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Mexico English Teachers' Alliance :: META Web 2.0

Hello Webheads,

 I just found this site and can see that it is going to be a valuable resource and reference for people on my site at Mexico English Teachers' Alliance (META Web 2.0).

I am really interested in elevating English language learning (ELL) in Mexico via technology. A brave and bold target here, but very important. So if there are any Webheads that want to participate in this important project, please stop by and comment or help out. We really do need Webhead voices to enrich our efforts here.

Mexico, even though it is a neighbor to the USA, it still scores in the bottom 50% of international English tests taken around the world. The situation here is desperate and Mexicans, too, need to be positioned for a globalized interconnected business and social world that speaks in English.

We are especially interested in use of technology such as: podcasting, Web/Internet projects, blogging, twitter for education applications, video, etc. But also in language teaching methodologies and practices around the world.

Thanks a bunch,

META Web Team,

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