Podcasting Skype interviews with advanced learners of English

Presenter (s): 

Peter Travis

Flo-joe is a website which offers free resources for Cambridge ESOL students. The website contains structured exam practice for reading, writing and grammar and vocabulary. This talk will look at how new technology presented two wonderful opportunities for us to offer speaking practice with the help of some of our students.

1 SKYPE enabled us to carry out speaking practice with students from various countries, both one-to-one and group discussions. We were also keen to develop our learners’ study skills and for them ultimately to be able to carry out these exam-focused conversations independently. 

2 PODCASTING allowed us to make these interviews available for other students to listen to, thus immediately reaching a wider audience. 

In this talk I will outline the steps we went through that led up to the publication of these podcasts. This will include: 

how the sessions were timetabled

my initial experiences with Skype

how I prepared the students and myself for the mock interviews

how these interviews were recorded

how the interviews were edited and posted as podcasts