Interview with Randall Davis at TESOL2006

Interview with Randall Davis at TESOL2006
March 17, 2006

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Chat Transcript Below

11:50:51 Randall: Welcome to the interview with Randall Davis.
11:53:13 buthaina: Hi all
11:53:17 RitaZ: hi, Christine and Randall, great to CU!
11:53:20 RitaZ: and Buth
11:53:28 Randall: We will start in a few minutes.
11:53:43 Randall: Hi, Rita.
11:53:53 cbauerramazani: Hi Rita!
11:53:59 cbauerramazani: Hi Buth!!!!
11:54:06 cbauerramazani: Great to see both of you.
11:54:17 cbauerramazani: Jeff said he had audio issues at his end.
11:54:18 Randall: Hi, Buth.
11:54:20 RitaZ: thanks,Chris, my pleasure to be here
11:54:45 cbauerramazani: Jeff said he had to reboot and would be back in a few minutes.
11:54:52 buthaina: Hi, Randall, Chrsitine, Rita..
11:55:18 buthaina: And I had , Java issues, since this morning here..Couldn't enter this chat room. But it's working now
11:55:44 RitaZ: (nobody talking right now, right?)
11:55:56 cbauerramazani: Well, thank goodness, it's working now, Buth.
11:56:01 Randall: Well, technology seems to hand you a gift in one hand and then stabs you in the back with the other :D
11:56:15 cbauerramazani: We're all set at this end, I think. We tested the audio and it was working great.
11:56:21 RitaZ: true, Randall..., but we still love it....;-)
11:56:28 Randall: Yes, we do!
11:56:40 cbauerramazani: THat's right, Rita, although I was a bit unnerved by it yesterday.
11:57:00 RitaZ: congrats, yes, Chris, on yest's session!
11:57:21 cbauerramazani: Thanks, Rita, but one wasn't working.
11:57:31 EthanInPA: hello
11:57:51 RitaZ: what I heard was great, Chris
11:57:52 Randall: We're getting close here.
11:58:43 RitaZ: (anybody having sound? anybody speaking?)
11:58:56 JeffLebow: should start in a few seconds
11:58:59 RitaZ: hi, Hala!!
11:59:07 RitaZ: hi, jeff
11:59:21 buthaina: oh, ok..Glad to hear that , Christine
11:59:34 buthaina: but no one is talking now, right?
11:59:45 Hala_Fawzi: Hi Rita
11:59:52 Randall: Hi Perry.
11:59:54 Hala_Fawzi: buth
12:00:03 RitaZ: yes, Buth, now I can hear
12:00:03 buthaina: Hi, Perry, Hala
12:00:09 Hala_Fawzi: Jeff,Randa
12:00:32 Perry: Aloha everyone
12:00:32 RitaZ: hi, Mercedes!!
12:00:34 Randall: Feel free to text in a question if you have one, and I will try to address them at some point.
12:00:47 Randall: Here is a link to his online listening lab, Randall's ESL Cyber Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab,
12:00:54 RitaZ: (who doesnt??!!)
12:01:03 RitaZ: ;-)
12:01:14 buthaina: Yes, too, now
12:01:27 buthaina: was my mistake..had the vloume down :)
12:01:43 buthaina: Good Afternoon, Randall :)
12:01:51 Randall: Hi, Buth.
12:01:54 buthaina: Ahlan Wa Sahlan :)
12:02:16 Hala_Fawzi: Buth,Habaibti.I miss you
12:02:27 cbauerramazani: Hi Hala
12:02:30 buthaina: Me too, Hala
12:02:35 cbauerramazani: Hi Ethan in PA.
12:02:42 cbauerramazani: Hi Mercedes and Perry.
12:02:48 cbauerramazani: Where are you all located?
12:02:58 Hala_Fawzi: Hi C.B.Ramazani
12:03:02 Mercedes: Mexico
12:03:07 Hala_Fawzi: Sudan
12:03:19 buthaina: I love this site, the esl-lab, very useful for botha classes, I terach, the Genreal English and the ESP's
12:03:20 Perry: hawaii
12:03:38 RitaZ: aArgentina
12:03:59 cbauerramazani: Hala, call me Christine, please.
12:04:19 Hala_Fawzi: Ok,Christine
12:04:38 Hala_Fawzi: I like your web site alot,Christine
12:04:55 buthaina: Buthaina, (Buth)- Kuwait
12:05:29 Randall:
12:06:47 buthaina: Wow, this is really, interesting and nice to hear, Randall..Working with children.
12:06:50 Randall:
12:07:30 cbauerramazani: Thank you, Hala!
12:07:53 buthaina: Vance, is trying to come to listen to the webcast, now
12:08:04 buthaina: he can't enter this room, you know he's in UAE
12:08:13 cbauerramazani: Hi Carla!
12:10:42 RitaZ: true, Randall, that proves appealing and interesting to all
12:11:46 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, everyone. 'Sorry to be a bit late.
12:12:12 Hala_Fawzi: Hi Dennis
12:12:20 RitaZ: hi, Dennis!
12:12:52 JeffLebow: Any plans to start producing mp3 files?
12:13:07 Hala_Fawzi: yes,true
12:13:09 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Randall: The mixture of voices, register, topics, and much more is a BIG plus on your site. I also like the fact that you don't use only "careful articulation."
12:13:20 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Rita. Salaam, Hala.
12:13:32 Moira: Hello all
12:13:41 Hala_Fawzi: Salaam, Dennis
