WiAOC 2009 - Kim Cofino & Jeff Utecht Keynote

WiAOC 2009
Kim Cofino & Jeff Utecht Keynote
Moving a Community Forward
May 22, 2009 

From an international school perspective, Jeff and Kim discuss the various members of a school community and practical strategies for how to move forward with community buy-in and support. From administrators, to parents, to students, to teachers, we need to ensure that we support, engage, and inform all school stakeholders about the changes we need to implement in our schools.

Moderator: hey jeff

Moderator: vance here

Moderator: I'd like to pop out and come back as my own name

Jeff Lebow: Hello Vance - Hour 73 ahoy!

Moderator: only one to go

Moderator: ok, I'm out and coming back again, I'll request mod priviledges when I return

Moderator (Session Leader): ok

Vance Stevens: can you bestow upon me the honors?

Jeff Lebow: You're speaking to session leader, yes?

Jeff Lebow: ah, I was going to dub you Sir Vance

Moderator (Vance Stevens): arises

Jeff Lebow: we wrapped post show

Jeff Lebow: now simulcasting this

mrsdurff: WOOT

mrsdurff: Vance woke up!

mrsdurff: i prefer everyone twitter now

Moderator (Vance Stevens): woke up sort of

Mary Di Monaco: Hi everybody

mrsdurff: as Nike says, Just Do It!

mrsdurff: hi mary

mrsdurff: i don't have one

ehelfant: Hi Jeff and Kim!

mrsdurff: yes

mrsdurff: hi ehelfant

ehelfant: hi mrsdurff! we meet again today!

Jeff Lebow: it is

mrsdurff: yes

Jeff Lebow: 17 on the stream

Jeff Lebow: reflection on the past 72 hours

Jared Nichol: I stumbled upon this link from Twitter! Lurking!

Jeff Lebow: what are you playing

mrsdurff: we are observing silence in honor of Vance

mrsdurff: 3 mins

Jared Nichol: from Cold Lake, Alberta- tech teacher!

Jeff Lebow: pro

Jared Nichol: MB PRO

mrsdurff: Jared RT

Bryan Hughes: Macbook Pro

Jared Nichol: I dropped my Thursday

Jared Nichol: it still ticked

Jeff Lebow: in that case, the free one

Bryan Hughes: Geek cred

Jared Nichol: my new one got a serious dent- they're quite sturdy

Jared Nichol: por

Jared Nichol: pro

mrsdurff: like i said, retweet please

Jared Nichol: 15" $$$ cha ching

Moderator (Vance Stevens): let me

mrsdurff: no one wants to miss this

Mary Di Monaco: have just retweeted

mrsdurff: ty

Jason Spivey: Good morning!

Mary Di Monaco: good evening here in Argentina, 10 pm

Jason Spivey: 10:01 in Seoul...

Mary Di Monaco: same time as in Argentina, Jason

Nina Liakos: Awake again vance?

Donelle: in Rocklin, CA

Nina Liakos: Hi everybody

Mary Di Monaco: hi again, Nina

Nina Liakos: Last gasp of wiaoc09

Nina Liakos: What a ride!

Moderator (Vance Stevens): am doing

jackiegerstein: Hi

mrsdurff: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I spaced on Thinking Stick

Moderator (Vance Stevens):   

mrsdurff: The Dream Team ... how I wish....

Jared Nichol: I really liked this idea. We thought this might work with staff. Coffee = attendance

Bron Stuckey: teachers like food and refreshments

Donelle: great idea.  love that!

mrsdurff: I like coffee period

Nina Liakos: The problem is for working parents

mrsdurff: I tried it and no one came

Nina Liakos: I could never attend such a thing

Nina Liakos: @lisa   

mrsdurff: well, i had good food and coffee for a week

ehelfant: does an admin attend these? (sorry if you said- i have kid distraction here)

Nina Liakos: That was a plus!

Donelle: would love to see the calendar of topics

ehelfant: you recomment elementary parents get a facebook account

Jared Nichol: do they volunteer in classes during the day too?

