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Mona Younes' Introduction

Mona YounesHi this is Mona Younes, E-Learning/E-Training consultant at MediaInternational ( Cairo- Doha) I am at the same time the Managing Editor of the Qatari Teachers Network, an interactive website with a long term strategy to be used as an online training portal for Qatari teachers. I am doing a Masters in Online Education ( University of Southern Queensland) and my project is gooing  to be about " Perceptions and Attitudes of Young Arabs towards Online Education". I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Online Education, which I accomplished online with USQ ( University of Southern Queensland).

I have been founder and  supervisor of an E-Training Unit, ( in Cairo) which delivered interactive online training for Adult Arabs in the field of Life Skills ( parental, marital...etc.)

Before that I have been working as Head of various departments at, a bilingual website, with lots of social, parental and youth webpages.

You are all invited to visit my website:


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