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Using Chat Room with Vista

A common question from the Worldbridges inbox ...

I use Microsoft Vista and cannot access the Worldbridges Chat Room here on .  How can I access the chat room?

Using Chat Room with Vista

The chat room here and on most Worldbridges sites is hosted by  For now there seems to be an access issue with Vista.  Hopeufully, it will disappear eventually, but for now (May 2007), the best fix seems to be here in the addonchat forums

Java-based chat and Vista

I just started tentatively using Vista on my new laptop - it runs fine in many constellations - but apparently Internet Explorer 7 has a mysterious, built in security check that will keep you from using many Java based applets in an orderly manner.

I've tried to research how people have solved this problem, and apparently I'll have to install an alternative browser!

Although the new laptop is faster and better for many purposes (such as Second Life) I'll probably avoid using it for the Convergence days 

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