EVO2012 Launch Webcast Text Chat


 11:31 guest-188: love the music jeff :-)

 11:32 jeff: Hi Chuck

 11:32 guest-188: how you doing?

 11:32 jeff: Yeah, some music to excited by :)

 11:32 guest-188: looks like you're groovin

 11:32 jeff: great, this is one of my favorite webcasts of the year

 11:32 jeff: just about to open up the hangout - you available to stop by?

 11:32 guest-188: 1st time for me. I'm excited

 11:34 jeff: can't find you on Google+ - assumed you'd already be connected there

 11:34 guest-188: I haven't made that leap yet.

 11:35 guest-188: right now

 11:35 guest-188: ok, i will

 11:35 jeff: http://plus.google.com

 11:35 guest-188: I'm doin it

 11:36 jeff: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d...

 11:40 guest-188: newly registered

 11:40 jeff: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105999634356572746040

 11:40 jeff: Hangout at: v

 11:40 jeff: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d...

 11:40 guest-188: just added you to my circle - my 1st

 11:45 guest-188: nice

 11:45 guest-188: I'm installing something it seems

 11:46 guest-188: what's the hangout link again?

 11:53 guest-182: will this be archived? i'm interested, but not sure if I can get back to a comp in time.

 11:54 guest-182: saw this posted on the KOTESOL FB page

 11:56 jeff: Yes, it will be archived

 12:04 guest-182: thx

 12:08 guest-196: Hi all , M erry EVO 2012

 12:10 jeff: Hello Mbarek

 12:11 jeff: Hangout is at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d... if you'd like to join in

 12:12 guest-196: Hi Jeff , glad to meet u here again

 12:23 guest-200: Hello from Istanbul. Cold and wet afternoon here but a cup of chai makes the coll all so wonderful.

 12:25 guest-200: I confirm that his recommendation to watch webheads.org is wonderful. Good connection with both audio and visual.

 12:29 guest-201: Hello, everyone! The sound and video are excellent. Unfortunately, can't say the same about the weather in Kyiv, Ukraine. There's no snow! What a pity =)

 12:30 jeff: Glad to hear at least the online weather is OK

 12:31 guest-62: Hello, I am a moderator of BaW2012 :) hello everybody

 12:33 guest-201: Hello, Marijana!

 12:38 jeff: If people would like to practice joining the Hangout, try this...

 12:38 jeff: TURN OFF THE WEBCAST, then try joining the hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d...

 12:41 guest-89: Hi everyone!

 12:42 guest-215: hi I just got here

 12:42 guest-214: Hi

 12:42 guest-209: Hello, everyone!

 12:45 guest-217: Hello from italy and the PLN PLE session!

 12:47 guest-215: Hi Susan, are you able to come to the hangout?

 12:48 guest-165: I just listed my e-mail for hangout. Thanks

 12:49 guest-217: Vance..thanx

 12:49 guest-217: yes I am all here at google talk and hangout :-)

 12:49 guest-188: hi everyone

 12:50 guest-215: the hangout is full now\

 12:50 guest-215: graham will go soon

 12:50 guest-217: yes I know...full

 12:51 guest-218: Hello

 12:52 guest-226: Hello everybody!!

 12:53 guest-62: Hello everybody, greeting from Croatia, it's Marijana one of Comoderators of BaW2102

 12:53 guest-215: he marijana are you in the hangout or planning to go there?

 12:53 guest-224: Hi everyone from Ukraine

 12:53 guest-62: would like to come Vance , but you all full?

 12:54 guest-62: Hi margarite, welcome :)

 12:54 guest-62: Will join googlehangout in 10 minutes to talk about Baw2012 but Larissa is there

 12:54 guest-219: Hello everybody!

 12:55 guest-226: Hello Antonella!

 12:55 guest-214: @Graham: I can't find your book in Italy. I went to Rome last month at Feltrinelli International library but They hadn't it. How can I do to buy it, please?

 12:56 guest-62: Hi Graham love your session in SEETA as well :) about games!

 12:56 guest-62: It's Ditital Play , isn't it Carmen?

