47] Pafiki Paravane: Chris Eggplant, who are you in real life? [5:47] Susan Khalifa: I'm still stuck with navigation [5:48] Susan Khalifa: But whatever you explain is fine with me; I'm a total newbie [5:48] Chris Eggplant: Pafiki - in my profile. I work for an organisation called Becta [] [5:48] Chris Eggplant: which is looking at how ICT can support teaching and learning [5:48] Chris Eggplant: I work as a policy advisor [5:48] Chris Eggplant: you? [5:48] Susan Khalifa: How do I look to my left or right, for example? [5:49] Susan Khalifa: Can I carry on a one-to-one chat ? [5:49] Chris Eggplant: susan kh, use your mouse and move to the right of you avatar and hold for a second. Your head will move [5:49] Susan Khalifa: Or anything else you might want to explain [5:49] Pafiki Paravane: I like your creative avatar. I am a teacher in San Diego and I joined the Webheads awhile ago. [5:49] Susan Khalifa: Okay, let me try it, Chrs [5:49] You: susan, if you hold down the key you can change your camera view [5:50] Meno Rich: [5:50] Susan Khalifa: I'm experimenting, thanks [5:50] Kati Voss is Offline [5:50] You: you can also click on View-> camera controls for more accurate controls [5:50] Chris Eggplant: Pafiki: thanks - I have no clothes sense! [5:50] Susan Khalifa: lol [5:51] Kati Voss is Online [5:52] You: chall we move to the Edunation Seminar room? [5:52] Chris Eggplant: ok, where's that! [5:52] Susan Khalifa: Yes, good idea; I have to leave soon [5:52] Susan Khalifa: How do you go there? [5:52] You: and does anyone know if daf is able to make it today? [5:52] You: follow me [5:53] susan Williams: hi bute [5:53] Bute Sodwind: hi susan [5:54] Kati Voss is Offline [5:54] Chris Eggplant: are we all just wandering about in chaos [5:54] susan Williams: i am [5:54] Susan Khalifa: What is the red arrow I see? [5:55] You: you can click on the teleport picture to move to the seminar room [5:55] THiNC Teleporter PRO (Copy) whispers: Location: EduNation Seminar Room Coordinates: <26,127,24> [5:55] You: right click and choose teleport [5:55] Susan Khalifa: I don't get it [5:56] Susan Khalifa: Click where? [5:56] Pafiki Paravane: Where are you going? [5:56] Pafiki Paravane: I didn't get the place? [5:56] Pafiki Paravane: Where did they transport to? [5:56] Susan Khalifa: Beats me. Graham? [5:57] Kati Voss is Online [5:57] IM: Susan Khalifa: Graham, I'm lost [5:58] Pafiki Paravane: I just looked at the history of the chat and they went to a place called edunation seminar room [5:58] Pafiki Paravane: I think I will try this. [5:58] Susan Khalifa: How'd you go there? I tried but it didni't work [5:58] IM: Chris Eggplant: hiya baldric- we have lost you - can you teleport [5:58] You: click on the teleporter [5:58] THiNC Teleporter PRO (Copy) whispers: Location: EduNation EduShop Coordinates: <179,218,22> [5:59] EduNation Visitor Map Dispenser: Wear this object to display the Visitor Map - your position is marked by a yellow arrow. [5:59] EduNation Visitor Map Dispenser gave you EduNation HUD Map - WEAR ME - locked. [6:00] susan Williams: hi baldric [6:00] Chris Eggplant: hey ! we got there! [6:00] susan Williams: well done all [6:00] Chris Eggplant: must have been johans tea and buns! [6:01] Johan Jaxa: what is the subject of the meeting [6:01] susan Williams: good point johan [6:01] susan Williams: otherwise well not get anywhere [6:01] You: shall we go in? [6:02] Susan Khalifa: Thanks a lot Elizabeth [6:02] Johan Jaxa: oh right [6:02] Johan Jaxa: sorry susan. .. may i sit next to you? [6:02] You: hi everyone [6:02] susan Williams: okf course [6:02] susan Williams: nice to meet you [6:02] You: I've never tried this before, so please bear with me [6:02] You: we'll wait for people to arrive [6:02] You: I think we lost some people [6:03] You: please take a seat and make yourself comfortable [6:04] You have offered friendship to Bute Sodwind [6:04] Busy Link: Mabel? [6:04] You have offered friendship to Johan Jaxa [6:04] Susan Khalifa: How do you offer teleport to someone not in the room? [6:04] Johan Jaxa: baldric? [6:04] Johan Jaxa: what will be the prupose of the meeting? [6:04] You have offered friendship to Daf Smirnov [6:04] Busy Link: Ah, there's baldy Daf :-)) [6:04] You have offered friendship to Pafiki Paravane [6:05] You: hi everyone [6:05] Bute Sodwind: hi [6:05] Daf Smirnov: yes, baldy me [6:05] You: Is daf here? [6:05] You: hi daf [6:06] Busy Link: Come and sit next to Clare Foss [6:06] You: I see you now [6:06] Busy Link: I think it's Mabel [6:06] Susan Khalifa: Graham, I really have to leave; how can I add this place to my 'favorites'( if you get me) so I can find it easily next time? [6:06] Daf Smirnov is Online [6:06] Johan Jaxa: make a landmark? [6:06] Chris Eggplant: susan kh - at the top of your screen, you will see the 'world' menu dropdown list [6:06] Susan Khalifa: Yes, I guess [6:06] Clare Foss: yes, it's me Moira. I feel a bit frustrated because I can hear you perfectely but I can't speak [6:06] Chris Eggplant: click on it and then click on 'create landmark here' [6:06] Susan Khalifa: Okay, what next [6:07] susan Williams is Online [6:07] Clare Foss: thank you Moira! [6:07] You: