How to Participate in a live, interactive webcast

Information on how to listen to a webcast is here. If you don't want to call in, that's all you'll need.

If you would like to call in during a webcast, here are a few guidelines to follow
  • Please test your skype connection beforehand by skyping 'echo123'.  This will let you hear how your audio will sound. 
  • You MUST use a headset.  Using speakers instead of a headset will result in echo for other participants. 
  • If you've been listening to the webcast, make sure to TURN THE WEBCAST OFF before calling in.  For example, if you were using Ustream to listen, presss the pause button.  If you were using, WMP, ITunes, Real Player, or another media player, please close it before calling in. 
  • Please make text contact in the chat room before calling the show host.  This will enable the host to bring you in as smoothly as possible.
  • Unlike a telephone, please do now say 'hello' as soon as you join the skype call.  You will be joining a conversation in progress,so to minimize interuptions, wait until the host welcomes you to the call.