Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC meet and greet with Jeff Kuhn

Hangout on Air (HoA) on Wednesday Jan 14, 2015 1400 GMT

On Wed Jan 14 at 1400 GMT EVO Minecraft MOOC held a meet and greet with Jeff Kuhn. Also on hand were EVOMC15 co-moderators Mariana and Filip Smolcec and Vance and Bobbi Stevens. Jeff started us off by laying out the rationale for using games in the classroom, including statistics showing that the video gaming industry was five times as many billion dollars as the film industry, certainly not a medium to ignore. One game that has been doing quite will in that industry is Minecraft, and our discussion explored how it can be used in class and also explored a little of Minecraft itself thanks to a screen share from Bobbi’s computer.  Hope you enjoy the recording.

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nice to meet you all 
2 days ago
thank you .. I may not be able to join the hangout this time :) multitasking
yes I can hear you all great
2 days ago
no problem, glad you are here
2 days ago
Thsi is exactly what my 6th graders want to be....
2 days ago
lol I've seen a tournament from WoW=World of Warcraft.
I am listening while my WoW toon is waiting patiently
I've tweeted using this #evominecraftmooc
are you using something else?
2 days ago
I think #evomc15 is the official hashtag.
2 days ago
there's an all educator guild "Cognitive Dissonance"
2 days ago
tamas yuou are there, want to join the HoA?
2 days ago
ah ok thank you Tamas
2 days ago
which server do you use?
2 days ago
he set up a minecraft server
2 days ago
I've just downloaded the minecraft recently for me and for my niece but haven't played much yet
ah ok :)
2 days ago
join us :-)
we're all basic players except for Jeff
2 days ago
what's the name of the game again?
2 days ago
I'll find out, did the stream stop or is it still going?
2 days ago
still going on for me
2 days ago
ok thanks, I'll try to get the name of the game
2 days ago
yes that's why I love Secondlife .. you have many environments and the native speakers too
2 days ago
gran turismo?
2 days ago
2 days ago
Google docs? Then Survey Monkey for fine tuning times
2 days ago
Thanks Anne, I might try that next time. Meanwhile I set up a Doodle to find a time Fridayhttp://doodle.com/b4ssyfezv48vc3c5.
It looks like 1500 GMT Friday Jan 16 is good for 5 of us, at the Minecraft servern
server :-)
20 hours ago

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