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Biggest EdTech Challenges & Greatest Wishes

What are the biggest challenges you face in using educational technology & what's at the top of your wishlist?

challenges in using educational technology

Hi, Jeff—and everyone.

My biggest challenge in using educational technology is  fourfold: learning about tools from the many which are available, choosing from among the tools that I discover or learn about from others, "playing" with a new tool enough to learn the basics of how it works, and thinking of how students and I may use the tool to engage in communicative, collaborative, participative learning.

What's at the top of my wish list? – To be bright enough to take an idea, think it through, choose a tool or set of tools, and build a cmc-driven vehicle that will be truly engaging for users.

Dennis in Phoenix

For a purpose

The biggest challenge is to convince all those around, learners, colleagues, peers........ Ed. tech should be used for a purpose, they are a mean and not THE purpose..... I feel I really want to scream very loud sometimes..... a lot of people just don't get it

OR am I the fool


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