Learning2gether with John Hibbs and Jeff Lebow - Connecting participants via POTS, smart phones, and mobile devices

Learning2gether in Hangout with

John Hibbs and Jeff Lebow

Connecting participants via POTS, smart phones, and mobile devices

Learning2gether Hangout 14:00 GMT, Sunday August 10, 2014

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How this works at showtime

  • You can listen to the stream here, and chat with us in the Chatwing space below the video embed
  • You can listen to the stream at its YouTube URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXIPPbgRTpM
  • If there is space (up to 10 people) you are welcome to join us in the Hangout on Air
    • It will be a public hangout in the profile of VanceStev on Google+
    • It has an event page: https://plus.google.com/events/cu0fshjcklacqafphdh9dra8gso
    • You can join us via the direct link posted here just prior to show time
      (remind me to post it if you don't see the link here when we do the next one)
    • If the Hangout is full, listen to the stream and interact with us in the text chat
      • You can let us know if you want to join the Hangout
      • We will let you know when space comes available
      • When you enter the Hangout
        • Wear a headset to avoid broadcasting speaker sound back into the Hangout
        • Switch OFF the stream as it is on a delay and will create an echo for you

At around 1400 GMT on Sunday August 10 the play button will start streaming the event live
At the moment the play button plays the recording of that event

