EVO 2010 Launch Chat Room #1 Transcript


Emilleyhello, may i know if i'm in the correct place for the presentation later?

03:38Emilleyat 12 noon?

03:38JLHello, yes it is

03:38Emilleythank you so much! :)

03:38JLyes, 1200GMT - in about 80 minutes

03:39JLlook forward to connecting then

03:41Emilleythank you, will be back later :)

03:49yesimis it going to be in this chat box?


03:51yesimok then, I'll wait



03:54chiquinice to be hear

03:55SherriAre all waiting for the EVO 2010 Kick-Off Ceremony?

03:56Nataly59Hello! i am Natalya from Uzbekistan. I am not sure my NET is rather quick but I'll try to connect...

04:02arjanahello, i'm arjana from croatia

04:08SherriIt starts at 12 GMT--in about an hour, so I will return later.


04:10chiquinice site for everyone

04:10chiquihello everyone

04:18Marianhey guys, nice to meet you

04:18MarianWill have lunch, then I'll be back for the meeting


04:19NadiaSolhello Marian and everybody

04:26anamariacultHello everyone

04:27MarianneHello from Moldova! :)

04:27JLAnyong from Korea

04:27MarianHi from Germany

04:28SheeHelloooooooo, I'm Sheila. Nice to see all these people here waiting for the kick-off!

04:28stacehi everyone stace from trinidad

04:29JLThe Ustream should be restarted - click play to listen. If you have a slower connection, try the Sandbox A media player

04:30JLto test test your audio or say hello, skype 'worldbridges'

04:31ElmiraHello from Azerbaijan,Baku. :)

04:31bindyuuhello all

04:31bindyuuGreetings from India...

04:32SheeIt's amazing... I agree... Brazil


04:33anamariacultsound is great

04:33SheeFor me too.




anamariacultGood morning from Minas Gerais , Brazil

04:38JLskype 'worldbridges' to save Jeff from continued rambling

04:38Banan00789inmy country is noon

04:38Banan00789in my


04:39SheeI would love to use skype, but I've got a problem with my pc...

04:40Rita AbdelnourHello everyone from Lebanon

04:40Banan00789hmmm i m from czech republick

04:40Sheehello ana, I am also in Frazil

04:41SheeBrazil... sorry

04:41MarianneI signed up for Images for Education and Webheads

04:41chiquihello, how to use skype


04:42chiquiwhat is the skype id? hello shee..

04:42SheeMarianne, I signed up for the same sessions... Nice to meet you Anamaria.

04:43Sheethe sound is little strange too

04:43bindyuuHi...I'm Bindu from India...Am I in the desired chat room???


04:45JLsorry ana marie

04:45JLwas getting very loud

04:45Sheei hear the same r

04:45Sheeprob here..

04:45SherriSherri: Hello from California

04:46ShellyTerrellHello from Germany!

04:46Andy BHi Sherri!

04:46MarianHi Shelly, you also from Germany?

04:46NinaLiakosHello everyone from Maryland

04:47ShellyTerrell@Marian! Hello! I'm from US but live in Germany

04:47Jennifer VerschoorHello everybody from Buenos Aires, Argentina

04:47ShellyTerrellWhen did this begin? Am Ireally late?

04:47Soaad HamedHello

04:47guest581530hi there

04:48SheeHello Shelly, things havent exactly started yet

04:48anamariacultHello Nina, Shelly, Jennifer

04:48BeesHi from Brazil to everybody.

04:48Sheepeople are testing

04:48ShellyTerrellOk great!

04:48NinaLiakosHey Bee!

04:48anamariaculthad problem w/ my mic

04:48Sheehello Bee

04:48anamariacultHello Bee

04:48Soaad HamedAre we going to have a skype call?

04:48EurominutemanHello shelly

04:48NinaLiakosThey sounds like they are troubleshooting

04:48ShellyTerrellHi Ana! It's great to see you here! You're like one of the best webheads I know!

04:48jujupaniagoHi, I'd like to know at what time the sessions will be presented

04:48Eurominutemani am usa too and i live in germany

04:48NinaLiakosIs that James?


04:49Jennifer VerschoorGlad to find so many familiar names Bee, Nina, anamaria, Shelly :-)

04:49NinaLiakosNice to see you!

04:49carabasuHi everyone! I'm Carlos Barrera. Great to be here.

04:49ShellyTerrell@erominuteman What part? I live in Stuttgart

04:49NinaLiakosGood morning, Jen!

04:49Eurominutemanlake constance, weingarten

04:49bindyuuGood Morning Nina...Greetings from India

04:49ShellyTerrellEuromminuteman you live not too far from me!

04:49Eurominuteman2 hours

04:49ShellyTerrellHello everyone! Greetings!

04:49NinaLiakosHi Bindu, it's wonderful to see you here!

04:50Eurominutemanskype: eurominuteman

04:50sabaswebhello every body

04:50Eurominutemanhi jeff

04:50sabaswebis this the image4education chat session?

04:50NinaLiakoshello jeff

04:50ShellyTerrellWhich Evo session will be the first one?

04:50NinaLiakosMaybe BaW


04:50yesimI've been waiting, hi everybody :) I'm Yesim from Istanbul

04:51anamariacultHello, Saba.

04:51NinaLiakosI think it's the most basic one, where many people start

04:51carabasuIs this EVO kick off?

04:51NinaLiakosHi Moira!

04:51NinaLiakosYes, carabasu

04:51anamariacultYes, Cara

04:51bindyuuwonderful connections from across the globe:)

04:51carabasuThanks, Nina.

04:51ShellyTerrellAre we supposed to leave our Skype names?



04:53sabasweb@ anamariacult hi there

04:53Eurominuteman@shelly you can

04:53sabaswebso am i rite is it image4education chat session goin on?

04:53Helen Myers / Karelia KondorHelen Myers here ..

04:53Helen Myers / Karelia Kondorsorry - that nickname is a bit long ...

04:53Helen Myers / Karelia Kondorshal I change it?

04:54zebra264138Hello everyone



04:55sabaswebsure go ahead change it

04:55sabaswebhi nadia

04:55NadiaSolcan you see anything?

04:55Sue Lyon JonesHi Everyone - Looking for Images4Education 2010. Am I in the right room?

04:55dizhi - Elizabeth Anne want's to see what happens with this way in

04:56SheeIs it like that? the image disappeared too...

04:56Emilleyhey all :)


04:56Emilleyam i the only one not seeing anything?

04:56NadiaSoli clicked on the 'play' button - another room opened on upstream - but i can hear only voices - nio images, no images here - only sentences in this chat room

04:56Moira EVO CoordinatorHi everybody :-)


04:56ShellyTerrell@Sue Hello!

04:56Sheei dont see anythin too


04:56NadiaSolEmilley - i cannot see anything either

04:56Emilleyshee :)

04:56Rita Abdelnourhello

04:56sabaswebhow to use skype??

04:56dizI can see


04:56Heike Philp EVO VLThi

04:56Emilleynow i can see

04:56NadiaSoloh1 the man has appeared for 1 second

04:56Sue Lyon Jones@ShellyTerrell hi, Shelly!

04:56ShellyTerrell@Sue this one is for all EVO sessions so you are in the right room

04:56susanebhello everyone this is Susan from IWB

04:56Sheenadia... the same for me here

04:56Emilleyyeah then it freezed LOL

04:57Maro0nhi to all of you!

04:57Heike Philp EVO VLThi Shelly, hi Susan

04:57NinaLiakosI lost the sound for a second too

04:57Jennifer VerschoorHello Heike glad to see you here

04:57Heike Philp EVO VLThi all

04:57NinaLiakosHi Daf!!!

04:57Eurominutemanwill the video stream be going

04:57Sue Lyon Jones@ShellyTerrell Great! thanks :-)

04:57ShellyTerrellHi Heike!

04:57NadiaSolShee - we are on the same boat - looks like so


04:57dizgo on - let's have another peak

04:57Rita AbdelnourHi Heike

04:57Sue Lyon JonesHello, Heike!

04:57NadiaSolwho are talking - 3 people - 1 man and 2 ladies

04:57Sheejeff, is it ok? no image on?

04:57NinaLiakos20 is nice, Daf

04:57ShellyTerrell@Heike Always great to see you! Rosco sends a big hug


04:57diz38 is the best age



04:57NadiaSolno image on - ???

04:57Moira EVO CoordinatorMoira and daf are speaking with Jeff

04:57Emilleynow the sound is back, but no image

04:57Rita Abdelnoursame here

04:57NadiaSoloh! this explanation helps,!!!

04:58Heike Philp EVO VLTgive him a dog biscuit from me

04:58Sue Lyon JonesI always put my age as 100 ;-)

04:58NadiaSolcan you switch onto a lower bandwidth??

04:58Moira EVO Coordinatoronly audio today to keep things 'light'


04:58Jennifer VerschoorUstream is only for audio

04:58bindyuuwhat about the video streaming???

04:58Sheealright jeff... so only audio for me :(

04:58Heike Philp EVO VLTvery nice chat

04:58Jennifer VerschoorHello Daf so glad to listen to you

04:58diz:'( go on, just a peek

04:58MarianneI think it is fine without video

04:58MarianneThanks for doing this!

04:58Sheeno prob, it is so nice listening to you all... I am amazed with what tech can do!!!!

04:58NadiaSolfor could you please introduce all of you 3 people - please once again??

04:58Emilleyyeah i can settle for only listening :)

04:58Moira EVO CoordinatorJeff speaking now

04:58Moira EVO CoordinatorDaf now

04:58Helen Myers / Karelia Kondortwenty ten

04:58NinaLiakosHi Marianne, good to see you!

04:59Moira EVO CoordinatorAiden now

04:59susanebtwo thousand 10

04:59Heike Philp EVO VLTwhat's the hashtag for EVO in general?

04:59NinaLiakostwenty ten

04:59Andy BTwenty-ten

04:59diztwenty ten

04:59Moira EVO CoordinatorMoira now

04:59MarianneThanks, Nina!

04:59OsnacantabHi to everonye I know and don't know.



04:59Maro0nHi Aiden! -you were my coordinator last year in NNEST EVO- :D


04:59NinaLiakosHi dennis

04:59Helen Myers / Karelia KondorHi Osn!

04:59MarianneI think I am the only one from Moldova in this session :)

04:59NadiaSolJeff. Moira - facilitators?

04:59Philip Marc20 10 seems good

04:59Emilleytwenty ten sounds cool :D

04:59dizthe start of the Teenies

04:59anamariacultHello Dennis

04:59Moira EVO Coordinatortwenty ten - :-))

04:59Helen Myers / Karelia Kondoryes!

04:59NinaLiakosI've been waiting for 10 years to be able to say twenty-something

04:59Sheeseems nice.... 20 10

04:59Heike Philp EVO VLTtwenty ten as hashtag?

04:59dizafter the noughties

04:59Moira EVO Coordinatorlol Nina

04:59NinaLiakostwo thousand ten sounds more formal

04:59Helen Myers / Karelia Kondorthe 'tenties'?

04:59anamariacultHello Juliana Paniago!

04:59Jennifer Verschoor20 10 is great!!


05:00NinaLiakosno, the tends, the teens

05:00Osnacantab20 10 I feel very modern.

05:00JoseantonioHello everyone

05:00Heike Philp EVO VLTEVO twenty ten?

05:00Helen Myers / Karelia KondorYou *are* very modern Osna!

05:00NinaLiakosWho is here from Multiliteracies?

05:00NadiaSolhello Jose


05:00Heike Philp EVO VLTand how about the hashtag?

05:00JoseantonioHi Nadia

05:00dizhi josé antonio - this is ean****enoble

05:00Heike Philp EVO VLT#evo2010 or #evo10


05:00susanebyes should I log in to skype

05:00Helen Myers / Karelia KondorHi Heike! woudl love to meet you as my potential landlady!

05:00NinaLiakosHi Jeff, I am Nina from Multiliteracies nina_liakos

05:00anamariacultI'm moderationg Images4education and my skype name is anamariacult

05:01Heike Philp EVO VLThi Helen :-)


05:01JoseantonioHello Ana Maria

05:01NadiaSolJennifer Lebedev?

05:01anamariaculthello jose antonio

05:01NadiaSolhow nice!

05:01JoseantonioThis is JA

05:01NinaLiakosHi Jose Antonio

05:01Isabel(Brazil)Hi everybody

05:01Andy BI'm moderating Online Games for ESL/EFL

05:01JoseantonioI am a moderator

05:01Sheehelo joseantonio... r u from brazil?

05:01NadiaSoli nina

05:01coakescheryloakes for images4education

05:01NadiaSolhi Shee


05:01sueannanhello everyone

05:01NadiaSolhi Sue

05:01coakesWow, lots of us here!


