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Alado Password and loading presentation

I'll be presenting in Alado tomorrow at 5:00GMT. I'm wondering how I can get the password so I can be the moderator and load my presentation?

I've never presented with Alado, but I've participated many times. I'm hoping it'll be easy to load my powerpoint presentation. Is it easy to do, or do I need some kind of special training?

Alado Password - Andy Pincon contacted

Perry, I've written Andy and asked him to answer your post.  I'm not sure what you mean by load your presentation.  Alado does not accept ppt slides, hope that's not what you meant.  Your presentation needs to be web based.  Try Zoho for example.

If you're not getting answers write on our coaching wall.  Click on the session chair sign up and find someone who is chairing an alado session and write them.

You can also go to Tapped In for live help.



Perry, I should walk you through uploading your powerpoint

Hi Perry:

As you may know by now, I've replied to your email for Moderator rights and have assigned you those rights.  But for you to upload your powerpoint you need to know a few things.  So email me back or reply to this post and let me know how we connect today before your presentation. Either that or email me your powerpoint and I'll upload it for you and send you the link to the navigation page for sending each slide out to the online audiences.


Andy Pincon


I think I'm ready to present. Have my presentation on the web, and got my password, and the trial run seemed to work. Wish me luck.    Thanks.

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