Alexander Hayes on the Null Hypothesis: On Country, Cyborgs and the Singularity

Learning2gether 341 in Hangout on Air

Sunday, August 14, 2016 - 1230 UTC / GMT


What was this about? 


Alexander Hayes is within six months of completing his dissertation, and before it gets locked away somewhere and forgot about I asked him to spare us an hour and tell us about it.


It won't be the first time Alex has appeared on Learning2gether. In his most recent appearance, where we talked with him about the thesis research in-progress. I introduced him as follows:


Alexander Hayes has been associated with a number of cutting edge education projects over the years, including exploring the potential of StreamFolio, Talking VTE, POV technologies, Drones for Schools, wearable technologies (and the social implications of surveillance, sousveillance, and uberveillance) and most recently, Google Glass through posting his interviews with 60 Google Glass Explorers on YouTube,, and hosting the recent Glass Meetup #1 in Canberra.


Alex's previous Learning2gether appearances are listed below


I had almost forgot that Alex was only the third guest speaker in this Learning2gether podcast series as it was just getting started in 2010. At the time he asked us to have a look at his dissertation application plan entitled The Application of Location Enabled Body Worn Technologies In The Education Sector 

It explores ramifications of the "rapid uptake of body worn, location enabled, mobile network accessible solutions for rich media creation and connection"


More recently I was honored to be interviewed as a small part of the data set in his extensive research, and I'm looking forward now to hearing about how all of that data have coalesced into a thesis soon to be locked away in a cabinet for no one to read :-) and what it all has to do with country, cyborgs, and singularity.



All are welcome to join us and learn more about Alex and his always provocative ideas and innovations.


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