WiAOC 2009 - Pecha Kucha 2

WiAOC 2009
Pecha Kucha (session2)
A Pecha Kucha Night is a fast-paced, entertaining series of speedy presentations.
Any topic can be presented with 20 slides which auto-advance every 20 seconds (Pecha Kucha) or 15 seconds 
May 23, 2009

Moderated by Heiki Philp

Dennis Newson

Holly Longstroth

Buthaina Al Othman

Raymond Romanos

Dennis Oliver: Yes, can hear fine.

Sanja B: yes

JeffLebow: We are simulcastnig and recording now

JeffLebow: yes

Beyza Yilmaz: Hi all

Dennis Newson: Hi Jeff

JeffLebow: no thanks

susan burg: more people are coming....very nice

Dennis Oliver: Merhaba, Beyza.

Jeff Lebow: ah, the power!

Beyza Yilmaz: Merhaba 

Dennis Oliver:  

Dennis Newson: I don't mind

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): great!

mrsdurff: You are all so talented with this software!

Dennis Oliver: It's good to see you, Denos.

Dennis Newson: Like my dressinbg gown

susan burg: yes

susan burg: am admiring it

grahamstanley: it's very smart, Dennis

mrsdurff: the latest style

mrsdurff: if everyone would take a moment and twitter/plurk that would draw people in

mrsdurff: oh! make me some coffee

susan burg: I can send in some juice

susan burg: orange?

grahamstanley: juice as in electricity? or OJ?

susan burg: liquid stuff u drink

susan burg: have some in my fridge

Heike Philp: lol

grahamstanley: lol

grahamstanley: anyone can have one - free from the British Council Isle

Heike Philp: lol

mrsdurff: clones

grahamstanley: they'll sooon be taking over the world, Dennis  

mrsdurff: eek!

Berta: ha ha 

susan burg: oops

Mary Di Monaco: hi everyone!

grahamstanley: he he he

susan burg: nice work

Dennis Oliver: Very entertaining~

grahamstanley: maybe the British Council lads took your last slide, Dennis

Heike Philp: there  it is

Beyza Yilmaz: thanx

Heike Philp:  

Nina Liakos: Sorry I missed the beginning

Nina Liakos: I was cleaning string beans

Berta: ha, ha Graham

Nina Liakos: RL goes on...

susan burg: welcome Nina!

Dennis Newson: Thanks.

Nina Liakos: Thx

Heike Philp: hi Susan

Nina Liakos: yes

Heike Philp: yes

Berta: Hi Susan

Sanja B: yes

Dennis Oliver: Yes, Susan.

Beyza Yilmaz: Hi Susan

susan burg: wondeful

susan burg: we have a great group

susan burg: me no

Beyza Yilmaz: yes

grahamstanley: I used to work with one of the co-creators of the pecha kucha format many years ago in London

mrsdurff: Sprechen Sie Deutsch, dann?

mrsdurff: all 7th graders? i should pay better attention...

mrsdurff: rings true here too=where there is a will, there is a way

Dennis Oliver: Very interesting, Holly!

susan burg: good job

Nina Liakos: Well-timed, too!

Dennis Oliver: Great job!

susan burg: I like your intercultural idea

Nahir Aparicio: Excellent!!

Anthony Raby: Applause

Sanja B: Very interesting, Holly

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): this was from my first time!

Beyza Yilmaz: congrats, Holly

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): 15 years

Mary Di Monaco: very impressive

Nina Liakos: We know Dennis

susan burg: don't worry

Beyza Yilmaz: yeah

susan burg: you are doing so well tonight

mrsdurff: which none of us can pronounce


Berta: Great Dennis N.

Mary Di Monaco:  

Nahir Aparicio: Great Osna!

Dennis Oliver: I can hear it.

Sanja B: I can hear it

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): I can't

Nina Liakos: not yet

Tom Wells: I can

Heike Philp: who can not hear this?

Mary Di Monaco: not yet here

Beyza Yilmaz: Ican

Anthony Raby: yes

Berta: not yet here either

Dennis Newson: I've got a blank, no sign of a file.

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): now I can

Nina Liakos: okay

Tom Wells: Yes

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): yes

Berta: yes

Dennis Oliver: Yes, you stopped it.

Sanja B: yes

Nina Liakos: I had to stop it manually

Beyza Yilmaz: same here

Jeff Lebow: If they can't hear it, they can try listening to the stream at http://webheadsinaction.org/

Berta: Good idea Jeff

Dennis Oliver: I can hear it.

Heike Philp: smiley

Berta: I can here now

Heike Philp: great

Berta: hear, I mean

Dennis Oliver: There's echo.

Heike Philp: who can not ?

Dennis Newson: I can hear now.

Nina Liakos: I hear it twice, not synchronized  

Mary Di Monaco: I can now

Jeff Lebow: Heike, you might want to turn your mic off

Jeff Lebow: getting a bit of echo

Nina Liakos: I stopped one

Dennis Newson: and the slides are changing for me, too

Heike Philp: thx Jeff

Jeff Lebow: better

Nina Liakos: so no slides

Dennis Oliver: It's OK now.

Anthony Raby: a bit faint

Dennis Newson: Now everything has stopped.

Nina Liakos: lost it and started mine again

Dennis Oliver: Echo again.

