Webheadcast#1 - April 2, 2006

Webheadcast#1 - The newborn meets its webhead family
Webheads get acquainted with Webheadsinaction.org and begin the discussion of what the site can do and how it can be managed.

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Chat Transcript Below 07:57:08 Jeff_Lebow: Hello
07:57:25 CherylOakes: Hi,
07:57:25 Jeff_Lebow: heading up for quick coffee refill and then going on air
08:00:58 CherylOakes: The Webhead site looks awesome.
08:04:52 Bee: Hello
08:05:31 Daf: hey guys
08:05:40 Jeff_Lebow: Hello
08:06:01 Daf: nice typing, Jeff :-)
08:06:12 CherylOakes: Hi Daf , Bee, Moira and all
08:06:30 Bee: the message that you have here http://webheadsinaction.org/node/28 does not lead you here
08:07:27 mg: how is the weather in Maine?
08:08:24 Daf: I have not taken the tour yet
08:08:36 CherylOakes: The weather in Maine is windy.
08:10:01 Daf: lol
08:10:22 Daf: where is the other chatroom?
08:10:44 Nina: OK, everyone, I am here!
08:10:44 Moira_H: Hello again!
08:10:50 Nina: Rebonjour!
08:10:50 Leanne: Jeff, are you going to do guided tour from here?
08:11:06 Nina: Jeff, I can't skype in, worldbridges is "unavailable."
08:11:27 Leanne: BTW, I won't call in, because my hubby is still asleep and I don't want to talk out loud and wake him
08:11:37 Daf: the tour is at http://webheadsinaction.org/files/wiatour2006-04-01.wmv
08:12:15 Moira_H: Hi Jejj, why must I now "save" the adio before listening here?
08:12:32 Moira_H: safe as in audio ;-)
08:13:10 Daf: I did not have to save anything, Moira
08:13:14 CherylOakes: Jeff, I'll skype in in a moment.
08:13:56 Moira_H: hmm - each time I had 'save' which I've never had before ????
08:13:57 michaelc: My Skype says Worldbridges is unavailable
08:14:17 michaelc: Ok - then maybe I'll just try it too
08:17:13 Moira_H: Take the tour - it's great and I think Jeff, you have to give more ;-)
08:17:55 Dennis: Hi, everyone. I went to the WiA chatroom instead of this one!
08:18:08 Dennis: Back in a minute. Someone's at the door.
08:18:13 Moira_H: Sorry, which Dennis are you?
08:18:43 Nina: I am trying out my new color.
08:18:44 Leanne: I think it's Dennis Oliver, Moira, not Dennis that was in BaW that we were hugging so much
08:18:48 Moira_H: The famous one? Or the even more famous one?
08:18:56 Leanne: but Dennis Oliver likes hugs too
08:18:58 Moira_H: ;-)
08:19:14 chat: looks like webheads to me...
08:19:27 CherylOakes: like the color Nina
08:19:39 Leanne: who are you, "chat"?
08:19:41 Nina: Who is "Chat"?
08:19:56 Nina: Leanne, great minds think alike!
08:20:05 Daf: I have added a pic to the site
08:20:05 Leanne: scary, Nina!
08:20:12 chat: dave c.
08:20:18 Moira_H: the saddness in my life is that I now have to add H as there is another 'Moira' in Knowplace :-(
08:20:19 Leanne: Hi Dave
08:20:24 chat: greetings
08:20:35 Leanne: really Moira? but you are SO unique!
08:20:42 Nina: Indeed!
08:21:13 Moira_H: there are a lot of unique Moiras as there are a lot of unique Leannes ;-)
08:21:28 Daf: we are all unique
08:21:34 Moira_H: true!!
08:21:42 Daf: as a group and as individuals
08:21:45 CherylOakes: 2.0 is the read/write web, where all can interact with the content onthe blog or website.
08:21:59 Nina: ThankS< Cheryl.
08:22:06 Moira_H: we just have to know it or be made aware of it (more the latter than the former)
08:22:32 CherylOakes: there are many web 2.0 'tools'
08:22:34 Nina: Is anyone else having trouble typing messages? I am gtting a big lag.