05:01Graham DaviesHello eveyone!

05:01Anitha Devi VHello Jeff and everyone!

05:01NadiaSolhi Graham

05:01Heike Philp EVO VLThi all

05:01Helen Myers / Karelia KondorShelly .. I feel I know you so well following your tweets an dhavong played in the magioc mushroom rom!

05:02Heike Philp EVO VLTwhat a crowd

05:02SherriHello Everyone. Andy B is the moderator of Online Games for ESL/EFL

05:02susanebskype id susanellynb


05:02Isabel(Brazil)I´m a co-moderator from Baw10

05:02JoseantonioThat is big party

05:02Helen Myers / Karelia KondorGraham Davies?!!!

05:02JoseantonioHi Isabel

05:02coakesHi nina, we are standing in for Carla Arena who is on vacation!

05:02Graham DaviesYes, I'm here! Flattery will get you everywhere!

05:02Anitha Devi VHello Heike

05:02OsnacantabI'm one of the mods of Teaching Languages in a Virtual World twenty ten osnacantab

05:02sabasweb@ isabel is it the chat for BAWs

05:02NinaLiakosYes, strange not to see Carla here

05:02SanjaHello everyone!

05:02Anitha Devi VHi Nina

05:02dudeneygeAfternoon folks!

05:02NadiaSolhi Sanja

05:03Randi HarlevHello everyone!

05:03Heike Philp EVO VLTGavin is here too

05:03coakesYes, Images4education, is being represented by a few of us.

05:03NadiaSolhi Randi

05:03OsnacantabHi, Gavin.

05:03Eurominuteman@coakes wait until facebook and second life are connected widespread

05:03Isabel(Brazil)Hi Daf

05:03dizWhy not call up the moderators by workshop :)

05:03coakesOh, yes eurominuteman!

05:03Helen Myers / Karelia KondorSorry .. I have to go .. will be readingand listening to the recording o this ..just wanted to say hello and say that I am realy looking forward to meeting you all ...

05:03Isabel(Brazil)Hi José Antonio

05:03NinaLiakosHi Anitha

05:03weronikaoHello everyone!

05:03AnnaKAnna from Smart Teaching with IWBs

05:03Philip MarcGood Afternoon everyone.

05:03sabaswebbye helen

05:03guest893104Vance from Multiliteracies has been here for some time with server errors

05:03anamariaculthi shee,

05:03susanebI am logging into skype

05:03Graham DaviesBye, Helen!

05:03Helen Myers / Karelia Kondorye

05:04Helen Myers / Karelia Kondorbye even

05:04MouniaHi, I'm Mounia from Morocco

05:04Randi Harlevwhat is the skypename for this chat?

05:04sabaswebi have still not got membership approval from BAWs

05:04Philip MarcHow do we log on via Skype?

05:04sabaswebhow to do it?

05:04EurominutemanSynchronize Your Facebook Account With Second Life


05:04Vance / Multiliteraciessorry server not very responsive

05:04Moira EVO CoordinatorThank you Jeff!!!!!

05:04Sheehello ana!:)

05:04JoseantonioThanks Jeff

05:04yesimyes, what is the skype ID?

05:04Heike Philp EVO VLThi

05:04Mouniahow to log in into skype

05:05NinaLiakosHi gavin

05:05Heike Philp EVO VLTyes, thanks to Jeff, clap clap

05:05Moira EVO CoordinatorLearning Times supplies us with the Elluminate room :-)

05:05JLId to skype in is 'worldbridges'

05:05yesimhi heike nice to see you

05:05JLwe'll be bringing people in a few at a time to discuss sessions

05:05NinaLiakosHi Mounia, I am glad you could make it!

05:05DafJeff will be calling one by one

05:05dudeneygeHello there Nina


05:06Moira EVO CoordinatorKisses and hugs accepted on behalf of all the team :-)

05:06SheeThankss to you all who work on this wonderful project!

05:06Daflost my connection

05:06NinaLiakosVance, are you in the Skype chat? I am not

05:06Graham DaviesHello, Gavin!

05:07Moira EVO CoordinatorAiden is the leader this year

05:07Jennifer VerschoorHello Gavin and Jose Antonio nice to see you here

05:07JoseantonioHello Daf

05:07EvelynHi everyone!

05:07EvelynI'm so happy to be here. Welcome!

05:07Sandrogers123We can hear two folks at the same time.

05:07NinaLiakosHi Evelyn!

05:07JoannaRoHI everyone. Am I at the right place?

05:08JoannaRoI guess I am

05:08NinaLiakosYes, Joanna, kalos irthes!

05:08Moira EVO Coordinatoryes you are Joanna

05:08Sandrogers123Hi Joannna...I got back to the chat too!!!


05:08EvelynLovely voive at this early time, Daf. ;-))

05:08JoannaRoefharisto NIna


05:08NinaLiakosNot early for Daf if she is in Valencia

05:08Emilleythank you to the whole team for the hard work :)

05:08Jennifer Verschoorhello Evelyn :-)

05:08Marianis this voice only, or do we also have video?

05:08NinaLiakosno video

05:08Moira EVO Coordinatorvoice onbly plus chat here

05:08Emilleymarian, i'm listening only

05:08EvelynHi Jen! Great to find you here. :-)

05:08Anastasia AnzhiganovaHi everyone!


05:09JoannaRoI was struggling to join and so was Dennis. Dennis are you here yet/

05:09Sandrogers123Important note: For some reason I hear two voices at the same time...and so does one of our participants from Malaysia.

05:09NinaLiakosHello Anastasia

05:09NadiaSolNina, you will nor see the video - the connection must be too low on your side

05:09teresadecahello everyone! :-)

05:09NadiaSolyou will not*

05:09Mariancheck if you have a second page open if you hear twice

05:09EvelynHi Teresa!

05:09JoannaRoI cn't har anything though

05:09NinaLiakosThere isn't any video to see


05:09DafJeff will call on you

05:09Emilleyhey sand.. i'm from malaysia too :)

05:09Joseantoniosype me joseantoniook

05:09Marianwow, over 70 people here :)

05:10NadiaSolJoanna- chose any of the audio streams below the picture of the screen

05:10diz@Daf: clap! clap! clap

05:10Joseantonioclap, clap

05:10ElmiraI'm happy that I'm here!

05:10Sandrogers123Great!!! Much better. Now I hear only one voice.

05:10EvelynHi Anastasia!


05:10NinaLiakosYes, this is well-attended

05:10Dafsorry lost connection again

05:10JoseliaGreetings from Portugal!!!

05:10EvelynHi Joselia!

05:10JoseantonioHello joselia

05:10NinaLiakosJeff hung up on you, Daf--no offense



05:10NadiaSolgreetings from Russia as well


05:10Dafgood to know


05:11Moira EVO CoordinatorIt's wonerful to see people representing so many different pats of the world !


05:11brad boy123eneyone here want my msn addie

05:11EvelynHi Moira!!!!!!

05:11NinaLiakosIs tehre anyone from Africa?

05:11vieiraonlineHi Joselia

05:11Mouniaright, I'm from Morocco

05:11Moira EVO Coordinatortypos - it's cold here and my fingers are frozen ;-)

05:11NinaLiakosI see N&S America, Europe, Asia

05:11brad boy123i am from uk


05:11MilancaHello, everyone! Happy to be with you. No Skype, yet but glad to hear moderators speaking.

05:11Heike Philp EVO VLTGreetings from Germany

05:11Isabel(Brazil)It´s pretty hot here , Moira

05:11JoseantonioWelcome back Moira

05:11JoseliaHello vieira, lol

05:11ValentinaGreetings from Southern Italy!

05:11brad boy123here is my msn addie (----------------------------

05:11Dafmany people from Russia

05:12vieiraonlineGreetings from Matosinhos, Portugal


05:12diz33cm of snow here in Grenoble, France

05:12NadiaSolwho else?

05:12EvelynOnly two from Venezuela?

05:12NadiaSolDaf - where are you from?

05:12Randi HarlevHi Valentina!

05:12MilancaGreetings from Russia where it's snowing right now with lots of it already lying around.

05:12alkahi... i m frm delhi, india

05:12Anitha Devi VGreetings from India

05:12DafI am from Venezuela

05:12Sue Lyon JonesGreetings from snowy Liverpool

05:12ClaudiaHi everyone. Great to meet again. Greetings from Uruguay

05:12italiaHi everybody, that's Italia from Italy - Sicily:-) :)

05:12weronikaoGreetings from Poland

05:12goose868891I'm in Doha, Qatar.

05:12NadiaSolgood , nice to see you , Daf

05:12Mouniais worldbridges available on skype

05:12Graham DaviesFreezing here in the UK - very unusual!

05:12AnnaLHello everybody from Italy

05:12ValentinaHi Randi

05:12Dafliving in Spain, but now in Caracas

05:12Dennis-PhoenixGreetings from Phoenix, AZ, USA!

05:12Isabel(Brazil)Sunny and warm day here in Brasilia, Brazil:D

05:12EvelynI am counting you, Daf, hehehehe.

05:12Sandrogers123Joanna and Sandra are here.

05:12carabasuI'm Carlos from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

05:12susanebI am here

05:12Anitha Devi VHello Dennis

05:13SheelaHello Isabel.. I am in Brasilia toooooo

05:13susanebdownloading kype on another pc

05:13ValentinaAnnaL , which part of Italy are you in?


05:13Dennis-PhoenixHi, Anitha. It's good to make a connection here!

05:13Isabel(Brazil)Hi Sheila, from CILC, right?

05:13Sandrogers123What number to call on Skype?

05:13Dafmy pleasure to be here with all of you!!!!!

05:13MikeMarzioHi all !

05:13diz@mounia - there are too many people on Skype right now

05:13Anitha Devi Vyes Dennis :)

05:13susanebneed a few minutes ...!

05:13Moira EVO CoordinatorIsabel - I'm jealous of the warmth

05:13Sheelayes... remembered me... that's nice

05:13Dennis-PhoenixHi, Mike.

05:13Philip MarcGreetings to everyone from Bracknell, nr London England.


05:13Heike Philp EVO VLTHeike Philp, EVO moderator of Virtual Language Travel

05:13JLmake skype contact with 'worldbridges'

05:13EvelynDennis!!!!!! You are here! Wonderful! How are u?

05:13Anitha Devi VHi Heike

05:13JLwe will then skype you

05:13dizCoucou Denis

05:13teresadecai'm here, listening, but i'll let daf talk for baw10

05:13MikeMarzioHi Dennis - I forgot all about the Meebo room for today's event.

05:13Dennis-PhoenixEvelyn! I wouldn't have missed it!

05:13Eurominutemanhe dennis-phoenix

05:13Isabel(Brazil)I just came from a nice walk, Moira. It´s 10:13 A.M.

05:13JLplease remember to turn your Ustream off before skyping in

05:14Heike Philp EVO VLThey, Anitha, great to see you here


05:14MouniaI want to use the group's skype id

05:14Graham DaviesHi, Philip Marc. I'm just down the road from you in Maidenhead.

05:14Evelyn:-) I guess so.


05:14Anitha Devi V:) yes Heike

05:14teresadecadennis!!! good to see you here :-)

05:14Vale (dimivalmi)Hello from Russia! Thick fog in our almost always sunny town! Listening as I have slower connection.

05:14Isabel(Brazil)Hi, Dennis. Wonderful to have you here!!!!

05:14teresadecabeijinhos, dennis

05:14Dennis-PhoenixThanks, Teresa.

05:14Philip MarcHi Graham in Maidenhead

05:14EvelynAbrazos y besos (Hugs and kisses)

05:14NadiaSolhi Vale1 i am from russia too

05:14Dennis-PhoenixThanks, Isabel.

05:14Anitha Devi VHello Teresa

05:14Eurominuteman@dennis-phoenix caramba

05:14teresadecahi anitha! welcome back to baw :-)

05:14Anitha Devi VHi Alka and Bindu

05:14Dennis-PhoenixPara ti tambien, Evelyn!

05:14sharonbettsHello everyone - this is SharonBetts - I will be moderating week 3 with Mbarek. I only have a few minutes, but wanted to say hello to everyone.

05:15Dennis-PhoenixHi, Sharon.

05:15teresadecai'm here in the chat, aiden

05:15teresadecai'll let daf talk for me :-)

05:15Mouniawaw, Mbarek is a friend of mine

05:15dizHI SharonBette (fm ean****enoble) - changed names

05:15Heike Philp EVO VLTWe begin with Dafne Gonzalez of BaW Becoming a Webhead

05:15Heike Philp EVO VLT((note taking))

05:15sharonbettsShe is in chat - says Dafne should talk.

