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Eclipse DVD launch night out partners with Eclipse chewing gum

For followers of the Stephanie Meyer series "Twilight," the Eclipse DVD launch time is large news. On top of the DVD launch, the "Eclipse" DVD launch date marks more big news for "Twilight" supporters. Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen, will be offering a date as a prize to the "Eclipse Secrets" contest.

Release date for the 'Twilight - Eclipse' DVD

The official “Twilight - Eclipse” DVD release date was announced by Summit Entertainment. On Dec. 4, 2010, the full "Twilight - Eclipse" DVD set could be released. There can be multiple opportunities for the DVD. Included can be a two-disc special edition DVD, a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, a single disk DVD, a single disk Blu-ray and a two-disc special edition DVD. Two disc sets and combo packs will consist of the same thing. They will have music videos, deleted scenes, making-of documentary and audio commentary. All told, the choices for the "Twilight - Eclipse" DVD run between $28.99 and $40.99.

'Twilight - Eclipse' viewing date to be won

”Twilight” star and Calvin Klein model Kellan Lutz could be having a date contest to celebrate the release of "Twilight - Eclipse". The Eclipse Secrets game may also unlock "secret" footage from the "Eclipse" DVD release. The “top less-than-fresh moments” can be what anyone older than 18 has to share. The top less-than-fresh moment will win a big prize: Lutz will spend an evening in Baton Rouge, La., with the winner and one friend, watching "Twilight - Eclipse" DVD in a theater.

'Twilight - Eclipse' can have release parties for the DVD

The “Twilight” books were celebrated with events at release. On December 4, the exact same thing is to happen with the "Twilight - Eclipse" DVD. Midnight releases and opening-night parties will happen. The release of the "Twilight - Eclipse" DVD is going to be a big one. Stephanie Meyer’s fans will really have a go at it that night. The Eclipse Secrets contest is open. Will you open it? When should the "Twilight - Eclipse" DVD release date be? When would be the perfect time?

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