EVO2012 Launch Webcast Text Chat (Elluminate)

Buket [Buket]: Hi all  I am Buket from Turkey and I want to check the tools.I'll join at about 

Buket [Buket]: yes  

Buket [Buket]: thank you  

Buket [Buket]: Is this going to be EVO Session?

KimHorne to KathleenKampa [Kathleen]: Hi Kathy!

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Buket - It's just the EVO kickoff i.e. all the sessions will be here to present themselves and chat

eanne [Elizabeth]: It is supposed to start in one hour's time really:-P

Buket [Buket]: thank you Elizabeth  I'll join at about 4:00pm

eanne [Elizabeth]: Who is the  here ?

Buket [Buket]: It's 2:00 pm right now and I have class.Hope to see you then  ))

eanne [Elizabeth]: Great  

KimHorne to Chiyuki 1: Is that you, Andy?

Cholponmusaeva #3: Hi, I'm Cholpon. What time are sessions from tomorrow are they also from 13 to 15 GMT?

eanne [Elizabeth]: Oops - we have ost the sound (my fault) are you monitoring the Elluminate room Jeff??

Chiyuki 1: Kim its me but Chiyuki mu p

Chiyuki 1: my partner is taking part in this   

: Sorry about hat

: I'll stop transmitting as well

eanne [Elizabeth]: where ?

eanne [Elizabeth]: Thanks

eanne [Elizabeth]: YES  

eanne [Elizabeth]: who is "me"

eanne [Elizabeth]: y

eanne [Elizabeth]: here's the list of workshops

eanne [Elizabeth]: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/33481412/Call_for_Participation2011

eanne [Elizabeth]: It's just the call for participation

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Hello

eanne [Elizabeth]: Y

eanne [Elizabeth]: yey

eanne [Elizabeth]: That's someone in the google hangout

eanne [Elizabeth]: y

eanne [Elizabeth]: which Uni

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I got up early, too. It is 6 AM here now

: If anyone would like system check the G+ Hangout, it is at:  https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d...

eanne [Elizabeth]: yes - that's right

eanne [Elizabeth]: wow

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: WE sometimes do get up learning to join our teacher e-friends

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I am an early bird

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: for me too

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I can talk

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: did you hear me?

lolesova [Larissa]: Good morning JA - TY for introducing BAW

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: It was a pleasure

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: SL is interesting

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I have been there for some time, though

CarmenDell: Hi

eanne [Elizabeth]: wow - a job in second life

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: That is really cool.

eanne [Elizabeth]: I've never heard of that before   

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I know some people who teach in SL

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Yes, Dennis is an e-friend of mine

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Iknow graham stanley is also onSL

eanne [Elizabeth]:   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Hi, This is Elizabeth here.

 (vances): Hi everyone

Chiyuki 1: Hi

Chiyuki 1: Sorry it says me

eanne [Elizabeth]: Heike did an EVO workshop last year

eanne [Elizabeth]: yey - I guess that's the whole point

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi Chiyuki - where are you and what time is is ?

Chiyuki 1: I am in tokyo

Chiyuki 1: it is 9:40 pm here

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: tokyo it is evening

eanne [Elizabeth]: Kim to is in Japan, aren't you ?

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: here the day is just starting

KimHorne: Yes, I am.

KimHorne: I know a few Japan dwellers in the room here.

 (vances): The best place to listen to the session that will start soon

eanne [Elizabeth]: Vance - it seems you switched on the recording when you came in !

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We are going to work through the WEbheadsinaction.org/live

 (vances): ino I didn't

eanne [Elizabeth]: Is there a chat box there ?

 (vances): here is the procedure

 (vances): this place will not be active for voice after ten minutes

 (vances): the stream from http://webheadsinaction.org/live will commence here shortly

 (vances): the best place to monitor it is at that URL

 (vances): THIS room will become active if s are unable to speak in Webheads in action

 (vances): I mean in the hangout

 (vances): so you can stay here but if listening to the stream mute eh sound here

 (Sandra): Hello everybody!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I can see

 (Sandra): Hi Jeff!

eanne [Elizabeth]: Great we'll just listen then !

 (vances): simulcast is starting

 (vances): http://webheadsinaction.org/live

 (Sandra): I will help with the chatbox on Elluminate now.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): http://webheadsinaction.org/live

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I will stick to Elluminate. The audio is great

 (Sandra): Hi Jose, Dani and Elizabeth Anne!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I will go to the webheads

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Hello

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Hi--Elizabeth here

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Yey

shelwyncorrigan [shelwyn]: how do you mute?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Shel--mute ojn your own computer, if you wish.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): But you do want to hear the webcast from Hangout?

CarmenDell: I prefer to go to the webheads, the audio is better

 (Sandra): Just turn the volume down  to 0 on this venue

eanne [Elizabeth]: Using the tools dropdown menu it seems you can only lower the sound

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yes--be sure to turn down the volume to Mute here in Elluminate

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Elizabeth A--do it on your own computer.

eanne [Elizabeth]: getting there - if lowered sound is enough

eanne [Elizabeth]: we told our digital stories to come here, so I have to stey !

 (Sandra): Please send us the link.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): http://webheadsinaction.org/live

 (Sandra): This is Sandra.   

shelwyncorrigan [shelwyn]: Can you put up the link for Google hangout?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Mute Elluminate before entering the Hangout

 (vances): that's it above

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The Hangout is for s only.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): If you are a , please raise your hand.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: morning

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Good evening from Japan   

Jenskjaer: hi everybody...greting from jens in denmark!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: So am I

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Hi Jeniffer

 (Sandra): Morning from Daphne, Alabama.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Hello Daphne

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Barbara - could you please go to the  Hangout?

eanne [Elizabeth]: Barbsaka is  for Digital storytelling

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: hi

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: ok

eanne [Elizabeth]: Yey - you've got your hand up  

eanne [Elizabeth]: YEY Hi Elizabeth   

 (Sandra): Yes, three minutes to start time!!!

