WiAOC 2009 - Alec Couros Keynote

WiAOC 2009
Alec Couros Keynote
Open & Networked Teaching: A Transformative Journey
May 23, 2009

Elluminate Recording

Chat Log Below


dave cormier: i'm getting shooed outside to work in the yard... hoping to steal good ideas from this presentation for mine

dave cormier: hope it starts soon

Nergiz Kern: I did all garden work this morning   

Alec Couros: @dave Bah ... yardwork.   

dave cormier: i was playing with the boy.

Robert Squires: Hi Nergiz and all

Nergiz Kern: Hi Robert. Good to see you.

dave cormier: kids having afternoon nap now... must get a little work done

dave cormier: HI VANCE

Maru: Hello everyone!

Alec Couros: i'm around

Dennis Oliver: Hi to Anitha, Vance, Mary, Nergiz, Robert and everyone!

Nergiz Kern: Hi again, Dennis!

Alec Couros: haha

Nergiz Kern:   

Maru: Nice to see all of you!!

dave cormier: lol

Dennis Oliver: It's good to make another connection, Nergiz!   

Nergiz Kern: Nice to see you, too, Maru.

Alec Couros: no fair, dave gets to see mine first

Dennis Oliver: Igualmente, Cometa!

Nergiz Kern: Good evening   

Rita Zeinstejer: good aft/even everubody

Dennis Oliver: Más abrazos, querida Rita!

Nergiz Kern: Hi Rita!

Alec Couros: i'm ready when you are

Rita Zeinstejer: hola, Dennis dear!

Dennis Oliver:   

dave cormier: who is that guy?

dave cormier: kinda dreamy really

Rita Zeinstejer: lol

Nergiz Kern:   

Dennis Oliver: <chuckling>

Dennis Oliver: http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/

dave cormier: we all steal from Alec's tweets

Alec Couros: zefrank was a bit odd

Me to Vance Stevens: FYI, I'm just a ghost recording another backup - feel free to kick me out when this is over.

Alec Couros: http://www.slideshare.net/courosa/open-networked-teaching-a-transformati...

Vance Stevens: ok JL

anithadeviv: Hi Maru, Nergiz

Nergiz Kern: Hi Anitha!

grahamstanley: Hi everyone

Nergiz Kern: Hi Graham

anithadeviv: hi Dennis

Maru: Hi Anita and Graham

JoseRodriguez: Hi everyone

Nergiz Kern: Hi José

Mary Di Monaco: Hi everyone

Rita Zeinstejer: hi, Jose and Mary

Robert Squires: Hi Mary

Nergiz Kern: Hi Mary

Clif Mims: Good morning from warm and sunny Memphis, TN.

Rita Zeinstejer: hi, Robert   

Nergiz Kern: Hi Clif

JoseRodriguez: simulcasting part worldbridges webcasting team..

Robert Squires: Hi Rita

Kyle Lichtenwald: hey folks

Nergiz Kern: Hi Kyle

Kyle Lichtenwald: I've missed Alec. This Elluminate session brings back memories

Dennis Oliver: Hi, Mary.

Jared Nichol: Hello from warm Cold Lake!

Mary Di Monaco: Hi Dennis! Nice to see you

JoseRodriguez: open source.. as in learning that is what this whole weekend is all about

Nergiz Kern: Hi Jared

Mike Marzio: Oh yes - Apple II e

Dennis Oliver: Likewise, Mary!   

Silvia Straka: Hi from Toronto.

ccapozzoli: Hello from PA

Dennis Oliver: Hi, from Phoenix, AZ.

Aaron Ball: hi From Edmonton

Nergiz Kern: Hi Silvia and ccpozzoli and Aaron

Aaron Ball: Alberta

Maru: Hi from Mexico

JoseRodriguez: Hi From Los Angeles..

Jerry Swiatek: Inverness, FL checking in

Joe Virant: Hello from Houston

Maryanne Burgos: Maryland

dave cormier: hello from charlottetown

Mary Di Monaco: Rita, Maru, Robert, this brings back memories   

Mike Marzio: Hi from Carro

Karen LaBonte: NY

Rita Zeinstejer: Rosario, Argentina

Mario: Helo from Puerto rico

Maru: @indeed Mary, great memories

dave cormier: i know the guy in the video

Richard Schwier: Uncle Walt!

Kyle Lichtenwald: Micheal Giest

Vance Stevens: micky

Rita Zeinstejer: Wakt Disney!

Richard Schwier: howdy, Alec

Dean Shareski: lessig

Nergiz Kern: Are these all Americans?