08:22:38 Daf: blogs and wikis are web 2.0 tools
08:22:49 Bee: user generated and/or user influenced content applications that use the Web (versus the desktop) as a platform, in innovative ways similar visual design and shared functional languages leveraging of popular trends, including blogging, social tagging, wikis, and peer-to-peer sharing inclusion of emerging web technologies like RSS, AJAX, APIs (and accompanying mashups), Ruby on Rails and others open source or sharable/editable frameworks in the form of user-oriented "create your own" APIs
08:22:53 Daf: maybe your connections speed, Nina
08:23:00 Leanne: not me, Nina, not here (big lag)
08:23:08 Moira_H: I think this is wonderful Jeff!!!!
08:23:10 Nina: I have a cable modem
08:23:19 michaelc: :D
08:23:26 Leanne: Hi Dave :-)
08:23:30 Nina: Chat has been and gone and we never knew who s/he was!
08:23:32 dave: hi again
08:23:49 Leanne: yes, Nina, "chat" was Dave Cormier, from WB
08:24:13 CherylOakes: where did Dave go?
08:24:20 dave: yes, i was multitasking and put the wrong text in the right box
08:24:29 Leanne: hehehe Dave
08:24:38 CherylOakes: aren't we all multi tasking
08:24:52 michaelc: You might!
08:25:17 CherylOakes: does anyone want to skype, I'll step out
08:25:26 Nina: Same here.
08:25:29 dave: Jeff is too BUSY!
08:25:38 michaelc: So there's a max of 5?
08:25:42 michaelc: in Skype
08:25:43 dave: kinda
08:25:46 michaelc: OK
08:25:47 CherylOakes: i think 5
08:25:53 dave: we're working on getting more than five soon
08:25:56 Bee: I will disconnect so other people can call in
08:26:02 Nina: max of 5, yes
08:26:16 CherylOakes: exciting stuff
08:26:18 Moira_H: hehe
08:26:36 dave: it would take a couple of weeks... and then you'll be fine
08:26:43 Moira_H: the big suetion is that cannit be managed by the 'team'?
08:26:49 Moira_H: question
08:27:00 dave: yes moira
08:27:05 dave: we manage edtechtalk as a team
08:27:20 dave: your name attaches to everything you do
08:27:27 Moira_H: true
08:28:00 dave: and then you'll sorta, naturally develop some policy
08:28:03 dave: and all will be well
08:28:12 Bee: We can aggregate it all here
08:28:17 michaelc: Yes bee
08:28:29 Moira_H: as I've said, I love the 'feeling' of the site!
08:28:30 dave: and you can import your blogs automatically
08:28:36 Bee: how?
08:28:46 Leanne: Oh too bad, I went to put myself on the Frappr map here, and I got bumped out of the chatroom
08:28:55 Bee: I have aggregated most of my stuff in suprglu
08:29:06 dave: nice tool is suprglu
08:29:07 Bee: http://bee.suprglu.com
08:29:17 dave: how's you PLS bee?
08:29:20 CherylOakes: I have my things at suprglu too
08:29:46 Bee: I have already enrolled all the stds , have placed my profile and made my first post on the blog
08:29:54 dave: what do you think?
08:29:58 Bee: the kids will be filling in their profiles next week
08:30:14 michaelc: I'll log out of Skype for now - and have a chat to my son who's just come home. Back in a bit
08:30:14 Bee: it looks very empty for the time being
08:30:27 Leanne: see you Michael
08:30:31 Daf: I would like to add our Becoming a Webhead 2006 site and wiki
08:30:41 Leanne: good idea, Dafne
08:30:43 CherylOakes: great Daf
08:31:20 Daf: I need to take the tour to see where I should add that
08:32:05 Daf: right, Moira, I think this is a great site to concentrate all our work
08:32:12 CherylOakes: right on
08:32:23 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I agree, Daf.
08:32:45 Moira_H: yes, and frightening!
08:32:50 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I agree about what Jeff has done.
08:33:02 CherylOakes: Since I heard of the webheads first on Worldbridges, it is appropriate that there is a huge site here.
08:33:17 Daf: I remember that day, Jeff
08:33:38 CherylOakes: anyone want to skype?
08:33:45 Bee: I think that it is important to have one address to come to...but I do not like to have one place only...this is theaggregator is so important
08:33:46 dave: I remember that day too!