 (Sandra): Welcome to all the participants and s!

orestiada 1: hello, I'm Jose Louwes but with the name orestiada

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: tried to join, but you're full   

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: I figured that out   

 (Sandra): Ok, Barb.  We will rotate in and out of the Hangout.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: no worries

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We will get started in just a moment. Please hang on!

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi  Jose Louwes   

eanne [Elizabeth]: Which workshop are you involved in

tigeraspen [Ellen]: good morning form New York

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Great to be here

orestiada 1: I'm for the MachinEvo

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Hello Graham

eanne [Elizabeth]: I beg your pardon @orestiada !

 (Session Leader 1 #2): There is room now, Barbara, and Graham will leave soon.

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi Ellen

 (Session Leader 1 #2): As you know, all of the addresses Graham is talking about are linked from the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

 (Sandra): Graham Stanley is presenting now for Teaching English for Young Learners and Teenages: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48522055/Young%20Learners_Teens2012

eanne [Elizabeth]: Sorry - it's not that one (that's helen Davis)

 (Session Leader 1 #2): No, I think it's GAMIFICATION?

 (Sandra): The link is to his session. They are members of IATEFL.

 (Sandra): Oh, sorry.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Does anyone have a Question for Graham that we can transmit here?

eanne [Elizabeth]: Gamification : http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48526850/Gamification2012

 (Sandra): Yes, sorry ...

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks EANNE

eanne [Elizabeth]:   

 (Sandra): Graham also works with children.

MichelleW [Michelle] to barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Hi Barb, are you going to introduce our session?

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: Hi evryone

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: I think we can both talk, or I'm happy to leave it to you...  

Jenskjaer: Greetings Graham from Jens.....!

eanne [Elizabeth]: Barbara - who was that addressed to

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Please go to the Hangout, Barb and Michelle

MichelleW [Michelle] to barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Well I'm not very good at that sort of thing so I'm sure you will be much better!

eanne [Elizabeth]: YEY - both of you   

nagora [Nina]: Hello!

 (Sandra): We may be full right now.  We can host 9 mods in Hangout at a time.

eanne [Elizabeth]: Nina - Hi

 (Session Leader 1 #2): WE have 7 + Jeff right now

 (Sandra): Hi Nina, Michelle, and Barb.

nagora [Nina]: Hi Elizabeth and everyone

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Hi   

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Thanks, Graham!

MichelleW [Michelle]: Hi

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: thank you Graham

tigeraspen [Ellen]: I'm in gamification

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Ellen .... goodness !

DinaD: Hello everyone.

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi Dina - good to see you here   

tigeraspen [Ellen] to eanne [Elizabeth]: what are you taking?

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Ellen - I can't imagine joing these online games - robably a question of age

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Elizabeth Ann--If you are still on in the Hangout, please leave so Barb can go in.

eanne [Elizabeth]: I left a long time ago

DinaD: Hi Elizabeth! Nice to see you too!   

 (Sandra): Vance is referring to MOOCs. He's session is Multiliteracies: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48522221/Multiliteracies2012

eanne [Elizabeth]: I'll go back and check (but I closed the window   )

 (Sandra): Vance is on the coordiantion team.

 (Sandra): Raise your hand if you are a first-time EVO participant.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Welcome, welcome!

 (Sandra): Don't worry, I won't call on you.  Just taking a poll!

KateRobbins [Kate]: ty - look forward to it

 (Sandra): I see three hands.

vmorgana 1: ok thanks

 (Sandra): That's great.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Yay first time participants!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We're so happy to have you with us!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Barb--please go over to the Hangout so you can present

 (Sandra): Heike is moderating the SL session: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48525044/MachinEVO2012

 (Sandra): MachinEVO

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Chiyuki--you can lower your hand now.

 (Sandra): Chiyuki, do you have a question?

 (Sandra): Or are you new?

Chiyuki: Not really at the moment .thanks

Chiyuki: I am actually new

Chiyuki: very confused. sorry.

eanne [Elizabeth]: @ElizabethHS - I've been back to the Hangout, and I'm definitely  not  in there

tigeraspen [Ellen] to eanne [Elizabeth]: I am in SL as Tee

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yet I can see your video--I think that's you?

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Ellen - re WOW   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Sorry--that's someone else!!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: I the gave up hangout. it was not working for me

tigeraspen [Ellen]: Is this the room i am suppose to be in. ?   

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: I couldn't access the hangout

 (vances): Jose we can move to here at some point

 (vances): hi Lawan

 (Sandra): I'm in the Google Hangout=Sandra Rogers

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: Hi vance

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Did you give Jeff your gmail address, Lawan

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: I will stay here. Sound is great

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: yes i did

 (Session Leader 1 #2): He has to invite you. Are you in Google Plus?

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: yes i'm

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Because you can see him in plus.google.com

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Yes, I am

 (vances): are there any S here who can't get into hangout?

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: I just tried the IE crashed

 (Jeff): Lawan was invited. You should see it at you G+ Page

 (Jeff): suggest using Chrome if you have it

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: ok thank you

 (Sandra): Heike is talking about the use of SecondLife.com as a language learning tool.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: I will try it once again

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Lawan--if you go to Google Plus, can you see Jeff hanging out?

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: with chrome

 (vances): I'm asking so as to pace correctly

 (Sandra): Her session is for more advanced SL users this time.

 (vances): we want to give s a chance to speak

 (Session Leader 1 #2): machinevo.ning.com

 (vances): any s here who can't reach the Hangoout?

 (Sandra): Welcome, Halima.

 (Sandra): Hello Nahir.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yes--Lawan and Barbara

 (Session Leader 1 #2): They can't get in

 (vances): both s ?

 (Jeff): right now it is full. After, will ask some folks to step out

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Nice activity being described.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): It's an experiment.

Halima [Halima]: Salom to ALL from Uzbekistan!Heike speaking!

Chiyuki: May I ask you a question?

 (Sandra): Yes, Chiyuki.

 (Sandra): Go ahead.

Chiyuki: Should I stay here or the Hungout is better?

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: ok, lets know please when can join

Jenskjaer: see you soon Heike!!!!