ok everyone, I'm going to start [6:07] Daf Smirnov: go ahead [6:07] You: I'm trying out a chat feeder (with the presentation pre-loaded) [6:07] Baldric Commons: Hello everyone and welcome... [6:07] Pafiki Paravane: Hello Brute [6:07] Baldric Commons: Today, I'd like to present a proposal for a project... [6:08] Baldric Commons: ...for a self access centre for teenage EFL/ESL students... [6:08] Pafiki Paravane: Is there supposed to be sound? I don't hear anything? [6:08] Baldric Commons: Second Life, on the teen grid. [6:08] Daf Smirnov: that sounds great [6:08] You: there's no sound Pafiki [6:08] Baldric Commons: The idea is to create an island... [6:08] Kati Voss: I can hear music [6:08] Pafiki Paravane: Oh, I see. Thanks for letting me know. [6:08] Daf Smirnov: I can hear people typing [6:08] Baldric Commons: ...can meet up and learn some English in a fun way. [6:08] Baldric Commons: ...where non-native English language learners... [6:08] Baldric Commons: It's still only an outline... [6:09] Susan Khalifa: It sounds nice [6:09] Bute Sodwind is Online [6:09] Meno Rich: some back channel audio chat is also streaming at channel 1 or 2 [6:09] susan Williams: good idea baldric [6:09] susan Williams: have you thought about security issues [6:09] Pafiki Paravane: Is there a way to have the program develop sound. For English learners I think that sure would help. [6:10] Susan Khalifa: I'm very sorry to interrupt but I have to leave. Bye for now everyone, and thanks! Thanks a lot, Graham! [6:10] Susan Khalifa: It was a wonderful experience [6:10] Pafiki Paravane: Bye Susan [6:10] Pafiki Paravane: Hello Vance [6:10] Chris Eggplant: by susan [6:10] Baldric Commons: ...and I'd love to hear suggestions from people today... [6:10] Susan Khalifa: Bye! :-) [6:10] susan Williams: bye [6:10] You: thanks susan [6:10] Pafiki Paravane: I like your mustache! :-) [6:10] Pafiki Paravane: I'm glad you could make it [6:10] Baldric Commons: ...about what could be done... [6:10] Baldric Commons: make this project interesting... [6:11] Baldric Commons: ...and viable. [6:11] Baldric Commons: I presented this project to the British Council in Madrid on Saturday... [6:11] Baldric Commons: and the idea is to take the basic ideas to the next level, and develop... [6:11] Baldric Commons: ...a serious proposal, and then set it up and run it as a trial... [6:11] Baldric Commons: So, for those people here who don't know it, SL has two worlds... [6:11] Webhead Link: how do I use ventrilo now? I downloaded it [6:11] susan Williams: who are youthinking of asking to fund? [6:11] susan Williams: british council? [6:11] Baldric Commons: the 'Adult Grid', where we are now, and the 'Teen Grid'. [6:11] You: that's right, susan [6:11] Kati Voss: perhaps we could all bring some of our students and work on a joint project [6:11] You: the idea would be to make it open to any teen though [6:12] Kati Voss: I see [6:12] Bute Sodwind: nice [6:12] Sara Alturas is Online [6:12] You: yes, I think that would be the idea [6:12] Baldric Commons: Adults can't visit the teen grid, and teens can't visit the adult grid. [6:12] Johan Jaxa: so it doesn't matter what their native language is baldrick? [6:12] Baldric Commons: The only exception is when educators have a project on an island that is open... [6:12] Baldric Commons: the teen grid residents. [6:12] You: yes, Johan [6:12] Johan Jaxa: ehh it does matter? [6:12] You: the idea is for any efl/esl learner to be able to join in [6:12] You: 13-17 [6:12] Meno Rich: trying to answer moira, but it's not getting me [6:12] Baldric Commons: For that to happen, you have to go through some kind of check... [6:12] Kati Voss: I think we should study the teen grid first [6:13] Johan Jaxa: sorry what does efl/esl mean? [6:13] Baldric Commons: ...and you arer clearly labelled as an adult (in some way). [6:13] Valentina Dodge is Online [6:13] susan Williams: so how could we validate that joiners were really teeangers [6:13] Baldric Commons: The idea is to appeal to the 'digital natives', especially those students who... [6:13] Johan Jaxa: i am from holland so not familiar with those [6:13] susan Williams: and not adults [6:13] You: that's a good question susan [6:13] Daf Smirnov: EFL= English as a Forieign Language [6:13] Johan Jaxa: ahh right [6:13] Daf Smirnov: EST= English as a second language [6:13] You: if someone is caught lying they are banned from SL [6:13] Johan Jaxa: thanks [6:13] Baldric Commons: ...are into gaming. [6:13] Daf Smirnov: ESL I meant [6:14] Baldric Commons: As more and more serious companies are establishing a presence in SL... [6:14] Webhead Link: how does one use ventrilo once one installs it? [6:14] Baldric Commons: ...the idea of it being a platform that is here to stay... [6:14] Busy Link: Jeff, I heard 'OK' [6:14] Baldric Commons: increasing. And interest for projects such as this should be easier to gain. [6:14] susan Williams: i would think we really have to be tight with registration to the group [6:14] Baldric Commons: There are already many educational projects underway, both... [6:14] Pafiki Paravane: What is ventrilo? Is it a voice program? [6:14] Meno Rich: