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iPods: Shuffling the way we teach Forum


We are presenting on how we use iPods in with our classes and how it is changing the way we teach. If you use iPods in your classroom or are thinking about ways to incorporate other mp3 type devices, we'd like to hear about your experiences. Hope you all can attend our session on Saturday, May 19th at 5:00 GMT.

iPods and other mp3 devices

Aloha, Perry and Hitokazu.

I haven't used iPods in my own classes, but I have used a variety of mp3 tools—including many mp3-based online materials that I have created myself.

In my view, one of the biggest challenges in use of iPods is their availability to students: many ELT programs, I think, do not have iPods which are available for student use. The students I've taught in the past several years, for example, have for the most part been working adults who have some familiarity with computers, but do not have an iPod of their own or any personal experience in using one (though this may not be the case with their children).

I've found, however, that mp3-based learning materials (for example, recordings which provide supplementary practice or a means of assessing recorded material keyed to a textbook) can be very useful, particularly if they are keyed to students' interests or personalized in some way. They can also be a very valuable way to give students opportunities to apply "canned" content in new and more personally meaningful settings.

Dennis in Phoenix

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