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uploading presentations


We will be presenting in an interwise room in discovery on the first day of the conference. We need a username and password to upload material into the interwise platform. How do we get this?


Elaine Miri and Asmaa

Moira alerted

I've alerted Moira that there is a message here, Vance

DiscoverE-Interwise Room

Hi Elaine,

I replied on 14.05.07 to your earlier email and am waiting for you to let me know what time on Thursday would be convenient for you to go through this in the room.  As I said, any time is fine with me :-)



Just click on join, fill out the form, and the username and password are emailed to you.

how to create a wiki page?


i'm new on wiki, i need to know how create a page on wiki please?



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