Bryan Hughes: The team I work with has often talked about how getting parents more involved in some of our initiatives might help force the hand of admin

Donelle: i set up a ning for our parents at our school

Mary Di Monaco: great idea, Donelle

ehelfant: do you recommend an age that facebook is appropriate? our MS says no, our US is all over it

Moderator (Session Leader): http://inside.isb.ac.th/

Donelle: @ehelfant  i know that for ning it is 13 and up.

jackiegerstein: Hi, Bryan - just followed you back on Twitter - love the real time communications/connections!

doug symington: @ehelfant: believe 13+ yrs the license on most spaces

Donelle: hi keri-lee

ehelfant: 13 is 7th grade but our counselor says its inappropriate

Keri-Lee Beasley: Hey! Fancy meeting you here!

ehelfant: yet they all have accounts

Jason Spivey: Are the teachers "forced" to blog or have they volunteered?

Donelle: @ehelfant - u can make it a closed environment

jackiegerstein: Getting tired of the 13 year old law - my upper elementary gifted students tell me they lie to get onto the sites

mrsdurff: we like you talking

jackiegerstein: Keep talking

Donelle: we're good at multitasking

mrsdurff: we're trying to confuse vance

ehelfant: do parents comment back and engage

Jason Spivey: That is a great idea

ehelfant: i love that you do this with elementary

Donelle: @ehelfant - parents really took to it so far

Jared Nichol: that's great way in that 'push-pull' relationship

ehelfant: must get parents ready for a 1:1 program

Jared Nichol: to get teachers on board

Keri-Lee Beasley: None had a facebook account? Seriously?

Jason Spivey: LOL

Nina Liakos: Are tgese Americans mostly? Or an international mix?

Nina Liakos: *these

Donelle: want to borrow this agenda... which of the blogs is this one on?

doug symington: relevance of curriculum. Imagine looking for something you're interested in knowing more about--love it

Moderator (Vance Stevens): judgng from Bar camp videos, largely asian

Jason Spivey: Do your parents ask about SAT scores and other standraized testing schools? How do you deal with these type of questions?

Jason Spivey: school= tools

Jared Nichol: not happening for our implementation next year. too bad

Moderator (Vance Stevens): that's a really good point

Jason Spivey: Is a great point

Jason Spivey: Thanks

Moderator (Vance Stevens): if you have that link, pop it here

Jared Nichol: @vance, do you have a link?

Donelle: that's a great one

mrsdurff: still more listeners on simulcast than in elluminate

jackiegerstein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e50YBu14j3U

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I've lost audio on both computers

Nina Liakos: Wonder why

Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e50YBu14j3U

Bron Stuckey: I am not hearing anything

mrsdurff: audio?

mrsdurff: yes

Mary Di Monaco: sound is back

Bron Stuckey: The school should get involved in Quest Atlantis - expecially the elementary school

Moderator (Vance Stevens): you're right Bron and you have three archived recordings from this conference about that

Bryan Hughes: How much of this is mandated by admin/the school? It's inspiring to hear how many teachers at ISB are involved in these projects. I would meet with a lot of resistance trying to recruit teachers for a project like Students Teching Students.

kim caise: isn't that a violation of copyright?

Keri-Lee Beasley: @Bryan Hughes, that's such a shame

kim caise: teachers were refused permission here in texas when trying to do something similar. publisher wouldn't give permisison.

Keri-Lee Beasley: Do you think you are now reaching a critical mass with technology use now?

Bryan Hughes: How is that articulated? (Re: expectation to use technology in authentic ways) Is it written in a document?

kim caise: the audiobooks were going to be used in the classroom only

kim caise: teachers were still told no

jackiegerstein: This is my new favorite tech PR vid What is Next Generation Learning?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dBT9mmizL8  (took me some time to find i)

Donelle: love that.

Donelle: can u put that link in here?  didn't catch that

Moderator (Session Leader): http://inside.isb.ac.th/elementary/

Donelle: thanks

Keri-Lee Beasley: Wow, that sounds like a great project!

plnaugle: Congratulations on such an ambioius project.

mrsdurff: wow Dream Team pulling in 51 listeners in two venues

Keri-Lee Beasley: I think we are at UWCSEA, so we would love to help out

Moderator (Session Leader): yay!

Jared Nichol: Many schools don't have the support of people full time like in your building. This is where many projects fall down

Jared Nichol: I've found this to be true in my multimedia classes

doug symington: public voice does make a difference when learners produce

Jared Nichol: our rubric includes how many hits on youtube- 4/4 means the video has gone viral!

Donelle: wish my families were as open to youtube

Keri-Lee Beasley: I wish the school was a bit more open to this. They want control, and feel youtube means they don't have control.

