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Open and Participatory Webpublishing - Instructions to join the presentation

Open Participatory EnvironmentsTo join our presentation on Sunday at 20:00 GMT, please enter the webheads chat room at the top right hand corner of this page. You should have Skype installed on your computer as you will be invited in the chat room to join a skypecast. (+99001110016740703) In order to be invited to join the slide presentation on Zoho Show,  you need to give us your email (if you are planning to attend, please send it to beeonline(at) beforehand). We will be controlling the slides remotely and projecting them online directly to your browser).

Feel free to contact us on skype if you have any questions:
beedieu (Barbara); patricia9936 (Patricia); eflbridges (Graham)



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Presentation Links

These are some of the links we will be showing during the presentation. If you have time, visit them and leave any questions or comments you may have in this forum.

Class blog on Wordpress 






Technical Benchmarks 

Dekita Exchange

Example Class Page

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