I'm not hearing anyone else in ventrilo [6:14] susan Williams: otherwise there is the possibility of really heavy security problems [6:14] Meno Rich: yes [6:14] Meno Rich: [6:14] Webhead Link: YES are you listening to the worldbridges stream? [6:14] You: yes, security is an issue [6:15] You: but anyone can use the right click 'report abuse' option to inform about an incident [6:15] Webhead Link: i can hear you in hte stream so you can TELL me [6:15] Pafiki Paravane: No, How do I listen to the worldbridges stream? [6:15] Baldric Commons: in the adult grid, and in the teen grid. [6:15] Baldric Commons: Here are some of them. There are many more than shown here, of course. [6:15] Webhead Link: but I don't see how to start ventrilo [6:15] Busy Link: I can hear you now Jeff [6:15] Baldric Commons: What are the benfits of an educatiuonal organisation to having a project in SL? [6:15] Webhead Link: the stream is at [6:15] Baldric Commons: Well, apart from the appeal to teenage learners, there are also other factors. [6:16] Baldric Commons: The initial ideas for an island project involve establishing areas... [6:16] Baldric Commons: ...set up according to CEF levels, so that learners of the same level can find... [6:16] Baldric Commons: ...self-access resources apllicable to them, and also... [6:16] Webhead Link: maybe I'll do an internet search and see if I can fiture it out [6:17] Daf Smirnov: I am now listening [6:17] Daf Smirnov: to Moira [6:17] Webhead Link: you can tell me how to use ventril0 [6:17] Baldric Commons: ...can chat to others who have the same level of English. [6:17] Baldric Commons: I also think it would be a great idea to try and set up a mentor programme... [6:17] Pafiki Paravane: Baldric how do you change your slides we are looking at? Did you install some sort of PowerPoint? [6:17] Baldric Commons: to persuade teens to help out and teach those who are new to SL... [6:18] Daf Smirnov: yes, i am listening to the stream [6:18] You: Pafiki - it's the tool to the right of the screen [6:18] Clare Foss: Vance wants to know how to get started with Ventrilo [6:18] Baldric Commons: best to use it - something which will be particularly challenging... [6:18] Babette Hanson: I can hear the Webheads stream, but can't get anyone in the chat room? [6:18] Pafiki Paravane: What is the tool called? [6:18] Babette Hanson: Is Jeff here? [6:18] Webhead Link: ventrilo at [6:18] You: THiNC BiG Display System v1.1 [6:19] Daf Smirnov: yes, Jeff is here [6:19] Baldric Commons: those whose first language is not English. [6:19] Baldric Commons: I still haven't worked out what the incentives might be to these mentors, but... [6:19] Daf Smirnov: next to me [6:19] Meno Rich: yes [6:19] Baldric Commons: ...I think potentially it could work. [6:19] Webhead Link: i can hear you on the stream [6:19] Meno Rich: jeff is here [6:19] Baldric Commons: So, that is about it at the moment. As you can see, it's still very much... [6:19] Baldric Commons: ...only an idea. There are many ways you could go... [6:19] Baldric Commons: I'd appreciate any ideas that people may have. [6:19] Baldric Commons: The floor is now yours...Thankyou for listening. [6:19] Webhead Link: can't use skype and was hoping for ventilo [6:19] Johan Jaxa: Baldrick sounds like a wonderfulidea [6:19] susan Williams: baldric I would think its a potentially interesting idea [6:19] Kati Voss: I am thinking about the problem of placement [6:19] susan Williams: but lots of issues [6:19] Second Life: Your object 'Comfy Couch' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by The Consultants-E from parcel 'EduNation - WebHeads' at EduNation 105.526, 236.999 due to parcel auto return. [6:19] Babette Hanson: Why are we sitting in rows? [6:19] Daf Smirnov: I love the idea, Graham [6:20] susan Williams: sorry not trtying to be negative [6:20] Kati Voss: how to classify students [6:20] susan Williams: as i think theyre all sortable [6:20] Webhead Link: because the chairs are placed in rows? [6:20] You: no, I appreciate any ideas you may have - objections and problems too [6:20] susan Williams: ok [6:20] Johan Jaxa: you are part of a school? [6:20] You: yes, I think this is voluntary [6:20] You: the students decide where they want to go on the issland [6:21] Babette Hanson: I have Skype open, but see Jeff is unavailable. [6:21] You: they can go to parts of the island which are designed for higher levels... [6:21] Webhead Link: you can listen to them on [6:21] Bute Sodwind: you mentined mentors - are they there to help out, facilitate, teach? [6:21] Meno Rich: jeff usually appears unavailable [6:21] You: ...but might not be able to understand the materials there foir them [6:21] Meno Rich: skypecast at: [6:21] Webhead Link: not some ONE exactly, some THINKG [6:22] Kati Voss: I think it is hard to think about specific ideas before we see how the teenage grid woks. Is is similar to the adult one? [6:22] You: it is kati [6:22] Babette Hanson: There-I can see everyone now. [6:22] susan Williams: baldric [6:22] susan Williams: would it be an idea [6:22] You: but we can't join it [6:22] Babette Hanson: Same problem as a lecture hall [6:22] You: it's