Donelle: right!

Moderator (Vance Stevens): rectifying that mindset is what Kim and Jeff have managed to do

Moderator (Vance Stevens): the over riding question is how can we move such thinking in others 180 degrees

Moderator (Vance Stevens): how can we open their eyes

Donelle: i think they've done it with those coffee mornings, and talking about it in that environment with parents

plnaugle: We need to go one step at a time, one teacher at a time until we reach our goal.

Moderator (Vance Stevens): our eyes are open (or you wouldn't likely be here)

Moderator (Vance Stevens): there are some great archives from this conference along these lines

Jason Spivey: Some students just walked in and said that the presentation was "cool"!

E Moccio: I think I am going FaceBook group way next year with my students. I was doing Ning.

doug symington: social media is soon (if not already) bigger than individual institutions--change or die

Jason Spivey: Thanks guys for sharing your ideas. Will see you around. Great work as always!

Jared Nichol: could this have been done to this level without two fulltime people supoprting teachers/parents/community?

Donelle: possibly.  you need people with vision

Keri-Lee Beasley: Maybe not, but it's great to see what is possible if you do have 2 fulltime people!

plnaugle: Our district just set a policy that all videos can only be posted on TeacherTube.

Donelle: the coffee mornings sound like a great lead in with families

Jared Nichol: @plnaugle did they consult teachers on that decision?

Jared Nichol: I agree

Moderator (Vance Stevens): easier to ask forgiveness than permission, good

plnaugle: @Jared Nichol No they did not.

Mary Di Monaco: very persuasive

Moderator (Vance Stevens): afraid of losing control? they've already lost it, again good

doug symington: too true re no control with social media--like water, it will flow

Moderator (Vance Stevens): this is the edupunk way, asking permission is a speed bump

Donelle: great team

Keri-Lee Beasley: good cop, bad cop?

Jared Nichol: @plnaugle that occurs in my district too

plnaugle: Most school districts love positive PR, so teachers need to join a project or do a project and get district's name out there in a positive light.

mrsdurff: welcome to the Tipping Point with the Dream Team from Bangkok, Thailand

Keri-Lee Beasley: Good to know that you two have frustrations too.

mrsdurff: don't tell us!

Moderator (Vance Stevens): it is good, because that's reality

Moderator (Vance Stevens): and how to deal with frustration and move forward is the key to success for all of us

E Moccio: I think if I said the word LAN party to my staff... they would think I was from another planet!

plnaugle: Parties are a good way to go.

Donelle: don't you just want to go to one of those parties?

Bryan Hughes: We've had great success holding LAN parties in our district, inspired by Jeff and Kim. They both joined us at our first in December, and wrapped up in May with 100 teachers attending.

jerry swiatek: I think if I mentioned anything outside of school hours to my staff, they would think I was from another planet


plnaugle: Can we Skype into the next one?

Moderator (Vance Stevens): we should hold them regularly

Moderator (Vance Stevens): maybe webheads could move from SUnday noon chats at TI

Moderator (Vance Stevens): into sunday noon LAN parties

Moderator (Vance Stevens): that's noon GMT btw

plnaugle: It's five o'clock somewhere.

ehelfant: Do your teachers like Elgg? Why Elgg over Ning?

plnaugle: Need more info on

plnaugle: Need more info on Elgg.

Donelle: i'm using ning with parents & teachers this year & plan to use elgg with students next year

Keri-Lee Beasley: Reluctantly, I have to go. Thank you both for your inspiring talk (as usual). Great learning with you.   

ehelfant: thats the latest version of Elgg? might bug you about the plugins you added

Moderator (Vance Stevens): you can catch the rest of this on podcast

ehelfant: making this stuff sustainable and not personailty driven is tough

Nick Noakes: sustainable 'leadership' in communities of practice is a big issue ,. partciularly distributed ones

Donelle: @plnaugle:  check out Jim Klein's page for more info. on Elgg: http://community.saugususd.org/jklein/page/Social+Networking

plnaugle: Do people show up on Mondays and Thursdays?

Nick Noakes: transition people to core and out again to take up these leadership roles ... .. sort of informal succession planning

plnaugle: @Donelle Thank you.

Donelle: sure   

Donelle: how much time do u offer for the wired weds.