During the live event, you can chat with us in the chat space below


now is this live, anyone hee now?
hibbs here just checking things out
checking in 2.5 hours before launch
I am here and standing by for Hangout to begin....
Hi vance
Hi jeff
Jeff: Where's the best place I can find your entire bio?
Hi John, we are currently sorting out getting you in - you are planning on connective via phone or computer?
phone to talk,, but type and text on the computer in whatever text chat I can get in. May listen on the phone or the stream? advise
note sure where "hangout' is -- is that also where the text chat is???
John, did you send me your phone number?
it looks like we're scrambling to have Jeff start a new hangout, but he needs hibbs's phone number
541 343 9389
Can't get into the hang out link view google demands mac 10.5 -- I onlyhave 10.4..
Greetings everyone! Now you have an audience :-) Joining you from Phoenix AZ. Looking forward to this conversation!!
hi peggy
hi peggy
Hi Vance and Hibbs :-) Thanks for your awesome email notification Vance! I opened the link in my browser before I went to bed so I could go to it quickly this morning.
Hello to Jeff of course!! Always love hearing from him!!!
Will start streaming shortly
Always a pleasure to see you Peggy
ready and waiting :-)
seeing the stream now :-)
video of Jeff but no audio yet
what time is it for all of you? It's 7:00am here in Phoenix AZ.
hooray!! audio is coming through great now :-)
no echoes in the stream for me
hearing you now Jeff
hear Robert, Vance, Jeff and John (via phone??)
john is via phone
Jeff has a puzzled look on his face so I don't think he's feeling like such a wizard :-)
do you hear an echo in the stream Peggy?
good suggestion to mute the youtube for John
I mean for Robert--mute youtube video on this page
a day ago
you tube fine, which I have muted..but the lag time is about a minute from the real time using skype
so easy to get rusty!!! :-)
I love that we can popup the chat window so it can be side by side with the youtube stream. Saves a lot of scrolling up and down :-)
How are you tolerating the sound?
hooray Rita! Welcome!
the sound is great here
hahaha Jeff!!! you're in rare form today!!
you can hear fine? no echo?
that's one handsome young man Jeff!!!
I agree Jeff! Real time confusion :-)
You're doing great though!
Peggy we're trying to troubleshoot our stream which we can't hear
we need to know if there is echo in the stream
only time there is feedback is when Robert is speaking
it stopped :-) woo hoo!!! you're not so rusty after all Jeff
hi pegyy agin...let the geeks talk
you can all imagine if we were live with a big audience.
always love watching these geeks in action!!
I always learn something during the troubleshooting :-)
yes, but these guys are way too smart to have any problems
or, that'swhat theytell me.
Jeff not only knows how to make it work but knows how to explain it to someone else. :-) Amazing!
Rita :-)
Peggy isn't in the hangout :-)
rita? O see peggy george here but not rita from argentine? am I wrong?
I hear Robert
Don't think Rita has logged into this page yet
She seems to be in the Hangout and in Skype
totally entertained!!!!
I think it's a noble cause!!! how to broaden the conversation through tool mashup :-)
you can have conversations in the text chat :-) not everyone wants to be on camera :-)
Maria Colussa
Hi all greetings from Argentna!
HI Maria!!! Welcome!
They are still doing a bit of troubleshooting so the conversation is just starting now :-)
that IS the wondreful thing about Worldbridges :-)
the ultimate in geekiness!! so many tools converging!!
this is really a miracle!!
Maria Colussa
Hi Peggy!
are you hearing and seeing them Maria?
Maria Colussa
Sorry I´m Maria Colussa, I don´t know why I don´t appear as myself :(
hi maria, our conversation audio is in Skype, do you want to join us there?
wel''l need a Skype ID
I see your name and photo here Maria
Maria Colussa
Oh! great!
you logged in with Google and I logged in with Twitter so we have different logos beside our names
Maria Colussa
I have skype but not video conference, that one is paid
Maria Colussa
Peggy I tried logging in with both I didn´t know what I was doing
I have both on Skype. Very affordable for a Skype subscription for me--about $39/year I think.
you did great Maria!!
If you'd like to join the conversation, let us know your Skype ID
everyone likes free but expect the quality of paid :-)
Would you like to join in Peggy?
Maria Colussa
It´s very expensive to pay for us internationally lots of extras
no I'm very happy watching, listening and typing :-) Still waking up!
hahaha!!! sometimes things don't work when you turn them on :-)
everyone doesn't have to deal with all of the complexity. I just had to click on play and log into the chat
I co-moderated a webinar last week in Blackboard Collaborate that had 538 people participating :-)
Maria Colussa
oh! power outage! arrggghhhhh!
I was also in an edweb.net webinar a couple weeks ago that had about 750 people participating (watching stream and typing in chat)
so you can get a lot of people in single platforms and if the person running it brings in multiple people via other methods we all benefit
Feels like an old home week for webheads!! So great to see/hear all of you!
interesting points about the phone call.
I'm happy that I can participate in this without having to make a phone call. :-)
there are a number of webinars I have been to where you have to log in on your computer to see the slides and presenter and you have to call in to hear the audio. I would prefer to do it all on my computer.
Vance is expressing my point of view :-)
we are going to beg you to join in now Peggy....
I think people use what works for them :-)
wanna skype in for old times sake?
