Using Second Life for competency outcomes in vocational education

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Glenda McPherson and Malcolm Jolly


Welcome to teaching & learning in Second Life!

Hi there,

In 2006 Malcolm Jolly & Glenda McPherson co-managed an Australian national project using Second Life (SL) to deliver vocational education outcomes for 2 different learner cohorts. One cohort was young mums who had not completed secondary education undertaking a work related skills units from the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and the other was students undertaking Certificate III in Interior Design. We had extremely successful outcomes for both groups, and this year will be using SL in a totally different way.

We are interested in the way you may have used SL, or if you haven't, just your initial thoughts on how you think students might react to a virtual world learning experience.


Inquiry about the 2006 SL project

Hi Glenda,

I am very much interested in the outcomes of the 2006 SL project, as you going to present these during the convergence? Personally I am a new member of SL and am still discovering its potentials, and am interested in its potentials in training adults in basic Life Skills they need in their life.

Interested to read the outcomes


Mona younes

Were you at the presentation Mona?

Hi Mona,

Where you at the presentation? I certainly hope so. We had a really good session. If you did not make it, I am happy to follow up individually with you.

Kind regards