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Opening the door to understand Drupal CMS

Yesterday in the webcast, I realized i'm among those who might want to learn about using drupal for content management, such as this site. I've felt somewhat stuck lately being into a Moodle project where the supposed activity is not really happening - not a course, just a conversation and somewhat messy content storage location, and for this reason I think a more open and inviting system such as drupal would have been a better solution. But then again I've started to wonder if this means I would have to host a Drupal site on a local server, which I'm not really ready & willing to do. I feel incapable to undertake the maintenance responsibility Would our dear Worldbridge front runners open their server space for someone like me?

whither drupal

Hi I've been plugging around the site adding content while trying not to break anything. The experience is leaving me in the mood / need for training. I'll keep plugging away, but I just thought I'd drop a bread crumb here, as long as I'm on my way to the candy cane house (what oh what will I find when I get there, I wonder). Vance

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