05:15MouniaThanks sharon...

05:15teresadecai'm logging in to skype, jeff!

05:15Dennis-PhoenixHi, Elizabeth. It's good that you could make it here!

05:15Vale (dimivalmi)I think I can guess we have virtually met before, Nadia?!

05:15DafTeresa, please talk about BaW - I have already talk as an EVO coord

05:16anamariaculthaving problems w my skype

05:16diz@Dennis - I thought you wouldn't recognise me

05:16MouniaI'v' added worldbridges but it's invisible


05:16EvelynWe are 80 now

05:16Heike Philp EVO VLTchat room = full?

05:16Dennis-PhoenixI didn't, Elizabeth!


05:16Sue Lyon JonesHad a msg in my email saying there is an alternative chatroom here:


05:16Sheelai think the limit is kinda 80

05:16Vance / MultiliteraciesIf anyone can fill up a chatroom, it's Jeff

05:16Sandrogers123Wow!!! That's exciting..


05:17ShellyTerrellGlad I came early

05:17EvelynHola Helena!

05:17Sheelame too

05:17carabasuIs there video or just audio?

05:17EvelynWhay time is it in your countries?

05:17Helenahola Evely

05:17Dennis-PhoenixJose Antonio! Abraços!

05:17NadiaSolCara - it is jusr radio

05:17carabasuEcuador: 7;17Am


05:17Dennis-PhoenixIt's good to hear you, JA.

05:17Sheelahere it is 10:17am

05:17EurominutemanEU-endorsed Quality Toolkit for Informal Adult Learning Centers



05:17EvelynIt's 7: 47 am here

05:17NadiaSoljust radio*

05:17Mouniamy id name is m0-0ni:)

05:17Anastasia AnzhiganovaI would like to join Skype chat

05:17Marian13:17 here in Germany

05:17Dennis-PhoenixYes, very well, JA.

05:17sharonbettsI am unable to talk this morning (I am still sleepy here in Maine, USA) - but Antonio will do a great job I believe.

05:18DafJose Antonio, BaW moderator is speaking

05:18Helenapues jo soy de Barcelona

05:18sharonbettsIt is 7 am for me.

05:18italia13:17 in Italy

05:18DafJose Antonio is from Brazil

05:18Vale (dimivalmi)It's 15.18 in Elista (Russia).

05:18sharonbettsthat is 0718

05:18EvelynWow, Sharon is early there too

05:18Dennis-PhoenixIt's 5:18 AM in Phoenix, AZ, USA!

05:18MilancaIt's 15.00 in St. Petersburg, Russia

05:18Jeff Cooperok... i'm in

05:18carabasuI didn't go jogging to be here.

05:18Anastasia AnzhiganovaPlease add me to skype chat - anzhanastasia!

05:19Dennis-PhoenixIt's good to hear you, Dafne.

05:19carabasuSundays I jog from 6 to 7 am.

05:19sabaswebhi jeff

05:19Marianneit's 2:19 in Moldova

05:19sabaswebnice to c u here

05:19Mouniahere in Morocco is the same as in London, 12:20

05:19Jennifer Verschoorhello Dennis so nice to see you here!!

05:19Helenacarabasu tu hablas español?

05:19sharonbettsYes, my coffee is in my hand - but conversation is not very clear until at least the second cup. This is my 5th or 6th BAW and I am very excited.

05:19Dennis-PhoenixHi, Jen. Likewise!


05:19EvelynGreat thing Carabasu. I'd like to do the same this year

05:19teresadecaright, daf. backstage ;-)

05:19Heike Philp EVO VLTseems to indicate the Meebo chat is maximum 200 users

05:19Sheelahello jose antonio... that's sheila. Remember me? we were co workers at a school.


05:19Isabel(Brazil)Hi Mbarek

05:20teresadecapeople from russia because of larissa

05:20Dennis-PhoenixSalaam, Mbarek!

05:20carabasuIf I can do, anyone can!!

05:20PinarHi everyone!

05:20Helenai que tal por mexico?

05:20JoannaRoI can hear the conversation with Hoje Antonio but what I can read here is different. Silly me maybe but is that how it should be done/

05:20EvelynHard ladies, he he he. :-)

05:20Helenahay no ecuador

05:20Moira EVO Coordinatormulticultural learning trip :-)


05:20PinarI'm P?nar from Istanbul,Turkey.

05:20Sheelayes joanna.. they are two different things

05:20MikeMarzioSo many new faces, I mean so many new names. This is great.

05:20Mouniai CAN'T HEAR ANY VOICE:(

05:20carabasuYeah Yo soy de Guayaquil Ecuador!!!

05:20Dennis-PhoenixMerhaba, Pinar.

05:21anamariacultmy sound is fine

05:21Jennifer Verschooran amazing multicultural learning trip

05:21Moira EVO CoordinatorHi Mike


05:21Helenaque me habia aquivocado

05:21dizJoannaRo - yes the chat is different to the skype

05:21Pinar:)Merhaba Dennis

05:21EvelynWho speaks?

05:21JoannaRoOk then I feel very silly :-)

05:21Helenai como es ecuador?

05:21anamariacultyes, we can hear you , isabel

05:21JoseantonioHello Isabel

05:21Dennis-PhoenixIt's great to hear you, Isabel!

05:21dizNo - never silly

05:21Dafnice to hear you Isabel!!!!

05:21Sheelano prob joanna, we learn together ...

05:21carabasuHelena, todo el mundo dice lo mismo de su pais: Hermoso.

05:21alkahw do v go abt wid skype

05:21dizthat's not the name of the game

05:22JoannaRo:-) learning indeed


05:22carabasuCuatro regioes: playas, montanas

05:22Vance / Multiliteracies:waves to Jen

05:22anamariacultthanks , Isabel

05:22Dennis-PhoenixHey, Vance.

05:22maryZno sound?

05:22EvelynHi Vance!!! :-)

05:22carabasuselva amazonica y un archipielago unico en el universo: Galapagos!!

05:23Vance / MultiliteraciesHi everyone

05:23Maro0nI'm just a student here, but I'm a teacher in Spain. I'm 26. If you want we get in touch, my skype is HypnoticMaro0n. Just if you wanna we get in touch, add me.

05:23Evelynthe sound is perfect maryZ

05:23anamariacultWe can hear you , Sandra

05:23Isabel(Brazil)Hi Vance

05:23Anitha Devi VHello Jose Antonio

05:23JoannaRoI can hear you Sanda

05:23NadiaSolEVO2010 was widely advertised in ELT Russia Ning

05:23DafWe can hear you fine Sandra

05:23NadiaSolthat is why you can see participants from Russia here

05:23Vance / MultiliteraciesHi Isabel

05:24MarianI'm also not an english teacher but I teach other stuff online

05:24sharonbettsI should take Sandra's week as I am always looking for young learners resources.

05:24Eurominutemanhi vance

05:24carabasuThis is awesome!! Lots of people interacting at the same time. Wow

05:24bindyuuhi Vance...

05:24sharonbettsI heard double for awhile, but it is now great.

05:24Dennis-PhoenixHi, Sandra.

05:24Vance / MultiliteraciesHey James

05:24maryZI am in an airport on a layover. maybe the connection is wea here

05:24JoseantonioThat is interesting

05:24Vance / MultiliteraciesHi Bindu

05:24DafWhen you are called to speak on Skype you should turn your livestream off

05:24maryZI tried sandbox a windows media player button

05:24NadiaSolsharon - turn off the second window with broadcasting

05:25JoannaRosharonbetts there are plenty of resources to our session so just join in

05:25Dennis-PhoenixThe number of participants is wonderful, Sandra.

05:25JoannaRoI am together with Sandra

05:25sharonbettsFabulous - this is going to be a great EVO year.

05:25Heike Philp EVO VLT[Sandra Rogers is talking about Internet4younglearners session

05:25Dennis-PhoenixDitto, Joanna.

05:25carabasuI feel an outsider, I don't understand a lot of thing s you're explaining.


05:26susanebfinally logged in to skype...id susanellynb

05:26Dennis-PhoenixCarabasu: Everything will become clear after the sessions begin.

05:26EvelynDon't worry Carabasu, just enjoy the session

05:26Isabel(Brazil)Moderators are talking about their sessions, carabasu

05:26JoseantonioHi Mike

05:26anamariacultHello, Mike

05:26sharonbetts@carabasu - do not worry as it is a process. We are glad to have you hear.

05:26Dennis-PhoenixIt's great to hear you, Mike!


05:26Sandrogers123i hope i was clear...I could still hear the double talk.

05:26Evelynand meet lots of wonderful people

05:26dizcarabasu - we all know that feeling - just listen first !

05:26carabasuOh Evelyn, I am. It's just wonderful!!

05:26sharonbettsHello Mike

05:26Vance / Multiliteraciessome of us are in Tapped In, you could announce they can join us there

05:26DanielaMuncaHello to Images for Education moderators!


05:26Mouniahi mike

05:26Heike Philp EVO VLTMike who?

05:27Anitha Devi Vok Vance thank you

05:27EvelynHi Mike

05:27Dennis-PhoenixHi, Daniela.


05:27Graham DaviesHi, Mike! I remember you from way back in the 1990s when you were working on an EC-funded project.

05:27Isabel(Brazil)Hi Mike


05:27DanielaMuncaDennis, glad to see you online!

05:27Mouniacan hear voices now

05:27Dennis-PhoenixThanks, Daniela.


05:27Heike Philp EVO VLTsorry I missed Mike's surname


05:27goose868891I'm a co-moderator of Digital Materials Preparation, Stephen Roney, but I don 't haev a mike. Sorry.

05:27DafIf you have questions about EVO, you can ask them here.

05:27Dennis-PhoenixMarzio, Heike.

05:27Mouniabut waiting for skype connection s well

05:27Jeff Cooperyou can take medication for that Mounia

05:27sharonbettsOh man, I should also become part of Mike's session -

05:27Heike Philp EVO VLTMike Marzio


05:27stacei did images4education last year and it was great that's why i'm doing my second year of evo sessions

05:28NadiaSollucky you are Stace

05:28Vance / MultiliteraciesI remember Graham from back in the 90's, maybe even 80's :-))

05:28Evelynthe video session is always interesting

05:28Dafgreat to hear that, Stace :-)

05:28coakesstace, images4education is a great place to begin

05:28Moira EVO CoordinatorThe video session is really really interesting!

05:28Sheelai would like to try this one on video too.. maybe next year (hope so)

05:28MarianneSalut, Daniela! :)

05:28coakesI started with Webheads and am still involved

05:28NadiaSolthe link?

05:29DanielaMuncaSalut, Marianne!

05:29EvelynTo me, Baw is a must! :-)

05:29Graham DaviesI met you in 1987, Vance, at TESOL in Miami.

05:29Mouniahope we can manage apply some video work

05:29DafStephen you will be next

05:29NadiaSolno - it is OK with the voice here

05:29Sheelai taking Baw

05:29Marisa_CHello everyone, have finally managed to get into this room

05:29Dennis-PhoenixI was at TESOL in Miami.

05:29NadiaSolwelcome Marisa

05:29Vance / MultiliteraciesI also remember the beach in Miami, nice change from the conference centere

05:29coakeshello marisa c

05:29sharonbettshey coakes - I see you are in a different session this year - I love EVO time.

05:29Dennis-PhoenixHi, Marisa. Welcome!

05:29ShellyTerrellI love USALearns & recommend to all my adult students

05:29Heike Philp EVO VLTthis is the Video 2010 Session by Mike Marzio on


05:29Sue Lyon Jones@Marisa_C HI , Marisa!

05:29JoseantonioHello Sheela

05:29Randi Harlevhi marisa!

05:30sharonbettsI notice there are 104 viewers on the ustream - WOW

05:30Isabel(Brazil)You will learn a lot at Baw, Sheila. It´s a good start for the first time

05:30ClaudiaThis is my 3rd time at BaW and still having a lot to learn (I'm a bit slow)

05:30stacecoakes, i decided to join up for webheads this time around as there is so much to learn looking forward to collaborating

05:30Graham DaviesNice hotel too: Fontainebleau Hilton.

05:30NadiaSolthank you for the link

05:30ValentinaHi Marisa_C , unfortunately there's a 80 people limited on the Meeboroom

05:30coakeshey sharonbetts, yes, I see youa re doing one, put it on the PLN :-)

05:30Dennis-PhoenixI remember the Fontainbleau, too.

05:30cbsiskinHi everyone

05:30EvelynI'm always tempted to take other sessions. They are all quite interesting.