Clif Mims: Nine Inch Nails

Kyle Lichtenwald: Vandanna Shiva

Lori Abrahams: Walt disney

Nergiz Kern: no

Mike Marzio: Allen Ginsberg?

Joe Virant: Trent Reznor

Aaron Ball: The Canadian Farmer

Vance Stevens: napsterman

Aaron Ball: That took on tMonsanto

Dean Shareski: napster logo

Joe Virant: nice!

Mike Marzio: Walt D

anithadeviv: Walt Disney Who is she ? Indian

JoseRodriguez: lessig yes... walt disney....yes..  darn.. I should know more.

Nergiz Kern: I only recognize some logos

Aaron Ball: Thank you!

Joe Virant: RIAA is backed into the corner...clever.

Aaron Ball: I couldn't remember his name.

dave cormier: @joe if only that was possible

Mike Marzio: Walt Disney was an English Education expert.

dave cormier: jesus?

Maru: lol

Mike Marzio: Tom Jefferson's dad?

Rita Zeinstejer: lol

anithadeviv: only people but what about the icons and symbols?

JoseRodriguez: locke.. oh yeah

anithadeviv: pictures?

Mike Marzio: empiric

anithadeviv: NIN?

anithadeviv: cc

Silvia Straka: Creative commons

Wesley Fryer: this is a great collection of images

Mary Di Monaco: nine inch nails

Mike Marzio: Napster!

JoseRodriguez: nine inch nails?

anithadeviv: thanks Mary

Mary Di Monaco: a music band

Mike Marzio: This isn't academia?

dave cormier: knowing knowledge... i caught the Siemens reference.

Mike Marzio: cool

dave cormier: i notice that 'marriage' isn't on the list

derrallg: these are questions that so many teachers need to reflect on that don't understand the need for change?

dave cormier: probalbly good really

Dennis Oliver: Hey, Derrall.

derrallg: hey Dennis good to see you

Dennis Oliver: You, too, Derrall.

Mbarek: Hi all

Mary Di Monaco: hi Mbarek

Dennis Oliver: Mbarek! Salaam!

Nergiz Kern: Hi Mbarek

Maru: Salaam Mbarek!

Mbarek: Happy to see u here Dennis , Mary  ..

Dennis Oliver: Likewise, my friend.

Wesley Fryer: key ideas in 140 characters: I love it

Mbarek: Hello Maru

Wesley Fryer: great reading list here

Mike Marzio: Your webcam is the message

Wesley Fryer: well, youtubers can both narrowcast and broadcast, right? (if their video goes viral)

JoseRodriguez: narrowcast,,,,,,,interesting.

matt montagne: we're catching the long tail here this morning!!!

Wesley Fryer: yes, this is narrowcasting

Aaron Ball: What was the book he mentioned?

JoseRodriguez: hey wes..

Wesley Fryer: hi Jose!

JoseRodriguez: Free as in "beer"

JoseRodriguez: ?

JoseRodriguez: or is there a catch some where?

Wesley Fryer: free tools, but most with ways to monetize... needed to survive!

Robert Squires: @ Aaron Freidman-The long Tail

dave cormier: oh well... gotta go. wish i could listen to more. nice job alec. as always.

Wesley Fryer: 4000 open access journals!

Nergiz Kern: Bye Dave!

JoseRodriguez: I like the one in the middle...

Maru: Bye Dave

JoseRodriguez: right smack in the middle

Silvia Straka: Do open access journals that are peer reviewed count for tenure, etc.?

Richard Schwier: Many traditional journals moving to open systems. Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology just did last year.

Wesley Fryer: "professors are paid by the public to publish in journals"

JoseRodriguez: darn where is ETT...

JoseRodriguez: I guess we haven't made the list

Robert Squires: Good point

derrallg: @jose just ask someone to peer review

JoseRodriguez: ok derrall. go for it

Silvia Straka: I love zotero.

ccapozzoli: zotero is absolutely incredible

derrallg: I think I have 400 ETT podcast sitting in iTunes   

Mike Marzio: A perspective on Academics. excellent.

JoseRodriguez: zotelo.. yep....

Silvia Straka: Foucault on knowledge/power

ccapozzoli: book glutton is another great tool for collab or social reading

Wesley Fryer: I need to get back to using zotero, I just dabbled with a bit but haven't invested in it...

ccapozzoli: it does it all... cites all sites that you use

Wesley Fryer: "diigo commenting on pages like graffitti on your textbook or magazine"

Silvia Straka: Hey, I see myself!

ccapozzoli: love diigo for educators..kids enjoy commenting too

Mike Marzio: I see webheads in this pic

Dennis Grice: Lots of familiar faces.