Chiyuki: I am at both  

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Chiyuki--please leave the Hangout so Lawan and Barbara can present

Chiyuki: ok

barbifinny [barbara] #2: i 'd like to write something about me

 (Sandra): I'm in both, too.  @Chiyuki, please step away so the s can present.

 (Sandra): thanks!

barbifinny [barbara] #2: because my english is bad

Halima [Halima]: it is a pity but Icannot be in HEIKE'S SESSION!

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: You're doing great, Chiyuki!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Eveyone has bad English--no problem

Chiyuki: I am only on the chat though...

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: can you see the video?

Chiyuki: Do I have to leave there?

Chiyuki: Not on the screen...

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: You should stay in Elluminate

Shayma2012: thank you so much

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Is it in a pop up box/window?

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: thanks a lot

Halima [Halima]: SORRY, who is moderating?

nagora [Nina] #2: Great Heike!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The Google Plus has a section on the right side that shows Jeff's picture and a JOIN button.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: If you aren't seeing the video in Elluminate, you can go over to http://webheadsinaction.org/live

nagora [Nina] #2: Bye, Heike! It was nice see you and listen to you.

eanne [Elizabeth]: Bye Heike - thanks

Halima [Halima]: I have a question to vances.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: I think we have 3 mods here from Digi Storytelling

nagora [Nina] #2: This link doesn't work for me.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Oh, I can get in--it was just full

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Please go to the Hangout page.

lolesova [Larissa] #3: Elizabeth, anyone from BAW is on Hangout right now?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We count only sever. Maybe you need to refresh the page?

 (Jeff): Hangout at: http://bit.ly/w5ogk6  BaW mods please join

 (Session Leader 1 #2): seven

lolesova [Larissa] #3: I am waiting when Teresa joins - she will join in a half an hour.

KateRobbins [Kate]: @vance, I'm participant - is webheads eluminate OK place to be?

shelwyncorrigan [shelwyn]: I closed my browser window. I hope that quit out of the hangout.

 (Sandra): participants are finding us

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Kate - yes - this is the place to be   

 (Sandra): yes, Kate!

KateRobbins [Kate]: thanks  

MichelleW [Michelle]: In the hangout it says the party is over!

figen [Figen]: thank you elizabeth

 (Sandra): This is for all participants.

Halima [Halima]: HEIKE I'd tweEt 2 YOU!

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: keeps saying full   

eanne [Elizabeth]: YEY !

tigeraspen [Ellen]: may i have the web only?

tigeraspen [Ellen]: link

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi Marijana

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Hang out is not working for me

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: I am in BaW

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Michelle, here's the link: http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=273662

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Please look at the white screen under the video, Tiger.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: oops wrong link

 (Sandra): The Google+Hangout is for mods right now.

lolesova [Larissa] #3: JA - let's wait for Teresa - and if not, Marijana or I will go to hangout - it works so far

ClaudiaLeon [Claudia ] 1: hello, is this the Digital Storytelling webinar?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Hi Claudia--This is the EVO Launch Party

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Ok

 (Sandra): Yes, Shelly Terrell is presenting now.

 (Sandra): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48516114/Digitalstorytelling2012

eanne [Elizabeth]: Yes  definitely digital storytelling

nagora [Nina] #2: The link to hangout doesn't work for me either. It says "Session is over'

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Not just for Storytelling.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The Hangout is just for s to present.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Ok  Larissa. Let´s wait for her

MichelleW [Michelle]: I live in Spain Shelly   

Halima [Halima]: @VANCE,you see on the screen  only my name, but we are several people from Uzbekistan here!

eanne [Elizabeth]: Yes - storytelly ... but apparently not just for children

mariusmadrigal #2: Helllo everyone   )

mariusmadrigal #2:   

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Posterous is great

ClaudiaLeon [Claudia ] 1: OH...it's for all the EVO s.  I see..thank you!  I'm glad I made it!

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: interesting, shelly

 (Sandra): Great @ Halima.  Welcome to all the participants from Uzbekistan.

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: what about Dr Neilli

SeaDream [Kay] #2: Where do we find the times of the indiviual sessions ?

MichelleW [Michelle]: http://digitalstorytelling4kids.pbworks.com/w/page/45606030/FrontPage

MichelleW [Michelle]: That's our wiki with all info

MichelleW [Michelle]: I can't get there Barb!

tigeraspen [Ellen]: bye bye...see you in class!!!

SeaDream [Kay] #2: Thanks.

 (Sandra): @SeaDream Here is the list of all sessions which start tomorrow and run for the next 5 weeks: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48510148/Call_for_Participation2012

 (Sandra): yes!!

SeaDream [Kay] #2: Thanks a lot

 (vances): must pop out - battery

orestiada 1: I just registered, yeah!!!

 (Sandra): Ok, Vance.

 (vances): well done

MichelleW [Michelle]: nothing comes to mind right now really, I'm just really excited about it as it's a first time for me

SeaDream [Kay] #2: will I be able to access this chat after this session has finished, so I can click onthis link then ?

 (Sandra): Yes, the archives are great to visit any session that you didn't have time to attend!

SeaDream [Kay] #2: OK- thanks.

MichelleW [Michelle]: http://digitalstorytelling4kids.posterous.com/#!/

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: digital storytelling posterous: http://digitalstorytelling4kids.posterous.com/

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: great minds, think alike   

 (Sandra): We recommend signing up for no more than 2 sessions.  It will be difficult to choose.

Shayma2012: yes

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: Please does webheads has youtube?

Shayma2012: I have a question

Halima [Halima]: This Year's sessions are so promising!Which to choose?!!!

eanne [Elizabeth]: BYE - thanks

Shayma2012: the sessions are too beautiful to choose from, I am confused

MichelleW [Michelle] to barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Thanks Barb, I think you and Shelly covered everything   

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Lawan - they isn't a specific Whebheas You tube channel

Chiyuki: I am going to take Degital storytelling only

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Could feel your supportive vibes, Michelle   

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: We're happy to have you Chiyuki!

 (Sandra): so high tech LOL

MichelleW [Michelle] to barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Hahaha this is all very new to me, even Elluminate is complicated enough!