08:34:06 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Re the overwhelming aspect of the Webheads, I agree--but all the sites are good, in a way:
08:34:31 Dennis_in_Phoenix: They're an icon of the diversity of the Webheads. (the "herding cats" aspect, as someone said)
08:34:32 Bee: you could use some sort of "digg" technology
08:35:00 Leanne: I have always felt that my "connection" to WiA is the Sunday chats at TI. I would not want that to discontinue.
08:35:12 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I agree, Leanne.
08:35:21 CherylOakes: I like tappedin too since it is a chat environment
08:35:36 CherylOakes: there will be many kinds of options for people
08:35:37 Daf: according to what I am seeing on the page, Drupal seems great
08:35:53 Moira_H: Could you briefly explain in a bit more detail Drupal for the individual?
08:36:00 CherylOakes: sleep is over rated Jeff.
08:36:05 Daf: I was planning to use Mambo as a content manager for my own stuff, but I think Drupal seems more user friendly
08:36:39 Moira_H: What eperience do you have Daf? Can you share?
08:36:46 Nina: I am going to hang up so someone else can skype in now.
08:36:54 Daf: I am just getting acquainted with Drupal
08:37:09 Daf: but it seems easier to handle
08:37:16 Moira_H: BTW, you can have 9 in a Skype conference chat now
08:37:33 Daf: I have been trying to get started with Mambo for a couple of weeks, and have not been able to figure it out yet :-(
08:37:57 Daf: really, Moira?
08:38:07 Moira_H: I've never tried Mambo but would love to know more about Drupal
08:38:24 Moira_H: Yes, at the latest update
08:38:29 Daf: I think it has to be installed on a server
08:38:31 Nina: Something odd: I hung up on Skype, lost my audio, and when it came back I was listening to myself. So apparently I am not listening in real time!
08:39:09 CherylOakes: webcast is not real time, just a delay
08:39:18 Nina: Aha, I learn sthg new everyday!
08:39:36 CherylOakes: not the first time for anyone to forget the webcast shut off.
08:39:58 Daf: you have learned the lesson, Cheryl, he he
08:40:13 CherylOakes: it took me 5 times Dar
08:40:16 Nina: How exactly can one shut it off temporarily so as not to miss anything?
08:40:18 Leanne: Quite an entrance Dave, are you throwing stuff around?
08:40:21 CherylOakes: opps Daf
08:40:30 Daf: lol
08:40:40 Osnacantab: Osnacantab = another Dennis
08:40:46 Moira_H: Question - can an individual have a "cool lookinf" Drupal siate like yours, Jeff?
08:40:50 CherylOakes: There is a delay with my keyboarding
08:40:51 Nina: Who is Osnacantab?
08:40:57 Nina: Got it
08:41:04 Moira_H: oh dear ..... cool looking
08:41:05 Osnacantab: See above - Dennis from Germany
08:41:06 Daf: I think you have to install it on a server, Moira
08:41:23 Daf: we have 2 Dennis
08:41:30 Leanne: (((((hugs Dennis from Germany)))))
08:41:33 Daf: Dennis in Arizona, and Dennis in Germany
08:41:40 Nina: 2 Dennises?
08:41:46 Osnacantab: Good that I'm Osnacantab. :D
08:41:53 Moira_H: Dennis from Germany .... hugs from me too!!!
08:41:54 Daf: welcome, Rita
08:42:10 Leanne: Hi Rita, missed you at TI
08:42:10 Daf: we are inaugurating a new site for webheads in action
08:42:14 RitaZ: thanks, Daf and hi all!
08:42:27 RitaZ: wow!!
08:42:33 Moira_H: Hello Rita
08:42:49 Moira_H: Are you wet in Germany Dennis?
08:42:53 Osnacantab: Thanks for all the hugs - hugs back. (Excuse us, Jeff).
08:42:54 Bee: yes if you have a server
08:42:54 Leanne: http://webheadsinaction.org/ for you Rita
08:43:12 Nina: Moira, is it still raining?
08:43:13 RitaZ: thank you, dear Leanne!
08:43:16 Bee: This is great news Jeff...I would like to create something like that for the new EduTech SIG I have just opened for Braz-Tesol and if we could have it all interconnected...this would be really interesting.
08:43:19 Moira_H: ohhh - complicated!!
08:43:43 Moira_H: Sunny today here but floods in Germany :-(
08:44:08 Nina: We have just had the driest March on record in the Washington DC area.
