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BaW 2009 meets Worldbridges, Part 1

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Becoming a Webhead 2009
Intro to the Worldbridgdosphere (Part #1)
January 19, 2009

Chat Log Here

Worldbridges is a network of individuals and organizations that use live, interactive webcasting and other new media technologies to help people connect, learn, & collaborate. Our 'community of communities' includes,,,, and many other sites in  various states of development.

Be warned: Worldbridges can be a challenging,  multitasking experience.  If you feel confused or overwhelmed, then you're probably in the right place:) Welcome to the collaborative chaos!

Text Chat
  • Worldbrdidges Chat Room  (screencast here)
    Our main chat room is from and is one of the few services we pay for, although there is a free version available also.  No password is required to enter.  Simply enter a name and click enter.  If that name is already in use, you will be asked to choose another. To switch from one room to another double click the other room.  During most webcasts, listeners use the chat room to make comments, ask questions, or enjoy completely off-topic discussions. Chat logs are automatically logged and usually posted with show recordings. 
  • Ustream (screencast here) is a free way to stream live audio and/or video.  There is usually very little delay and it can support thousands of viewers.  An upload speed of at least 300kbs is recommended to stream video and at least 100kbs download speed to watch.

  • Shoutcast Audio Stream (screencast here)
    This is a lower bandwidth 'audio only' way to stream. Many media players (including  ITunesQuicktimeWinampJet Audio ,  VLCWMP, or Real Player) can be used to listen. Help info is here.  There is a delay of 30-60 seconds in the stream depending on the bitrate being used.  We sometimes stream with an A & B channel - 'A' streams at 64 kbs, 'B' at 24 or 32kbs for slower connections.
Some webcasts encourage listeners to call in any time, others during a 'post-show'. Before calling in, MAKE SURE TO TURN YOUR WEBCAST OFF.  You can do so by clicking pause or mute on the Ustream or stopping whichever media player you are using for the Shoutcast stream. Not doing so will result in audio chaos.
  • Skype
    • Skype Conferences    (screencast here)
      Supports 10-20 people. More people consume more CPU and more bandwidth.  Computer-to-computer is free and you can call out to telephones with skypeout credit.  Cannot mute individuals. 
    • HiDef Conferencing (screencast here)
      Fee based conferencing service.  Supports  Skype, Gizmo, phone in  numbers from several countries. Muting of individuals possible. 
    • Skype Group Text Chats (screencast here)
      Text based group IM  - any member can add others. Can be bookmarked and saved. 
Producing Webcasts
   There are many ways to simply record a skype conversation.  Capturing all ends of the conversation in a way that can be streamed so others can listen is a bit trickier. Information about how to do so can be found in the Book of Webcasting.


Q & A , Discussion of  Collaborative New Media Possibilities
 - How can these tools and communities be used in your teaching, professional development, and social networking activities?
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audio | by Dr. Radut