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Elluminate Help


I'm presenting on Saturday 10.00 and apparently will be using Elluminate. Never used if before and could do with some help. For example, how do I upload a Powerpoint presentation? I've checked the help file but a folder it refers to doesn't show when I look at the screen.



Peter Travis

Hi Pete, I'm in my office

Hi Pete,

I'm in my office all day tomorrow Wed from around 5 gmt to around 1400.  Give me a shout at one of the IM's listed at  or email me at  and I can meet you online to show you the ropes.  Or maybe we can find someone more in your time zone.  Where are you?



When you are the moderator, you can upload a powerpoint from your computer to the whiteboard. I know very little and was able to do this so I am certain everyone else can with ease. If there are any problems at the presentation time, just ask in the chat room.

PowerPoint in Learning Times / Elluminate


Have you tried the PowerPoint Converter  for Elluminate Live? It's located here:

You need to have PowerPoint 97, 2000, XP, or 2003 running on Windows 98, 2000, or XP in order to use the converter.

 D. Oliver


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