EVO moderator training Week 2 Hangout on Air

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Sunday Nov 3, 2013 

EVO moderator training Week 2 Hangout on Air


Direct link: http://youtu.be/TFOmE5UkI1I 

The play button here replays the EVO Moderator session Sunday Nov 3, 2013

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What happened in that session?

We showed in this session how, although only ten are able to get into a Hangout at any one time, we can manage it with dozens of moderators by setting up an etherpad at http://webheadsinaction.org/live, streaming the session there live, and using the text chat to manage a revolving door so that people can have some minutes in the Hangout, withdraw, and others may enter.  And everyone can participate.

Here's how it worked ...
Join the hangout at 
  • The Hangout URL for Nov 3  ...
  • Direct Link to Hangout on Air: The direct link to the hangout will be posted here just prior to the event
  • The stream will go live at around 1400 GMT
  • If the Hangout gets full
  • You can interact with us in text chat here
but be aware that if you open the chat in a new window it will log you out of the one you were in before
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