EVO Video Discussion with Mike & Sarah

EVO2010 Video Week#1

A discussion with 
Mike Marzio of Real-English.com &
 Sarah Lilburn ofTheDailyEnglishShow.com

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Post-show Discussion here

02:52:12  jeff ->  ah, that link causes problems if you're not using MSIE
02:52:17  jeff ->  are you able to see the UStream?
02:52:30  maryz ->  no
02:52:38  maryz ->  not here at least
02:52:45  maryz ->  where is it supposed to be
02:52:47  jeff ->  did you press the play button?
02:53:01  jeff ->  should be on the left side of http://webheadsinaction.org/live
02:53:17  maryz ->  ah now I see you
02:53:29  maryz ->  yes  thanks
02:54:09  maryz ->  ziller
02:54:42  maryz ->  hi everyone
02:55:08  maryz ->  could someone paste me the link where the course assignments are?
02:55:23  maryz ->  I don't know where to begin participating
02:55:59  jeff ->  I suspect the EVO Video wiki - links should be on the front page of http://webheadsinaction.org
02:58:11  maryz ->  it is almost 3 am here in Pennsylvania lol
02:59:03  maryz ->  is there a megaskype chat for teh course where we can type in  questions for suppoprt?
03:00:52  maryz ->  it doesn't show source code of the web pages like firefox though, at least I haven't seen that feature in chrome
03:01:53  maryz ->  developer, view source. thank you!
03:02:14  maryz ->  what software are you suing to broadcaast this session?
03:02:22  maryz ->  using*
03:03:12  jeff ->  Webcammax
03:03:32  maryz ->  I came back from sunny rio 95drgrees paradise to 17 degree philadelphia  last synday
03:04:43  maryz ->  my skype is cariocamary
03:05:01  maryz ->  will you skype us in?
03:09:14  maryz ->  please type in the names of the software youo mentioned. I didn't quite catch the names ...something like mebee and webcammat?
03:09:54  maryz ->  there is definitely an echo in the chat room
03:10:09  buckinsand ->  .. echo in the chat room... echo in the chat room..
03:10:28  buckinsand ->  sorry.. couldn't resist :D
03:11:20  maryz ->  hi mike..hi sarah
03:15:27  maryz ->  hhi buckinsand. Mike said that one has to be careful when choosing people to interview, and it is when he is logging that he can tell which people are interesting to watch
03:15:49  maryz ->  spontaneity is important, but  also people who smile
03:19:09  Marian ->  how do you find time to this every day?
03:24:44  Branka Marceta ->  Mike, that's really great news.
03:28:00  buckinsand ->  I think that's a great observation Jeff.
03:30:34  buckinsand ->  Don't you think context will become more and more important? Being culturally appropriate.. less homogenous.. less internationalist.
03:32:40  maryz ->  and the content is very attractive, for me even more important than the personality of the presenter/producer
03:36:02  Branka Marceta ->  Thank you, Mike.
03:36:21  Branka Marceta ->  USA Learns is a federally funded project.
03:36:26  Branka Marceta ->  usalearns.org
03:38:08  Branka Marceta ->  Here's the link to our wiki http://evovideo2010.pbworks.com/
03:38:20  buckinsand ->  Thanks
03:38:27  maryz ->  thanks
03:38:46  maryz ->  so we will not learn how to make vidos ?
03:39:16  maryz ->  videos*
03:39:24  jeff ->  skype 'worldbridges' or call 1-603-574-4923 to join in
03:39:31  Branka Marceta ->  not this year in EVO video 2010
03:39:55  Branka Marceta ->  the focus is on online video resources already available
03:40:32  maryz ->  question: did I hear correctly that we will not learn how to make videos?
03:41:07  Branka Marceta ->  however, there has already been a lot of sharing among the participants, both about the way they use videos and create their own in their ESL/EFL teaching and learning
03:41:30  Branka Marceta ->  Maryz, you are correct. There won't be editing
03:42:23  maryz ->  which software should we get to edit videos?
03:42:57  Marian ->  I'd say, just start and give it a try. You'll learn as you go :)
03:43:22  maryz ->  is the  information on making videos available from last years cours anywhere available still to access?
03:43:28  Branka Marceta ->  Maryz, we'll ask that question in Skype
03:44:14  Branka Marceta ->  http://evovideo.wikispaces.com/, these are archived sessions
03:46:46  maryz ->  when i  call worldbridges, i get an answering machine message
03:47:01  maryz ->  did I do the wrong thing?
03:50:49  MikeMarzio ->  http://evovideo2010.pbworks.com/Syllabus
03:52:17  maryz ->  animoto
03:52:31  maryz ->  student friendly
03:52:51  maryz ->  stand alone
03:53:00  Marian ->  I believe animoto only takes still pictures
03:53:33  maryz ->  adobe premier pro
03:53:39  maryz ->  ?
03:55:08  Marian ->  online editing also need a good upload bandwidth
03:55:40  Marian ->  I had good experience with Video Software from Magix, it's affordable and has all needed features
03:56:19  Marian ->  yes, and editing in HD is another game here, you need a powerful computer to do that
03:57:20  Marian ->  do you get model releases for the people you interview?
03:57:31  Marian ->  from the people*
03:59:10  Branka Marceta ->  LOL
04:01:26  Marian ->  no, thanks
04:04:46  Branka Marceta ->  Maryz, here's the link to EVo 09 - http://evovideo09.wikispaces.com/, lots of editing advice there
04:10:49  Branka Marceta ->  http://evovideo2010.pbworks.com/
04:12:35  Branka Marceta ->  Thank you for sharing.
04:12:56  Marian ->  thank you, goodbye :)
04:27:16  MikeMarzio ->  Bye Marian

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