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Learning2gether with Bronwyn Stuckey on Rebooting Quest Atlantis

Sunday August 30, 2015 - 1900 UTC / GMT

What is it about? 
Bron Stuckey is instigating a campagn to reboot Quest Atlantis, a project derived from Active Worlds which she has been intensively involved in. She will join us on Learning2gether to tell us about the importance to learners of Quest Atlantis and the Kickstarter campaign she is promoting to help raise funds to revive the initiative. As it says on these websites
For the past decade there was a vast educational research project taking place in classrooms on 6 continents. It was Quest Atlantis, a massively multiplayer online game integrating strong support for 21st century skills into each subject. Teachers, students, and researchers alike hoped that Quest Atlantis could grow, and other students could share the experiences they loved. Some parts of the project moved forward, but as grant funding for the multiplayer platform drew to a close, the team couldn’t keep the game ready for today’s classrooms. As the developers of the engine that ran Quest Atlantis, we’ve always been excited to see what students were able to do, inside the game and out, and we listened when teachers told us they didn’t want to see it go. We’re working hard to bring it back for a new generation, in collaboration with members of the original Quest Atlantis team. If you brought your students in to Quest Atlantis – or if you were a student there – you know that the community formed around reading, writing, building, sharing, and saving the world together was special. You know there was potential for much more to unfold – more for students and teachers to create, more features to make the right tools available. Make your pledge and help us bring a new Quest Atlantis to a new generation!
Joining Bron will be Rick Noll Owner of ActiveWorlds, Inc. and Ellen Jameson of Reboot Quest Atlantis

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