E Moccio: Great stuff. Sorry, but have to go! I will listen to the rest on the podcast.

plnaugle: Can I borrow the name Wired Wednesdays for my faculty next school year?

kim caise: we used to do tech tuesdays

kim caise: weekly tech 'happy

kim caise: 'happy hours'

Donelle: love that, kim

Nick Noakes: have folks here looked at the 2020 forecast: creating the future of learning? http://www.futureofed.org/

plnaugle: My tech time is definitely "happy hour".

kim caise: 'happy hour' seemed to lighten the mood and make the sessions more 'approachable'

plnaugle: @Nick Noakes Thanks for the link.

Donelle: speed what?

ehelfant: I like the speed geeking concept

Donelle: ok   

plnaugle: @Kim C I spent your post "Take Your Faculty SpeedGeeking" to our director of technology.

Moderator (Session Leader): can u put a link here?

plnaugle: sent not spent.

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I used to have a 'homegrown' hour each week in my last tech coordinator position

Moderator (Vance Stevens): similar

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I like the term speedgeeking

jackiegerstein: This is kind of like speed geeking - am loving it

Moderator (Session Leader): speed geeking: http://mscofino.edublogs.org/2009/04/05/take-your-faculty-speedgeeking/

mrsdurff: speed geeking?

Donelle: @jackiegerstein  i was just thinking that too. cool.

Bron Stuckey: Like the 60 second story - Steve Denning

Bryan Hughes: Are these online courses? Open to others outside ISB?

mrsdurff: sounds like snbeach's speed dating

Moderator (Session Leader): coetail.asia

Nick Noakes: who has the bell for us to change roles .. we ought to try it online sometime ... 5 mins and ding

Moderator (Session Leader): http://coetail.asia

Moderator (Vance Stevens): like Pecha Kucha

mrsdurff: there is an online timer surely

ehelfant: thats a great idea

Nick Noakes: noticed google reader now has bundles ... so you can put all student blogs for a class into one rss feed

mrsdurff: you organise and we will come nick

Donelle: that link didn't work for me...?

Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.coes

Moderator (Session Leader): sorry, one more try

Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.coetail.asia

Donelle: What then will u use to support them with their IETP goal?

Donelle: Do they take courses?

Donelle: ah

Bron Stuckey: will these be related to ISTE nets

Donelle: U two do a ton!    

Moderator (Vance Stevens): plow on, you're the last act

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I'll get more coffee

mrsdurff: get me some

plnaugle: @mrsdurff They're getting coffee.

Jared Nichol: take as much time as you want!  

Nick Noakes: tiieing the communities sounds like a great idea

Moderator (Session Leader): http://isb21.wikispaces.com

doug symington: great presentation, thx for sharing your experiences and plans for the future

Nick Noakes: linking school admins in a district?

Nick Noakes: or ISBs admins globally?

Moderator (Vance Stevens): that's so cool you've got cred with them

ehelfant: Thanks tons for sharing.. ISB lucky to have you two!

ehelfant: have to put kids to bed

Nina Liakos: have to put self to bed... up 19 straight hours...

Jared Nichol: push for admin is important and powerful especially if it comes from parents.

Nick Noakes: yay! ty both

mrsdurff: Applause

Barb Sakamoto: Wonderful! Thanks!

Donelle: That was awesome! thank you

jackiegerstein: Love the two person speedgeek session you just did

jerry swiatek: great stuff!!! Lots to work on for next school year!

mrsdurff: Click the applaud thing

Jared Nichol: well done!

plnaugle: Thank you Kim and Jeff. We two are incredible.

Nina Liakos: speedgeeks...i like that

Bron Stuckey: Bravo - all kudos to you

Bron Stuckey: Can I ask a question?

sroseman: awesome speed geeking ..

Bryan Hughes: Thanks to both of you - a lot of great stuff packed in this presentation.

Donelle: So very many good ideas!

Jared Nichol: each of these segments could be a full day session, thanks for all the great stuff!

Bron Stuckey: Is there any virtual world experience in your suite of activities?

Bron Stuckey: for elementary students - grade 5?