 12:56 guest-214: yes, it's Digital Play

 12:56 guest-62: :) Graham just answering your question

 12:56 guest-62: HI Shelly :)))

 12:57 guest-215: hi shelly

 12:57 guest-214: They don't have it in Italy

 12:59 guest-218: Thanks!

 12:59 guest-215: amazon?

 12:59 guest-62: Hi Heike

 13:00 guest-226: Hi Jeff!!

 13:00 guest-233: hi everybody!

 13:00 guest-62: Hi Sandra :))

 13:01 guest-226: Hi Vance!!

 13:01 guest-217: lunchtime here in Italy...be back in a flash ^_^

 13:01 guest-219: Hi Letizia!

 13:01 guest-217: Letizia.....ciao

 13:02 jeff: Vance is talking about MOOC's (massive open online courses)

 13:02 guest-233: hello!!!!

 13:02 guest-13: Hi everyone! Glad to see so many particiants here.

 13:02 guest-217: ciao Antonella

 13:02 guest-214: @Vance: I had a look in Amazon too...but, as the editor wrote, we can buy it only in some bookshops. I attended Graham's course in SEETA and for this I'd like to deepen the issue

 13:05 guest-215: let's get him to put out an ebook

 13:06 guest-219: ciao Susan

 13:08 guest-219: Today my internet connection's got lot of problems...

 13:09 jeff: http://secondlife.com/ Session at: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48525044/MachinEVO2012

 13:14 guest-62: Great Heike, that would be an interesting session :)

 13:14 guest-62: Dennise is very busy :) two I think :) for Denis

 13:15 guest-233: Great Heike!

 13:17 guest-217: I am back

 13:19 guest-220: hello to my trainers

 13:20 guest-214: Sorry, but I've to go. See you later.

 13:20 guest-11: Back in the stream now

 13:24 guest-271: Interesting - watching this here and in SL.

 13:24 guest-217: Vance and group....how will we be called into the live talk?

 13:25 guest-196: Hi all :-)

 13:26 guest-218: Shelley sounds interesting, can I still register?

 13:26 guest-62: You are in Susan, hi :)

 13:27 guest-217: in and out

 13:28 guest-218: Thanks Jeff

 13:28 guest-217: I am getting echo sound when I open the gtalk

 13:28 guest-62: Shelly is awsome :)))

 13:28 guest-270: what is this actually about, i did not get it

 13:28 guest-217: so i closed it

 13:30 guest-62: Its about creating comics and expliring tools for YL :) using Creaza, Makebelifs and so on

 13:30 guest-272: greetings!

 13:30 guest-218: bye, thanks

 13:34 guest-271: Yes, I'm (Lynne) here and there. Everywhere. :)

 13:36 guest-217: me

 13:36 guest-217: us from PLN

 13:36 jeff: Mods: Hangout at: http://bit.ly/w5ogk6

 13:36 guest-217: Letizia is having working on getting in

 13:38 guest-231: Can we get a certificate of attendance/achievement at the end of the course?

 13:41 guest-231: Ok, thank you for clarifying.

 13:41 guest-219: Thanks Bob, I was just wondering the same...

 13:41 guest-219: In Italy we are crazy about thet!

 13:41 guest-219: that

 13:42 guest-82: is there anyone who can help me connect to elluminate? the java app is opening, but I keep getting "connection failed" messages.

 13:42 guest-82: (maybe in a separate google chat)

 13:42 guest-221: Can anyone explain Illuminate? I don't get what it is.

 13:43 guest-231: Antonella if you go to Shelly's Friday sessions you get get certs from Shelly

 13:43 guest-217: we don't need it now Aleda

 13:43 guest-217: we are here so ...it is

 13:43 guest-217: just an extra venue

 13:43 guest-62: Elluminate is the online web room for having conferences

 13:44 guest-221: OK. I won't worry about not understanding then. Thanks.

 13:44 guest-217: this one is more fun and easy to use for now

 13:44 guest-219: Thank you Bob

 13:44 guest-217: hi Larisa

 13:45 guest-62: http://baw2012.pbworks.com/w/page/46616456/Syllabus

 13:45 guest-231: Previous session on youtube search atesol! (Apologies if you know this already)

 13:45 guest-62: this is the link for baW2012 :) join us

 13:46 guest-62: The yahoo group for BaW2012 http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/baw2012/

 13:49 guest-217: @Antonella, In Italy we are crazy about ...what??

