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Get a MUVE On - Education in Second Life

Presenter (s): 
Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly


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websites please... list ? links?

Update on This Session

A slight change of plans due to unforeseen work commitments. The session will now not be a traditional Powerpoint, but the following:

Gavin Dudeney, builder at EduNation in Second Life, takes us on a tour of his creation, including one of the virtual homes of Webheads in Action. The tour will take in different teaching and training environments and tools, and end in a general Second Life Q&A, and will take place entirely in Second Life, with audio support. All welcome!

The audio will be piped through using Skype - please check out this URL for the stream:

When you arrive on EduNation island, head for the Seminar Space - try flying up slightly and looking for the large cylindrical pole which I have placed as a marker for you to find it..

presentation | by Dr. Radut