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Technology to support personalisaton


Personalisation of learning is quite a topical area at the moment within the UK. A new report has just been published by the 'Gilbert Review': 2020 Vision: report of the Teaching and Learning in 2020 Review Group

The Department for Education & Skills is also consulting with the Post 16 sector to look at how personalisation can support teaching and learning.


The bit that we are interested in is how technology can support personalisation. Our research to-date has pulled together some succinct 'elements' and statements which help to unpack this area. As always, there will always be issues of granularity and that 'elements' are not linear.

We have put together a virtual discussion area, using moodle at:

I have added an: 'International Debate: How technology can support personalisation of learning'.

If there are webheads out there that would like to contribute, that would be smashing as we can really start to move from policy to practice through 'practical' statements that practitioners actually understand - and also link to specific case studies or examples around the world that support a particular statement.

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Technology to support personalization

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Based on the plethora of online tools that enale learning in a dynamic and exponential mannner, technology is a pivotal part of learning today and a major facilitator. If we go back to the history of the computer in language teaching as tutor in the 60's and 70's, we  see that educational technology has latched on to the collaborative nature of learning as championed by Vygostky while at the same time enabling students to learn at their own pace and at their own discretion 

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