Maryanne Burgos: There's Carla Arena

Nergiz Kern: I recogize some, too.

Mike Marzio: yup

ccapozzoli: my face isnt up there    lol

ccapozzoli: just kidding

Dennis Oliver: And Alan Levine.

Robert Squires: Carla

Richard Schwier: I'd recognize more by their avatars, I think!   

Wesley Fryer: "My blog is my hub." an apt metaphor

Silvia Straka: Interdisciplinarity is one of the great things about social media.

Andrew Forgrave: Do one of those pixellated images of yourself made up of pictures of all of your friends ..

ccapozzoli: my wiki and twitter and nings are my hubs...

derrallg: I haven't been keeping up on blogging or 365

Wesley Fryer: http://www.darcynorman.net/

Silvia Straka: My blog is my hub but I've also fallen behind.

Wesley Fryer: "building social capital" via Flickr

Dean Shareski: http://www.flickr.com/groups/366photos/pool/

Wesley Fryer: "the blending of personal and professional worlds"

Richard Schwier: Okay, nudge to catch up... I'm way behind in my posting to 365.

Dean Shareski: it's harder and harder to keep the professional and personal separate

Wesley Fryer: http://blip.fm/

Mary Di Monaco: flikster for commenting on films

Silvia Straka: Yes, Dean.

Rita Zeinstejer: yesm Dean, agree

JoseRodriguez: yeah.. there we go... ETT

Dean Shareski: ....particularly if you want to engage in social learning

Silvia Straka: And PD is more and more free.

Mike Marzio: Given the high speed of delivery, I hope there are no English learners here. Otherwise excellent

Dennis Grice: Spontaneous PD - "Just in time" learning.  VERY powerful.

Wesley Fryer: I like that term "spontaneous pd" - it is also "just in time" and "on demand"

Aaron Ball: I love that we can do this!

Wesley Fryer: "out of the control of institutions"

Karen LaBonte: pay-for webinars seem unfair

Joe Virant: "out of control of the Institution"   

Richard Schwier: We're out of the control of institutions.  True on many levels.

Dean Shareski: A pat on the back from you, a stern look from my wife....when I'm suppposed to be working on the yard....got to go

Wesley Fryer: bye dean!

Silvia Straka: Bye Dean

Maru: Bye Dean!

derrallg: several of us just came from Classroom 2.0, this is why the chasm increases between those that participate and those that don't

Silvia Straka: Yes, derrallg. As a social justice worker, that gap concerns me.

Silvia Straka: On the one hand, it breaks down barriers.

Wesley Fryer: @derrallg yes in some ways the digital knowledge divide is growing rapidly, isn't it?!

Maru: congrats Alec!!

Silvia Straka: On th other hand, is divides by age, SES, etc

anithadeviv: great !!

Dennis Oliver: But I think we can't worry too much about keeping up.

ccapozzoli: the divide is so huge... i feel like i am foreign when i talk to the avg person

matt montagne: many don't want to merge their personal and professional lives...they like to work 8-3.

matt montagne: and that is fine...

Mike Marzio: Great attitude

Robert Squires: can you not over expose information about yourself--security concerns

Wesley Fryer: http://www.openculture.com/2009/05/how_i_sold_my_book_by_giving_it_away....

Silvia Straka: Yes, ccapozzoli. But I've recently learned that many good people are feeling very threatened by the necessity to get more technological or fall behind.

Dennis Grice: Professional Network vs. personal network.  Where do you draw the line? For me Twitter is more professional. Facebook more personal.

Nergiz Kern: Matt, I think we have to accept that, too.

Russ Goerend: I'm the same way Dennis

derrallg: @wes it points to the need for working more with people that we are surrounded by, but so much resistance

matt montagne: @nergz, yep, I agree...but....

Russ Goerend: friends since elem. school on Facebook. Not so much on Twitter.

matt montagne: ...sometimes folks in the 8-3 camp judge the folks who are 24/7 and deeply connected...

ccapozzoli: @silvia straka wow thats funny that you  said that i just came across the same thing

Wesley Fryer: @derrallg i think it also points out how important it is to broaden the conversations, invite more people in, not keep the room limited, move out into non-digital spaces

Silvia Straka: Robert, had a tweet taken out of context recently (someone googled me) and completed read something different out of it by prospective employer.

