Learning2gether EVO2013 LaunchCast Brainstorm

Learning2gether EVO2013 LaunchCast Brainstorm
December 9, 2012
Discussing and experimenting with possibilities for bridging a Google Hangout with Blackboard Collaborate as we prepare for the  January 13 Electronic Village Online LaunchCast. 

2013 Call for Participation

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Never record, do you JL?

Having both streams in Google+ and in Blackboard Collaborate seems redundant to me.  I do agree the titanpad chat is small and Nina1 has a good point about having two tabs or two windows.  It is nice to have everything on one page as in Blackboard Collaborate, the EdTechTalk way, or the way Ustream at least used to be.

You all are trailblazers! Thanks Vance for listening in to some student summits - they are still thrilled!