Nina Liakos: Thanks, Kim and Jeff

Nina Liakos: the fact that it happens at all is a miracle

kim caise: this was a fantastic conference vance

Nina Liakos: May 24 here

kim caise: thank you to everyone who presented and assisted with the coordination

Nina Liakos:   

Bron Stuckey: May 25th here

Nina Liakos: Thanks to vance for catherding

Nick Noakes: Bron posted a question Vance

Nina Liakos: GREAT convergence

kim caise: thank you jeff and kim

Moderator (Session Leader): thank you!

jerry swiatek: Vance can you post the link to all of the archives of this conference?

jackiegerstein: Bron has such a distinctive voice

Moderator (Vance Stevens): we have such a link, it will be posted

Nina Liakos: Please excuse me

Nina Liakos: I have to sleep!

Moderator (Vance Stevens): it might be at http://webheadsinaction.org first

carolteach4: tuned in late to this - will look forward to hearing the recorded stream- glad you guys helped me figure out how to join in the unconvergence-

Nina Liakos: I enjoyed being here today with all of you

plnaugle: Vance. thank you for all your hard work with putting WIAOC together. I was able to attend several sessons and learned so much at each one. Kudos to you and your team. Good night.

Moderator (Vance Stevens): quest atlantis is free to school participants?

Bron Stuckey: yes

Bron Stuckey: free to all

Moderator (Vance Stevens): kudos to the team    it was a team effort

mrsdurff: WiAOC will be archived on http://webheadsinaction.org/ in a few days - right Vance?

Moderator (Vance Stevens): in a few minutes perhaps, JL confirm?

Bron Stuckey: take a look at Quest Atlantis

Moderator (Vance Stevens): actually I can post it at the wiki

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I had it there earlier

Moderator (Vance Stevens): I'll put it on the schedule

jackiegerstein: I use Quest Atlantis with my upper elementary students - have major problems with bandwidth - QA does not take the "power"

mrsdurff: there are things at http://webheadsinaction.org/ already

Moderator (Vance Stevens): excellent

Bron Stuckey: Jeff Dungan in Shanghai is using Quest Atlantis right now with 5th graders

sroseman: Thanks all

jackiegerstein: durff - If I ever run a tech conference, I will hire you as the major PR person

Jeff Lebow: Ustream Archives at: http://www.ustream.tv/webheads/videos

sroseman: Attended 3 sessions ..all excellent

mrsdurff: thanks jackie

jackiegerstein: with lots of coffee - of course

sroseman: Collaboration communities, google tools and this keynote

Jeff Lebow: Some are already posted at http://webheadsinaction.org/

mrsdurff: yes!

Moderator (Session Leader): hello

Moderator (Session Leader): hmm seems audio is going in an out

Jeff Lebow: raw audio at: http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09

Moderator (Session Leader): same for you guys?

kim caise: i was in the SL session with jokay at 3am my time

mrsdurff: that's the middle of the night!

kim caise: it was great. she does a fantastic job

jackiegerstein: Jokay's middle names are Second Life

kim caise: isnt that the truth, jackie?

kim caise: i have been in her other sessions at 3 or 4am and they are always superb

mrsdurff: vance gets twitter? WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Noakes: do we need a students conference  llike this ...

kim caise: that's a great idea @nick

Nick Noakes: based on this type of work

Jeff Lebow: Three cheers for Vance!!!

mrsdurff: Applause!!

Nick Noakes: wtg Vance and jefff

Moderator (Vance Stevens): five cheers for Jeff

Moderator (Session Leader): we're fine for a few if there are more questions

jackiegerstein: So there will be Webhead conferences every weekend now?

Moderator (Session Leader): ask away!

mrsdurff: hip[, hip horray!!

mrsdurff: bye all!

jackiegerstein: Loved the weekend!

jackiegerstein: cool

Bron Stuckey: My recording from 19.00 GMT 24th does not show on the archives. It was recorded

Nick Noakes: speedwehbheading

mrsdurff: it is all over

jackiegerstein: speedgeeking webheads - that works!

mrsdurff: sigh

Nick Noakes: take an rl hol


jackiegerstein: This was great - major accolades!

Bron Stuckey: well done Vance et al!!!!

Nick Noakes: whizbanging great note

mrsdurff: night!

jackiegerstein: Wish I could yell out like in SL

mrsdurff: no it was you

doug symington: lot of fun and thanks to all--look fwd to seeing you all again soon

mrsdurff: all you

Nick Noakes: YAAAAYYYYY!

Barbara Lindsey: Fabulous

jackiegerstein: bye!

Jeff Lebow: This session's UStream recording at: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1557309

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