05:30Marisa_CHi Dennis, Sue, Valentina :D

05:30DafAnother chat room has been added


05:30sharonbetts@coakes :)

05:30teresadecaola clarinha! :-)

05:30Marisa_CChrome is a problem

05:31coakeswarm hello Dennis Phoenix

05:31Maro0nwhere's the other chat room? link please

05:31sharonbetts@Marisa_C Firefox seems to always work the best for me.

05:31Sheelai am so happy to be part of this evo and its projects.. it is nice i started from baw then

05:31JoseantonioHi Dennis Oliver. Greato have you her

05:31alexgfranciscohi everyone

05:31ShellyTerrellHello Marisa

05:31carabasuBeg to differ 'bout Chrome, it's cool, working on it right now.

05:31Marisa_CHi Shelly!

05:31Valentina[btw, for the record one can increase the capacity of a Meebo chatroom by contacting meebo - http://www.meebo.com/support/article/51/48 hours beforehand though] for next time?

05:31coakesMaroOn, just refresh the page and you should see the next chat room

05:31Heike Philp EVO VLTbrilliant to add another chat room

05:31DafThanks Sheela :-)

05:31Heike Philp EVO VLTon the same page

05:31Heike Philp EVO VLTexcellent

05:31ShellyTerrellHello Vale

05:32Sašahi all

05:32Sandrogers123Yea! Joanna

05:32Valentina@Shelly hiya!

05:32Sheelahello daf, you are from baw too?

05:32DanielaMuncaMiami!!!! I would love to get a job in Miami!

05:32sabaswebyer joanna

05:32anamariacultI can hear you , Joanna

05:32Isabel(Brazil)who´s speaking

05:32Anitha Devi Vecho

05:32sabaswebwe all can hear u



05:32Randi Harlevhearing double!

05:32Sašai finally made it in the chatroom - wow what a crowd

05:32sabaswebwho is speking now?



05:32DafYes, Sheela, I am one of the coordinators

05:32susanebe c c o



05:32NadiaSolit is better


05:32DafTeresa and I have been coordinating BaW for 7 years now

05:32Mouniahi joanna

05:32Sandrogers123Joanna much better.

05:32Maro0nOh yes! I SEE


05:32SanjaHi Sasa!

05:32EvelynHi Ana María! How are u? I'm happy to 'see' you here.

05:32Mouniayour voice is repeated

05:32Sheelanice meeting u! i will definitely love being part of the group, no doubt

05:32SašaHi Sanja :-)

05:32sabaswebthe speaker or ustrem must be closed

05:33Isabel(Brazil)Hi , Sasa!!!!!:D So nice to see you here!!

05:33JoseantonioSheela and I used to work together

05:33Sheelawow, 7 years!

05:33Dafreally JA?

05:33Mounianow it's good

05:33Sašaahoj Isabel! Great to see you too

05:33carabasuThat's concise.

05:33sabaswebyaa lolz u stream lies

05:33EvelynHi Sasa! I have a new pic for your project

05:33sharonbettsSasa - so nice to see you again. I must go, see everyone online.

05:33Sheelayep, it is a big pleasure to be learning from and with you jose...

05:33goose868891I'm Stephen. No mike. Can only type.

05:33Sandrogers123I can hear a cat or kids in the background

05:33ShellyTerrellIts a snowy day in Germany! :-)

05:34Dennis-PhoenixScravo, Saša!

05:34coakesHello sasa, and ana and who else from images4education?

05:34SašaWonderful - thank you evelyn!!!! Can't wait to see it :-)

05:34Mouniadigital materials?

05:34Dennis-PhoenixOops! Zdravo!

05:34carabasuGuayaquil is sunny and warm.

05:34sabaswebstephen next

05:34JLif you'd like to phone in 1- ---------------

05:34NadiaSolDennis - zdravo! are you from Serbia?


05:34anamariacultdaniela munca is from images4education too, and dennis oliver

05:34JoseantonioIt is a pleardure fro me too to haye you here Sheela

05:34Dafcall that number Stephen please - it is free

05:34coakesOh, yes thanks ana!!


05:35Isabel(Brazil)How did you learn about EVO, Sheela?

05:35sabaswebits really nice the live chat session seems to be a good idea

05:35JoannaRook everyone It was very nice being here but since it is sunday noon for us here in Cyprus I really have to go. it was really wonderful - enjoy the rest of the live meeting and good luck to all of us with our session .

05:35NadiaSoli agree Saba - great idea before the evnt starts

05:35Sandrogers123Muting ustream is actually clearer.

05:35coakesJoannaRo, glad yous topped by

05:35anamariacultBye, joanna


05:35JoannaRoI have a ten year old and a 3 year old anxious to go to the park though so really ...have to go

05:35dizbye JoannaRo

05:35EvelynGreat to 'meet' you Joanna

05:35chiquihello sandra rogers

05:35SanjaBye, Joanna


05:36Sandrogers123bye Joanna

05:36NadiaSolbye Joanna

05:36sabaswebahh byee joanna

05:36JoannaRoIt was great 'meeting' all of you

05:36Philip MarcHow long is this sesson?

05:36sabaswebnice to hear frm u

05:36JoannaRobye :-)

05:36coakesbye joanna, enjoy the park



05:36EvelynIs Vance speaking?

05:36Isabel(Brazil)Bye Joanna

05:36Mounianice smileX-D

05:36Moira EVO CoordinatorSteve from Digital materials


05:36Moira EVO Coordinatorplease do

05:36Dennis-PhoenixJeff Lebow was speaking.



05:36sabasweblolzz find the mic

05:36Moira EVO CoordinatorSteve speaking

05:36sabaswebwe can listen u

05:36stacehi steve:)

05:37DafStephen Roney speaking

05:37sabasweb:) ya please

05:37Mouniahi steve

05:37coakesAna, Daniela, Dennis, Sasa, who wants to talk for Images4education?

05:37Vance / Multiliteraciesif it's not one thing it's another

05:37SheelaI took a course from Adobe (Adobe Youth Voices), Almerinda offered the opportunity... So I have some contact with her by emails. She is the one who informed me.

05:37Vance / Multiliteracieswill scramble back


05:37anamariacultmaybe dennis , sasa or daniela? my mic had a problem earlier

05:37Dennis-PhoenixNot I, Cheryl. I won't be involved this year, unfortunately—or if so, only as a lurker.

05:37sabaswebya we all also hope to lean a lot

05:37Heike Philp EVO VLTtell us a bit more about the session

05:37Heike Philp EVO VLTpls

05:38Dennis-PhoenixHi, Anamaria! Abraços!

05:38Dafwe are really an international bunch

05:38Isabel(Brazil)that´s nice Sheela. I work with Almerinda at CILT

05:38SheelaI am now really trying to go into this high tech thing... It is just fantastic


05:38susanebwhere was he from???

05:38goose868891That was great--impromptu and it worked! --steve

05:38DafTeresa, where are you?



05:38sabasweblolzz i know the long distance stopwatch calls

05:39susanebhi Elizabeth

05:39sabaswebhi teresa

05:39Isabel(Brazil)You´ll love it and learn a lot. Were you the one who produced a video about a poor community?

05:39SheelaWhat a small world... Are you in the group EG? i always receive the emails but couldn't organize myself to be part of the group

05:39dizThat's why I changed my name !

05:39Mouniai still want to join u on skype, can anyone help

05:39Osnacantabmy daughter was christened in qatar when i was teaching there:

05:39Sheelaabout ceilandia...


05:39OsnacantabApologies for all the capitals.

05:39dizsounds better

05:40Sheelai had several problems isabel... It wasnt really 'the video' but for a kickoff...

05:40Vance / Multiliteraciesskype keeps crashing on my laptop

05:40Vance / Multiliteraciescoming over to my pc

05:40sabaswebu r clear elisabeth u can go on


05:40EvelynThanks, Elizabeth!

05:40Sašaso right, Elizabeth

05:40DafElizabeth Hanson-Smith

05:40Heike Philp EVO VLT9 years on coordinator team Elizabeth

05:40Sandrogers123Good morning Elizabeth

05:40carabasuWhat a relief. I am a bit lost, but excited!!


05:40MikeMarzioVance, whu not close skype and I will tell type again when it's time for you to talk

05:41Mouniasometimes i feel lost

05:41EvelynCarabasu, that's our natural status, 'lost', hehehe

05:41Vance / Multiliteraciesstarting it on another computer


05:41Sheelame too mounia...


05:41anamariacultyeah, we all forget to turn off the ustream

05:41Evelynwe are always exploring and discovering :-)

05:41Moira EVO Coordinatoryes

05:41susanebskype is working here

05:41carabasuyeah, but it's great to listen to different people

05:41Vance / Multiliteraciesyou can try again, or should I call


05:41Mouniayou see sheela

05:41carabasuI am in extasi


05:41Isabel(Brazil)it´s normal Mounia. Too much information on this kind of event

05:41Dafthis is a non-stop learning path

05:41Dennis-PhoenixIt's good to hear you, Heike.

05:41Graham DaviesHello, Heike!

05:41susanebwelcome Heike!

05:42Mouniawe can help each other then;P

05:42Sandrogers123Carabasu, I was once lost and now I am found!

05:42Philip MarcHello Heikie

05:42MikeMarzioNice to meet you, Heike

05:42Isabel(Brazil)Just give yourself some time to get used to it, Mounia

05:42carabasuThat gives me hope.

05:42DafI still get lost sometimes

05:42Daftechnology evolves so fast that you are never there!

05:42Sandrogers123I am a dealer of hope

05:42carabasuI decided to be part of this 'cause I'm starting a Master online tomorrow.

05:42Sheelafor sure.. i believe i will need it a lot.

05:42Mouniahope so sandro...

05:42NadiaSolis Heike from Myngle?

05:42Joseliavieira, it's snowing a lot here

05:42Dennis-Phoenix"A dealer of hope": what a wonderful phrase!

05:42EvelynIf Daf says so, please, believe her! lol


05:43Sandrogers123Carabasu, where?

05:43Mouniathanks isbel

05:43DafGood luck with your Masters, Carabasu

05:43Sheelaow carabasu.. that is nice

05:43Moira EVO Coordinatorwell done carabasu - the way to go :-)

05:43sabaswebno u r much clearer now

05:43Isabel(Brazil)A Masters on what? Carabasu?

05:43carabasuUniversidad de malaga, Espana.

05:43carabasuThanks for the good wishes


05:43DafCarabasu, in Spain I live in Denia


05:43Sandrogers123Dennis, I borrowed that line...someone used it to explain what a great leader is...and described Obama as such..I think its old

05:43sueannanBest of luck with your Masters

05:43carabasuApplying New Technologies in Education


05:43Mouniaonline resourses

05:43NadiaSolno newbies???

05:43susanebinteresting program Heike

05:44vieiraonlinemonday off:)

05:44Dennis-PhoenixEven so, Sandra, it's still wonderful.


05:44NadiaSolhow much experienced - how would you define this?

05:44Isabel(Brazil)that´s great, Carabasu!

05:44Dennis-Phoenixnewbies: novices, new users

05:44Mouniathanks dennis


05:44carabasuWell, Daf, I'm in Ecuador, but in September I think I'll go to Malaga for a month

05:44NadiaSolwhy - no newbies on the team i mean...hhhmmm

05:44stacegood luck carabasu in your studies

05:44Isabel(Brazil)newbies means new users

05:44Dennis-PhoenixIt's wonderful to hear you, Jane.

05:44carabasupart of the Masters

05:44Sandrogers123Dennis, thanks!

05:44Dennis-PhoenixMy pleasure, Sandra.

05:44Dafoh, great, Carabasu

07:36dazdaz17any girls into small c..o.c..ks on here pm me07:30Dennis-Phoenixclap clap clap clap clap07:17Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Moira. It was really good to hear you.07:19ChaoukiThanks to you Moira.07:21ChaoukiHi Cool!!07:21jagdish007hiiiiiiiiiiii friends

carabasuMaybe we can meet.

05:45NadiaSolyes,thank you

05:45MikeMarzioHi Mounia- "newbies" are new members of the Wegnead community in this context.

05:45DafI am now in Caracas, back in Spain in a month or two

05:45sabaswebhi jane

05:45Mouniathanks mike

05:45MouniaI'm a newbie

05:45NadiaSolyes, i have some blogs...

05:45MikeMarzioI used to be one too

05:45NadiaSoloh, i see

05:46Mouniausing blogs is a good for students

05:46susanebhi Jane!

05:46Sheelawhich session is she talking about?

05:46Anitha Devi VNadia great pages, photos Doctor!

05:46Rita A.@Mounia I am a newbie too but I learned so much in just a few months & I still feel I have a lot to learn

05:46NadiaSolgot your idea - thank you , i might fit into yout


05:46NadiaSolsort of

05:46Mouniasame for me rita

05:46Dennis-PhoenixYes, Jane.