just for teens [6:22] susan Williams: after this conversation [6:23] Webhead Link: I'm on a web page that explains ventilo [6:23] susan Williams: to ask everyone to contribute to a blog/wiki/ so that we have a more formulated set of ideas [6:23] IM: Meno Rich: feel free to skype directly if you like [6:23] susan Williams: (chris' idea) [6:23] Babette Hanson: I can hear Vance in, but can't figure out where the chat there is? [6:23] Babette Hanson: any help? [6:23] Webhead Link: you have to start the client on your computer [6:23] Kati Voss: great idea about the wiki [6:23] Webhead Link: then find the server hosting the ventilo chat [6:23] Webhead Link: mabye that's why it's not working [6:24] susan Williams: baldric chris has offered to set up if you would like [6:24] Johan Jaxa: i wonder how you will tempt the kids to go there and learn [6:24] Babette Hanson: Hi Valentina [6:24] Webhead Link: what'sthe host IP for ventrilo [6:24] You: yes, that's a very good question Johan [6:24] Valentina Dodge: Hello sorry to interupt! [6:24] Johan Jaxa: i mean... did we see any good examples [6:24] You: I think some will go because of the interest in gaming [6:25] Johan Jaxa: yes...i agree with you baldric.. but it is an assumption [6:25] You: if it feels like it's fun and not work then that would help [6:25] You: you're right Johan [6:25] Falk Bergman is Online [6:25] Johan Jaxa: i am not scepticle at all.. i am very interested in those ideas myself [6:25] You: I'm looking at the projects that already happening on the teen grid, run by educators [6:25] Daf Smirnov: hi Dave [6:25] Johan Jaxa: okay.. and what is your opinion about it baldric? [6:26] susan Williams: hi everyone [6:26] susan Williams: theres too many conversations at once [6:26] You: to try and brainstorm and learn how best to do something like this [6:26] susan Williams: could i suggest baldric facilitates [6:26] Pafiki Paravane: I went to and can only access Jim Banister's narrative. How can I hear people talking? [6:26] susan Williams: and anyone who wants to speak puts up their hand [6:26] Johan Jaxa: good idea susan [6:26] susan Williams: and baldric invites [6:26] susan Williams: sorry if that sounded bossy [6:26] You: that is a good idea susan [6:26] Johan Jaxa: how do you put up your hand? [6:27] David Delling: Hi Daf [6:27] Kati Voss: no, not at all Susan [6:27] You: valentina? Are there any ways of turn taking for questions? [6:27] Kati Voss: Over here! [6:27] Valentina Dodge: Yes, I think we can use the gestures. [6:27] You: kati [6:27] Kati Voss: sorry, just testing [6:27] Johan Jaxa: /over here [6:27] You: Hey! [6:28] Valentina Dodge: My sound is not working [6:28] Johan Jaxa: /hand [6:28] Johan Jaxa: what is the gesture? [6:28] BlueFlame Kita is Online [6:28] Kati Voss: gestures 'over here' to raise your arm [6:28] You: how about /hand [6:28] Valentina Dodge: Yesa, we can decide [6:28] You have offered friendship to Webhead Link [6:28] Johan Jaxa: /hand [6:28] susan Williams: /hand [6:28] Johan Jaxa: doesnt' work with me [6:28] Webhead Link is Online [6:28] You: oops [6:28] You: Hey! [6:29] Johan Jaxa: Hey! [6:29] Chris Eggplant: Hey! [6:29] Valentina Dodge: (Johan u can also use the gesture menu - bottom right hand corner) [6:29] You: try 'hey' [6:29] Johan Jaxa: Hey! [6:29] Daf Smirnov: I can hear, but I am not in skype [6:29] You: that's it, chris [6:29] susan Williams: thats the one johan [6:29] Johan Jaxa: yeah great baldric [6:29] You: any questions? [6:29] Valentina Dodge: Hey! [6:29] Pafiki Paravane: On my list I don't have the choice of hand. Do you have to type it in? [6:29] You: Valentina? [6:29] Valentina Dodge: Yes are u in skype or using ventrillo? [6:29] You: sorry, pafiki I meant to say hey not hand [6:30] Pafiki Paravane: Hey! [6:30] You: we are doing both valentina [6:30] Pafiki Paravane: I see I just tried [6:30] You: so, any questions? [6:30] Valentina Dodge: Hey! [6:30] You: Valentina [6:30] susan Williams: if we all use f4 [6:30] Valentina Dodge: what skype? [6:30] Kati Voss: when would you like the project? [6:30] susan Williams: that gives the hey and the hand [6:30] Kati Voss: to start [6:30] susan Williams: sorry f4 on the keyboard [6:30] You: [6:31] susan Williams: can we agree to use this gesture for baldric to facilitate [6:31] Valentina Dodge: thanks [6:31] You: OK, so if anyone wants the floor, use the hey gesture [6:31] You: any questions? [6:31] Babette Hanson: Is Jeff Lebow here? [6:31] Meno Rich: I'm here [6:31] susan Williams: balsirc [6:31] susan Williams: can i talk [6:32] You: go ahead susan [6:32] Babette Hanson: Jeff-I can hear Webheads in Worldbridges, but can't find the Skype or the chat [6:32] susan Williams: what do we think of the wiki idea [6:32] Daf Smirnov: I am in skype but not in the webcast [6:32] susan Williams: shall we set up for after the session [6:32] You: I think it's a good idea [6:32] Meno Rich: skypecast here - [6:32] Johan Jaxa: Hey! [6:33] Kati Voss: I think the wiki is great, too. What will be the avilability? [6:33] Johan Jaxa: its good to documente the idea... [6:33] Sara Alturas is Offline [6:33] Daf Smirnov: the url vanishes before I can copy