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Nina Liakos

I've been teaching English since I got my first job substituting for a teacher on sick leave at the Ecole Active Bilingue in Paris in 1971 (with a year off working at the World Bank and on Capitol Hill when I first returned to the States in 1973).  Since getting my master's in applied linguistics at Georgetown University in 1977, I have been employed full-time in higher ed settings, part-time in adult ed.  Since 1981, I have been a lecturer in ESL at the University of Maryland, College Park, outside of Washington, DC.  I first became interested in using web tools when I enrolled in Becoming a Webhead (EVOnline) in 2006, and life has not been the same since.  Blogs and wikis have transformed my teaching, and friendships with colleagues around the globe have enriched my life.  I recently switched my TESOL IS to CALL, after years in Higher Ed.  Thanks to Tere, Daf, Moira, Carla, Erika, Gladys, Berta, Vance, Dennis, and all my other webhead friends and mentors.

Hello, Nina! I am glad to

Hello, Nina! I am glad to see you here - I took a baw'07 course, and I finally decided to come here and be active :) At least, I'll try. And it feels good to 'see' people I already know! Vera, Russia

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