Using Moodle and Spip in the EFL classroom. The example of the Intercomstudents project.

Presenter (s): 

Celine Godet

The participants will be shown a way of using the e-learning platform Moodle and the collaborative work environment Spip together with the various tools they offer for the teaching of the foreign daily culture and the target language.

Firstly, the presenter will show their functions and explain how to set up and use the various tools (forums, instant messaging, dictionaries, modules, collaborative work, editing …). She will show how to get trained to the building of a web site with Moodle and Spip with Easyphp without being connecting to the Internet. (All the web tools presented are open source tools).

Secondly, she will present the advantages of using such tools in the EFL classroom, notably for the teaching of the foreign daily culture.

Finally, she will exemplify their uses in the EFL classroom by showing the web sites of an experimental intercultural cyberclass she has taught for 3 years : the "Intercomstudents" project. This course aimed at fostering students' intercultural communication competence, their knowledge of the foreign daily culture and cultural relativism through intercultural synchronous and asynchronous communication. It was based on online exchanges between French and American students.