Shayma2012: if it is impossible to register for more than two, can I know if the sessions can be offered again after these coming five weeks?

Chiyuki: Thanks, Barbara.

ekamin: Happy to see you among us Chiyuki  

 (Sandra): Heikie with the MachinEVO is trying to show the real time SecondLife session.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): An interesting experiment.

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Just got 4 new members for DigiKids   

Chiyuki: Thanks, ekamin.

MichelleW [Michelle] to barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Is that you Shelly?  #2?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): It sounds like an interesting session.

Shayma2012: this video is so unclear!

 (Jeff): Icecast stream at:

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: it is indeed!

MichelleW [Michelle]: Is that you Shelly?  #2?

Chiyuki: I should pop out now but hope to see everyone soon   

 (Sandra): Yes, sorry about the blurry screen.

Bgunes 1: hi everone   

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: i have finally made it to hang out

figen [Figen]: Elizabeth I am here

eanne [Elizabeth]: Bye @Chikuki

 (Sandra): Hi Halima

ekamin: See you Chiyuki!

lolesova [Larissa] #3: JA great - do you want to introduce BAW?

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: thank you all

Chiyuki: Bye to everyone!

Shayma2012: bye bye Chiyuki

 (Sandra): Bye Chiyuki

Shayma2012: thanks for inriching us with your info

eanne [Elizabeth]: Yey - Hi Figen !

Shayma2012: enriching*

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: thank you too

figen [Figen]:    thank you

vances #2: i got this going again

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Yay Elizabeth Anne!!!!!!!

 (Jeff): Hangout at: http://bit.ly/w5ogk6

MichelleW [Michelle]: hear hear!

vances #2: on a laptopwith a charger

eanne [Elizabeth]: Blushing

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Barb's never moderated before!

MichelleW [Michelle]: Thanks Elizabeth!

figen [Figen]: She is really gorgeous helped me a lot

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: She's only been a participant   

Halima [Halima]: TO ALL! After participating in WeB2011 my presentation won at TESOL 2012

mariusmadrigal #3: Hello again all of you   

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Great to hear you Sandra

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks so great, Halma.

mariusmadrigal #3: Sorry to be late, I had some sound issues with my new PC ...

vances #2: congratulations to Halima

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Do you want to join the hangout and talk about this year's session?

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: daily digest!

eanne [Elizabeth]: retweet   Halima [Halima]: TO ALL! After participating in WeB2011 my presentation won at TESOL 2012 >>Bravo Halima   

KathleenKampa [Kathleen] to Jeff, Session Leader 1 #2, Sandra: This is so interesting . . . lots of new vocabulary to learn. This is my first time joining thanks to Barbara.

Shayma2012: thank you so much

vances #2: is there anyone here who can't reach hangout who wants to talk aobut their session?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The Daily Digest is really important--spare your email!

ekamin: Hangout is over?

Mariasol: Good morning, I an here now

MichelleW [Michelle] to ekamin: Hi Esra

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: I couldn't filter my seesions email, they keep coming into my inbox

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: No, they're still talking, but our session talk is over

vances #2: You are watching the hangout stream

Halima [Halima]: may I post the link to my Tesol presentation?

vances #2: so it's still  on

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: If you have something you want to say, Esra, you can probably go into the hangout   

eanne [Elizabeth]: state-of-the-art intrisic motivation

vances #2: but we want s to be able to speak

MichelleW [Michelle] to ekamin: Barba nd Shelly already spoke about our session

vances #2: that can happen here

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: BaW had certificates in my year   

 (Sandra): Hi Laine.

vances #2: so let yourself be known if you want to speak here about YOUR session

 (Sandra): Yes, BaW

nagora [Nina] #2: Hi Vance, I can't see anyone of our Classroom digital tools session, but my connecti0on is too slow, perhaps. I can't join hangout

KateRobbins [Kate]: wonderful program!

KateRobbins [Kate]: I just completed it.

 (Sandra): Principles and Practices of Online Teaching from tESOL

 (Sandra): Yes, I took it and it provides CEUs

vances #2: TESOL wants to be the certifying body (not for free)

vances #2: So we work with them

 (Session Leader 1 #2): This is Marjiana from Croatia

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: @vance, so, if we pay we can get cert?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): It's not possible, Lawan.

 (Sandra): Marijana is presenting now.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We don't keep attendance, and we don't grade the sessions.

 (Sandra): @Lawan, the paid course is PPOt not EVO.

DinaD: I know I can choose up to two sessions, I think I can only handle one, but I find at least another three extremely interesting! OK, I'm confused! It's official.   

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: but it will be good if work out that

KateRobbins [Kate]: Yes!

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: It's like entering a teacher candy store!

KateRobbins [Kate]: Such help to have PLN online

 (Sandra): However, many PPOT teachers are part of eVO.

KateRobbins [Kate]: @barbsaka, LOL  

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: Hi everyone

KateRobbins [Kate]: So grateful, the sharing.

nagora [Nina] #2: Hi Shelly!

ekamin: Absolutely BarbSaka  )

Akaddar [Mbarek] 2: Hi all , just moved here   

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi Shelly .... remember the word of the moment

eanne [Elizabeth]: R

eanne [Elizabeth]: E

eanne [Elizabeth]: S

eanne [Elizabeth]: T

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: LOL

eanne [Elizabeth]:   

Shayma2012: hiii

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: hello

 (Sandra): Here's a link to my wiki that explains the PPOT course for a certificate program.

 (Sandra): http://esoltechprep.pbworks.com/w/page/36769959/TESOL%20Prof%20Dev%20Opp...

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: I know but that's hard for me to do. Barb says I must be the worst patient in the world LOL   

eanne [Elizabeth]: Who is speaking please ?

 (Sandra): Check out this TESOL site to see a complete listing of the courses available:

Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program

Halima [Halima]: may I invite(post here?) ALL  to my @tesol presentation @ WIziq

 (Sandra): Larissa Olesova is presenting now

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: @Eanne will this be the room we use for our sessions as well?

eanne [Elizabeth]: Thanks

 (Sandra): BaW= Becoming a Webhead

ekamin: Shelly LOL!!