05:46Sheelafor me too rita

05:47JoseantonioIt ws very well explained

05:47Mouniathough I'm using some ICT tools, still I feel a newbie

05:47Rita A.It's exciting to get the chance to collaborate

05:47JoseantonioIt sounds really exciting

05:47Mounia@Rita, right

05:47Sheelawe are really in the same boat monia...

05:47EvelynVirtual learning

05:48sabasweb@ jane i would like to know who woul u call newbies?

05:48Sheelawhich is the session u r talking about?

05:48alkai think v all r in a way novice

05:48Mounia@ Sheela, we can collaborate

05:48MaryHHi everyone!

05:48Evelynwhich one?

05:48NadiaSolgreat, a good chance tomake a decision whether to join or not - good explanation, thank you

05:48Sheelathis one they r talking about



05:49sabaswebthats nice coordination within 2 sessions

05:50MouniaI see

05:50Moira EVO CoordinatorI lost the call after passing the question to Jane. Back again

05:50Anitha Devi VHi alka which course have you registered?

05:50NadiaSoloh - this is a good point! - 'no exclusing'

05:50DafThe BaW session is offered every year



05:51Isabel(Brazil)Baw is really a good start for newbies

05:51Mouniai see

05:51sabaswebthank u jane!

05:51Dennis-PhoenixYes, I totally agree, Isabel.

05:51NadiaSolmarketing Second Life - got you

05:51Dafmany people come back for more every year

05:51stacewhat is second life

05:51Mouniano idea, second life

05:51DafSecond Life is a virtual world

05:51NadiaSolStace - google please it's hard to explain here

05:51EvelynI love SL.

05:51teresadecathis year we already have over 20 participants coming back to baw

05:51DafA program you download from the web

05:51Sheelai feel like trying SL

05:52susanebI want to join Heike...sounds really intersting to me

05:52Mouniai know what is it but not experienced it

05:52Philip Marc TrivettWhere is the list and times for all of these sessions

05:52JoseantonioHi Vance

05:52Isabel(Brazil)Is anybody from Adaptive Technology here?

05:52Heike Philp EVO VLTwe got 47 signed-up

05:52dizYES says ean****enoble

05:52NadiaSolwelcome back!

05:52susanebV a n c e!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05:52Dafbefore downloading Second Life, look at the technical requirements

05:52Graham DaviesHi, Vance, greetings from freezing Berkshire!

05:52Dennis-PhoenixIt's great to hear you, Vance.


05:52Rita A. 


05:52Rita A.u can find the list there

05:52teresadecamr webhead himself :-)


05:52Moira EVO Coordinatorthanks Rita for the link - all EVO sessions are listed there

05:53DafVance is the Coordinator and creator of Webheads in Action

05:53EvelynPhilip, they all last 6 weeks

05:53NadiaSolwho is speaking please - could you please type the name of the person and the name of the Section?

05:53DafVAnce Stevens

05:53Moira EVO CoordinatorVance is speaking

05:53Moira EVO CoordinatorMultiliteracies

05:53NadiaSolgood, thank you

05:53MouniaHi vance, nice meeting you

05:53Dennis-PhoenixVance is doing the Multiliteracies session.

05:53Anitha Devi VI thought I missed it Moira !

05:53Philip Marc TrivettThanks Rita A

05:53sabasweb@ all the moderatos! there was an off in school since 2 days and i want to know can someof my collegues join in tomorrow or i join in the sessions for them today itself.

05:53DafVance is the coordinator of Webheads in Action

05:54Rita A.I cant hear Vance somebody else is speaking Jane

05:54Dafyes, Sabasweb

05:54Dafregistrations are open

05:54NadiaSolthank you Daf, too

05:54Vance / Multiliteracies 


05:54Rita A.pleasure Philip

05:54sabaswebso we can join tomorow too?? i mean the last date ststed 10th

05:55MarianI would like to know that too

05:55Vance / Multiliteracieshttp://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tTt8F5ucogITyHmRdJt2-lg&output=html

05:55Mouniathe book?

05:55Isabel(Brazil)Sabas told me that his enrollment to Baw is still pending ,Daf

05:55NadiaSolthank you for the link Vance

05:55DafSabasweb, most session keep registration open

05:55Philip Marc TrivettI teach Drama to Adults with Learning Difficulties and I am attempting to bring Literacy and Language skills into my lessons. As EFL Teachers can some of you advise on dealing with Dyslexia within your classes?

05:55MarianJust saw how many courses are there, so I'd like to register to some more

05:55sabaswebthanks isabel daf told me it will be seen today

05:55Sheeladidnt know... so we can still enroll?

05:55sabaswebthats so cool

05:55Valentina@Mounia the book is


05:55sabasweb@ thanks a lot!!!!!!

05:55Heike Philp EVO VLT@Vance I would love to interact with your session

05:55Isabel(Brazil)yes, Sheela

05:56Isabel(Brazil)But, two courses is really too much

05:56Philip Marc TrivettHow do we register for these sessons?

05:56Mouniathanks valentina

05:56DafPending memberships will be approved today if they have not yet - I woke up and came straight here - no time to check mail ;-)

05:56EvelynPhilip, I sometimes have to teach English to students with visual disabilities

05:56Isabel(Brazil)lots of email messages and stuff to read

05:56Evelynit's a challenge to me

05:56Isabel(Brazil)You have to join yahoo groups of the sessions, Philip

05:56Heike Philp EVO VLTRSS feeds to all the sessions, great idea

05:56teresadecaeverybody approved so far now, isabel

05:57Sheelanice Isabel... i know. I am already taking two so i will try others next year. Is there EVO every year?

05:57teresadecajust did that

05:57Isabel(Brazil)Sometimes you have to join a wiki

05:57Sandrogers123I love blogging

05:57Valentina@Philip Marc Trivett to join Multi Lit session start here


05:57Isabel(Brazil)Yes, Sheela.I´ve been taking Baw since 2006

05:57diz@vance - could you find the link to your "letting things go" paper I found that most useful as a newbie

05:57EvelynJen had to leave

05:57Dafyes EVO is offered every year, Sheela

05:57Evelynbut she had lost the connection anyway

05:58Moira EVO CoordinatorNina is talking now

05:58Mounia@Isabel. sice 2006, seems interesting then

05:58EvelynHi, Nina!

05:58susanebyes the newbe days...Daaf was my mentor ...all of you were

05:58Sheelagood. so i will have the chance to join more times. Just perfect!!

05:58Dennis-PhoenixIt's good to hear you, Ninotchka!

05:58Isabel(Brazil)Yes, Mounia because every year there´s something nw



05:58Philip Marc TrivettEvelyn I can Understand

05:58Heike Philp EVO VLT@Nina

05:58NadiaSolNina, where are you from?

05:58MouniaHi nina, nice hearing your voice

05:58sabaswebhi nina

05:59Sandrogers123The sound is clear now!!!

05:59diz@ Nina :):):)

05:59Isabel(Brazil)and also you make virtual friends that you like to be in contact with every year

05:59MouniaI joined you on ning

05:59NadiaSolsound is much better

05:59anamariacultgreat sound

05:59Philip Marc Trivettmust be fun though, Evelyn.

05:59Evelynyour sound is great

05:59Sheelasorry for the silly question... what does this @ mean.. :S

05:59sabaswebu sound grt!


05:59Evelyn@it is Philip

05:59Moira EVO Coordinatorto = @

05:59Sheelalike @ Sheela

05:59NadiaSolDennis - do you know where Nina is from?


06:00Dennis-PhoenixNadia: Yes. She's from Maryland, U.S.A.

06:00Moira EVO Coordinatorcollaborative learning family

06:00DafThe US

06:00ChaoukiIs it necessary to have an SL name for teaching languages in the virtual word?

06:00Sheelathanks Moira!

06:00Isabel(Brazil)no "silly" questions Sheela!

06:00NadiaSolgod, thank you, Dennis


06:00Dennis-PhoenixMy pleasure, Nadia.

06:00NadiaSolgood* typo

06:00Philip Marc TrivettSo what sort of things do you do to overcome the barriers, Evelyn?

06:00Sheelaalright moira


06:00Dafyes, chaouki, you need to have an avatar to take that session, or create one :-)

06:00Evelynyes, Chaouki, your avatar's name :-)

06:00NadiaSolDennis - you're from Serbia?

06:01Moira EVO Coordinatorand Daf's laugh twice - I'm not talking now ;-)

06:01Dennis-PhoenixNadia: No, I'm also from the U.S.

06:01Moira EVO Coordinatorwe hear you Tere

06:01Dennis-PhoenixIt's good to hear you, Teresa.

06:01Evelyn@Philip, I always try to use technology

06:01sabaswebwoww! skype is scared of calls!

06:01sabaswebhi terressa

06:01Isabel(Brazil)Nice to hear you Teresa!

06:01EvelynHi Tere!

06:01vieiraonlinewe can hear you Teresa


06:01susanebhi teresa

06:01Dennis-PhoenixYes—very clearly, Teresa.

06:01NadiaSoli am asking because you greeted - zdravo = ) great thans for talking to me, Dennis

06:01susanebwe can hear u

06:01diztere please carry on

06:02dizno prob

06:02Isabel(Brazil)yes, Teresa


06:02Dennis-PhoenixProsim, Nadia!

06:02sabaswebwe all can hear u

06:02Isabel(Brazil)Dennis knows lot of languages

06:02Heike Philp EVO VLTyes, Teresa

06:02ChaoukiI downloaded the software and got an SL name but can't run it because of the vidoe card


06:02NadiaSolisn't is great, Isabel?!

06:02ShellyTerrellbye everyone! Enjoyed this but Ihave to go!

06:02Sheelayeeepppp Brazilllllll....

06:02Isabel(Brazil)it happens Teresa

06:02Sheelabye Shelly

06:02Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Shelly - thanks for coming today :-)

06:02NadiaSolbye Selly

06:03Sheelanice having u here



06:03dizBye Shellterrel - from a dedicated twitter follower

06:03Sheelacya around

06:03Isabel(Brazil)@Nadiasol.Dennis is a lovely person!

06:03DafTeresa is from Portugal

06:03ShellyTerrellThanks diz!

06:03ShellyTerrellThanks everyone!

06:03Isabel(Brazil)Bye Shelly

06:03Sandrogers123I'm awake and in the States!

06:03NadiaSol@Isabel I bet, he is! = )

06:03Heike Philp EVO VLT@all, is there an EVO calender for all of the live sessions?

06:03anamariacultthere's always someone sleeping

06:03Philip Marc TrivettEvelyn, can you suggest websites on Technology to help visually imparied people to learn english?

06:03Dafthere always a webhead at a click of your mouse

06:04carabasuI'm awake in ecuador

06:04sueannanhow fantastic is that?

06:04Philip Marc TrivettI'm Using Drama as my main Medium too!

06:04susanebthere is always a webhead sleeping...LOL

06:04Sandrogers123me, too

06:04sabaswebwell thanks for this time! last session i was attending was 1 at night

06:04Dafand one awake

06:04Sheelanice suggestion jeff


06:04Heike Philp EVO VLT@all @moderator is there an EVO calender for all of the live sessions?

06:04sabaswebyesterday fo bridging the divide

06:04NadiaSoli am using bits of Drama in my classes too Philip

06:04dizbye tere


06:04jamesinpariseven for those of us awake... it's in the middle of family lunchtime in France! Sunday lunch is an institution!

06:05sabasweb@ jeff y ya i know jeff

06:05susanebwebsites on Technology to help visually imparied people to learn english? yes I am very interested in this myself


06:05Evelyn@Philip, not many, unfortunately. I use skype, read-aloud tools, and emails


06:05Dennis-PhoenixIt's wonderful to hear you!

06:05sabaswebhi dennis!

06:05Rita A.have to go everyone it was gr8 to be here thoug a bit overwhelming will see u on multiliteracies and images4education good luck

06:05NadiaSolDenis - nice to hear you

06:05susaneblunchtime in italy ,too James...so I will eat late

06:05sabaswebbye rita:)

06:05dizSounds great

06:05anamariacultyes, we can hear you, Dennis

06:05EvelynBye Rita! :-)

06:05Isabel(Brazil)I hear a car!

06:05Philip Marc TrivettGood Jeff, I'll be asking you advice at various times of the day I'm sure! LOL

06:05Daftext-to-speech applications are good for the visually impaired

06:05Sheelaok Rita.. I cya at images4education!!!

06:06sabaswebwhre is this plane flying to?

06:06susanebDenis nice to hear ur voice


06:06Heike Philp EVO VLThi Denis

06:06EvelynGreat to hear you Dennis!