Silvia Straka: completely

Bryan Hughes: The McDonalds interactive billboard: http://bit.ly/POj9K

Mbarek: Hi Baelers  ,isn't this a good training ?

Mary Di Monaco: certainly mbarek

Maru: yes Mbarek!

Russ Goerend: "control"

L Winebrenner: control

Rob Wall: Gotta be open to teach open.

derrallg: @wes do you have a good blog post on how to use more traditional communication forums, suggestions?

ccapozzoli: just joined a parent group and will now be a school board director in my small rural SD... planning on creating a parent/community network

Wesley Fryer: "the assumptions around student learning" - whoa there are lots of those, aren't there...

Mbarek: sure  dear baelers

Richard Schwier: Ethical reasons to use tools that are consistent with our beliefs.

Silvia Straka: Yes, Richard!!

Wesley Fryer: derrallg no but I should write on that-- i hope k12online09 will focus on this goal of expanding the conversations / participants even more than in the past

Rob Wall: Exactly!

Nergiz Kern: Cool!

Maru: social affordances...

Wesley Fryer: tag it!

Dennis Grice: Tag tag Tag

Silvia Straka: It would get tagged.

Lori Abrahams: everyones faces would be tagged

Russ Goerend: connections made

ccapozzoli: its so sad that admin still refuse to use these tools based on misconceptions and ignorance

Wesley Fryer: I LOVE the idea of connecting each face to their story

Russ Goerend: That's a great illustration, Alec

ccapozzoli: wow amazing....

derrallg: yes

Mary Di Monaco: awsome

Wesley Fryer: "stories which have been lost because affordances have not been made"

Rita Zeinstejer: great pix

Silvia Straka: What a cool history project, to take some of these pictures & research them and connect their stories.

derrallg: and digital footprints

Wesley Fryer: we do have the ability in some cases to breathe new life into stories

Russ Goerend: Great idea, Silvia

Wesley Fryer: the ipod!

Maru: phone

Mike Marzio: bulb

ccapozzoli: love the itouch

Karen LaBonte: bulb

Richard Schwier: Lightbulb opened up the night as a social space.

Silvia Straka: I think the bulb

Vance Stevens: light draws sociality

JoseRodriguez: social.. well we kind of need both

Silvia Straka: ipod usually has earplugs

L Winebrenner: there is a light app for that

Wesley Fryer: so bulbs cause us to stay up later and sleep less

matt montagne: books can be isolating too...

ccapozzoli: @wes lol

Vance Stevens: attrracted to it

Wesley Fryer: not sitting on the porch anymore...

JoseRodriguez: yeah...

Maru: narrowstreaming with ipod

Mike Marzio: in 2009 you are McLuhan's message

Silvia Straka: Matt, we used to read out loud to each other (I still do it with my partner)

derrallg: I hope no one is waiting for it to communicate

Joe Virant: it communicates when the filament dies...   

Nergiz Kern: Do you have the link. Youtube is blocked here

JoseRodriguez: it was very cool

Silvia Straka: I'm on my porch now. What's cool is that potentially my neighbour could come over & also watch this prez.

Dennis Oliver: This is wonderful!

Alec Couros: is it working?

Karen LaBonte: LOL

ccapozzoli: this is sooooooooo great

derrallg: yep

Silvia Straka: no working for me

Alec Couros: thanks

Maryanne Burgos: Yes, it's working!

Nergiz Kern: Can't see   

Russ Goerend: I'm not seeing the video

Alec Couros: this is the link if you want to look later - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVbO2q0ZSok

Russ Goerend: The page popped up, but not video.

Jerry Swiatek: I only have blank white screen

grahamstanley: working for me

Rita Zeinstejer: GREAT!

Russ Goerend: Thanks

Nergiz Kern: Thanks!

JoseRodriguez: I am..

Mary Di Monaco: it's working

derrallg: seems to working for some and not for others

Maryanne Burgos: Some of us see the Youtube video

Alec Couros: sorry.   

Mike Marzio: twitter.............

Karen LaBonte: lol

Kyle Lichtenwald: got to run folks. Thanks Alec. Heading out camping

Mary Di Monaco: lol

JoseRodriguez: hahahahahahah... very true..

Alec Couros: ok it's over for me

Alec Couros: will move on

Rita Zeinstejer: LOL LOL

derrallg: a classic

Robert Squires: THat's brilliant

Wesley Fryer: very nice!

Dennis Grice: <applause>

Andrew Forgrave: great!

Maryanne Burgos: Ha ha

Dennis Oliver: The medium was definitely the message.