it :-( [6:33] Meno Rich: click history [6:33] Babette Hanson: Use history Johan [6:34] David Delling: For ventrilo it helps to set it up (in 'setup') a 'push-to-talk' hotkey activated. [6:34] You: Daf, would you like to say something about your project now? [6:34] Daf Smirnov: can you write the URL to the webcast in the chat in skype, Moira? [6:34] Busy Link: we're in ventrilo Daf [6:35] Daf Smirnov: oh I see [6:35] Busy Link: you need to go to settings and activate the hotkey to speak [6:35] Johan Jaxa: i think you just do the idea.. take your students to it .. and see how it goes [6:35] Johan Jaxa: let them decide what they like [6:35] Busy Link: and hold it down each time you speak like Alado [6:35] Johan Jaxa: that is important... to let them work on it aswell [6:37] You: well, everyone, thanks for the comments [6:37] You: I'll keep you up to date with what happens [6:38] Johan Jaxa: thanks baldric [6:38] Johan Jaxa: myh first session in here.. [6:38] Johan Jaxa: promissing [6:38] Pafiki Paravane: Thank you Baldric [6:38] Daf Smirnov: thanks Graham [6:38] Pafiki Paravane: This was very interesting [6:39] Chris Eggplant: must be time for a cold beer! [6:39] Pafiki Paravane: :-) [6:39] Webhead Link: I'm setting up ventrilo and require a server name [6:39] Johan Jaxa: where are you guys from susan? [6:39] Chris Eggplant: is anybody a real whizz at this ventrilo? If so, would it be possible to set up a session for us newbies? perhaps here? [6:40] susan Williams: johan [6:40] susan Williams: im from uk [6:40] Chris Eggplant: so we can learn how to download and setup [6:40] susan Williams: leicester at the moment [6:40] Johan Jaxa: okay [6:40] Johan Jaxa: so you are educators in the UK? [6:40] susan Williams: yes [6:40] susan Williams: i work for NIACE [6:40] Johan Jaxa: which is? [6:40] Johan Jaxa: NIACE? [6:40] susan Williams: national institute for adult and continuing education [6:41] Johan Jaxa: oh okay.. long life learning [6:41] Daf Smirnov: I am in Venezuela, Universidad Simon Bolivar [6:41] susan Williams: yes indeed [6:41] Johan Jaxa: right [6:41] Daf Smirnov: ESP teacher [6:41] susan Williams: and you? [6:41] Johan Jaxa: I am from holland an elearning specialist at a art faculty... HE [6:41] susan Williams: interesting [6:42] susan Williams: and your interst in 2nd life is? [6:42] Ruairi Glenelg: I have installed Ventrillo. What is the server. How do I connect it [6:42] Johan Jaxa: well to see if we can use virtual worlds into our education [6:42] susan Williams: in HE? [6:42] Johan Jaxa: yes, in HE [6:42] Sara Alturas is Online [6:42] Johan Jaxa: why not [6:43] susan Williams: oh sorry didnt mean it to sound like that [6:43] susan Williams: for art? [6:43] Daf Smirnov: maybe another time, when I have uploaded the LO with the project, Graham [6:43] Ruairi Glenelg: ? [6:43] Johan Jaxa: well yes.. we are building a virual music business [6:43] Johan Jaxa: we do that on websites and portals now [6:43] susan Williams: that sounds great [6:43] You: ok daf, look forward to that [6:43] Johan Jaxa: but it would be uch more interesting to do it in here [6:43] susan Williams: please tell me more [6:43] Daf Smirnov: thanks, Graham [6:44] Johan Jaxa: well .. ihave sen galleries so why not art educations [6:44] Johan Jaxa: well the thing is that you have to find a nice real surrounding for the student [6:44] susan Williams: would the graphics resolution be a problem? [6:44] Johan Jaxa: i am not sure if the students will lik this [6:44] Johan Jaxa: no, it wouldn't [6:44] Daf Smirnov: they will Johan, I am sure [6:45] Daf Smirnov: my architecture students are crazy about 3D worlds [6:45] Johan Jaxa: well i was at a convention the other day and somebody said this might all be in the romanticc heads of us ' babyboomers' [6:45] Johan Jaxa: till its not proven that might be an option [6:46] susan Williams: could be but interesting to try it out [6:46] Johan Jaxa: yes for sure.. thats why initiatives like baldric has.. just need to be worked out [6:46] Johan Jaxa: just go for it.. but let the students have their say in it [6:46] Bute Sodwind is Offline [6:47] susan Williams: yes i woulld agree [6:47] Johan Jaxa: so what is your interest in here? [6:47] susan Williams: to see how it can be used in education [6:47] susan Williams: perhaps for continuous professional development for educators [6:48] susan Williams: virtual conferences perhaps [6:48] Johan Jaxa: yes.. [6:48] Meno Rich: [6:48] Johan Jaxa: the large classes.. they could be in here [6:48] Johan Jaxa: saves time and room [6:48] susan Williams: yes [6:48] susan Williams: it has possibilities for international work [6:48] Johan Jaxa: h yes [6:48] Johan Jaxa: for sure [6:48] susan Williams: but im not sure what it offers above videoconferencing [6:49] susan Williams: need to try it out more thoroughly [6:49] susan Williams: before i can decide [6:49] Johan Jaxa: well a more personal touch maybe [6:49] susan Williams: possibklly [6:49] Johan Jaxa: video conferencing is often so static... not to say boring [6:49] susan Williams: but ability to upload presentations etc [6:49] Valentina Dodge: Hey! [6:49] susan Williams: can be done via