 13:49 guest-219: certificates

 13:49 guest-219: certificates...

 13:50 guest-217: yes Italians are really into certificates....this is true

 13:51 guest-217: these sessions are non certificates, tho

 13:51 guest-217: theya re informal sessions

 13:53 guest-219: of course they are. But I have to check the timetable for the next sessions in order to justify them (just in case...)

 13:54 guest-217: vance do you have a cat there??

 13:54 guest-233: You're right Antonella :)

 13:54 guest-217: yes a cat

 13:55 guest-217: love the hangout

 13:55 guest-301: Hello everybody

 13:56 guest-217: hi Fernanda

 13:56 guest-281: Hangout is bigger and more visible here than in the Elluminate room

 13:56 guest-180: Hello everybody

 13:56 guest-217: great Vance

 13:57 guest-278: Hello everybody, wish you a very happy new year! Hope we'll have a great time here. Looking forward to it.

 13:58 guest-219: You're right Laine but the audio is better in the Elluminate room

 13:58 jeff: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/106e3545530b827ffc49ba522a4806b5d...

 14:01 guest-281: i tried to do video here and audio there but it doesn't work that way - you have to choose one place for the whole thing...right?

 14:02 guest-219: I'm here and there! I've just switch off the audio here

 14:02 guest-62: I lost contact via Googlehangout :(

 14:03 guest-62: but's it' ok

 14:03 guest-62: Hi Leticia

 14:06 guest-298: Hi,everyone!! From Buenos Aires, Argentina

 14:06 guest-62: Hi Mecha?

 14:06 guest-62: Which session in EVO did you join Mecha?

 14:07 guest-226: Hi, again!

 14:08 guest-264: Any one here in PLE session?

 14:08 guest-264: I am a bit lost.What time does it start?

 14:09 guest-298: I just joined and trying to understand the speaker whose accent makes it dificcult for me to understand

 14:09 guest-62: It is already going on

 14:09 guest-62: this is leticia who talk about eVO PLN session

 14:09 guest-62: Hi Julio, you are on right place, hang out with us

 14:09 guest-264: ok thank you

 14:10 guest-309: Hiiiiiiiiii everybody

 14:10 guest-62: No, problem JUlio, Susan is talking about your EVO session PLE and PLN :)

 14:10 guest-62: Hi Hamada

 14:10 guest-309: Did the webinar start????

 14:10 guest-62: Where are you from?

 14:10 guest-264: I need to know how do I start?

 14:10 guest-309: Bahrain

 14:11 guest-62: yes it's EVO launch the opening of EVO session

 14:11 guest-62: going on now

 14:11 guest-62: Great Bahrain, hello from Croatia

 14:11 guest-309: How can we start????

 14:12 guest-309: Helllo and nice to meet you

 14:12 guest-264: I mean how do I start tomorrow the PLN Session.

 14:12 guest-62: just listen and chat, it's a webcast , the mods of EVO are talking about theri sessions and courses

 14:13 guest-62: yes, all sessions start tomorrow!

 14:13 guest-278: What is PLN & PLE means

 14:13 guest-271: Is anyone here from the Drama Workshop group on Yahoo?

 14:13 guest-264: Is there a way to get in touch with the instructors?

 14:13 guest-309: Ok... at what time????

 14:13 guest-62: good luck I hope you enjoy it! I am a mod of Baw2012

 14:13 guest-226: I am in Dram!!

 14:13 guest-226: Drama

 14:14 guest-196: Hi Chaouki , what went wrong ?

 14:14 guest-226: Hi, M'barak!! Everything is OK!

 14:15 guest-196: Thank Allah :-)

 14:15 guest-226: I just went shopping and then came back!

 14:15 guest-62: Welcome back Chaoukie!

 14:16 guest-226: Thanks Marijana!

 14:16 guest-196: You re lucky , you did shopping and Webheading at the same time :-)

 14:16 guest-226: Magic!!

 14:16 guest-297: Hello every one, it seems that I misinterpreted the time, is there any recordings for the session.