Maru: clever ideas!!

Rita Zeinstejer: clap clap

Mbarek: thanks very nice

Robert Squires: I'd imagine that your enrollment is pretty good

matt montagne: my wife just said, "I would take that course" !!!!

ccapozzoli: will be teaching a grad course for Inst. sys Design for tech in ed. this gives me some great ideas to advertise

Maru: good for her Matt!!

Wesley Fryer: "blog = center of each student's learning universe"

Wesley Fryer: "how do you keep track of distributed conversations?" - that IS a great question

Rob Wall: A Copernican revolution in education.

JoseRodriguez: for literacy week in our school... I had my students share what is tech literacy with the rest of the school

Wesley Fryer: I like "sharing by default"

JoseRodriguez: Literacy  goes WAY beyond. books..

Robert Squires: silos of expertise

Rob Wall: We still act like information is scarce.

Wesley Fryer: teacher culture in the past: hoarding - very different worldview

matt montagne: I was just on a conference call yesterday with this virtual school that is starting up...they want to "Copyright" and "own" all content that their teachers create

Wesley Fryer: I definitely agree this worldview difference is KEY. The assumption is NOT to collaborate for many teachers.

matt montagne: ...they don't get it

Joe Virant: @Robert or silos of the opporsite of expertise, unfortunately

matt montagne: I like the potential of Android

derrallg: @rob I wonder if part of that is the incredible amount of work we still have to do to wade through all the noise for usable resources

JoseRodriguez: cool..jail break...

matt montagne: apple iPhone way too proprietary

Russ Goerend: way to go 3G

Wesley Fryer: that is BYOB: bring your own bandwidth!

JoseRodriguez: darn.. he's my hero

Andrew Forgrave: Nice!

Dennis Grice: Wow.  Pretty solid connection.

Maru: LOL

Vance Stevens: mum's teh word

Mike Marzio: Alec  - absolutely - we are mute

L Winebrenner: but how do you help others to learn to let go and move forward and adapt to sharing by default

Rob Wall: @derrallg But the filters are already there - each other.

matt montagne: I do worry about new OS battles...this time on phones

JoseRodriguez: I like that

Andrew Forgrave: BYOB ! Like it!

matt montagne: iPhone apps are great, but often they are OS specific...that isn't right

Richard Schwier: Nice tech gymnastics!

Wesley Fryer: so this is the "walled garden" versus "open web" publishing conversation...

Dennis Grice: Everything is Blackboard now.

JoseRodriguez: Could that be the case with ELLUMINATE?

Mike Marzio: American providers suck

JoseRodriguez: just a thought

matt montagne: @Jose...you are right

Rob Wall: I wonder if universities will need to rethink blackboard connection with cutbacks happening?

Silvia Straka: 55 today

Karen LaBonte: Elluminate is fee based, no?

Robert Squires: nice idea

Wesley Fryer: @Karen yes Elluminate is VERY expensive for institutions

Mike Marzio: brill

matt montagne: @Rob...I'm under the impression that Blackboard can be 50-60 K for medium schools annually...

Wesley Fryer: hi @ehelfant   

matt montagne: don't know why anyone would pay that kinda $$$$

Karen LaBonte: Schools block web sites & apps that are free. Ironic

JoseRodriguez: actually... I took Alec's tutorial for ustreaming with a mac.. skype conferencing .... and now it's what I do with ETT..

JoseRodriguez: and I kissed SHOUTCAST goodbye

Richard Schwier: Standing by. Not much of an expert... but like having a good time.

Richard Schwier: Great fun in your class

Robert Squires: @Jose is that tutorial available somewhere?

Sheri Edwards: Came in late, sorry. Is there a sharetabs forth this session?

JoseRodriguez: yeah.. it's a blog entry

Maryanne Burgos: Can WiziQ be a good substitute?

Silvia Straka: All this applies to higher ed, too.

JoseRodriguez: in Alec's blog.

JoseRodriguez: I should get it..

Robert Squires: ta

matt montagne: great slide

Dennis Oliver: In my experience, WiZiQ is unstable.

Maryanne Burgos: Too bad.

Rob Wall: Open is not new. Socrates taught in the town square in Athens.

JoseRodriguez: the tools can change... I prefer to focus on the use.

Dennis Oliver: It works well for some, though, Maryanne.

Silvia Straka: Rob, that's always been my vision of university.

derrallg: I feel like I move along the spectrum depending on the grade level I teach

matt montagne: another great slide

JoseRodriguez: they look pretty happy.