08:44:15 Osnacantab: Where does Moodle fit in?
08:44:27 Moira_H: Who is speaking?
08:44:35 Leanne: Jeff
08:44:37 CherylOakes: dave
08:44:38 Moira_H: No
08:44:48 Leanne: the other is Dave
08:44:49 Moira_H: Ah, dave _ lovely voice too
08:44:50 Dennis_in_Phoenix: They're both speaking, aren't they?
08:45:29 Moira_H: Love your voice too - competition for jeff
08:45:37 mg: how do you spell Drumla?
08:45:44 Moira_H: For me, voice is SO important here
08:45:53 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hear, hear, Moira!
08:46:03 Moira_H: But I don't give compliments
08:46:23 Moira_H: Belive me - hard person in f2f life
08:46:35 Moira_H: I appreciate voices
08:46:37 Nina: Not so!
08:46:39 Dennis_in_Phoenix: That's definitely hard to believe, Moira!
08:47:04 Nina: And did you see her Monk-email?
08:47:35 RitaZ: monk email is fun ;-)
08:47:37 Nina: BTW I've tried to open the monk-email site in IE so I can record with the mic, but I can't open it.
08:48:10 Nina: What do you envision us putting up on it, Jeff?
08:48:19 Nina: the wiki, I mean
08:48:22 Daf: we have a becoming a webhead 2006 wiki at: http://baw-06.pbwiki.com/
08:48:39 Nina: Can that wiki be moved to wia.org?
08:48:46 Leanne: Vancce just started a wiki last weekend, for capturing f2f encounters...maybe we could link it to the new site
08:49:03 dave: http://csszengarden.com
08:49:12 Nina: Is this a question of linking things to the site or actually putting them there as opposed to someplace else?
08:49:33 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Leanne: Is that the one with your wonderful cake?
08:49:37 Leanne: http://webheads-f2f.pbwiki.com/
08:49:40 Leanne: yes, Dennis
08:49:48 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks.
08:49:49 Moira_H: Isn't that link already there Leanne? I'm not sure but have a look, I think so
08:49:58 Daf: yes, Moira it is there
08:50:02 Leanne: I looked last night moira - didn't see it
08:50:05 Nina: That's like blogger.com and blogspot.com, isn't it?
08:50:12 Leanne: oh, I'll look again
08:50:35 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks for the css Zen garden link, Dave.
08:51:50 Nina: Is there a link to the video tour right on the site, Jeff?
08:53:12 RitaZ: good idea, Jeff
08:53:48 Dennis_in_Phoenix: It was really nice to hear you, Cheryl!
08:54:20 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I enjoyed your comments on Cristina's site.
08:54:28 Leanne: Daf, I thought I had seen the BaW2006 wiki linked on the new site, but now I can't...
08:55:36 Daf: no, leanne, the BaW-06 is not linked yet
08:55:45 Leanne: OK thanks Daf
08:56:28 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Re terminology, it would probably be a good idea for someone to start developing a glossary, no?
08:56:43 Dennis_in_Phoenix: WB, Tom.
08:56:47 Nina: Yes, yes! A glossary!
08:56:55 Daf: we have a glossary in the Baw-06 site
08:57:05 Nina: Yes, Daf, I printed it out! It's great.
08:57:09 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Good. No surprise that BaW has one.
08:57:23 Nina: But I often forgot to refer to it.
08:57:27 Daf: but it would be great to have a collaborative glossary
08:57:34 Nina: There was so much to remember!
08:57:46 Nina: That's what I was thinking, for wia.org
08:58:06 Daf: this is the glossary for BaW-06: http://dafnegonzalez.com/baw-06/content/glossary.html
08:58:20 Moira_H: a glossary - great idea but who defines
08:58:51 Leanne: could it be collaborative - like wikipedia?
08:58:54 Nina: Maybe some people use the words one way and some people use them another way, Moira.
08:59:11 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I agree, Daf. That way, there wouldn't be too much work for any one person and the input would also be more varied.
08:59:12 Bee: I think that videoblogs are just videos in blogs while vodcasts are meant to be downloaded with rss enclosures
08:59:33 Nina: It's like we are creating a new language, or at least a new vocabulary. (re what Jeff is saying)
08:59:34 Bee: like audioblogs and podcasts
08:59:51 Nina: (what Dave is saying I mean)
08:59:56 Nina: (or whoever is speaking)
09:00:16 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Bee: That's how I understand it as well.