06:06carabasuWell, I have to go. My wife's got a meeting to study with her classmates. She won't take the bus, so I have to drive her.

06:06Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Carabasu.

06:06Philip Marc TrivettThanks Daf and every one.

06:06ValentinaHaahhaa an eighth of a moderator! Nice term Dennis!

06:06RitaZhi, nice to see so many friends together

06:06carabasuIt's been great to listen and experience this live session.

06:06Sheelabye carabasu.. it was nice having u here

06:06Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Philip

06:06Isabel(Brazil)Bye Carabasu

06:07carabasuFirst time ever for me. It rocks!!! Bye.

06:07Mouniasecond life!

06:07Heike Philp EVO VLT[Dennis Newson is speaking, moderator of Teaching Language in a Virtual World)

06:07NadiaSolbye Cara

06:07sabasweb@ dennis i havent tried second life just because i am afraid low net speed will knock my heads off

06:07Sandrogers123Carabau, bye

06:07Mouniavirtual world, yes

06:07Philip Marc TrivettBye Cara

06:07Heike Philp EVO VLT 


06:07Dafsee youCara

06:07EvelynMaria Pinto, from Valencia-Venezuela

06:07DafSabasweb, check the technolical requirements on the SEcond Life page

06:07Sandrogers123I just joined SecondLife!

06:07NadiaSol@Heike thanks for the link

06:08Moira EVO Coordinatorat least it doesn't stain your clothes if you spill the red wine in SL - LOL

06:08Sandrogers123We hear you!



06:08Graham DaviesI plan to conduct a short tour of the EUROCALL HQ in SL.

06:08Philip Marc TrivettLOL, this chat room is moving so fast....I don't know who to read and answer to next? :D

06:08sabasweb@daf thanks daf!

06:08Mouniawe would like to learn everything with you

06:08Mouniahope it's possible

06:08Graham DaviesCALICO and EUROCALL share a site in Second Life.

06:08NadiaSolyou will adjust in due time, Philip = )

06:09Philip Marc TrivettGraham, that sounds good

06:09Heike Philp EVO VLT@Dennis, what are you doing differently this year than last year?

06:09Graham DaviesI am Groovy Winkler in Second Life.

06:09sabaswebi cant listen

06:09sabaswebis there some brk

06:09Mouniathat seems interesting

06:09dizGosh - I wish there were more than 24hrs ina day

06:09Isabel(Brazil)You have plenty of time, Mounia. You can go back to everything throughout the year .Even when the sessions are finished

06:09Sandrogers123I am Sand Guardian

06:09DafI am Daf Smirnov in Second Life

06:10DafI teach Spanish in SEcond Life

06:10Philip Marc TrivettWill this chatroom be ongoing for the whole 6 weeks?

06:10Sandrogers123Are we going to take questions from callers?

06:10MouniaThanks for reassuring me Isabel

06:10sabaswebgot ya

06:10Sandrogers123Participant callers?

06:10Vance / MultiliteraciesWebhead Link, but not there much these days :-(

06:10Graham DaviesThe EUROCALL/CALICO HQ in SL is here:


06:10Sheelanice to know that isabel... people stay in contact still after the sessions? or there is only a record of that?

06:10diz@Philip Marc Trivett using this chat room is in week 2 of BaW

06:10Vance / Multiliteraciesyes, this chat room is always live I think

06:11sabaswebthanks Daf i will open 2nd life later it seems to break my auriostrem due to low net speed



06:11Isabel(Brazil)people continue to send messages in the yahoo groups

06:11DafThose taking the BaW session will be invited to join the WEbheads in Action during our graduation ceremony in week 6

06:11Graham DaviesI am still here.

06:11Isabel(Brazil)and you can always contact the moderator via email

06:11Sheelai see...


06:11Sašaneed to grab a bite - will be back soon

06:11susanebskype id susanellynb

06:11sabasweb@daf nice!!!! i would love to do that Daf

06:12Dennis-PhoenixYes—very well, Graham.

06:12Dafour YG remain open also

06:12susanebI am logged in to skype now

06:12Sheelagood daf.

06:12Sandrogers123Graham, you sound found

06:12Mounia@Sheela. can I hae your skype Id so that we can discuss things together sometime

06:13Isabel(Brazil)Webheads in Action is a wonderful group where you can be in contact with people after the sessions are over

06:13Mouniathat's great

06:13sabasweb@daf YG??

06:13Dennis-PhoenixSusan, it's great to hear you!

06:13Isabel(Brazil)YG= Yahoo Group


06:13DafYG is Yahoo Group

06:13Mouniaespecially that Mbarek is a member in your community

06:13dizJust put up with it Graham - it sounds fine to us

06:13Philip Marc TrivettSorry for being Dense.... What is BaW?

06:13Sheelamounia... i have to recover it... maybe do a new one. There is a long time i dont use it... I am re installing it now


06:14DafBaW Becoming a Webhead

06:14Dafone of the sessions

06:14sabaswebBAW becoming a webhead

06:14SherriThe session for Using Online Learning Games (Andy B. and Sherri are the moderators) with students is at:


06:14Sheela@ Mounia give me your email so that as soon as i have it, we change skype ids

06:14Mounia@ ok sheela

06:14sabaswebhi susan

06:14Philip Marc TrivettGosh there is so much to learn......

06:14SherriI'm sorry Andy seems to be having trouble with audio.

06:14Dafmany acronyms, Philip

06:14Isabel(Brazil)@Sheela and Mounia, you´ll be interacting live in Baw

06:15Dafwe have live sessions weekly, in BaW

06:15Isabel(Brazil)@Philip you can handle it. Take your own pace

06:15Dennis-PhoenixYes, Graham.

06:15sabaswebi am also learning all this acronyms

06:15SheelaThat's fantastic..

06:15jamesinparisthank you susan... I'm happy to be in the iwb group

06:16sabaswebwe will get hold of it fast philip

06:16Philip Marc TrivettThat's fine, just keep explaining and sending me the Weblinks and I'll save them to my favourites.

06:16susanebhello everyone :-)



06:17Sheela@ Daf what are the requirements for participating live in the chat room? I have problems with the sound in my laptop... It is possible to talk without a headset?

06:17Isabel(Brazil)Many newbies get scared with the flow of messages and new information,but you don´t have to learn everything at a time. You can go back many times and try what you like most. Just keep on trying

06:17sabasweb@sheelsthe sound will echo with speakers

06:17anamariacultDaniela Munca is going to speak about the Images4education session

06:17JoaoHi, everyone

06:18Isabel(Brazil)Hi João

06:18Noa NavehHi everyone

06:18georgiaHi,everybody! Anyone from IWB course?


06:18Noa NavehI am not sure I understand what is going on...

06:18JoaoHi Isabel

06:18JoaoHi Dennis

06:18alexgfrancisco@ georgia I am from the IWB course :)


06:18Isabel(Brazil)what does IWB stand for?

06:18anamariacultNoa, Moderators are talking about their sessions

06:19alexgfranciscoInteractive white board

06:19Moira EVO Coordinatorinteractive whiteboards

06:19anamariacultinteractive whit board

06:19AnnaKGeorgia - I'm a moderator in IWBs

06:19Sandrogers123Noa, we are listening to Graham Stanley talk about EVO

06:19georgiaHallooo, alex. I'm from Greece, and you?

06:19dizLouder please

06:19dizvery clear now

06:19anamariacultgreat to hear graham

06:19Noa Navehmy speakers don't work right now....

06:19alexgfranciscoHi georgia I'm from Portugal

06:19Mouniacan't hear you

06:19EvelynHi Graham!

06:19Sheela@ Isabel Is it possible to interact without a headset?

06:19georgiaHallo. AnnaK. Nice to meet you. I am so excited and afraid a bit

06:20Sandrogers123Noa, click on the play button under the ustream

06:20susanebhi Graham

06:20Heike Philp EVO VLT@EVO moderators, would it be an idea to set-up an EVO calendar for the sychronous sessions? a Wiki?

06:20Isabel(Brazil)better with a headset, because of the eco

06:20susaneboff to lunch and catch you all later ;-)

06:20jamesinparisis there a limit to 80 people in a chatroom? is that why there are two?

06:20NadiaSolsee you susaneb

06:20anamariacultyes, James

06:20ChaoukiMbarek are you there?

06:20Evelynyes, james

06:20sueannanSorry everyone. I have to go. I'm really looking forward to working with you all in the next few weeks


06:21Dafthanks for coming Sue

06:21NadiaSol@ jamesinparis looks like so

06:21MouniaThanks sue

06:21Isabel(Brazil)a headset is pretty cheap and worth buying to interact at Spyke and YM

06:21Sheela@ Isabel :( I am going on vacation and I have a prob in my laptop with the headset software or sth... I will only fix when i come back


06:21Evelynwhat's the limit of people for a Skype conference?

06:21MouniaChaouki, are you from Morocco?

06:21susanebDaf <3


06:22anamariacultJane Petring, Daniela Munca is going to represent the Images4education . Sorry, but I have to leave now. See you all next week.

06:22sabaswebhi aden

06:22DafI think that 9 or 10, Evelyn

06:22Isabel(Brazil)@Sheela. No problem, there will be many live sessions. Every week there´s at least one

06:22ChaoukifrOM tUNISIA

06:22CallieWallieOh dear. Am I too late?

06:23MarianI've heard you can add 50 people to a skype conf.

06:23Evelyn@thanks Daf

06:23MouniaAh, nice meeting you chaouki

06:23Sheela@ Isabel. So I'll be able to participate by the third week, hope so.

06:23ChaoukiWhat about you monia?

06:23georgiaI am a bit lost. So many people in the chatroom. Where are my people of IWB?

06:23ChaoukiNice meeting you too, Mounia!!

06:23DafThere are 2 chat rooms, georgia

06:23Evelyn@50 Monia? Wow, it must be hard to manage

06:23alexgfrancisco@Isabel is every session with everybody from every course?

06:23Mouniasame as Mbarek /:)

06:23Isabel(Brazil)That´s ok, Sheela. You can go back to the other weeks when you get back

06:24Moira EVO CoordinatorMbarek speaking

06:24DafMbarek is a moderator in BaW

06:24georgiaWhere should I go?

06:24Dennis-PhoenixMbarek! It's wonderful to hear you!


06:24sabaswebit breaking!

06:24dizhi mbarek

06:24ChaoukiHi my friend Mbarek!!

06:24Dafyou are fine here, georgia

06:24Noa NavehI'm lost....

06:24Dafall the session participants are here

06:24georgiaOh, ok! thanks

06:24Isabel(Brazil)Hi Mbarek . Nice to hear your voice!

06:24MouniaHi si Mbarek, so nice hearing your voice

06:24sabaswebhi mbarek

06:25dizBack to the IWB - I found the site for a cheap version


06:25SheelaI will take my laptop. I'll be with u over my two-week vacation!:D

06:25CallieWallieis this chatroom the one for those enrolled on BaW, or all EVO participants?

06:25dizHi CallieWalli - this is ean****enoble in disguise

06:25Moira EVO Coordinatorall EVO paticipants and future participants :-)

06:25Sheela@ CallieWallie, I am on BaW

06:25sabaswebi am interestested in podcasting

06:25Dafall EVO participants are here together

06:25Isabel(Brazil)all the EVO participants

06:25teresadecaty, vance! :-)

06:25Sue Lyon Jones@CallieWallie hi, Callie - it's for all EVO's

06:25Mouniapodcasting, wikis... great

06:25teresadecawe love baw!!!

06:26Dennis-PhoenixYes, Dafne and Teresa deserve the highest of commendations.


06:26Isabel(Brazil)Thanks Mbarek

06:26teresadecai cannot imagine not having baw every year :-)

06:26ChaoukiThanks Mbarek

06:26sabaswebthanks mbarek

06:26teresadecaty, dennis :-)

06:26EvelynI'll be in week 4

06:26vieiraonlineBaW B) Let's start!

06:26MikeMarzioDaf's invention

06:27teresadecaover 200 now, mbarek

06:27Dennis-PhoenixYou're entirely welcome, my friend.

06:27Evelynwith voice tools

06:27Mouniaso, looking forward to hear from you once again Mbarek

06:27Evelynand virtual rooms

06:27ChaoukiMounia, is it the first time that you participate in such sessions?

06:27Mouniawe hear two voices

06:27dizAnd Baw do take repeaters -

06:27sabaswebi loved this pre session meeting .most of the doubts r getting cleared instantly


06:28teresadecaabsolutely, daf. vance is mr webhead!!!

06:28Isabel(Brazil)once you take Baw you always come back!!!