Sheri Edwards: intergenerational diversity

derrallg: they are engaged learners

Wesley Fryer: fisheye lenses can be used for great effect at F2F meetups!

Wesley Fryer: (or just good wide angle lenses)

Karen LaBonte: meta phors --- why?

Robert Squires: @MaryAnne WizIQ is not quite robust enough for universities that need to depend on sessions 'working'. Elluminate has issues too, but it's one of the best. The audio/recording is worth the price tag fro big institutions.

Maru: A minority tha will infect the rest with the life learning drive

JoseRodriguez: as matt would say "find the low hanging fruit"

Wesley Fryer: I like those gathered around the campfire on the side of the mountain

matt montagne: yet another great slide...excellent metaphor

Maryanne Burgos: @Robert Thanks for the input.

JoseRodriguez: or vance.. "fish in the pond"

derrallg: @jose I thought that metaphor was buried

Richard Schwier: metaphors are useful... almost always can capture only part of the depth of an idea.  But powerful for illustrating key ideas.

Silvia Straka: By unviersity level, students are so used to having "knowledge" given to them, they can get really anxious about this kind of learning.

matt montagne: I wonder if the traditional concept of assessment really needs to be turned on its head going forward

Mike Marzio: assessment aren't even necessary, unless it's local

JoseRodriguez: @derallg not ready to let it go yet.. maybe earthcast10 when it is replaced

Dennis Oliver: I think so, Matt.

matt montagne: I think the only way to assess in a highly customized learning world is via portfolios

Richard Schwier: Agreed, Matt

Silvia Straka: Yes, Matt.

Maru: assessment and evaluation... risky ground for me, rather foster self assesment

derrallg: @matt yes I like that idea better

Karen LaBonte: I admit I don't get SL

Maria Perifanou: Good evening to all of you from Thessaloniki, Greece

Mike Marzio: like yoursef

Wesley Fryer: I think we need better networks for facilitating those expert connections, tho...

Russ Goerend: Same here, Karen

Nergiz Kern: Good evening, Maria

JoseRodriguez: authentic assessment.. as in the learner decides what learning to showcase in thier portfolios.

myrielle badio: i do not know how to us SL

Wesley Fryer: no I think Dean had to step away...

Robert Squires: Lots of good SL sessions as part of WIAOC

Maru: :listenign to Jose

matt montagne: teachers, then, should be evaluated on the kind of real work that their students publish perhaps

Nergiz Kern: It took me longer to get Twitter than to get SL. Now they are both my most important "tools"

JoseRodriguez: mentoring idea is pretty cool

Mike Marzio: at least 1 wh on the list

Wesley Fryer: I have just dabbled in SL but haven't gotten "hooked" there

Karen LaBonte: @Nergiz I just "got" twitter recently

Silvia Straka: Hehe

Russ Goerend: Get caught learning?

matt montagne: makes a strong case for schools with glass walls vs solid walls

Aaron Ball: Thank you for sharing! Bye.

Mbarek: editing Sl is still hardfor  me Nergiz

Karen LaBonte: @wes cool K12 conference presentation abt a school district that has its own island on SL

Sheri Edwards: great metaphor matt m

Mike Marzio: speed!

Russ Goerend: is it a metaphor?

matt montagne: classrooms with glass walls are something we should consider in school archittechture

Wesley Fryer: @Karen LaBonte thanks for that reference - I still have not watched that one! I need to.

Karen LaBonte: What about being open about our small children-- is that appropriate?

Sheri Edwards: doesn't need to be metaphor   -- let's make it real...

myrielle badio: how do i get started with SL

matt montagne: High Tech High in Sand Diego has glass classroom walls..because they want people to be able to see and share

Russ Goerend: I agree, Sheri

Sheri Edwards: not everyone has access -- or access to access

Mike Marzio: What an incedible guy!

JoseRodriguez: @matt there are classrooms like that.....

Nergiz Kern: myrielle, find mentors

Wesley Fryer: @myrielle badio that is a great question to post in a learning community like http://www.classroom20.com

Silvia Straka: Students who have problems with reading literacy -- I wonder how the push to digital literacy affects them.

matt montagne: @jose...have you been to High Tech High down in San Diego?? Looks really interesting

Mike Marzio: But not able to look down here

matt montagne: http://www.mobilelearninginstitute.org/21stcenturyeducation/films/film-l...

matt montagne: check out that video on hi tech high

matt montagne: incredible

Sheri Edwards: agree -- i was able to participate in 1999 with Gates Teacher Leadership Project -- and I have never stopped...