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Shelly ..yes

Akaddar [Mbarek] 2: I think it's Larisa , BAW coordinator

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Speaking is Larissa Olesova

vances #2: be sure to reserve it if you want to use it

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: Hi Akkadar

Mariasol: This is where we will have all the meetings?

Akaddar [Mbarek] 2: Yes , here I am   

 (Sandra): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48511306/BaW2012

MichelleW [Michelle]: I think I need to watch a tutorial of Elluminate before my week lol!

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: @EANNE if so we will probably need to add in the intro & syllabus for the participants to join the Learning Times community to be able to get the link?

eanne [Elizabeth]: It is already reserved Vance for us digital storytellers

nagora [Nina] #2: The voice is like Teresa is speaking.

 (Sandra): BaW is Becoming a Webhead

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Marisol--yes it is te usual meeting place.

Mariasol: can you read me?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Mariasol, yes we can read what you type.

 (Sandra): It's a great course for beginners and other levels.

 (Sandra): I took the session in 2010

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The speaker now is Jose Antonio Silva

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Shelly, I've made a Jing http://screencast.com/t/hlAs2n3EIq

Akaddar [Mbarek] 2: J.A in short   

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: OK I'll add that to the front and for the 1st week tasks

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: Thank you so much!

Mariasol: ty

 (Session Leader 1 #2): BaW explores many communication tools.

 (Sandra): It's very FUN!!!!

ekamin: @eanne Wonderful! Thank you!

Mariasol: Mariasol, don't forget the 'a'

MichelleW [Michelle]: Barb, Shelly, Esra and Elizabeth I have to go now, sorry

Akaddar [Mbarek] 2: including social networking such as twitter

 (Sandra): Bye Michellee

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: Thanks for coming Michelle & all the work you've been doing

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: Sorry about messing up on your location

eanne [Elizabeth]: bye Michelle

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: Bye Michelle

Halima [Halima]: I invite ALL to my VIRTUAL CLASS

MichelleW [Michelle]: Thank you Shelly, hope you are feeling better

ekamin: Bye Michelle

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Give us the address, Halima!

MichelleW [Michelle]: Bye all, speak soon x

Mariasol: Hi, Halima

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: thanks and by michelle

Mariasol: also interested with your class

 (Sandra): @Dina Yes, there are very interesting sessions this year!  I'm taking podcasting because I need the training.

eanne [Elizabeth] to vances #2: Mbarak said the MATE LTSIG has been cancelled in the recent past - do you have yr hotel reserved?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): WE don't have video for her

 (Session Leader 1 #2): This is still BaW (Becoming a Webhead)

Mariasol: the screen is blurred

Halima [Halima]: ‘TESOL 2012’exhibitor session attendees meet at WizIQ’.

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: when, halima

ShellyTerreell [Shelly]: I have to go too but thanks everyone! Bye Esra, Elizabeth, and Barb

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yes--the double filtering doesn't allow a clear feed.

Halima [Halima]: is the result of my being in BaW2011

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks for coming, Shelley

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: bye shelly

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Bye Shelly!

DinaD: @Session Leader2: I'm already familiar with some of the things mentioned in each of the two sessions I'm interested in. But some others I haven't even heard about. So I think I'll take both sessions and focus on the new things I'd like to learn. Could I do that?

Mariasol: South América

mariusmadrigal #3: <== German living in France   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The international aspect is typical of EVO

Halima [Halima]: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/650293-tesol2012-members-gather-at-wiz...

DinaD: bye Shellyyyyyyy!   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): You can take more than 1-2 sessions, but you will find it too much time to keep up with all of them.

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Dina - as Sasa said - I joined looking for tools and found people   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): EVO recommends that you do no more than two sessions, but you might find others where you just try their tools.

Halima [Halima]: many here in Uzbekistan would like to collaborate with TESOL ARABIA

eanne [Elizabeth]: Vance is on another planet !

ekamin: Bye Shelly!

 (Sandra): @Dina Yes, focus on what you need to learn.  It's fun to be challenged.

Ayat: jelloo all !!

azharyoussef [Azhar] 2: Hi Ayat

 (Sandra): Raise your hands if you like the Google Hangout.

eanne [Elizabeth]: The hangout is great for meetings up to 10 people !

 (Sandra): Yes, it is limited to only 10

eanne [Elizabeth]: Soooo easy

 (Session Leader 1 #2): That's the problem, EAnne--there isn't enough room for 40+ people.

DinaD: @Session Leaders: Thanks for advice!    @eanne: Finding people is another thing that makes it exciting! I can't wait!   

 (Sandra): We have been recording for the past hour now.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Hope you all have a chance to try Hangout, because the color video is great!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): And it is very clear

eanne [Elizabeth]: You have to join Google talk to use the hangout

nagora [Nina] #2: I gave a try to join Google hangout, but failed.

 (Jeff): https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d...


vances #2: to what?

 (Sandra): Yes, differnt time zones helps out.

Ayat: I guess it will work now !!!!

 (Sandra): To moderate EVO sessions that is.

vances #2: well, s invite themselves   

Halima [Halima]: assume that nany from Central Asia would participate at/for thier proper time!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks so much, Larissa!

vances #2: if anyone wants to be a  they can no matter what time zone

eanne [Elizabeth]: thanks a lot Larrisa

vances #2: Central asia is in my time zone, UAE

LauraSt: Is anyone else losing sound right now?

