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Registration for WiAOC

I find it impossible to open the site to register for the upcoming WiAOC online conference (I live in China and any address containing WIKI is usually blocked). So I'm wondering:

- is registration absolutely essential?
- is there an alternative way to register? (e.g., by email)

Thank you.


Registration & Site Access

Hello Holly,

  Registration will be necessary to access some of the venues, but you can certainly participate without registering.  The wiki's are mostly for informational purposes, and we can try to duplicate that information on this site as well. I'm glad to see that you were able to register here (  It would be helpful to know more about your access 'challenges'.  Which of these sites are you unable to reach?

The Webheads are very resourceful and we'll do whatever we can to make presentations as accessible as possible.


I think Holly is registered ??

Hey Jeff and Holly - wouldn't the fact that Holly has left a message at this forum suggest that she is logged in here and therefore registered for this conference?  how else? Vance

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