Maru: @Myrielle please check http://slexperiments.pbworks.com to fing guidance to use SL

Maria Perifanou: Unfortunately i have a bad  connection...

derrallg: I need these teahers in my district

derrallg: teachers

myrielle badio: thank you all

Karen LaBonte: Is our sense of mutual transformation a good self-assessment tool for us?

Nergiz Kern: Thanks, Maru!

Mary Di Monaco: lovely


Mike Marzio: is that cool or what?

ccapozzoli: my 6 yr olds....twins love the tech and they are using it to learn, play and connect

matt montagne: wow, fantastic talk !!!!!

Russ Goerend: love the Tagore quote

JoseRodriguez: thanks.. awesome

GeorgeV: Instead of trying to subversively trying to teach online, how can i convince my U to let me do so?   

Mike Marzio: You are an extreme livewire Alec !

ccapozzoli: Alec... thanks so much for you expertise and passion... you are an inspiration

Jennifer Jones: The course continues after the class, but how can instructors prepare and acknowledge the learning that happens before the course?

Alec Couros: go ahead, take the mic

Andrew Forgrave: Great !

Robert Squires: great presentation ALec--filled in a few gaps

Mary Di Monaco: inspiring talk

derrallg: Are you planning any follow up with the teachers later on to see how the system changes them?

Dennis Oliver: Yes--thanks, Alec, for an inspiring, thought-provoking session.

Karen LaBonte: Will you be offering another open classroom?

ccapozzoli: PA is doing a wonderful job in mentoring... the CFF grant opened up tech and mentors for about 500 schools

Silvia Straka: Thank you once again, Alec! I've learned so much from you.

matt montagne: this slide brings back BAD memories of my schooling experience...wow

ccapozzoli: each school had an ITS mentor for all teachers...

Russ Goerend: Great session, Alec. Have to log off.  Thanks for teh conversation everyone.

Maru: Bye Russ

matt montagne: but how far different is this slide than the experience of many kids today?? Probably not that different

Maryanne Burgos: @Silvia Encouraging digital literacy can be very motivational.

Silvia Straka: that's something that hasn't been much discussed on Twitter is to enhance the quality of your netowrk, not just the size.

ccapozzoli: mentoring/coaching in education is the way to move...there is strong research in it

Maru: indeed!!!

Maru: to encourage digital literacy is an adventure on itself

Karen LaBonte: @Alec: any plans for another open class?

derrallg: @matt I was the same way, will never teach what I had to tolerate

Silvia Straka: @Maryanne, I was hoping it might work that way.

Wesley Fryer: yes thanks

JoseRodriguez: a bit and a bunch...

ccapozzoli: absolutely the under grad ed inst. are seriously outdated...

Maru: Nice to hear your voice Robert

Rita Zeinstejer: I agree with that, it starts with isnpiring teachers

Silvia Straka: It broadens the dialogue.

Sheri Edwards: i am held back by IT who does not support teachers and their tech knowledge

Vance Stevens: who can model

Maru: model what Vance?

Silvia Straka: Again, boundaries between inside-outside university are dropping rapidly

JoseRodriguez: I like that.. no expectations.. leaves it to the participant.. and instead of going for the minimum.. we can shoot for the stars

Robert Squires: interesting

Silvia Straka: @Alec, that was great, becuase I loved being able to support your students when you asked for it on Twitter. It was a way to give back for what I learned.

matt montagne: How is the learning that is going on in the classroom in this slide better than the multi-dimensional, personalized learning that could be going on in school 2.0??

Sheri Edwards: students need to be able to make their own expectations

Robert Squires: thanks

betterlate than never: I hope someone is doing a back up recording - jose?

Alec Couros: vance?

Silvia Straka: Micro-teaching -- can have depth and make us reflect for hours after.

Alec Couros: then karen ...

ccapozzoli: we have to show them or model that for them... kids still need guidance for creating their own high expectations

Mike Marzio: go vance

Jenna Ream: I love that micro-teaching idea... powerful way to bring teacher and learner to higher levels of thinking about content- brilliant!

JoseRodriguez: I am simulcasting to ustream.. recording on ustream and local back up on audacity

Maru: lost your voice too Vance

Maru: good now

Silvia Straka: I have to find a way to capture my own notes on what I find interesting & want to followup after these open sessions.

Alec Couros: ICT Coordinator and professor

JoseRodriguez: we are posting raw audio... look for link on wiaoc09 wiki

Maryanne Burgos: @Silvia I keep a Word document open to take notes.  Woudl that work for you?