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Jennifer Verschoor (mod for digital storytelling) says hello!

teresadeca [Teresa]: hi jeff and everyone    

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: She's at an internet cafe in the boonies of Argentina and has a lousy internet connection   

Akaddar [Mbarek] 2: Welcome Teresa   

Ayat: I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halima [Halima]: @vances therefore we are interested to work with You!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Teresa--please jump into Hangout in a few moments.

teresadeca [Teresa]: no thanks

lolesova [Larissa] #3: Hi Teresa

eanne [Elizabeth]: @ Babara Say hello to Jen for us

teresadeca [Teresa]: no. 'm here

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: Hello Teresa

lolesova [Larissa] #3: Join Hangout

teresadeca [Teresa]: no thanks

eanne [Elizabeth]: Hi Teresa   

vances #2: hi teresa

teresadeca [Teresa]: hi dear eanne

ekamin: Hi Jennifer!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: That is why our session is called Becoming  a Webhead (always a process)

Buket [Buket] #2: hi  

vances #2: have to stepout for a minute

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio] #2: alawys becoming, always so much to learn

teresadeca [Teresa]: i'm sure the baw mods have done a wonderful job, so i don't need to say anything. everything has been said, for sure    

figen [Figen]: hi buket

Buket [Buket] #2: hi figen  

eanne [Elizabeth]: @Teresa - Google hangout is a mess for a kickoff, but absolutely great for small meetings

Ayat: When I joined the hang out, I had messy sound , what should we do, then?

Mariasol: it is clear for me

vances #2: haha

vances #2: I' have to run off for a sec

eanne [Elizabeth]: LOL

vances #2: brb

 (Sandra): Letizia is presenting on PLE/PLN : http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48521172/PLE_PLN2012

lolesova [Larissa] #4: Ayat, you need to mute one of the platforms - Elluminate probably

Ayat: I was kicked out of the hang out !!!

vances #2: "learning is messy" LOL

lolesova [Larissa] #4: That's fine Ayat

Mariasol: who is now on?

Ayat: Ok !!!   

lolesova [Larissa] #4: it looks like another session is talking right now

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: hi teresa

teresadeca [Teresa]: hi lawan    

Halima [Halima]: @vances are you @Twitter?

 (Sandra): Letizia Cinganotto is one of the s for Personal Learning Networks (PLN)

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: we hop you will also talk google+

lolesova [Larissa] #4: Hi Fernanda

 (Sandra): I'm their mentor.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yes, Ayat--you can be in only one audio venue at a time.

Ayat: ok, fine !! Thanks !!

eanne [Elizabeth]: A page to bookmark ... using hangouts by Jeff http://jefflebow.net/node/248

eanne [Elizabeth]: really clear

fernanda [Fernanda]: Hi everybody

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: hi Fernanda

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: yyou're welcom

 (Sandra): Another PLN for everyone is our twitter e-newspaper, THe ONline Educator:

Ayat: Hello Fernanda !!!

 (Sandra): http://paper.li/teacherrogers/1301595898

victorhugor: Hi everybody!

Buket [Buket] #2: great process  

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: Hi victorhugo

victorhugor: At least I could entered the room.

eanne [Elizabeth]: Victor - hello

Ayat: Thank you, Jeff !!! The hang out hero !!! Whenever I'm invited to a hang out, everybody tell me find Jeff and join !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (Sandra): That is one aspect of our session...joining each others networks.

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: yes its a great session

victorhugor: Hi Elizabth

Mariasol: I am interested in learning environment... Elearning is a must in 21stC

Buket [Buket] #2: exactly  

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Sagungems - do you have a question?

eanne [Elizabeth]: Oops - I have to go ...Bye to all, cu around   

barbsaka [Barbara Hoskins]: Got to go--thanks for a great start to the sessions!

ekamin: I have to go   Bye everyone!

KateRobbins [Kate]: I have to leave. Thank you for offering this session. bye  

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Bye, Elizabeth--thanks so much for coming.

 (Sandra): bye Kate

Buket [Buket] #2: bye elizabeth  

 (Sandra): Bye ekamin

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks Kate and Ekamin

 (Sandra): This session is being recorded for your review at your own time

Buket [Buket] #2: thank you  

Buket [Buket] #2: yes  

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: yes

figen [Figen]: hi

Cholponmusaeva #3: Hi all, nice to cee  you all here, what time is bWebhead session on the 9th jan acorrding to GMT?

nagora [Nina] #2: Yes, many Italiens have joined

 (Sandra): Susan Burg is talking now about the PLN session

nagora [Nina] #2: Great Susan!

Halima [Halima]: dear S! I LET TO WATCH RECORDING to our UzTEA LEADERs

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: thank you susan

figen [Figen]: thanks

nagora [Nina] #2: I have joined PLN session in Moodle

Buket [Buket] #2: moodle learning is great  

nagora [Nina] #2: exactly

Mariasol: how can I go to that session in Moodle... but if we are here in Elluminate... is it necessary?

Buket [Buket] #2: I had the opportunity to participate iearn moodle last year

Halima [Halima]: we have 3 day INTERNET seminar at UZTEA

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The Moodle session is over 5 weeks. You can join at the address on the page here.

victorhugor: I'm confuse. Is it different what I'm hearing and watching on Elluminate and/or Wedheadinaction

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: what about Moodle 4 teachers session s?

Halima [Halima]: organized by British Council only because I HAVENOT A certificate was not invited as trainer

 (Sandra): Yes the Moodle session is separate.

teresadeca [Teresa]: i don't need to sepak, jeff. our mods have done a wonderful job for sure

teresadeca [Teresa]: speak...

Halima [Halima]: Salom NELLY!

 (Sandra): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48524089/MOODLE_for_Teachers2012

Mariasol: where is the Web chat?

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: I thought the s will also speak here

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Lawan--this is text only!

 (Sandra): Moodle for teachers is given by Drs. Nellie and Ludmila

Buket [Buket] #2: hi  

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: are they going to be here

victorhugor: I'm hearing two different person, I think

 (Sandra): Nina Lyulkin is presenting now about Digital Tools in the classroom.

 (Sandra): Who's sharing right now on the app????

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: the same thing over here

teresadeca [Teresa]: same here about app sharing, jeff

Mariasol: it is Ok for me

 (Sandra): Raf35720002 is shairng their email

Mariasol: its good

Halima [Halima]: @vances I cannot register at YOUR SESSION!

lawandal [Lawan ] #2: who is doing the sharing?

Ayat #2: Hellooo , I'm back !!!!

sagungems [sagun]: hello

Ayat #2: I was kicked out of google hang out many times !!!!!

Mariasol: your name please?