yes most of my events are held in Blackboard Collaborate but I participate in almost all of the edweb.net presentations every week. They are done in instantpresenter and they often get between 100 and 250 people participating
edweb.net has sponsors who pay for the services so everything is free for the participants
thanks for the Skype call but I don't have a headset on and prefer just to watch and type. :-)
Robert Wachman
ok, thanks Peggy, always welcome
I didn't answer the skype call :-)
smoke and mirrors :-) very magical!
no problem
didn't answer because you didn't get to it in time or didn't want to?
you can participate in Blackboard Collaborate via mobile devices as well as computer :-)
just like you can with hangouts
we are only limited by our devices and our knowledge about how to make it work :-)
I would never be able to participate in most events if I had to physically travel to them. Virtual opportunities have changed my life!
we were streaming live events from ISTE this year which is what Robert is describing.
it's great that we have the option to participate in live virtual sessions as well as to watch the recording later if the time doesn't work out or if we want to see it again
nothing wrong with handfuls of people!! it's meaningful to them and it's not about the numbers :-)
we aren't trying to make money by increasing participation--we're trying to extend the conversation and make it inclusive for everyone who wants to participate
the TechTraining Magazine network does something like that. They host their presentations on Blackboard Collaborate and cater to business people. They often have 200-800 people in their free webinars.
actually called Training Magazine Network
there are many pioneers with us today!! I'm not one of them but I love learning from/with all of you!
Peggy, you are aht magical catalyst that allow pioneers to get off the ground and fly high
:-) thanks Jeff.
I like that role! :-)
BAM Radio does something like that. Lots of different radio shows for many different populations
ds106 also!!! :-)
does impact equate with number of people reached???
today's event has significant impact for all of us participating :-)
that's a real world challenge!! Jeff is running out of Skype credits :-)
wish I could give you some of mine!
we aren't hearing the echo through the stream
wireless headphones are awesome :-)
but i am on the you tube listening
i like talking in the text chat room
bye rita
see thsi stream is so good
fromyou tube
bye bye rita
this has been a fascinating experience!!! thank you Jeff, Vance and everyone for doing this
Robert Wachman
So I can maybe get wireless headphones to use with my iPad, huh?
bye everyone! see you next time
yes it works great Robert :-)
works with iphone and ipad for me as well as my computer
the viewdepends on where you stand
tell vance I am on the stream listening
means I don't have to sit at my computer and can walk around
Rober I'm listening.
just fine.
Robert Wachman
Will it work with my MacBook Air laptop?
vance.....come back and we can text chat.
Robert Wachman
Is it Bluetooth or what?
thanks for all you do with Learning2gether Vance! I am so in awe of what you accomplish in such a collaborative way!!
yes it's bluetooth
Robert Wachman
Thanks, Peggy.
I even use it sometimes to listen to things on my ipad because it's hard to get the audio loud enough on the ipad
Robert Wachman
I'll see if I can find one.
mine is a Logitech and I got it from Amazon--about $50 I think
Robert Wachman
So, you do Classroom 2.0?
yes I host Classroom 2.0 LIVE every Saturday for the live webinars
Robert Wachman
I'm on your e-mail list, but haven't paid much attention. Guess I'll have to take a peek.
Robert Wachman
Saturday what time?
Steve Hargadon is the master guru for everything on Classroom 20
Robert Wachman
What time zone are you in?
the show is always at noon EDT on Saturdays
Robert Wachman
That's midnight for me in the Philippines.
new shows are announced on the home page and recordings are all part of the archives
Robert Wachman
I'll try to join you sometime.
I reconnected here but chat is coming in slowly
right! Shamblesguru always joins us from Thailand and it's about midnight there
but you can always watch the recordings :-)
(it's coming back)
had a great show yesterday about ipads and math
Robert Wachman
What software tool(s) are used?
it was announced on L2g :-)
next week we have Paul Bogush sharing how to create fun, engaging assessments that kids love :-)
we use Blackboard Collaborate
Robert Wachman
That works well for me; good!
but the recordings are converted into mp4 and embedded on the site from youtube
Robert Wachman
Great! Thanks.
yes I was thrilled to see you announcing it on L2g Vance!! Thank you!
my question is "is more better???"
we all have choices :-)
traveling to conferences is becoming too cost-prohibitive for most people
the future of museums conference that Steve Hargadon hosted last month was fantastic and we got to experience many museums and people sharing how they are using them to collaborate and teach
Robert Wachman
I'm going to say good night.
Robert Wachman
Thanks, Vance.
Discovery Education has done some regular webinars from NASA and other events around the world like fishing in Antarctica, etc.
those are all streamed and students around the world can submit questions to be answered by the experts
we could all sit on google hangout and just watch what's streaming live every hour of the day. But that's too random for me.
I go to events I'm interested in and know about :-)
that is very late Jeff!!!
thank you all for a terrific conversation!!! :-) really enjoyed being here with you!!
great response Jeff! what are you going to do next??? :-)
bye everyone!
a day ago
Robert Wachman
Bye, Peggy. Nice chatting with you.
you too Robert!
haha--fun image...barker outside the tent!
thanks so much for joining us everyone