Dennis Newson: Both back now.

mrsdurff: listen on webheads

mrsdurff: works fine

Nina Liakos: oh well

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): good idea..listen on webheads

Jeff Lebow: just that if people can't hear here

Beyza Yilmaz: I am sorry, I need to leave now. I need to finish one of my Master's assingments.

Nina Liakos: I have audio in one place and slides in the other

Jeff Lebow: they can listen on the webheadsinaction page

Beyza Yilmaz: thanks for the presentation.

Nina Liakos: Good night Beyza!

Jeff Lebow: still doesn't address the syncing issue though

Dennis Oliver: He said to listen to the stream at  http://webheadsinaction.org/

Jeff Lebow: not you

susan burg: he said to turn ur mike off

Dennis Oliver: everyone

Jeff Lebow: ah, OK

mrsdurff: bingo

Heike Philp: cheers

Heike Philp: ok

Heike Philp: starting again now

Jeff Lebow: but you need to play the audio again

Heike Philp: doen

Jeff Lebow: OK

Heike Philp: my audio is off

Dennis Oliver: Someone has a microphone open.

mrsdurff: http://webheadsinaction.org/

Nina Liakos: awful echo

susan burg: good nite Byza

mrsdurff: sounds great

Nina Liakos: it does?

mrsdurff: http://webheadsinaction.org/

Heike Philp: brill

Heike Philp: great stream

Nina Liakos: okay

mrsdurff: excellent audio + slides at http://webheadsinaction.org/

Jeff Lebow: I wasn't in the beginning, started to when I noticed they weren't synced with audio, then saw somone else was doing the same, and stopped

mrsdurff: wow!

Mary Di Monaco: lots of echo here

Berta: Congratulations to Buth on her grandchildren  

mrsdurff: i had none

Jeff Lebow: turn the ustream off

Nina Liakos: I did and now I hear nothing

Nina Liakos: okay

Mary Di Monaco: thanks! better now

Jeff Lebow: anyone who hears an echo

mrsdurff: audio is fine

Mary Di Monaco: not now

Jeff Lebow: you should be fine Heike

susan burg: but this is nice too

susan burg: it is more improvised

Nina Liakos: Heike why did you change from 20 seconds to 15 ffor the slides?

grahamstanley: ignite is 15 secs per slide I think

Nina Liakos: What is ignite?

Heike Philp: O'Reilly

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): O'Reilly

Nina Liakos: But if 20 x 20 = 6m40sec, aren't we doing that?

grahamstanley: O'Reilly

Nina Liakos: aha

Nina Liakos: Thanks

Nina Liakos: I was just curious

Nina Liakos: It's fine with me

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): yes

Nina Liakos:  

Nina Liakos: Good luck!

mrsdurff: YAY GRAHAM!!

Berta: Looks like you had a great time!!!

mrsdurff: your avatar is uncomfortable?

grahamstanley: lol

Berta: Perfect timing!!!

Mary Di Monaco: very interesting! Thank you

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): sorry--it was difficult to count backwards by 15... hehe

mrsdurff: Do you sing the song too?

Nina Liakos: Looks like fun

mrsdurff: from the musical

grahamstanley: the roxy music one

mrsdurff: no

mrsdurff: no mic

susan burg: next time I would like to present one of these

susan burg: a little 5 minute one

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): it was more fun than I thought it would be...

mrsdurff: http://www.learningtimes.net/wiaocevent2.html

grahamstanley: bye everyone

Sanja B: bye

Nahir Aparicio: bye

mrsdurff: bye graham

Dennis Newson: Good night all

Berta: Bye everyone, nice seeing so many familiar faces here. Great session

Moderator (Holly Longstroth): good night all--it is almost 2 AM here...

Nahir Aparicio: good night, thanks

susan burg: byebye

Mary Di Monaco: bye, thanks

mbarek: thank you . Bye bye

Nina Liakos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcmikedermott/2406106770/

Berta: Cariños, Nahir

Jeff Lebow: my pleasure - really enjoyed my first Pecha Kucha

Nahir Aparicio: Abrazos Berta!!

Anthony Raby: Near 6 am: nighty-night.

Heike Philp: Tony

Jeff Lebow: Ustream Archvie at: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1550662

susan burg: where do u live Anthony?

Heike Philp: I am so pleased you came

Heike Philp: Bangkok

susan burg: we are WWW

Anthony Raby: Bangkok.

Heike Philp: Susan = Italy?

Heike Philp: cant remember where

susan burg: yes

Heike Philp: hot Italy

susan burg: Florence

Heike Philp: ah,

susan burg: pls come to Florence

Anthony Raby: feedback when I wake up later. Thanks so much.

Heike Philp: Susan, I was in Florence 2months ago

susan burg: we can go out for luch

susan burg: òunch

susan burg: lunch

Heike Philp: at the ICC conf?

susan burg: ICC???

Moderator: I was there for the ICC conference

susan burg: where is it

susan burg: yes

susan burg: next time we will get together

susan burg: didn't know about the conference

susan burg: where was it held?

susan burg: no not off the bat

susan burg: very nice

susan burg: yes

Moderator: ECML

susan burg: right

susan burg: can look it up

susan burg: well this was fun

susan burg: hope we can do it again

Moderator: great to hear

Moderator: thx

Moderator: ttyl some time

susan burg: okay

susan burg: good night

Moderator: night night

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