Ayat #2: So, I prefer it here !!!

sagungems [sagun]: me sagun

lolesova [Larissa] #4: Ayat, I think we are fine - but thank you anyway to try the Hangout

 (Sandra): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48526238/Digital_Tools2012

 (Jeff): People in the hangout, does it still exist?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): SAnd-- are you doing something different in the video?

Ayat #2: U R welcome, Larissa !!! I was just trying to join there, but couldn't !!

 (Sandra): No, it isn't me.

 (Sandra): can't figure it out

lolesova [Larissa] #4: Ayat, thats' fine - we can try on our own later - creating own Hangout - it looks like you have some issues with the mic

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Take off follow 

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We are following you.

DinaD: I have to go and get myself registered cos I have to leave in 30 minutes. Thanks everyone! See you soon!

 (Jeff): https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f...

Mariasol: Halima, is this day March 29 the only (unique) date?

 (Session Leader 1 #2): uncheck Follow  at top right.

teresadeca [Teresa]: hi jeff

 (Session Leader 1 #2): OK, we were back for a moment.

teresadeca [Teresa]: can hear you in elluminate

victorhugor: On board!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The feed is very delayed right now.

 (Sandra #2): I'mback

Halima [Halima]: @Mariaso, it is the day of presenting at TESOL

 (Sandra #2): The video is working now.

 (Sandra #2): Yes, it is blurry.  Not sure why?

 (Sandra #2): Sagun, what is your question?

sagungems [sagun]: i m getting confused

 (Sandra #2): I can't give you speaking privileges during the webcast, so just type your question here.

sagungems [sagun]: here it's not working

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yes, there is a problem with the feed.

sagungems [sagun]: oh sorry

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We'll try to work on it.

 (Sandra #2): Ok, this is Sandra and I am one of the coordinators.  We are tyring to let s talk about their sessions.

victorhugor: Sounds is OK

profesorsmart [David]: good video but some echo -anyone?

 (Sandra #2): Which session are you taking Sagun?

sagungems [sagun]: hello u both

sagungems [sagun]: digitools

 (Sandra #2): Ok, well Nina just presented on it.

Mariasol: its perfect for me Jes, ty

Mariasol: ow I see also the Video FB

Halima [Halima]: Privet LYUDMILA!

victorhugor: Hi Ludmila

 (Sandra #2): Now we're hearing aobut Moodle 4 teachers: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48524089/MOODLE_for_Teachers2012

 (Sandra #2): This is Dr. Ludmila Smirnova one of hte s speaking now.


 (Sandra #2): Elizabeth, you need to mute yourself when you type.   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Yes--we just were excited to get back in.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Nellie--can you get in to the new Hangout?

vances #2: I'm back

Halima [Halima]: I would like  to register at@vances!!!HOW???

 (Sandra #2): Yes, Nellie, give it a try

Mariasol: I registered in MOODLE for teachers, but had problems to access

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Halima--do you mean join Multiliteracies??

Halima [Halima]: NELLY  is the Queen at WZIQ!!!!

Mariasol: yes, hello Nellie

 (Sandra #2): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48522221/Multiliteracies2012

 (Sandra #2): Vance is moderating the Multiliteracies session.  It's fantastic.   I took it last year and learned lots.

Halima [Halima]: yes!@Muliteracies!!

Halima [Halima]: but
Go to: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/multilit/

 (Jeff): New Hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f...

Halima [Halima]: Redirected to http://ru.msn.com/?rd=1

Ayat #3: Great, Marijana !!!!!!!!!!!

 (Jeff): Teresa, we will get you in via Elluminate

 (Jeff): Can't have an EVO Launch without a few words from Teresa

Mariasol: and its 9:43 in Ecuador

orestiada 1: can you give the link to the Wiziq

Buket [Buket] #2: 4:45 PM tURKEY  

 (Session Leader 1 #2): It is 14:45 GMT - we need to use Universal Time

azharyoussef [Azhar] 2: bye

Mariasol: and is Nellie going to speak?

 (Sandra #2): Yes, Teresa Almeida d'Eça with the Becoming a Webhead.

 (Sandra #2): OK

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Nellie can't get into the new Hangout.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): At least not yet.

LauraSt: yes

Buket [Buket] #2: YES  

lolesova [Larissa] #4: Yes

Ayat #3: Hellooooooo Teresa !!!!!!!!!!

fernanda [Fernanda]: yes

Halima [Halima]: @orestiada many have their pages at WiZIQ

 (Sandra #2): Hello Teresa

nagora [Nina] #3: Hello Teresa! Happy to hear you!

 (Sandra #2): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48511306/BaW2012

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We are waiting for T, but the room here is mute.

Buket [Buket] #2: thank you teresa  

 (Sandra #2): We open the Elluminate room now for Teresa speak.  She's not on Google+

nagora [Nina] #3: bye-bye

teresadeca [Teresa]: i will. i promise, jeff. but no today    

Mariasol: Jeff, good bye

 (Jeff): https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f...

Mariasol: waiting a moment, to see is she comes in

 (Session Leader 1 #2): If anyone is in touch with Nellie, please urge her to join the new Hangout chat.

Mariasol: too much echo

LauraSt: My video link isn't working today. Hello from the Developing Mentoring Skills group.  We have a full group this year, and are very excited to get started.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Laura--you have to join the Google Plus hangout in order to speak.

Mariasol: I would like to say hello

Ayat #3: I'll have to go now !!!! It's an honour and pleasure to joing EVO team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks for coming, Ayat!

LauraSt: Sorry!

 (Sandra #2): Bye Ayat

LauraSt: Will fix the problem today.

Ayat #3: See u all in EVO !!!    Bye !!

Buket [Buket] #2: bye ayat  

victorhugor: Thank you to you all for this didactic hangout. Ready to start EVO 2012

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Thanks for coming Victor.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We have had a few technical glitches, but the recording is still working.

victorhugor: See you then!

 (Sandra #2): We have 6 more minutes of EVO kick=off!