06:28Evelyn@that's true Isabel

06:28jamesinparisi heard two voices because I had two windows open with the chat without realizing it... mounia... check your open windows

06:28Mouniapls, we hear two voices here

06:28Evelynit's kind of addictive, in the good sense

06:29Sheela@ evelyn i believe that... I'm already addicted! :)

06:29Moira EVO CoordinatorAre there any moderators here in the text chat who have not yet spoken and who would like to?

06:29jamesinparisI missed the beginning...who is our moderator of this session?

06:29Isabel(Brazil)@Evelyn, that´s right!We´re Baw addicted

06:29Dennis-PhoenixI agree, Mbarek. Teresa and Dafne offer empowerment to many.

06:29Dafas Teresa said it is a healthy virus

06:29Dennis-PhoenixSalut, Daniela!

06:29Sandrogers123Mounia, listen to ustream or skype but not both

06:29Sheelanobody from images4education talked


06:29Moira EVO Coordinatorthis session James? Jeff


06:29Sandrogers123hi Daniela

06:29Mouniaright James, thanks

06:29CallieWallieHi Anne, you're ALWAYSin disguise ;)


06:30diz@ Mbarak: clap clap


06:30CallieWallieHello Sheela:)

06:30Sandrogers123Hi Mbarek!

06:30Heike Philp EVO VLT@Moira, I heard that Mary Hillis and Ana Maria try to get in, moderators of images4ed

06:30teresadecaty for the very sweet words about daf and me, mbarek :-)

06:30DafDaniela is from images

06:30CallieWallieHi Sue! It must be, cos u're already a WH! ;)

06:30Moira EVO Coordinator@Heike - thanks

06:30Sheela@Callie hello, Brazil and u?

06:30Graham DaviesI like Nings!

06:30EvelynI love that session

06:31diz@CallieWallieP) Anne is my surname - first one Eliszabeth B)

06:31Dafyes, Mabarek thanks a ton- :-)

06:31Mouniaimages 4 education

06:31Dafand thanks Dennis too

06:31ChaoukiMbarek, will you connect on FB tonight I have something to talk about with you

06:31Mounianing, ok

06:31Sheelaso many

06:31Dennis-PhoenixYou're entirely welcome, Dafne.

06:31Sheelaso many participants daniela!!

06:31MikeMarzioI would have been a participant in images for edu if I didn't have so much to do to help with the video workshop

06:31Heike Philp EVO VLThttp://images4education2010.ning.com/

06:31sabaswebi will look frward to digital storytelling!

06:32georgiaWhat time is the first session tomorrow?

06:32Sheelathanks daniela!!!

06:32Isabel(Brazil)Mbarek is a gentleman. We met f2f last year and he was really kind

06:32georgiaI mean. for IWB

06:32Dennis-PhoenixAnd the sense of energy that Daniela brings is infectious!

06:32Dafsessions are asynchronous, georgia, no time - you select when to work

06:32sabaswebi learnt making digiart from an austrailian school. they were fab

06:32Evelyn@Georgia, as soon as you wake up, :-)

06:32sabaswebwe'll share it

06:32georgiaOh, that's great

06:32Mouniayou're very kind too Isabel

06:32CallieWallie@diz Of course. What a plonker I am! But I thought Anne was yr middle name! Or kind of a double-barrelled 1st name! Still don't know why Icalled u Anne!

06:33Dafonly the live sessions have a definite time -

06:33Sheelai agree monia. isabel is very very kind.

06:33Isabel(Brazil)who´s speaking?

06:33DafAndy Blanco


06:33georgiaThanks, Evelyn. that's very encouraging:D

06:33Daffrom Games in language learning

06:33CallieWallie@Sheela - Linconshire, England

06:33DanielaMuncaThanks, Dennis!

06:33Dennis-PhoenixMy pleasure, Daniela.


06:34Sheela@Callie Nice meeting u.


06:34CallieWallie@Sheela Ditto

06:34Mouniagames in technology, good!

06:34EvelynI have to say 'good bye' for now. This has been a great session. Congratulations to all moderators and coordinators. My best wishes to you for all EVO sessions and 2010!

06:35Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Evelyn. It was wonderful to make a connection here!

06:35Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Evelyn :-)

06:35EvelynDue denni

06:35Sheela@Evelyn Bye Evelyn, nice having u here with us too! cya around

06:35Vance / Multiliteraciesbye Evelyn


06:35Heike Philp EVO VLT 


06:35EvelynSure Dennis. Take care

06:35Dennis-PhoenixTu tambien!

06:35EvelynBye bye

06:35Moira EVO Coordinatora+ Dennis :-)

06:35Sheela@Callie Ditto??


06:35Andy BThanks everyone!

06:35Vance / Multiliteraciescheers Andy

06:36Isabel(Brazil)Bye Evelyn

06:36Sus NyJust listening

06:36Moira EVO CoordinatorIs there anybody from the Drama EVO session today?


06:36sabaswebnice listening

06:36SanjaI have to leave now. Bye everyone!:)

06:36Mounialouder plz

06:36Graham DaviesI'm logging off - time for my greyhound's afternoon walk.

06:36Dafbye Sanja, thanks for coming

06:36sabaswebhi there

06:36Moira EVO CoordinatorYeah Sus :-)

06:36Sheelabye sanja

06:37sabaswebbye graham

06:37Dafbye Graham, nice to have you here

06:37NadiaSolbye Sanja

06:37Sheelabye Graham

06:37Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Graham. It was a special treat to hear you.

06:37NadiaSolbye Graham

06:37Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Graham :-)

06:37CallieWallie@Sheela - I mean it's nice to meet you to. I concur :)

06:37CallieWallieHELLO EVERYONE! Webheads and EVO-goers one and all. Really looking forward to collaborating with you guys and expanding my PLN! Short but sweet 4 2day, but I'll c u soon :)

06:38Mouniaso, evo sessions will be about how to use images, games, podcasting, wikis, twitter.. for teaching, isn't it?

06:38ChaoukiCan we have records of sessions that we cannot attend?

06:38Dennis-PhoenixÖzge has done some outstanding things.

06:38Dafthanks Callie, nice to have you here

06:38Moira EVO CoordinatorAre any of these people here signed in as Guest? Shin-Mei KaoGary CarkinSusan HillyardLeslie SappJessica DavisFernanda MollaGeorge PlautzHolly Dilatush

06:38Philip Marc TrivettBye Graham have a good trudge through the Snow!

06:38dizBye Caroline

06:38Isabel(Brazil)is there anyone from digital materials here?

06:38Moira EVO CoordinatorIf so, please let us know so that you can talk about your EVO session. Thanks

06:38sabaswebwe all r fine! who r we talkng to

06:39SheelaGotta go! Family lunchtime coming... I was wonderful being with you all here. Happy to be here and to know that I will learn a lot with you all!

06:39Sheelacya around!

06:39Mouniabye Sheela, nice meeting you

06:39NadiaSolbye Seela

06:39Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Sheela :-)

06:39sabasweb@sheela happy sunday lunch with ur family!

06:39diz@Sheela: Bye


06:39Isabel(Brazil)Ok Sheela. Just let us know if you need any help

06:39sabaswebwe can hear u

06:40Sheelathank you all. :D

06:40Sašai need to leave now too - it was great to hear about this year's sessions - I'm having hard time trying not to take too many (again)

06:40Vance / Multiliteraciesbye sheela

06:40DafThanks for coming, Sasa :-)

06:40Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Sasa :-)

06:40sabaswebyes adults will do good at dramas ! for languages

06:40NadiaSolby Sasha

06:40Mouniabye sasa

06:40Isabel(Brazil)Bye Sasa. It was really nice to see you here

06:40Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Saša. Objem!


06:41Sašabye all - se vidimo (see you) :-)

06:41Dennis-PhoenixSe vidimo!

06:41Mouniadrama classes!

06:41Vance / Multiliteraciesse vidimo!

06:42Mouniaon net?

06:42sabasweb@ speaker -i know i have been doing it for improving language skills for my grade 3 kids

06:42Sus Nybubbling idea

06:42Dennis-PhoenixA global ESL/EFL soap opera? What a terrific idea!

06:42Philip Marc TrivettFantastic



06:43Anitha Devi V:)>-

06:43ValentinaI really like the way so many of the sessions have organized overlaps and ways of integrating their programs! Nice touch!

06:43Mounianew thing

06:43Philip Marc TrivettDrama classes sound great

06:43Heike Philp EVO VLTa soap opera in ESL, a bit like flatmates?

06:43Eurominuteman21st century Heutagogy - Self-Determined Learning


06:43Mouniausing skype

06:44sabasweb@jeff which session r u moderating?

06:44JLI'm not a moderator

06:44DafSus how nice to see you here :-)

06:44Heike Philp EVO VLT 



06:44JLjust planning on hanging out with video session

06:44Philip Marc TrivettWhat would the Soap Opera be called? There must be a minimum of 7 murders a year!

06:44dizA must for EFL drama is Ken Wilson http://kenwilsonelt.wordpress.com/

06:45jamesinparisIWB session here

06:45sabaswebthank u ! byee

06:45NadiaSolKen wilson is great!! have been to his live workshops - enjoyed a lot

06:45guest209729I'm a participant in the video session

06:45Sus NyAiden speaking now

06:45Heike Philp EVO VLT@Moira, James in Paris = IWB session

06:45EurominutemanLearning performers, your needs & requirements can make it happen

06:45Moira EVO CoordinatorI did too some years ago Nadia - a lot of fun indeed!

06:45sabaswebwe still do not have inteactive white boards in our school, so hope to join in there next year

06:46ChaoukiI really want to know what is meant by webhead and when we become webheads what are we able to do?

06:46NadiaSolyes, Moira - he is a talanted writer of Drama materials too, a talented presenter / actor - wow!!

06:47Philip Marc Trivett 


is a great Drama site. David Farmer is a great teacher for bringing education to life through Drama.

06:47Moira EVO Coordinator@JamesinParis - would you like to talk about the IWB session?

06:47EurominutemanEmbrace Your Power as Learning Performer This Can Make It Happen > Needs & Requirements

06:47NadiaSolthank you Philip, i am interested in this

06:47Heike Philp EVO VLTand Ken is also a great guitar player

06:48ChaoukiWill anyone answer my question, please?

06:48sabaswebnice help@ david

06:48Sus Nyanother advice is NOT to join too many sessions because you will have your plate full :-)

06:48sabaswebsry philip

06:48diz@Philip Marc Trivett - your link doesn't work - could you re-type please


06:48jamesinparismoira I'm a iwb newbie so don't have anything to say... but the australian coordinator is or was online...

06:48Moira EVO CoordinatorChaouki - can you repeat it or has Jeff just done so?

06:48NadiaSol#Chaouki what was the question?

06:48Mouniawhat about two sessions?

06:48teresadecavery importanta info, jeff!

06:48Moira EVO Coordinator@James - thanks

06:48Eurominutemanthats about CV-validity too

06:48Sus NySpiderman is the retro webhead

06:48Dennis-PhoenixLOL, Sus!

06:49teresadecaeverything will stay on after the sessions are over

06:49ChaoukiThanks for reading my question!!

06:49Heike Philp EVO VLTone is a webhead if one understands who is speaking without seeing them ... :-)

06:49sabaswebtrue . my principal calls me a internet freek! i guess i am a webhead now

06:49EurominutemanMy question was not addressed about policies interfacing with 21st century CV

06:50Dennis-PhoenixThe responses to your question are perfect demonstrations of what being a Webhead is all about, Chaouki.

06:50Anitha Devi V:)

06:50Don PresantWebheads are for EFL only?

06:50Heike Philp EVO VLT@EVO moderators - a joint calendar?

06:50ChaoukiThanks I am listening to the answer

06:50Dennis-Phoenix"Starting a road to learning that never ends": what a great phrase!

06:50Eurominutemancan you add the WEBHEAD to your CV

06:50guest209729viva webheads!


06:51Mouniausing web tools and communiting through net! that's it

06:51Heike Philp EVO VLTyay, one calendar with all those events!

06:51Heike Philp EVO VLTor how about creating a wiki for this?

06:52Heike Philp EVO VLTwhat is the link, Vance?

06:52Philip Marc TrivettTry this link: http://dramaresource.com/

06:52Mouniawith links on each session

06:52NadiaSolthank you for the link Philip

06:52Sus Ny@eurominuteman - I'm sure many of us are definitely mentioning Webheads in Action in our VC - with pride - not evreyone would know what it means, but they could ask

06:52Heike Philp EVO VLTbut, double posting for just the synchronous sessionsß

06:52sabaswebi accedently joined PYP Threads and got a notification for this EVO session

06:52Philip Marc TrivettDoes it work?