Mike Marzio: i had the same question.

matt montagne: Most people are 8-3 teachers...this probably won't change much until our schools are shut down by the swine flu

Maru: @Silvia, I usually opne a note and copy/paste interesting bits and links

betterlate than never: recording this JHose?

JoseRodriguez: yep

Silvia Straka: @Maryanne, yes, something like that. Maybe Evernote, too.

betterlate than never: ty

JoseRodriguez: and elluminate does a recording also

betterlate than never: traffic was terrible

derrallg: @jose I downloaded the slides too

Nergiz Kern: I have to go. Thanks Alec and all for this great conversation!

Nergiz Kern: bye

betterlate than never: don't go out - stay home

Mike Marzio: alec is like on speed (but he isn't of course)

ccapozzoli: you can save this entir session ... go to file save chat or whiteboard

Dennis Oliver: Take care, Nergiz.

Maru: Bye nergiz!

Jennifer Jones: @betterlate Me too, but I snuck in without a sign on my back.

JoseRodriguez: in ustream simulcast I have the slides also

derrallg: great

betterlate than never: @Jrnnifer I'm Durff

Silvia Straka: I had to FORCE my sister to go on Twitter and now she is sold on it. It's about getting over the person's fear & resistance.

JoseRodriguez: Mrs.BetterLateThanNever

betterlate than never: and hate that I missed Alec

derrallg: don't use that for a twitter user name

Vance Stevens: yes, I mean how do you inspire a majority of those around you

betterlate than never: ok

Vance Stevens: if that is possible

betterlate than never: not for me where i am

Karen LaBonte: especially if there's a lot of testing

Silvia Straka: @Vance I don't think we can inspire the majority. It's viral.

ccapozzoli: @ vance... build awareness through relevance of tools and content

Andrew Forgrave: Faculty of Education, not "Faculty of High School Teaching," etc.

betterlate than never: need to have admin on your side at k12

ccapozzoli: set the hook and bait.... reel them in...

betterlate than never: but if that school wants you out.....it won't work

Silvia Straka: You can't just go on Twitter for 2 days and hope to benefit. It takes some time to "get it".

derrallg: I think it's convincing some of the teacher for the need for change, they don't understand

Alec Couros: karen?

matt montagne: I hope we start to see more "School withing Schools" develop...the concept of an arm within an organization can innovate without having to deal with systemic constraints makes sense

ccapozzoli: admin yes... they need more vision

Alec Couros: let go of mic

betterlate than never: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ccapozzoli: great thanks Alec

Karen LaBonte: YAY! Thanks!

Maru: Great news Alec!!

Robert Squires: Thanks!

betterlate than never: Me! M1!

derrallg: thank you Alec

betterlate than never: Choose me!

Dennis Oliver: Thanks very much, Alec.

Maru: Already looking forward to September

Mary Di Monaco: wonderful session

Andrew Forgrave: Thanks Alec!

Wesley Fryer: great job Alec!

betterlate than never: Applause

Richard Schwier: Thanks, Alec.  Always inspiring!

JoseRodriguez: thank you...

Maryanne Burgos: Exceptional presentation and enthusiasm!  Thanks.

Alec Couros: thanks all

Sheri Edwards: Thanks Alec   -- your students are amazing too

Silvia Straka: ***** standing ovation **********

Maru: thatnks for the great session Alec

ccapozzoli: NECC 09.... Alec will you be there

Mike Marzio: Alec - you have been MOST appreciated.

Alec Couros: unfortunately, won't be at NECC this year.   

betterlate than never: http://slurl.com/secondlife/MUVEnation/128/128/24

ccapozzoli: will stream and share on twibes... necc and iste

betterlate than never: l8r

Maru: Bye everyone, great to see you

Mary Di Monaco: bye everyone

Alec Couros: again ... slides - http://www.slideshare.net/courosa/open-networked-teaching-a-transformati...

Rita Zeinstejer: thanks a lot, Vance and Alec, very interesting session!

Mbarek: thank you very much

derrallg: bye

Mbarek: bye all

Rita Zeinstejer: bye all!

matt montagne: bye

Tom: bye

Alec Couros: great

Alec Couros: thanks

Bryan Hughes: Thank you!

LesleyE: Great session, thanks!

ccapozzoli: thanks Vance and Alec.... i am a geek on Sat memorial DAY weekend

Sheri Edwards: thanks all

Jenna Ream: thank you! great ideas, well presented

grahamstanley: thank you

Sue L.: thank you - this was great

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