12:13:50 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Jeff: I've been doing mp3 files for some time. They're amateurish, but I still use them with my students.
12:14:17 JeffLebow: mp3's also would allow listeners to download audio to their mp3 players
12:14:17 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hala: :o)
12:14:23 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Moira.
12:14:31 EthanInPA: mp3 is also used for podcasting..
12:14:31 Moira: Hi
12:14:41 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Randall: Your EZSlang site is terrific!
12:15:02 Hala_Fawzi: Hello Moira
12:15:27 Moira: Hi Hala :-)
12:17:03 Hala_Fawzi: the ezslang is not that easy to use,Randall.
12:17:24 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Randall: I was glad to hear you suggest ESL/EFL sites for children. When you look at what's available online for ESL/EFL, there's not much (comparatively) for kids.
12:17:31 EthanInPA: threaded voice discussion?
12:18:07 Hala_Fawzi: is this on esl-lab?
12:18:11 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I agree that EZSlang is a bit tricky to use, Hala, but it provides a type of online material that's hard to find online.
12:18:30 cbauerramazani: Yes, Hala.
12:18:41 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Salaam, Christine.
12:18:47 Hala_Fawzi: yes,maybe because I am used to esl-lab.
12:18:54 cbauerramazani: Salaam, Dennis.
12:18:56 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Salaam, Buthaina.
12:19:38 buthaina: Salaam, Dennis..Eshlonik..
12:19:48 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Jeff.
12:20:08 Randall:
12:20:21 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Randall: I agree: previewing and "preusing" are both very important.
12:20:43 JeffLebow: Only five minutes left before Randall Tampa HQ has to stop - get your questions in now
12:20:58 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Randall: Charles Kelly sends his greetings. I had a nice iChat and Skype conversation with him yesterday.
12:21:33 carolapointe: Randall: I've been using your site for a while. It's fantastic!
12:21:56 JeffLebow: I agree - esl-lab is one of the most easily usable sites out there
12:22:57 Hala_Fawzi: These are just GREAT,Randall.What I like is the simplicity in all your materials
12:23:06 JeffLebow: Read Write Web becomes the Listen-Speak Web
12:23:28 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Carol: I agree. I've been using Randall's site for at least seven years.
12:23:40 Hala_Fawzi: yes
12:23:45 Hala_Fawzi: good question
12:23:49 JeffLebow: you can skype in to 'worldbridges'
12:24:02 Hala_Fawzi: right
12:24:06 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Randall: Hear, hear! ("keeping things simple")
12:24:18 carolapointe: Question about A DAY AT SCHOOL: The little boy has a strong Japanese accent.Like pronouncing "l" instead of "r" My students had a difficult time understanding and it is suppose to be EASY. Is there a purpose for this?
12:24:54 Hala_Fawzi: A Q: onwhat ground you update your site?
12:25:32 Hala_Fawzi: lol
12:26:11 Randall: Thanks for joining the session.
12:26:15 RitaZ: need to go to class, folks, it's been a great pleasure to hear Randall and share some time with him and you all. Thank you!
12:26:19 Hala_Fawzi: Thank you Randall
12:26:25 Randall: Thanks, all.
12:26:27 EthanInPA: Thanks a lot!
12:26:31 Moira: Thank you
12:26:37 Hala_Fawzi: Thank you ,Christine
12:26:39 Mercedes: Thank you Randall, Jeff and Christine.
12:26:46 RitaZ: thank you, Christine
12:26:55 RitaZ: and Jeff
12:26:56 buthaina: This is how I integrated, Randal's site using one of his lessons in for this class:
12:27:01 Perry: Thanks Randall, I like all the improvements and additions to your site
12:27:23 cbauerramazani: Hi Dennis from TESOL.
12:27:24 Mercedes: Jeff are you in Tampa?
12:27:26 buthaina: Thank you so much, it is very useful
12:27:45 JeffLebow: no, I'm in the Bowzone (home)
12:27:49 buthaina: Will try to create more lessons using Randall's for my Engineering class..
12:27:59 cbauerramazani: We need to leave our station here to make room for miniworkshops.
12:28:26 Mercedes: Bye, Christine and thank you
12:28:32 Randall: Thanks, Buth, for your idea on integrating the content.
12:28:57 Randall: Perry, thanks for your comments on the improvements. Any comments are always appreciated.
12:29:47 buthaina: Thanks, Christine, you're a great interviewer..
12:30:06 buthaina: Let's sart our Radio Talk show, Christine :)
12:30:48 buthaina: Randall, thank you for mporviding us wonderful creative materials to use for our students

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