09:00:22 Nina: It sure would we nice to have some indication here of who is speaking. Don't they have that in Elluminate--or somewhere?
09:00:35 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Jeff's speaking now.
09:01:08 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Moira's speaking with Jeff.
09:01:26 Dennis_in_Phoenix: now just Moira
09:01:56 Leanne: Yes, Nina, that's sort of a problem here. you just have to get to recognize the voices
09:02:12 Nina: I hate to keep asking, who is sthat?
09:02:15 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Dafne: Your BaW glossary is quite well done!
09:02:20 Leanne: Jeff and Moira
09:02:34 Daf: thanks, Dennis :-)
09:02:58 Dennis_in_Phoenix: My pleasure, Dafne! :D
09:03:36 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Re "never authoritative," a wiki glossary would help, no?
09:03:54 Dennis_in_Phoenix: (or at least it _could_ help)
09:04:01 Nina: The OED doesn't regulate English!
09:04:07 Nina: It only describes it as it is used.
09:04:16 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hear, hear, Nina!
09:04:48 Nina: So we are actually the ones who can determine, eventually, how these terms are used. Or at least we can have input into their use.
09:04:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: But whenever there are common understandings among some that aren't common understandings among others, a glossary or something similar could be very helpful.
09:05:08 Nina: I agree, absolutely.
09:05:14 Daf: I am navigating around the site, and the more I see, the more I like it
09:05:24 Dennis_in_Phoenix: :)
09:05:36 Nina: I am in awe of Daf's multi-tasking capacity.
09:05:43 Daf: lol
09:05:46 Moira_H: it's great, isn't it, Daf?
09:05:56 Leanne: I am going to sign off and sneak back to bed for awhile...see you next week in TI
09:05:56 tlev: which site?
09:06:07 Nina: Sweet dreams, Leanne!
09:06:07 Dennis_in_Phoenix: So am I, Nina. She's a wonderful example of what's possible!
09:06:14 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I wonder if she every sleeps, though!
09:06:16 Daf: http://webheadsinaction.org/
09:06:23 Leanne: Dennis!!!
09:06:26 Moira_H: really?
09:06:27 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Take care, Leanne!
09:06:31 Nina: I am afraid I am too older to ever balance that many things on one screen.
09:06:34 Nina: old
09:06:39 tlev: thanks
09:06:42 RitaZ: will do my best to be at TI earlier next week, Leanne..., have a good week!
09:06:52 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Leanne: Yes!!!
09:06:53 Nina: I have trouble even typing and listening at the same time
09:06:53 Leanne: OK see you then Rita
09:06:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: CU!
09:07:07 Nina: Hi Buth
09:07:08 Daf: bye Leanne, see you around
09:07:10 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Buthaina! Marhaba!
09:07:12 Daf: hi Buth
09:07:19 Leanne: Sorry Dennis, I thought you were commenting on ME ever sleeping when I go back to bed ;-)
09:07:27 buthaina: Whew!! Hi all..At last I'm here..:)
09:07:28 Leanne: Take care, Daf
09:07:34 Leanne: Hi and Bye Buth
09:07:50 buthaina: Ahlain, Dennis! Eshlonik?
09:07:54 RitaZ: hi, Buth
09:08:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Well, I wonder about you, too, Leanne!
09:08:08 Nina: I really hate to leave this chat! But I have to get moving or I will never see these cherry blossoms.
09:08:23 Leanne: hehehe Dennis
09:08:29 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Kueis, Buthaina, alhamdulelah!
09:08:31 Nina: I have really enjoyed chatting, talking, listening....
09:08:38 Nina: Have a good weeke, everyone.
09:08:55 RitaZ: thanks, Nina, you too
09:09:35 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I still don't have an answer about how to change ELP to .mp3, Buth. I've sent several messages to HotRecorder, but not received a reply. AudioConverter simply doesn't work for me--at least not on the Buth-Shoosh-Dennis file.
09:10:05 Daf: sorry to hear you have not been able to figure that out, Dennis :-(
09:10:06 Bee: mentors
09:10:12 mg: LOL
09:10:16 Bee: tutors
09:10:18 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Facilitators?
09:10:20 Bee: gurus
09:10:25 Bee: apprentices
09:10:30 buthaina: Ok, just got the webcast downloaded..
09:10:30 Bee: and masters
09:10:34 Daf: coaches
09:10:44 Bee: sounds sportive
09:10:52 Daf: :-)
09:10:55 Dennis_in_Phoenix: The webcast of ???
09:10:57 Moira_H: Yes!!
09:11:10 buthaina: Dennis, I found a solution. It's the new software by MS. A recorder that produces MP3 files
09:11:32 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Buthaina: Wonderful! What's it called?
09:11:47 buthaina: You could record a 1 minute long sound file though..i might purchase it.
09:11:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I wouldn'
09:12:11 Moira_H: is Moodle the futrue or already the past as it is now being adopted by all
09:12:15 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I wouldn't mind purchasing it, if it worked for big files.
09:12:23 buthaina: Let me get the link so that you could see how it's annoying to have all those 1 minute long files..
09:12:34 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Master of bits?! Luvit!
09:12:49 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Shukran, Buthaina.
09:12:57 Bee: Biting the bits
09:12:57 Jeff_Lebow: Thanks. I amused myself with it
09:13:27 Dennis_in_Phoenix: "Biting the bits": Luvit! :D
09:13:43 Bee: Beating the bits..bit bit bit...beat beat beat
09:14:08 Bee: Getting into samba mood
09:14:19 Dennis_in_Phoenix: And if it's done automatically, a bit-byte beat tot
09:14:29 Dennis_in_Phoenix: oops bit-byte beat bot
09:14:45 Dennis_in_Phoenix: bit-bit byte-byte beat BOT!
09:15:05 Dennis_in_Phoenix: What beat is that???
09:16:15 Daf: I like Moodle, and I just use other applications if I need something that is not available in Moodle
09:16:32 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I think a lot of people feel that way, Daf.
09:16:44 Bee: I'm dancing to the bit bit byte byte beat bot rhythm
09:16:53 Daf: for example, I don't like the quizzes in Moodle, so I use Quia or any other quiz creator
09:16:54 buthaina: Dennis, after I uploaded file 2, I decided it's worth purchasing the recorder; will see..here is the link: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/skype_interview060317.htm
09:17:01 Dennis_in_Phoenix: But the point about the "bleeding-edge" ed-tech folks is definitely true.
09:17:14 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Shukran, shukran, Buthaina!
09:17:56 buthaina: Afwan, Dennis.
09:17:57 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I see what you mean about all the one-minute files, though!
09:18:08 buthaina: Where is Vance?
09:18:39 Daf: I am here, Moira
09:19:16 buthaina: I logged in Tapped in and YM and here late, after I'm back from school/work..Have I missed a lot of the grand openning?
09:19:33 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Is the following you, Jeff?
09:19:34 Dennis_in_Phoenix: http://elgg.net/davec/
09:19:46 Jeff_Lebow: it's Dave
09:19:46 Daf: not please, not now
09:19:49 Daf: no please
09:19:57 tlev: paris texis....paris illinois
09:20:08 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Paris, Illinois: I know it!
09:20:18 Dennis_in_Phoenix: There's also Paris, Tennessee, I think.
09:20:20 RitaZ: need to leave now, hugs to all, a pleasure to be here!
09:20:38 buthaina: oh, this Moira we're listening to? hi Moira :)
09:20:39 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Abrazos, Rita!
09:20:40 Daf: my voice is not good today, sore throat
09:20:58 Daf: abrazos, querida Rita
09:20:59 Moira_H: Well, aren't I ignorant! I knew there was a Paris in the USA, but didn't know that there were 'many' !
09:21:09 RitaZ: otro abrazo, Dennis! ;-)
09:21:09 buthaina: Hi Jeff, Dave..thanks for your great work; a brilliant idea, Jeff , thanks.
09:21:17 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Actually, I think there are more . . .
09:21:47 Bee: there is the film Paris- Texas
09:22:22 Moira_H: i'm going to log out so somebody else will speak :-)
09:22:50 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I just found Paris, Tennessee; Paris, Kentucky; and Paris, Missouri by doing a quick Google search. I'm sure there are more.
09:23:01 Osnacantab: Bye everyone - and thanks Jeff and Dave.
09:23:11 tlev: when they put the railroad through they named these towns like this to drum up interest
09:23:16 Moira_H: Bye Dennis
09:23:26 tlev: i used to live in lisbon iowa...
09:23:31 tlev: that was a wild town.
09:23:53 Moira_H: I think the site is great!
09:24:11 Moira_H: Can you talk about newmedia academy?
09:24:14 Dennis_in_Phoenix: There's also Paris, Arkansas and Paris, Idaho.
09:24:20 mg: texas
09:24:45 Dennis_in_Phoenix: And would you believe that there's a Versailles, Illinois?
09:24:52 Moira_H: Is that not a site you sent me to to learn about recording skype conversations?
09:25:26 Moira_H: Dennis, I prefer the real Versailles in France, sorry ;-)
09:25:56 tlev: it's pronounced ver SALES
09:25:58 Moira_H: I come from Portsmouth inEngland and I know that there is at least one in the States
09:26:03 Moira_H: Are there more?
09:26:08 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Moira: I do, too--and so would anyone who's seen Versailles, IL!
09:26:15 Moira_H: lol
09:26:19 Moira_H: I agree :-)
09:26:27 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Moira: As Daf would say,
09:26:30 Dennis_in_Phoenix: he he he
09:26:36 Moira_H: when GMT?
09:26:44 Dennis_in_Phoenix: lol
09:27:01 Dennis_in_Phoenix: This has been wonderful, Jeff and Dave--and everyone!
09:27:01 Moira_H: the baby is crying well and has good tonsils :-)
09:27:05 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Ta!
09:27:06 Daf: thanks a ton, Jeff. I need to keep exploring :-)
09:27:38 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Or as some of my students say,
09:27:43 Daf: bye everybody
09:27:47 Dennis_in_Phoenix: "Hasta que te wacho!"
09:27:54 Daf: he he, Dennis
09:28:09 Moira_H: trnaslation please for "wacho"
09:28:09 Dennis_in_Phoenix: :D
09:28:21 Bee: no sound?
09:28:33 Daf: until I see you again, I guess, Moira
09:28:39 Moira_H: thanks Daf
09:28:51 Daf: ;-)
09:29:10 Dennis_in_Phoenix: "Hasta que te wacho" is "Spanglish." It's like 'See you later' or 'Hasta la vista,' but it uses a blended Spanish-English word--"wachar" (for 'ver' or 'see'
09:29:45 Bee: Well..must go now..thanks a lot for everything Jeff and Dave. This has been a most inspiring Sunday session!
09:29:51 Moira_H: It really is true - "you learn something new every day"
09:29:56 Moira_H: Thanks
09:30:08 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Take care, Bee and Buthaina and Dafne and Tom and Moira and everyone.
09:30:11 Bee: Ciao everynone and have a wonderful Sunday!
09:30:15 Dennis_in_Phoenix: This has been very enjoyable!
09:30:22 Dennis_in_Phoenix: (and informative)
09:30:31 Moira_H: Hasta que te wacho everybody!
09:30:36 Daf: definitely ;-)
09:30:42 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Luvit, Moira!
09:30:43 tlev: hasta que te wacho!
09:30:50 Daf: bye, ciao, hasta luego
09:30:57 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Dovidzenie!
09:31:23 Moira_H: Maybe the next time could be in Spanglish? That would be great!!
09:31:29 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Wouldn'
09:31:29 buthaina: I look forward to listening in to the recording of this session. Thanks, again Jeff, Dave, and all.
09:31:37 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Wouldn't it, though!
09:31:57 Moira_H: too right
09:31:58 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Well, as we say in Southrun, "Bah-bah, y'all!"
09:32:17 Moira_H: ohh, I prefer hasta .........
09:32:28 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Take care, Buth--and thanks for the link.
09:32:29 Moira_H: CU
09:32:33 Moira_H: and thanks you all
09:32:36 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Ma'asalaama!
09:32:49 Moira_H: that I can handle :-)
09:32:51 Dennis_in_Phoenix: ÁHasta la pr—xima!
09:32:55 buthaina: Ma'a Asalamh, Dennis, you too. Shukran.
09:33:15 Dennis_in_Phoenix: :)
09:33:34 buthaina: :)
09:33:36 Moira_H: Bye :D

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