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Drupal Training ?

Following the Grand Opening TI session today, I would be extremely interested in any 'training sessions' to get to know Drupal and its possibilities, following comments made by Jeff and Dave. Would any one else be interested? Moira H I would be very much interested, Moira :-) hugs, Daf

Yes to Drupal training

I would Moira.I would love to get to know how to install it and manage it. I guess it can be all found on the Drupal manual and forums but it would be certainly more enjoyable if we could do it as a group. Barbara(Bee)Dieu

Me too!!!

Yes, I am interested in the training too! Daf

I am also

I am also interested,Moira.Hala

Drupal Training

Yes, I would be interested in this too. Pete

Count me in!

I'd be interested in learning more about Drupal as well. :-)

Drupal training

It'll be wonderful to get some 'training sessions' on Drupal and its possibilities. It's always better to learn while doing things and it's more fun:)

Drupal Traininggroup - Yes!

I am very interested to join the group for Drupal training - please keep me informed! Niels Damgaard Norway

Count me in, please!

Also interested...Please, count me in... Miguel

Drupal CMS

I would like to know what Drupal CMS is about! Thanks Khalil Zakari EFL/ESL Researcher

Drupal Training

Yes, I'd like to participate. Is it too late? When? Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Webhead

CMS Academy

We meet (and webcast) every Monday at 6pmPST/9pmEST/0200GMT at

Drupal Training

Hi, people: I would like to know more about this. If you start a  group, let me know.

Thank you, and hugs,

Nelba Quintana

English Teacher from Argentina


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