Webheadsinaction.org Video Tour

A Tour of WebheadsinAction.org 0.1

A screenshot video tour of our new website. This site uses Drupal, one of the most popular and functional open source content management systems out there.  Tune in to the Webheadsinaction.org Launch Webcast at 1pmGMT on April 2 for more info and discussion about this site. 

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Very Informative

Thanks Jeff - this is a really informative tour! Moira

Great Site!

Thanks Jeff. The tutorial was easy to follow and the site is very attractive. I can see a multitude of possibilities:-) Sharon

Great site and tutorial

Thanks Jeff for creating this site for us :-) I think it is wonderful to have a place to keep all the resources created by webheads! hugs, Daf

Jeff,you are great.It is so

Jeff,you are great.It is so easy to navigate with your tutorial!You know under what name I bookmarked this site? HOME.Hala

Excellent idea, Jeff!

The video tour has been an excellent idea, Jeff. It helps get familiar with the environment in the wink of an eye ;-)