06:52sabaswebbut a calender should be there so that ppl get it

06:53dizYes, but there's only 24 hrs in a day !

06:53Eurominutemanin these times, CV-validity is a requirement

06:53dizWell, for most of us, but Jeff has given his secret - cut out the sleep ?



06:53Dafthese are the live sessions for BaW


06:53Vance / Multiliteraciesin response to Heike

06:53Isabel(Brazil)Well, I have to leave now. Family lunch time. It was great to be here. I see Baw participants in week 1

06:53Vance / Multiliteracies 


a wiki with no password

06:54Dafthanks for coming, Isabel



06:54Isabel(Brazil)My pleasure, Daf

06:54Heike Philp EVO VLTgreat, Elizabeth

06:54Moira EVO CoordinatorBye

06:54diz@ Vance - that link didn't work (for me)

06:54Heike Philp EVO VLTbrilliant

06:54Philip Marc TrivettYes would like to know about more live events. Will The Drama group have live sessions?

06:55Vance / Multiliteraciesjust checked the link


and I think it works

06:55Anitha Devi Vthe revolver map is great:)

06:55Mouniaok, bye for now. Nice meeting you all

06:55Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Mounia - thanks for being here today

06:56diz@ Vace - strange - the 2nd one works

06:56Mouniaall the pleasure is mine

06:56Sus Ny(The first URL had an extra comma - this one works

06:56just mehello

06:56Vance / Multiliteraciesall's well that ends well Diz

06:56Sus Nyhi just

06:56Mouniathanks for your nice welcome

06:56Mouniac u


06:57just mehi sus

06:57Heike Philp EVO VLTwhy not add a page on the http://evosessions.pbworks.com/?

06:57Heike Philp EVO VLTa page called livesessions

06:57Eurominutemanfalling short of 21st century CV-validity would be a shame for the effort

06:57MilancaThank you for the session!!!



06:58guest209729thx for reassing us!


06:58dizGot it - Elizabeth HS was in the 2nd chat room and didn't see these addresses

06:58Sus Ny@eurojames - validity... would you put Second life on your CV ?

06:58sabaswebyeah hope it wud be fun month

06:58jamesinparisis tht vance?

06:58Moira EVO CoordinatorWould anybody else, and all are welcome, like to say anything?

06:58Sus NyYes, Vance speaking

06:58Eurominutemanof course, as strength

06:59MikeMarziovery cool Vance

06:59dizEurominuteman: What country do you work in ?

06:59Vance / Multiliteracies:-)

06:59Eurominutemanwhat else in 2010

06:59Dennis-PhoenixVery cool indeed.

06:59JLskype 'worldbridges' to join the call

06:59Eurominutemani was adult trainer for german labor agency

06:59Vance / MultiliteraciesJames is in Germany

06:59sabaswebWEBHEAD the new honourary word

07:00Sus Nysome beta owftware products have been "tested with Webheads"

07:00Eurominutemani had 500 attendees and put 95% in jobs

07:00DafI have all the presentations, articles, chapters I have produced derived from my webhead participation on my CV

07:00Sus Nyamazing result James

07:00jamesinparisI recognized Vance's voice but maybe it's useful to have the speakers remind us all who is joining in

07:01Sus Ny@Daf Yes, I think this is part of building a portfolio CV

07:01Moira EVO CoordinatorMishmash -what's your real name?

07:01Vance / Multiliteraciesgood point James a paris

07:01Dafright, Sus

07:01Dennis-PhoenixPrivet, Tatiana!

07:01NadiaSolhi Tatiana from ELT Russia

07:01Sus NyTatiana from Moskva

07:02NadiaSolhi Tatiana fromWLT Russia Ning

07:02dizTime for lunch :( GREAT start .... Thanks to all :)

07:02Eurominutemani also had a project where we fired 300, so i changed around

07:02Vance / Multiliteracieswelcome

07:02brianmarteyany female here

07:02sabaswebi cant skype! my skype find has a server error!

07:02Heike Philp EVO VLThi Tatjana

07:02sabaswebtry it from ur end


07:02Eurominutemantraining has a direct correlation to getting people in jobs

07:03Sus NySba - the Skype room may be full

07:03guest209729Hi Radwa!

07:03guest209729I'm Hanaa from Egypt

07:03Eurominutemanso Webhead skills are those 21st century jobs

07:03Sus Nyare you lisrening to the Webheads usteam

07:03MurasichekHi, Tatiana and all! This is Olga Muranova from Saint-Petersburg (that Petersburg which is in Russia, not in the USA, ha-ha :)). Nice to hear you in this chat!

07:03Sus Nystart ustream here


07:04Dennis-PhoenixBol'shoe spasibo, Tatiana!

07:04NadiaSola year and half!!! - wo!!!! congratulations - nice russian of yours, Jeff!

07:04Moira EVO CoordinatorPhilip from outside London

07:04Eurominutemanthus CV-validity is a major requirement

07:04Dennis-PhoenixPrivet, Olga!

07:04Vale (dimivalmi)Hi, Tatiana (Mishmash)! Hugs from ELT Russia Ning!

07:05sabaswebhi can u call me from ur end? sabasweb @skype

07:05Moira EVO Coordinatorpassed on message saba

07:05EurominutemanEU Commission has made life long learning its policy for 2020 in order to create jobs and enhance prosperity

07:06Eurominutemanespecially informal adult learning

07:06Moira EVO CoordinatorAnitha speaking :-)

07:06Dennis-PhoenixIt's wonderful to hear you, Anitha!

07:06sabaswebhi anita

07:07Dennis-PhoenixAnitha's son wants to be a Webhead!

07:07sabaswebreally! loves to ur son!

07:08MurasichekNow, Tatiana, we will call you Mishmash! :))))

07:09EurominutemanGlobal Informal Adult Learning


07:10MurasichekPrivet, Dennis-Phoenix! Glad "to see" and "to hear" you in this chat! :))))

07:10EurominutemanEU-Endorsed Quality Toolkit for Informal Adult Learning Centershttp://www.scribd.com/doc/24180718/Final-Workshop-Questions-Toolkit-phas...

07:10EurominutemanEU-Endorsed Quality Toolkit for Informal Adult Learning Centers


07:10Dennis-PhoenixSpasibo, Murasichek!

07:11Dennis-PhoenixOr is it Murasi?ek?

07:12MurasichekPozhalujsta, Dennis-Phoenix (that is "You are welcome" :))! Probably, you know many other Russian words as well?! :))))

07:12Vance / MultiliteraciesI need to head outta here

07:12ValentinaBye Vance, see you around. Thanks to you and all!

07:13Andressa CardosoHello everyone. I am Andressa and I'm a teacher in Brazil. I'd like to know how long we will be working on the assignments each week?

07:13Maro0nAnitha is the one who is speaking now? Are you spanish?

07:13jamesinparis@bye vance

07:13Moira EVO CoordinatorBye Vance!

07:13Dennis-PhoenixMurasichek: What I know is "kitchen Russian"! But it's a little bit hard to for me to type in Cyrillic.

07:13Sandrogers123hello everyone

07:13Vance / Multiliteraciesok, I'll catch the rest on the podcast

07:13Vance / Multiliteraciesme neither (no doubt)

07:14Sus NyBye Vance, I will also move away from the computer; it was great to hear so many active session leaders and enthusiast participants!

07:14Eurominutemancu you all, i have a happy hour with barebone newbies

07:14Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Sus.

07:14Vance / Multiliteraciesnice to see you again sus

07:14Moira EVO CoordinatorBys Sus and talk soon :-)

07:14Dennis-PhoenixTake care, James.

07:15Vance / Multiliteraciesneed to get ready for some folks coming over

07:15Vance / Multiliteraciesbye all

07:15Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Vance.

07:15Moira EVO CoordinatorBye James

07:15Dennis-PhoenixYou'll get plenty of tips during the drama session.

07:15Sandrogers123Is this chat room live

07:16Dennis-PhoenixIt's good to hear you, Saba.

07:17jamesinparisnicely put moira... about not being afraid to ask questions!

07:18Joaobye Moira :-)

07:18NadiaSolthank you Moira for moderating the chat very well

07:18Moira EVO CoordinatorThanks to everybody for coming today and I hope to see you in the different sessions

07:19Moira EVO Coordinatorall the sessions are going to be really interesting with the mixture of people and experience. Let the party begin!!!!! :-)

07:20NadiaSol5th?!! sounds great

07:21Chaoukihave you just joined us?

07:21Moira EVO CoordinatorEnjoy the rest of the day wherever you are :-)

07:21ChaoukiThanks Moira

07:21MikeMarzioSorry Gotta go now. Good sessions/workshops to all !

07:21Heike Philp EVO VLT[[Jeff saying: the webheads are the most harmonious group he is part of, recharging his batteries as educator everytime - what a nice quote!]

07:21Dennis-PhoenixTake care, Mike.

07:21Moira EVO CoordinatorTHANK YOU JEFF for a fantastic job ! :-)

07:22NadiaSolbye Mike

07:22MikeMarzioYeah, Jeff, GREAT job as usual

07:22MikeMarziobye Nadia

07:23Moira EVO CoordinatorBye all :-) Have to go :-(

07:24Dennis-PhoenixThanks again, Moira.

07:24Dafyes, Jeff - time to say goodbye for now

07:24Andressa CardosoThanks, Jeff! Nice to meet you all! I'm looking foward to begin.

07:24Andressa CardosoBye

07:24jamesinparisthank you

07:24Vale (dimivalmi)Thanks for typing and voice chats!Thanks to everybody!

07:24Maro0nThanks to all of you! thanks for everything!

07:24Maro0nIt's great!

07:25Dennis-PhoenixThanks to Jeff, Teresa, Dafne, and everyone for an enjoyable time introduction to EVO!


07:26Joaobye everyone and thanks

07:26Dennis-PhoenixOops: an enjoyable introduction

07:26NadiaSolbye Joao

07:26Dennis-PhoenixTake care, João.

07:27Joaoteresa here. hadconnection problems. was logged out. bye everyone! wish you all great sessions

07:27Joaothank you Dennis

07:28Dennis-PhoenixIt's been good to hear you, Elizabeth.

07:28Sue Lyon JonesThanks Jeff! Great to meet you all - looking forward to the sessions!:)

07:28Dennis-PhoenixMy pleasure, João.

07:28guest209729is that Nellie?


07:28Dennis-PhoenixNo—Elizabeth Hanson-Smith.

07:28Dennis-Phoenix(I think)

07:29ValentinaThanks! Great Kick off! Kudos to you all  :-)   Clap clap clap

07:29NadiaSolthank you Dennis for telling us

07:29Dafthanks every one for coming!!!!!!!

07:29NadiaSolthank you bye! great job, Jeff!



07:29Dafit has been great having you all in here


07:29jamesinparisthx from snowy paris

07:29ChaoukiThank you all for your precious explanations

07:29Dennis-PhoenixBye, everyone. This has been an informative and enjoyable session!

07:29DafStanding ovation for Jeff!!!!!!!!!


07:30Heike Philp EVO VLTclap clap clap

07:30MurasichekDo svidanya (who knows some Russen words will understand me, I am sure!) Thanks for organizing this Kick-off event and bye! "See" and hear you soon once again! :))))

07:30Dennis-PhoenixHear, hear! <clap, clap, clap, clap, clap>

07:30Philip Marc TrivettWill this chatroom be open throughout the next 6 weeks?

07:30NadiaSoldo svidaniya Murashek! see ya!

07:30Sue Lyon JonesBye folks! See you all next week :)

07:30NadiaSolbye everybody!

07:30sabaswebi lost my connection on usteream

07:30sabaswebbyee for now

07:31Murasichek"Clap your hands" - a popular song by G. Gershwin (especillay for Jeff and all other moderators and organizers of the EVO :))!

07:31Dafthe session is over, no more audio stream

07:31sabaswebthats y

07:31sabaswebc ya Daf

07:31sabaswebnice sssion


07:32Dafbye for now!!!!!!!

07:32MurasichekDo svidanya vsem (that is goodbye to everybody)! :)) Many thanks for organizin the EVO! Orividerci, hear you soon again and bye! :))))

07:33jagdish007hiiiiiiii friends

07:34MurasichekSalut-salut! Saluton (the same as "Hello" in Esperanto :))!!!! :))))

07:34Heike Philp EVO VLT@Elizabeth

07:34Heike Philp EVO VLTfor some reason the wiki calendar can not be edited

07:34Heike Philp EVO VLTnot sure if you can

07:37OlgaHello, everyone :) I am a bit late for the session. I was wondering whether it is possible to listen to the recorded session?

07:40JLWe'll be uploading an edited version within in a day

07:40JLbut you can access the recorded ustream audio at: