Blogging with Students: Ideas to Enhance Communication

Presenter (s): 

Carla Arena, Erika Cruvinel, and Ronaldo Lima







This workshop is about blogging. Blogging ideas that work. Participants will learn about successful collaborative experiences using blogs as the means to enhance communication and develop students' social,cultural and language skills. The presenters will show practical examples of blogging ideas and strategies in the language classroom and will invite participants to discuss the possibilities to develop effective exchanges that involve dialog-based learning using the blogosphere as the social space for interaction.

Here's a tutorial to access our session's platform, Alado, If you are not familiar with it, this step-by-step tutorial will help you get started.

See you all on Sunday, May 20th!


Post-Session Updates 

Our Power Point Presentation for this session.

You can listen to the streaming of our presentation here.





Carla, Erika and Ronaldo