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Learning2gether with Vance Stevens and Sabrina Wilson

at the CALL Research Conf in Tarragona July 6-8


Sunday July 5, 2015 1400 GMT

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What is it about? 

Sabrina Wilson often attends Learning2gether Hangout events, and she mentioned at one that she lived in Altafulla on the coast of Spain between Barcelona and Tarragona, When I remarked that coincidentally I'd be going to a conference in Tarragona in July, it resulted in an immediate and many times renewed invitation for my wife Bobbi and to stay with Sabrina and her husband in their house in Altafulla, just 20 min from Barcelona airport, and about as close to Tarragona.


I'll be arriving in Altafulla Saturday July 4. Sabrina assures us that they have great Internet so we'll do our Sunday Learning2gether event from there. The discussion will be about whatever comes up, but we'll be reflecting on the meetings of minds virtually online that often result in face-to-face hookups, and of course reviewing what will transpire the next few days at the XVII International CALL Research Conference in Tarragona, Spain, July 6-8,




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