 14:16 guest-309: Is this speech recorded or it's live????

 14:17 guest-196: I was on the hangout but stepped out

 14:17 guest-297: this speech is live strem

 14:17 guest-226: It's live Hamada!!

 14:17 guest-62: Chaoukie is alrady doing multitasking :)

 14:17 guest-196: yes all Elluminate session is recorded

 14:17 guest-309: Ok.. Thanks

 14:17 guest-62: yes, live caglar

 14:17 guest-297: but will there be any recording of it, I missed some part of it.

 14:18 guest-196: yes , all the session is recorded

 14:18 guest-309: where can we go to get them????

 14:18 guest-297: how I can reach the current sessions record for instance

 14:19 guest-196: the link will be posted in the yahoogroup baw2012

 14:19 guest-226: Is this session on elluminate too?

 14:19 guest-196: yes

 14:20 guest-196: it's the elluminate which is recorded

 14:20 guest-226: Can you give the link, please?

 14:21 jeff: New Hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f...

 14:21 guest-62: http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?login=1&uid=EC2F60FCC8E8D836...

 14:21 guest-196: it's at the top of this page ,but I think u need learningtimes account Learning Times Webheads Room

 14:21 guest-62: elumminate is the one from me

 14:21 guest-196: Learning Times Webheads Room

 14:21 guest-62: yes you need to have Leraning times account

 14:22 guest-309: Then the real sessions will start tomorrow not today

 14:22 guest-298: Sorry, I´m still trying to work out what th is is all about???

 14:22 guest-196: yes , it 's not live

 14:23 guest-315: Glad to be here again :-)

 14:24 guest-226: Yes, I am Mbarek. Where can I find it in Learning times?

 14:28 guest-201: Hello, Dr.Ludmila Smirnova. I'm so glad to meet the instructor of my course!

 14:29 guest-196: http://home.learningtimes.net

 14:30 guest-11: I'm back

 14:30 guest-196: WElcome Iryna ,

 14:32 guest-62: Hi Vance, welcome Iryna

 14:35 guest-226: I have to go!! I hope you enjoy the rest of session!! See you soon!

 14:39 guest-281: http://www.mdl2.com/ is a good place also for free jeff of Moodle. There is no "support" so you must handle it on your own. Also there are ads. To eliminate ads you must pay a fee. I have used it very successfully for a year or so now. This is a Moodle site.

 14:39 jeff: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f...

 14:39 guest-196: Bye Caouki , see u around in Yahoogroup :-)

 14:46 guest-62: Bye everybody, have a nice EVO, enjoy it :))

 14:48 guest-196: Bye Bye Marijana , Have a great week :-)

 14:50 guest-249: I have to keep my Yahoo account just for this purpose. Argh.

 14:50 guest-249: I think I dropped Yahoo in 1984

 14:50 guest-249: ;)

 14:52 guest-249: But, I will say this: too bad there are "so many" platforms being used for EVO this year. Wish it were centralized.

 14:52 jeff: Hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/8e10207b53004b240742561429b04a88f... Feel free to join in

 14:54 guest-249: www.rockmelt.com, easy transition

 14:58 jeff: http://paper.li/teacherrogers/1301595898

 14:59 jeff: https://twitter.com/#!/search/2012evo

 15:00 guest-249: following...

 15:04 guest-249: YES....Jeff is spot on!

 15:07 jeff: http://jefflebow.net/node/248

 15:09 guest-249: As a Panamanian, I say, thank you.

 15:09 guest-249: ;)

 15:10 guest-249: nighters...and THANK YOU Master Lebow for this!

 15:11 guest-328: thanks!

 15:11 guest-11: jeff can you make me a moderator in Elluminate?

 15:11 guest-218: Thanks Jeff!

 15:13 guest-301: Thanks, Jeff, bye everyone

 15:13 jeff: Thanks all

 15:13 jeff: Have a GREAT EVO!

 15:14 guest-332: Sorry, I'm a bit lost... is there a video conference today?

 15:18 jeff: Sorry Veronica. You just missed it (ended 5 minutes ago after being on for almost 3 hours)

 15:18 jeff: Recording will be posted tomorrow

 15:24 guest-332: Thank you.