video [6:49] Johan Jaxa: yes.. well they do that in here [6:49] susan Williams: so its difficult to say what exactly this offers above it [6:50] susan Williams: but Im sure it will become clearer [6:50] Valentina Dodge: ? [6:50] Johan Jaxa: well if this is a surrounding, where students ARE.. then it is okay [6:50] susan Williams: Chris and I are thinking of working on a free course on how to use 2nd life with VLEs [6:50] You: that sounds great susan [6:50] Johan Jaxa: yeah, that would be a great idea [6:51] Chris Eggplant: well if anybody is interested, we could use our moodle vle and all go and build a collaborative course or CPD tool that could teach [6:51] Valentina Dodge: very exciting susan [6:51] Chris Eggplant: people how to work there way aboud second life [6:51] Johan Jaxa: yes... [6:52] Valentina Dodge: Thanks Baldric that's what I wanted to ask [6:52] Chris Eggplant: we can then all share it and/or export to our own vles [6:52] Valentina Dodge: Very pretty slides! [6:52] You: thanks valentina [6:52] Johan Jaxa: is chris from the UK aswell? [6:52] susan Williams: isyes [6:52] Pafiki Paravane: I'm just so impressed slides can be shown like this. Is this a difficult thing to learn? [6:53] susan Williams: he works for becta [6:53] Johan Jaxa: becta is? [6:53] You: it's easy pafiki, but you need to upload the slides as jpgs [6:53] susan Williams: British Educatio Communication Technology Association [6:53] Johan Jaxa: oh right [6:53] Valentina Dodge: (you spotted the photographer!) [6:53] Pafiki Paravane: I see. I have been taking a LOT of photos!!! :-) [6:53] susan Williams: hes a policy eadvisor for ACL [6:54] Johan Jaxa: right [6:54] susan Williams: hes just pooped off to check our VLE site to give details to anyone who wants them [6:54] Johan Jaxa: i only know JISC and ALT in the UK [6:54] susan Williams: ]we both work closely with JISC [6:54] susan Williams: and do some work with ALT [6:54] Johan Jaxa: yes i guess you do [6:55] Johan Jaxa: well i try to find a job in the UK... [6:55] Johan Jaxa: and that is true! [6:55] Pafiki Paravane: I find it interesting how it gets dark. Is there a way to make it daytime again? [6:55] Sara Alturas: this is too difficult! [6:55] Clare Foss: yes, world at the bottom Force Sun [6:56] Chris Eggplant: Pafiki: goto top menu 'world' and at the bottom of the list is 'Force sun' [6:56] Johan Jaxa: do you all work in moodle? [6:56] Pafiki Paravane: Hey that is really neat!!! [6:56] susan Williams: WE DO [6:56] BlueFlame Kita is Offline [6:56] Pafiki Paravane: Do all of you see it as daytime now? Or only me? [6:56] susan Williams: CHRIS HAS SOME INFO FOR ANYONE WHOS INTERESTED [6:56] Busy Link: lol to Graham and Jeff [6:56] Valentina Dodge: Yes, we are webheads and MOODLERS! [6:57] susan Williams: sorry had caps on [6:57] Johan Jaxa: right [6:57] You: sloodlers! [6:57] Daf Smirnov: right, Valentina!!!! [6:57] Valentina Dodge: did u coin that? [6:57] Clare Foss: no, you can adapt it as you wish, and other people can go on as they please (in the dark, sunset) [6:57] Johan Jaxa: well in holland moodle isn't common at all, but since a short time we have a moodle environment available [6:57] Johan Jaxa: so i am testing some [6:57] Daf Smirnov: my Moodle is hosted in Holland, Almaark to be precise [6:58] Pafiki Paravane: I think my photos I'm taking will look better with daylight. :-) [6:58] Sara Alturas: how do I sit down? lol [6:58] Daf Smirnov: for more than 3 years [6:58] Johan Jaxa: okay.. [6:58] Johan Jaxa: well its not common in HE [6:58] Valentina Dodge: (Sara, right click and then choose SIT from pie menu) [6:58] Meno Rich: [6:58] Meno Rich: skypecast [6:58] Chris Eggplant: Sara: place your cursor on a chair, right click and then select 'sit here# [6:59] Sara Alturas: thanks! [6:59] Chris Eggplant: works from afar as well, so you can point at a chair on the other side of the room and it'll take you there automatically [6:59] Meno Rich is Offline [6:59] Johan Jaxa: i saw a presentation the other day from the open university in their open learning project [6:59] Johan Jaxa: very interesting what they did in moodle [7:00] Valentina Dodge: so, chris we can play musical chairs!) [7:01] Daf Smirnov: bye everybody, nice to be here with you all [7:01] Daf Smirnov: bfn everybody [7:01] Chris Eggplant: bye daf [7:01] You: bye daf [7:01] Pafiki Paravane: bye Daf [7:01] Clare Foss: bye Daff [7:01] susan Williams: bye [7:01] Sara Alturas: bye Daf [7:01] Busy Link: Bya all - must go now :-) [7:02] Johan Jaxa: hey i think RL is calling, so i have to go [7:02] Valentina Dodge: Bye Daf [7:02] You: babette, did you want a new wardrobe? [7:02] Johan Jaxa: thanks baldric, chris and susan.. keep me informed? [7:02] Busy Link is Offline [7:02] susan Williams: niace 2 meet you johan [7:02] Chris Eggplant: ok johan - nice to meet you and cu soon [7:02] susan Williams: will do [7:02] Johan Jaxa: okay [7:02] Johan Jaxa: bye bye [7:02] Pafiki Paravane: This was nice to see so many people here. [7:02] Johan Jaxa: good luck, take care [7:02] You: definitely - thanks for coming everyone [7:02] Valentina Dodge: Great ... sorry I was late! [7:02] Chris Eggplant: whens the next gig! [7:02] susan Williams: ok [7:03] Pafiki Paravane: Does everyone plan to come back next week at the same time? [7:03] Babette Hanson: Yes, I found a few things, but they don't seem to stick [7:03] Clare Foss: Bye everybody . It's been very nice spending time with you. I learnt a lot today [7:03] susan Williams: niace to be here today [7:03] Valentina Dodge: what is the official start time? [7:03] Babette Hanson: Chris--we meet every Sunday at noon GMT [7:03] Chris Eggplant: here babette? [7:03] Pafiki Paravane: This has been my first virtual meeting!!! :-) [7:03] Chris Eggplant: me to pafiki [7:03] You: well, if anyone else wants to try their hand at this tool, please feel free to offer [7:03] Babette Hanson: We usually start in Tapped In [7:03] Kati Voss: looking forward to the next session and the ideas in the wiki [7:03] Babette Hanson: [7:03] Pafiki Paravane: I would enjoy trying. [7:03] Pafiki Paravane: but I'm such a newbie [7:03] Kati Voss: me too [7:04] Babette Hanson: Pls join the Webheads, Chris--we explore a lot together [7:04] Clare Foss is Offline [7:04] Sara Alturas: what is the wiki url? please [7:04] Valentina Dodge: Can someone help Dennis (Osnacantab Nesterov) by teleporting him to righ room? [7:04] Babette Hanson: The wiki hasn't been set up yet, but it will probably be found at [7:04] Babette Hanson: [7:04] Valentina Dodge: Next time, I think he's been lost in wonderworld for a while? [7:04] Chris Eggplant: joined yesterday and today was brill! definately coming back - however, might have to paint the kitchen celing next week! [7:04] Chris Eggplant: boo soob [7:05] susan Williams: ill come back next week [7:05] Babette Hanson: You can join the Webheads mailing list at [7:05] susan Williams: had a great time thanks all [7:05] susan Williams: whats the vebue>? [7:05] Valentina Dodge: Yes, thanks [7:05] susan Williams: venue? [7:05] Sara Alturas: it took me a long time to get here, I had to dowload a new version, then it crashed, I had to reboot, and then I was lost, of course [7:05] Pafiki Paravane: Do do people meet here at 12:00 GMT or 14:00 GMT? [7:05] Babette Hanson accepted your inventory offer. [7:05] Babette Hanson: Webheads meet at 12:00 noon GMT [7:06] susan Williams: ok [7:06] susan Williams: see you next week [7:06] susan Williams: bye [7:06] Babette Hanson: Baldric has occasional gatherings at 13 or 14:00 [7:06] Valentina Dodge: Bye [7:06] Chris Eggplant: that sounds great. ok, need to go and get some dinner. Many tks to all and cul8tr xx [7:06] Babette Hanson: By Valentina--I saw you in Skype, but couldn't talk [7:06] susan Williams is Offline [7:06] You: I can't make it here next week at this time, but feel free to use the group list to make announcements [7:06] You: and set up meetings [7:06] Kati Voss: great job, Baldric [7:06] You: thanks kati [7:06] Pafiki Paravane: I'm in San Diego C alifornia so 12:00 GMT would be about 4 in the morning for me. I think I will try at 14:00 GMT [7:07] Babette Hanson: Thanks Baldric--I missed the slides because I was trying to find the Worldbridges chat [7:07] Valentina Dodge: no me neither- i'll sort sound out bye! [7:07] Pafiki Paravane: Thank you SO MUCH Baldric. This was very exciting!!! [7:07] Valentina Dodge: Thanks everyone [7:07] Babette Hanson: I'll check out the teen grid. [7:07] Kati Voss: I'll try to register, too [7:07] Babette Hanson: Daf has some wonderful stuff on her architecture students, but I don't have the URL at hand. [7:07] You: thankyou Pafiki [7:07] Babette Hanson accepted your inventory offer. [7:07] Kati Voss: take care you all [7:08] Babette Hanson: You are all welcome to join the Webheads--it's a lively group. [7:08] Babette Hanson: Bye Kati [7:08] You: [7:08] Pafiki Paravane: I think I will go back the the Webhead hut and take some pictures, now that I know how. :-) [7:08] You: this is daf's link [7:08] Babette Hanson: I'll meet you there, Baldric [7:08] Valentina Dodge is Offline [7:08] You: see you there [7:08] Sara Alturas: where's the hut? how can we get there? [7:08] Babette Hanson: I'll meet you there Pafiki [7:08] Pafiki Paravane: Baldric, is this your website? [7:09] Pafiki Paravane: My school website is: [7:09] Babette Hanson: The Webheads hut is at 104,239,311 [7:09] You: no, this is Daf's project wiki [7:09] Pafiki Paravane: What do these numbers mean? Are they from the location on a map? [7:09] You: I'm off to the webheads hut now [7:09] Pafiki Paravane: Oh, I see. [7:10] Pafiki Paravane: I will see you there. [7:10] Pafiki Paravane: Bye everyone. [7:10] Sara Alturas: bye [7:10] Babette Hanson: If you open the mini-map or map, you can put in the coordinates and teleport there. [7:10] You: do you see the coordinates at the top of the interface, Parfiki [7:10] Pafiki Paravane: OK [7:10] You have offered friendship to Babette Hanson [7:11] Babette Hanson: I think Baldric is walking to the hut [7:11] You: you can also use the teleport link - the photo on the wall by the door [7:11] You: do you see the link? [7:11] You: right click and select teleport [7:11] Pafiki Paravane: I'm stuck [7:11] Babette Hanson: Stop Pafiki [7:11] Pafiki Paravane: I can't seem