Learning2gether with Phil Hubbard and Vance Stevens on Interactive Participatory Drama and Traci Talk

Sunday August 16, 2015 - 1400 GMT

What was it about? 
On Sunday Aug 16 1400 GMT Phil Hubbard joined Vance Stevens to discuss how we and the team at CPI (Courseware  Publishing International in Cupertino California) developed Traci Talk and envisaged its use, and accommodate any insights Sherry has after playing with the program. More generally, though, we’d like to open up a discussion about whether there’s a place for interactive participatory dramas these days in language learning. Are there apps out there now that do something similar (branching dialogues with voice)? Would it be possible (or better) to have something like this embedded in a virtual world or other environment? Could a chatbot be programmed as a suitable “suspect”?

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6 days ago
Vance Is there the chat of the hangout dedicated to using iPad?
6 days ago
Hello everyone!
6 days ago
hang on, I can try another machine
6 days ago
talking about Traci Talk
6 days ago
more info on development herehttp://www.vancestevens.com/speech_r.htm
6 days ago
these are all important clues
6 days ago
halima suggests this video for trace effects: 
6 days ago
Thank You for this amazing event!
6 days ago
+Phil I'd post my reflections athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/402011576597623/
6 days ago

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