Buket [Buket] #2: Dear s I'm just listening and watching and trying to get info about elluminate with 40 participants  this is my first elluminate with a lot of participants  Thank you for the great opportunity  

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Buket--Elluminate works well with lots of people.

LauraSt: My computer at home works, my computer at work does not.

Will have to do this from home from now on.

 My computer at home works, my computer at work does not.

Will have to do this from home from now on.

 My computer at home works, my computer at work doesn't for some reason.

 (Session Leader 1 #2): But you can't use video much. Just for intros.

Buket [Buket] #2: think so  

Buket [Buket] #2: but ?'m excited to speak  

Mariasol: I am in Ecuador

 (Session Leader 1 #2): WE hope, Buket, you will join other live sessions to speak here.

Buket [Buket] #2: everyone is really helpful and informative  

Mariasol: Ecuador is between Colomi

Buket [Buket] #2: thank you I'll DO  

Mariasol: Ecuador between Colombia and Perú

LauraSt: Google hangout is a great tool. It's been great to hear what everyone is doing.

 (Sandra #2): Welcome, Marisol

 (Sandra #2): Mariasol

Mariasol: ty

 (Sandra #2): Sagun, do you have a question?

SeaDream [Kay] #2: I still haven't found WHERE the exact times of the courses are, although I checked out the pages from the links. Can someone help ?

 (Sandra #2): http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48510148/Call_for_Participation2012

SeaDream [Kay] #2: what part of the page please ?

 (Sandra #2): Here is the main CfP with the sessions.  They begin next week, so you aren't late

sagungems [sagun] 1: when will the talk be held on machinimas/

 (Sandra #2): Scroll down on that page to see all the sesssions with links

 (Sandra #2): Yahoo is great for Yahoo Groups (YG), email, Yahoo Connections, video and doc sharing

sagungems [sagun] 1: i mean live talk now, will there be?

 (Jeff): Hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f... Feel free to join in

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Sagun--join that Hangout if you want to talk. There is room now.

SeaDream [Kay] #2: I've got Syllabus
Weekly Outline but no times

 (Sandra #2): Not much live, synchronous, sessions because we're all volunteers and have other jobs.  However, generally there is one per week.

SeaDream [Kay] #2: in this section there's only the general description

Buket [Buket] #2: I think this online activity will be a great chance for my career  Thanks for giving us a chance.

SeaDream [Kay] #2: sorry to be a nuisance but what should I do ? I've joined the yahoo groups etc

Buket [Buket] #2: Goodbye and hope to see you tomorrow  ))

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The sessions start on Jan. 9, tomorrow. You should follow the directions in the syllabus for each group.

 (Sandra #2): Yes, your session will have a YG and they will use it to discuss topics and provide intros.

 (Sandra #2): Bye Buket!

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Some groups use Moodle forums for disussion, others are just live meetings. You have to look at your syllabus.

Buket [Buket] #2: bye next time I'll share my experience at school  

Buket [Buket] #2: bye all  

 (Jeff): http://paper.li/teacherrogers/1301595898

 (Sandra #2): Yes, some are more interactive with live events like the MachinEVO

 (Session Leader 1 #2): The Online Educator is a twitter aggregate

 (Sandra #2): http://paper.li/teacherrogers/1301595898

 (Session Leader 1 #2): #2012EVO

 (Sandra #2): #2012evo

 (Jeff): https://twitter.com/#!/search/2012evo

 (Session Leader 1 #2): We hope you will follow the paper.li to see what other groups are doing.

Halima [Halima]: Just TWEETED this:

Halima [Halima]: AmParticipating@ http://webheadsinaction.org/live SoAmazing!2hear/see EVO2011 Teachers and Participants NOW being as EVO2012 s!!!

 (Sandra #2): Thanks for participating in our kick-off.

teresadeca [Teresa]: need to go now. jeff, tks again for the honor you gave me    

jrubins [Janet]: Thank you for the oportunity to join the group

vances #2: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com

teresadeca [Teresa]: good luck, everyone! wish you all great sessions    

teresadeca [Teresa]: bye!

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: Thanks very much for letting me join you

 (Sandra #2): Vance provides the Learningtogether sessions which are separate from EVO but a great learning experience for various topics.

jrubins [Janet]: Good bye everyone!

Mariasol: Godd bye... thanks

Mariasol: good*

 (Session Leader 1 #2): Bye all--I've got to run!

Halima [Halima]: bye to ALL!

Mariasol: Halima, will get in touch with you

 (Sandra #2): We are wrapping up the session now.  I just saw someone enter.  This is recorded and will be shared by your s.

 (Sandra #2): Here's my email if you need help or have questions: sandrogers123@yahoo.com

Halima [Halima]: Try again to register @VANCES!

Halima [Halima]: better Twitter name!

figen [Figen]: bye everybody have to leave

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: ok goodbye

 (Sandra #2): I signed off of the Google+Hangout

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: Halima whereb are you from????

sagungems [sagun] 1: gud bye

Halima [Halima]: me from Uzbekistan and You?

 (Sandra #2): Good bye everyone and good luck in your sessions!

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: bahrain

: http://jefflebow.net/node/248


hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: Your name semms to be one of a bahrini

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: Thanks very much for you

Halima [Halima]: hamada are you at Twitter/

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: now no

marisaconstantinides [Marisa]: Goodbye everyone and sorry I missed this kick off - have been training all day - best of luck everyone with your courses

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: but I will tomorrom In shaa Allah

sagungems [sagun] 1: today it really became difficult for me to get the entire things

vances #2: I'm not a 

vances #2: jeff can yo umake me one?

marisaconstantinides [Marisa]: Great, thanks Jeff

sagungems [sagun] 1: but anyway i enjoyed

fernanda [Fernanda]: Thanks, Jeff for this session! Happy EVO to all mods and coordinators!

lolesova [Larissa] #4: Thank you Jeff - great job, I like Hangout

sagungems [sagun] 1: happy EVO

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: Tomorrow the real sessions will start

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: ??????

hamada_diab2 [Hamada]: Halima whre did you go????

antonella.sanna [ANTONELLA]: See you next week! Bye........

vances #2: can the session  make me a  please?