to move [7:12] You: oops [7:12] Babette Hanson: Try the upkey [7:12] You: that looks painful [7:12] Pafiki Paravane: I tried to get out of this position but I am stuck [7:12] Pafiki Paravane: Help!!!! [7:12] You: try to right click on your avatar [7:12] You: and select detach [7:12] Pafiki Paravane: I tried all the keys and nothing works!!! [7:13] Babette Hanson: You may have to logout and reneter [7:13] Babette Hanson: re-enter [7:13] You: if you right click and 'detach' [7:13] You: that should work [7:13] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot. [7:13] Babette Hanson: There, something changed [7:13] You: I've never seen this before though [7:13] Pafiki Paravane: I don't see the detach [7:14] Babette Hanson: It's pretty funny, actually! [7:14] Pafiki Paravane: I can see where it tells me to take off my clothes!!! LOL [7:14] You: there, that worked [7:14] Pafiki Paravane: Thank you, You are my hero!!!!!! [7:14] THiNC Teleporter PRO (Copy) whispers: Location: The SLoodle Project Coordinates: <215,222,22> [7:14] Pafiki Paravane: You saved me!!! [7:14] Pafiki Paravane: I didn't know you could transport others!!! [7:14] You: lol [7:14] Babette Hanson: What is the SLoodle Project, Baldric? [7:15] You: want to take a look, babette? [7:15] Babette Hanson: OK, if pafiki wants to go [7:15] You: it's a moodle and second life interface [7:15] You: I don't know much about it [7:15] Babette Hanson: oooh, sounds great, and thanks for the duds--I'll try them later. [7:15] You: I've got more if you want them [7:15] Babette Hanson: Changing clothes makes my avatar freeze--probably sheer embarrassment [7:15] Pafiki Paravane: OK but I am afraid I will end up and get stuck again! :-) [7:16] Babette Hanson: Baldric will save you--he is tres gallant [7:16] You: we can walk there Pafiki [7:16] Jeh Zon is Online [7:17] You: it doesn't seem to be here [7:18] You: lots of nice tools here though [7:18] You: right click and buy [7:18] Pafiki Paravane: How do you access these things. I haven't learned that yet [7:19] Pafiki Paravane: If is says it is free then do you still click on the buy? [7:19] Babette Hanson: How does it interface with Moodle? [7:19] You: yes, and you can buy iot for 0$ [7:19] Second Life: Your 2 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by The Consultants-E near parcel 'EduNation - WebHeads' at EduNation 93.6703, 226.522 due to parcel auto return. [7:19] Babette Hanson: Yes, Pakiki--click on buy and it will show $0 [7:20] Pafiki Paravane: I just did this. Where does it go? How can I see what I just got? [7:20] Babette Hanson: Look at your Inventory [7:20] Babette Hanson: (bottom right button) [7:20] Babette Hanson: Hi Sara--who are you in L1? [7:20] Pafiki Paravane: Thank you. [7:20] Sara Alturas: Fernanda [7:21] You: this isn't the sloodle project though [7:22] Jeh Zon: Greetings [7:22] Babette Hanson: We should put a notebard dropbox in the Webheads hut? [7:22] Babette Hanson: Hello Jeh [7:22] Jeh Zon: Hey! [7:22] You: hi jeh [7:22] Babette Hanson: You are transforming Jeh? [7:22] You: what did you think of that text to speech demo the other week? [7:22] Multi Gadget v1.49.3 by Timeless Prototype [7:22] Multi Gadget v1.49.3 by Timeless Prototype [7:22] Jeh Zon: I liked it [7:23] Jeh Zon: Think it adds a nice dimension to SL [7:23] Jeh Zon: Wish it could be real time [7:23] You: yes, me too [7:23] Sara Alturas: what demo? [7:23] You: do you know where the sloodle hut has moved to? [7:23] Pafiki Paravane: Now that I have collected these things do they only work here in this world or are these real things to use in the real world? [7:23] You: Sara, Jeh and I were at a demo last week [7:23] Jeh Zon: Looks like Falk is online [7:24] Jeh Zon: We wanna bug him for another showing? [7:24] You: I don't have time at the moment [7:24] Babette Hanson: You can bring them to your space and use them there in SL [7:24] You: have to go in a minute [7:24] Babette Hanson: Me too, Baldric [7:24] You: that's right babette [7:24] Babette Hanson: We'll find Sloodle another time. [7:24] Jeh Zon: Ah, I came a the end [7:24] Johan Jaxa is Online [7:24] Sara Alturas: I like those text to speak tools [7:24] You: yes, let's do that [7:24] Pafiki Paravane: Yes, I must go soon, too. I appreciate you saving me Baldric and then showing us this place. [7:25] You: any time Pafiki [7:25] Pafiki Paravane: I still want to take pictures of the Webhead hut [7:25] You: feel free to IM me any time you're in SL [7:25] Pafiki Paravane: thanks [7:25] Jeh Zon: Do you regularly meet in SL? [7:25] Pafiki Paravane: Bye [7:25] You: we're going to be Jeh [7:25] Jeh Zon: Cool [7:26] You: nothing set up as yet, but some people will probably meet at this time every sunday I think [7:26] Jeh Zon: What time? [7:26] Jeh Zon: Start time? [7:26] You: 13.00-15.00 GMT [7:26] Corwin Carillon is Online [7:26] Babette Hanson: Bye, Baldric-=-see you at evo [7:26] You: I think the Webheads meet every Sunday at 12.00GMT [7:26] Pafiki Paravane: Bye Baldric [7:26] Jeh Zon: bye [7:26] You: bye babette [7:26] You: at [7:27] You: and then some will move on here after that

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